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Please tell us where you read or heard it including the quote, if possible. Test Your Knowledge - and learn some interesting things along the way.

Subscribe to America's largest dictionary and get thousands more definitions and advanced search—ad free! And who put it there, anyway? Literally How to use a word that literally drives some people nuts. Is Singular 'They' a Better Choice? Can you spell these 10 commonly misspelled words? Do you know the person or title these quotes describe?

Login or Register. Save Word. Log In. Definition of out of. First Known Use of out of before the 12th century, in the meaning defined at sense 1a 1.

Keep scrolling for more. Learn More about out of. Once you've given your word, don't try to back out. The whole town turned out to see the circus. He called out for his wife. He is now out of work. The tide is out. Pour milk out of the bottle into the glass. He took out a fire insurance policy for his house.

What have you got up [ in ] your sleeve Out with it! Some of us will seek it out ; for others it will feel like an unwelcome intrusion into otherwise stable careers. Six months outmore people who had quit abruptly had stuck with it—more than one-fifth of them, compared to about one-seventh in the other group. New information learned pushes old information out. Leah gained confidence by laying out her fears and confronting them directly. Instead of just crowding in, old information Out sometimes pushed out of the brain for new memories to form.

In some ways, you probably go through that process after a big event like your wedding day — but the difference is that thanks to their other psychological tendencies, the HSAM subjects are doing it day in, day outfor the whole of their lives.

However, as Amy Edmondson of Harvard points outorganisations increasingly use team as a verb rather than a noun: they form teams for specific purposes and then quickly disband them. Calling out our fears explicitly, as Leah did, can help us act decisively. By studying about adult smokers, she found out that her mom quit the right way—by stopping abruptly and completely. The man in the Google vehicle reported that he assumed the bus would slow down to let the car outand so he did not switch to the manual mode.

The cinema, the theatre, all that wasvery exciting with new things coming out. It was the first time ordinary people started going out to eat. She loved finding out people were getting married, having babies and traveling.

People were coming out of a formal and almost Victorian attitude, and you really felt anything was possible. On February 14th, the self-driving car, travelling at 2 miles per hour, pulled out in front of a public bus going 15 miles per Out. In fact, we seemed to be out all the time! Hi, Susan! There is new data out today that confirms that many Americans are not good at math, and when it comes to everyday technology skills, we are dead last when compare to other developed countries.

This danger can be avoided, according to computer science professor Stuart Russell, if we figure out how to turn human values into a programmable code. She was the first candidate to speak out for strong pre-K programming. Millions of irrigation wells in many countries are now pumping water out of underground sources faster than rainfall can refill them. It will be possible to create more sophisticated moral machines, if only we can find a way to set out human values as clear rules. In our pursuit of the good life, he says, it is important to seek out true pleasures—advice which was originally offered by Epicurus.

I have seen this place—it is elegant, inside and out. Does assisted living really mark a great improvement over a nursing home, or has the industry simply hired better interior designers? Can doing one's homework really steer families to the best places?

It is genuinely hard to know. Before we collectively tear our hair out —how are we supposed to find our way in a landscape this confusing? However, he points out that many countries have not done so.

Well, if this were true, we would all be slipping a few dollar bills to our doctors on the way out their doors, too. The researchers, led by Martin Reimann, carried out a series of experiments to see if people would choose a smaller meal if it was paired with a non-food item. The author conducted an experiment to find out about the influence of students' mind-sets on math learning.

SimpliSafe was singled out in one recent article on jamming, complete with a video showing the entire system being effectively bypassed with handheld jamming equipment. No matter how the math works outyou persistently view restaurants with voluntary tipping systems as being a better value, which makes it extremely difficult for restaurants and bars to do away with the tipping system.

More studies are needed to find out the impact of emotion on behavior. Its negative effects more than cancel out its positive effects.

It means that a thief likely wouldn't be able to Google how the system works, then figure out a way around it. It did not work out as well as was expected. It appeals to kids' curiosity to find out what is hidden inside. But doesn't the extra money in the pockets of those countries' consumers mean an equal loss in oil-producing countries, cancelling out the gains?

