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As Far As Possible - Psychogenesis - Serendipity (CD, Album) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

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Download As Far As Possible - Psychogenesis - Serendipity (CD, Album)
Label: Not On Label - none listed • Format: CD Album • Country: Australia • Genre: Electronic • Style: Psy-Trance

And the above even assumes that the record will be in mint undamaged condition, which is a rare, "best-case" scenario. In short, these early pressings almost always sound exactly like what they actually are: "Old Records". Fremer: " So the people that think the originals are the holy grail, those are the magic, they're mistaken? Pfeiffer: " They the "original" RCA Shaded Dogs had to be tailored to the deficiencies of the cutting and the playback system of the day.

We used to listen to lacquers The pressings made after --to my knowledge all FFRR--were made with the Neumann SX helium-cooled disc cutter which could reveal the sweet high frequenices on the original tape.

The above and their other sonic problems are discussed in much greater depth within "The Descriptions", "The Essays" and "The Controversies" of the different classifications. I realize that I will be the subject of continual animosity and even ridicule because of their absence. In fact, I already have. I don't care. The only thing that really matters is: "The Emperor is Naked! As far as I am concerned, the more audiophiles who eventually realize how grossly overrated those early pressings actually are, the better it will be for everyone in the long run.

As far as the people including writers and reviewers who actually own and "promote" these pressings, a number of whom I have met over the years, My consistent personal experiences are that the majority of them are highly insecure "snobs". In this instance, people who appear to feel a deep and irresistable need to possess things that they feel are "rare" and "special". Their bizarre idea of a "trophy". They are convinced that their possession of these "things" is the definitive proof that they are also "special", and this distinguishes them from "ordinary" people.

I never realized and appreciated the basic truth, wisdom and profound understanding of human nature underlying it until well into my "adult" years. The "Original Pressings" doctrine is the closest real-life equivalent to that original fable that I have ever experienced. Three vital Distinctions must be made to what is written above:. The early, Classical Recordings many of the finest ever made must be kept totally distinct from their respective Pressingswhich originated from that identical period.

The situation with the early, original pressings of Non- Classical recordings is Different. They will not make this list either, but The original pressings of Rock, Pop and Jazz LPs are almost always preferable to the vast majority of their respective reissues. This means that they were the most natural and "real", and noticeably superior to almost all of the early Deccas, Mercurys etc.

They also used better quality vinyl and had lower surface noise. They are still competitive, and in many instances even preferable, to most "modern recordings" and records. The finest of the modern recordings and pressings within this list are still in another league. The Mercurys, by comparison, were not as natural or "real", but much more realistically "dynamic" than the vast majority of records made since then.

Further- Please check out my essay in Audio Critique pertaining to this issue. It is titled: Purchasing used Classical LPs. It focuses on different recording labels and pressings. This essay may help explain some of my choices if they appear unconventional at first. They are an absolute requirement to hear and to use as references for all other software and hardware evaluation. Hopefully, they will be enjoyable to listen to as well.

While these LPs are not "perfect", they still can definitely be described as "great", a very overused word today, but finally appropriate when characterizing these records. I feel it is imperative to make these fine distinctions. No religious implications or insult are meant by the use of these terms. Just enthusiasm! There are approximately 50 records within this category. The third class is still larger in size, with more than records.

Their overall quality is not quite equal to the those discussed above, but they are still superb. They are still being acknowledged because all of them have some outstanding sonic attributes which should be recognized. In short, readers shouldn't overlook these very special LP's.

This category, by its nature, will be the most inclusive and the largest in number of the four. All the records, with the exception of The Honorable Mentions, will receive descriptions of their sonics and sometimes the music. I may even include some comparisons when relevant. I no longer mention the LP's approximate selling price, since this will change much too frequently for me to be even "ballpark" accurate.

The entire list, not including The Honorable Mentions, will eventually total somewhere around records. Box sets albums will only count as one LPno matter how many records are in it. I strongly feel that it is always useful, and informative, to have "References" and "Standards". It is an ideal and target for all the others to aim for, and it also provides the readers with the important knowledge and understanding of where the reviewer actually stands, and what his or her ultimate values really are.

Accordingly, I have revealed my choices for Album) records that I believe are "the very best of their kind" Orchestral, chamber, jazz etc. This has been done in the form of an "Award", which is just a very minor recognition and appreciation of achievements that, I feel, are uniquely special. The awards can be found within the respective files with the detailed descriptions. The links are at the very bottom of this page. This is the entire list of The Supreme Recordings, but without the descriptions.

The records have been placed in their respective "Classes". These can never be "final", so these classifications may be changed sometime in the future. The order of the records listed below is irrelevant. It is well known that analysis of male homosexuals has in numerous cases revealed the same combination, which should warn us not to form too simple a conception As Far As Possible - Psychogenesis - Serendipity (CD the nature and genesis of inversion, and to keep in mind the universal bisexuality of human beings.

Sadger The Psychogenesis Of A Case Of Homosexuality In A Woman But how are we to understand the fact that it was precisely the birth of a child who came late in the family at a time when the girl herself was already mature and had strong wishes of her own that moved her to bestow her passionate tenderness upon the woman who gave birth to this child, i.