Not necessarily, says economic researcher Sara Johnson. But as it turns outwaiters see only a tiny bump in tips when they do an exceptional job compared to a passable one. After taking appropriate measures to contain the RF interference to our test lab, we tested the attack out for ourselves, and were able to verify that it's possible with the right equipment.

You can force a child to stay in his or her seat, fill out a worksheet, or practice division. Why not instead think of learning as if it were food—something so valuable to humans that they have evolved to experience it as a pleasure?

Joy should not be trained out of children or left for after-school programs. To find out the truth about an issue. Think of a 3-year-old lost in the pleasures of finding out what he can and cannot sink in the bathtub, a 5-year- old beside herself with the thrill of putting together strings of nonsensical words with her best friends, or an year-old completely absorbed in a fascinating comic strip.

There's no need to go out and find people you hate, but you need to do some self-assessment to determine where you have become stale in your thinking. The little boy walked out of the school with his head and shoulders hanging down. The kind of shopping—where you hand over notes and count out change in return—now happens only in the most minor of our retail encounters, like buying a bar of chocolate or a pint of milk from a corner shop.

The author's mother taught him a valuable lesson by pointing out lots of flaws in his seemingly perfect essay. So we're eating out or taking in, and we don't sit down—or we do, but we hurry.

Observation bears this out. No more counting out coins. It's nice to have people agree, but you need conflicting perspectives to dig out the truth. In the midth century, most families ate dinner at home instead of eating out. His face went down lower and lower, and then, with complete joy he called outDad. Can't we stay here for just a minute? I want to find out what he does with all those legs. Because ConAgra felt the product would be an impulse purchase, it was important to make the item stand out in the freezer case.

Writing in the journal, the scientists describe how the storks from Germany were clearly affected by the presence of waste sites, with four out of six birds that survived for at least five months overwintering on rubbish dumps in northern Morocco, instead of migrating to the Sahel. The belief that research data is private intellectual propertyThe concern that certain agencies may make a profit out of it.

Most Grand Tourists, however, stayed for briefer periods and set out with less scholarly intentions, accompanied by a teacher or guardian, and expected to return home with souvenirs of their travels as well as an understanding of art and architecture formed by exposure to great masterpieces.

Morgan's comments on outsourcing mark the second time this month that he has come out against one of Haslam's plans for higher education in Tennessee. Morgan notified the Haslam administration of his decision to opt out in a letter sent last week.

Meanwhile, Macy's has simply struggled to lure consumers who are more interested in spending on travel or dining out than on new clothes or accessories. In these groups, which came out of an Eastern European tradition of developing young talent, professors teach promising K students advanced mathematics for several hours after school or on weekends. Haslam has said colleges would be free to opt in or out of the outsourcing plan, which has not been finalized. Ishiguro, have you ever found one of your books at a secondhand bookstore?

According to a study of race and equity in education, black athletes are dropping out of college across the country at alarming rates. The idea is that we are taking more out of what you might call the planet's environmental bank balance than it can sustain; we are living beyond our ecological means. So the news that Cablevision, an American cable company, was rolling out interactive advertisements to all its customers on October 6th was greeted with some skepticism.

No wonder parents worry their own kids might spin out of control once they hit the turbulent waters of adolescence. It will drive producers of chemical fertilizers out of business. It turns out today's teenagers aren't so scary after all. It had, apparently, been fished out of existence; and the once mighty Newfoundland fleet now gropes about frantically for crab on the sea floor. In contrast, the criminal justice system accounted for nearly one out of every five visual backgrounds. How does one figure out who is a weak teacher?

Yes, that's a challenge. He thinks it the only way out of the current food crisis. Enrollees would have to pay more money for many services out of their own pockets, and that would encourage them to think twice about whether an expensive or redundant test was worth it.

Brown and the Stockholm declaration were both attempting to point out. And on reflection, this is not surprising; the single word environment has so many dimensions, and there are so many other factors affecting wealth—such as the oil deposits—that teasing out a simple economy-environment relationship would be almost impossible.

Now Fred, you went to university in Canada? We've held on to this workday structure — but thanks to our digital devices, many employees never really clock out. They throw out irrelevant concepts in their research. So what other variables could be used if the racial concept is thrown out?

Yudell said scientists need to get more specific with their language, perhaps using terms like ancestry or population that might more precisely reflect the relationship between humans and their genes, on both the individual and population level. No average person wants to figure out whether their favorite calendar software works with their fridge or whether their washing machine and tablet get along. Many industries are going out of infancy and becoming adolescents, Out said.

It turned out that Watson and Venter shared fewer variations in their genetic sequences than they each shared with Kim. It might turn out to be a prosumer. In an article published in the journal Science, four scholars say racial categories need to be phased out. He spoke out against the idea of white and black as distinct groups, claiming that these distinctions ignored the scope of human diversity.

Advanced batteries are moving out of specialized markets and creeping into the mainstream, signaling a tipping point for forward-looking technologies such as electric cars and rooftop solar panels.

Sports drinks which are often high in sugar and calories made up most of the food and drink deals, with soft drinks and fast food filling out the reminder. What do you have and how is it different if you have a different two out of three? In other words, it appears that minds give out before their bodies do. They seem to be out of touch with society. Matt Rubinoff directs I'm First, a nonprofit organization launched last October to reach out to this specific population of students.

Like many first-generation students, he enrolled in a medium-sized state university many of his high school peers were also attending, received a Pell Grant, and took out some small federal loans to cover other costs. Kids who are the first in their families to brave the world of higher education came on campus with little academic know- how and are much more likely than their peers to drop out before graduation.

Instead of skipping out on higher education altogether, they chose community colleges or state schools with low bars for admittance. But it is another thing to have a supply of trained talent that could let you carry out this promise. As lighting expert Howard Brandston points outGenerally, there are no bad light sources, only bad applications. As Vaclav Smil points out. A CFL cannot be simply installed in an incandescent fixture and then expected to produce a visual appearance that is more than washed outfoggy, and dim.

If we could figure out how to improve the efficiency with which we use energy, we can do a lot of work with the energy that is available. Better design and wiseruser of both mass transit systems and private vehicles will playing an important part in helping America get more out of energy used fortransportation. A good neighbor is also one who likes to help out in small ways. A rethink is required - and as a new approach starts to become apparent, two ideas stand out.

According to a recent study, four out of ten people under 35 years old are planning to downshift from stressful jobs to a slower pace of life. According to Jennifer Debruyn, the next step of the study is to find out the source of the enzyme. After less than a week, I started noticing that the groceries were running out pretty quickly — we were always suddenly out of something.

Although the main attraction was the soup, Roze's chain shops also set a new standard for dining out, Out. And people have been warned not to go out of their homes — not if you walk on foot, at least — between 11 in the morning and 7 in the evening. Another group built something out of their own imaginations.

Applying my own rule, I determined to write them in alphabetical, never letting myself leave out a tough idea. Approaching the vehicle, they saw that a woman was trying to get out of the broken window. Armed with this knowledge, they're able to carry out individually targeted campaigns to cheat people. As a result, many special are quickly dying out. As data and identity theft becomes more and more common, the market is growing for biometric technologies to keep others out of private e-spaces.

As it turned outtheir initial judgments often held true. As natural architects, the pueblo Indians figured out exactly how thick the adobe walls needed to be to make the cycle work on most days. As one group of workers carried out the rubbish, another group began removing seats and other theater equipment in preparation for the building's end. As one would expect, his writing is mostly clear and, to be fair, some chapters stand out above the rest.

As they left student life behind, many had a last drink at their cheap but friendly local bar, shook hands with longtime roommates, and moved out of small apartments into high buildings. As we accumulated more devices, however, we didn't Out out our old ones. Back intwo scientists, Jack Schultz and Ian Baldwin, reported that young maple trees getting bitten by insects send out a particular smell that neighboring plants can get.

Before the tool came outsmall farmers couldn't touch the price per pound offered by California farms. Body language can give away a lot about your mood, so standing with your arms folded can send out a signal that you are being defensive.

But before I go, I'd like to invite you out for dinner — just to thank you for all the help you gave me during my three-month research work here. But I hope to move the family out there in a couple of months' time.

But Moore was sick of missing out on candies. But our phone's out of order. But robins are in danger of wearing themselves out by singing too much. But the next step is making sure that you remember what you've read! But the problem should not be dismissed out of hand, as it has been by some AI researchers.

But what I still can't figure out is why I never got tired, never felt better in my life.


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