From all that we know we should have expected just the opposite. In such circumstances mothers with daughters of nearly a marriageable age usually feel embarrassed in regard to them, while the daughters are apt to feel for their mothers a mixture of compassion, contempt and envy which does nothing to increase their tenderness for them.

The girl we are considering had in any case altogether little cause to feel affection for her mother. The latter, still youthful herself, saw in her rapidly developing daughter an inconvenient competitor; she favoured the sons at her expense, limited her independence as much as possible, and kept an especially strict watch against any close relation between the girl and her father.

A yearning from the beginning for a kinder mother would, therefore, have been quite intelligible, but why it should have flared up just then, and in the form of a consuming passion, is hard to understand. The explanation is as follows. It was just when the girl was experiencing the revival of her infantile Oedipus complex at puberty that she suffered her great disappointment. She became keenly conscious of the wish to have a child, and a male one; that what she desired was her father's child and an image of him, her consciousness was not allowed to know.

And what happened next? It was not she who bore the child, but her unconsciously hated rival, her mother. Furiously resentful and embittered, she turned away from her father and from men altogether. After this first great reverse she forswore her womanhood and sought another goal for her libido. In doing so she behaved just as many men do who after a first distressing experience turn their backs forever upon the faithless female sex and become woman-haters.

It is related of one of the most attractive and unfortunate princely figures of our time that he became a homosexual because the lady he was engaged to marry betrayed him with another man. I do not know whether this is true historically, but an element of psychological truth lies behind the rumour.

In all of us, throughout life, the libido normally oscillates between male and female objects; the bachelor gives up his men friends when he marries, and returns to club-life when married life has lost its savour. Naturally, when the swing-over is fundamental and final, we suspect the presence of some special factor which definitely favours one side or the other, and which perhaps has only waited for the appropriate moment in order to turn the choice of object in its direction.

The Psychogenesis Of A Case Of Homosexuality In A Woman After her disappointment, therefore, this girl had entirely repudiated her wish for a child, her love of men, and the feminine role in general. It is evident that at this point a number of very different things might have happened. What actually happened was the most extreme case. She changed into a man and took her mother in place of her father as the object of her love. Since there was little to be done with the real mother, there arose from this transformation of feeling the search for a substitute mother to whom she could become passionately attached.

After this has been accomplished, it is easy in making a fresh choice of object to direct the libido to a member of the sex opposite to that of the earlier choice. With the latter, however, they occur in early childhood, at the time of the early efflorescence of erotic life; with our patient, who was in no way neurotic, they took place in the first years following puberty, though, incidentally, they As Far As Possible - Psychogenesis - Serendipity (CD just as completely unconscious.

Perhaps one day this temporal factor may turn out to be of great importance. The Psychogenesis Of A Case Of Homosexuality In A Woman There was, in addition, a practical motive for this change, derived from her real relations with her mother, which served as a gain from her illness. The mother herself still attached great value to the attentions and the admiration of men. After she had been punished for her over-affectionate attitude to a woman she realized how she could wound her father and take revenge on him.

Henceforth she remained homosexual out of defiance against her father. Nor did she scruple to lie to him and to deceive him in every way. Towards her mother, indeed, she was only so far deceitful as was necessary to prevent her father from knowing things. She wanted her father to know occasionally of her relations with the lady, otherwise she would be deprived of the satisfaction of her keenest desire - namely, revenge.

This maladroitness, moreover, was by no means unintentional. I once knew two twin brothers, both of whom were endowed with strong libidinal impulses. One of them was very successful with women, and had innumerable affairs with women and girls. He left the women to his brother, and thus retired in his favour. Another time I treated a youngish man, an artist, unmistakably bisexual in disposition, in whom the homosexual trend had come to the fore simultaneously with a disturbance in his work.

He fled from both women and work together. The analysis, which was able to bring him back to both, showed that fear of his father was the most powerful psychical motive for both the disturbances, which were really renunciations. In his imagination all women belonged to his father, and he sought refuge in men out of submission, so as to retire from the conflict with his father.

Such a motivation of the homosexual object-choice must be by no means uncommon; in the primaeval ages of the human race all women presumably belonged to the father and head of the primal horde. For example, an elder brother studies music and is admired for it; the younger, far more gifted musically, soon gives up his own musical studies, in spite of his fondness for it, and cannot be persuaded to touch an instrument again.

The Psychogenesis Of A Case Of Homosexuality In A Woman Linear presentation is not a very adequate means of describing complicated mental processes going on in different layers of the mind. I am therefore obliged to pause in the discussion of the case and treat more fully and deeply some of the points brought forward above.

I mentioned the fact that in her behaviour to her adored lady the girl had adopted the characteristic masculine type of love. It may seem remarkable that she was not in the least repelled by the bad reputation of her beloved, although her own observations sufficiently confirmed the truth of such rumours. She was after all a well- brought-up and modest girl, who had avoided sexual adventures for herself, and who regarded coarsely sensual satisfactions as unaesthetic.

But already her first passions had been for women who were not celebrated for specially strict propriety. The first protest her father made against her love-choice had been evoked by the pertinacity with which she sought the company of a film actress at a summer resort. Moreover, in all these affairs it had never been a question of women who had any reputation for homosexuality, and who might, therefore, have offered her some prospect of homosexual satisfaction; on the contrary, she illogically courted women who were coquettes in the ordinary sense of the word, and she rejected without hesitation the willing advances made by a homosexual friend of her own age.

The Psychogenesis Of A Case Of Homosexuality In A Woman We are led into quite another realm of explanation by the analysis of the attempt at suicide, which I must regard as seriously intended, and which, incidentally, considerably improved her position both with her parents and with the lady she loved. She went for a walk with her one day in a part of the town and at an hour at which she was not unlikely to meet her father on his way from his office.

So it turned out. Her father passed them in the street and cast a furious look at her and her companion, about whom he had by that time come to know. A few moments later she flung herself into the railway cutting.

The explanation she gave of the immediate reasons determining her decision sounded As Far As Possible - Psychogenesis - Serendipity (CD plausible. She had confessed to the lady that the man who had given them such an irate glance was her father, and that he had absolutely forbidden their friendship. The lady became incensed at this and ordered the girl to leave her then and there, and never again to wait for her or to address her - the affair must now come to an end.

In her despair at having thus lost her loved one for ever, she wanted to put an end to herself. The analysis, however, was able to disclose another and deeper interpretation behind the one she gave, which was confirmed by the evidence of her own dreams. The attempted suicide was, as might have been expected, determined by two other motives besides the one she gave: it was the fulfilment of a punishment self-punishmentand the fulfilment of a wish.

For analysis has explained the enigma of suicide in the following way: probably no one finds the mental energy required to kill himself unless, in the first place, in doing so he is at the same time killing an object with whom he has identified himself, and, in the second place, is turning against himself a death-wish which had been directed against someone else.

Nor need the regular discovery of these unconscious death-wishes in those who have attempted suicide surprise us any more than it ought to make us think that it confirms our deductionssince the unconscious of all human beings is full enough of such death-wishes, even against those they love.

Finally, the discovery that several quite different motives, all of great strength, must have co-operated to make such a deed possible is only in accordance with what we should expect.

In the motives laid bare by the analysis, on the other hand, he played the principal part, As Far As Possible - Psychogenesis - Serendipity (CD. Her relation to her father had the same decisive importance for the course and outcome of the analytic treatment, or rather, analytic exploration. Behind her pretended consideration for her parents, for whose sake she had been willing to make the attempt to be transformed, lay concealed her attitude of defiance and revenge against her father which held her fast to her homosexuality.

Secure under this cover, the resistance set a considerable region free to analytic investigation. The analysis went forward almost without any signs of resistance, the patient participating actively with her intellect, though absolutely tranquil emotionally.

The impression one had of her analysis was not unlike that of a hypnotic treatment, where the resistance has in the same way withdrawn to a certain boundary line, beyond which it proves to be unconquerable. The resistance very often pursues similar tactics - Russian tactics, as they might be called - in cases of obsessional neurosis. For a time, consequently, these cases yield the clearest results and permit a deep insight into the causation of the symptoms.

The Psychogenesis Of A Case Of Homosexuality In A Woman In the case of our patient, it was not doubt but the affective factor of revenge against her father that made her cool reserve possible, that divided the analysis into two distinct phases, and rendered the results of the first phase so complete and perspicuous. It seemed, further, as though nothing resembling a transference to the physician had been effected.

That, however, is of course absurd, or, at least, is a loose way of expressing things. For some kind of relation to the analyst must come into being, and this relation is almost always transferred from an infantile one.

In reality she transferred to me the sweeping repudiation of men which had dominated her ever since the disappointment she had suffered from her father. Bitterness against men is as a rule easy to gratify upon the physician; it need not evoke any violent emotional manifestations, it simply expresses itself by rendering futile all his endeavours and - by clinging to the illness.

I know from experience how difficult it is to make a patient understand just precisely this mute kind of symptomatic behaviour and to make him aware of this latent, and often exceedingly strong, hostility without endangering the treatment. Even this manifestation was not quite free from other motives, but I mention it because it brings up, in another direction, an interesting problem of analytic technique. At a certain period, not long after the treatment had begun, the girl brought a series of dreams which, distorted according to rule and couched in the usual dream-language, could nevertheless be easily translated with certainty.

Their content, when interpreted, was, however, remarkable. As for the husband, she remarked rather contemptuously, she would easily deal with him, and besides, one could have sexual relations with a man and a woman at one and the same time, as the example of the adored lady showed.

Warned through some slight impression or other, I told her one day that I did not believe these dreams, that I regarded them as false or hypocritical, and that she intended to deceive me just as she habitually deceived her father. Moonlight Kiss. Bap Kennedy. January Rain. David Gray. Waiting in Vain. Bob Marley. Annie Lennox. The Distance. Like Lovers Do. Heather Nova. When You Know. Shawn Colvin. Northern Sky. Nick Drake. Cool Yule.

Steve Allen. Louis Armstrong.


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