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Sueno Contigo (Dreaming Of You) (Hexs Extended Fiesta Mix (English) - Various - Promo Only Rhythm Club: November 97 (CD) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

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Download Sueno Contigo (Dreaming Of You) (Hexs Extended Fiesta Mix (English) - Various - Promo Only Rhythm Club: November 97 (CD)
Label: Promo Only - PORC1197 • Series: Rhythm Club - 1997-11 • Format: CD Compilation, Promo • Country: US • Genre: Electronic, Hip Hop • Style: Hip-House, Electro, House

Ladies man, What love would do, Yellow mondays. Kim Sanders is not only a gifted female vocalist but also a talented songwriter. Kim was born in East Chicago, Indiana, on the 24th of October She arrived in Germany as she was only 7 years old, as her granddad was in the army in Nuremberg.

Her first solo single was called Full Time in The song wass Sueno Contigo (Dreaming Of You) (Hexs Extended Fiesta Mix (English) - Various - Promo Only Rhythm Club: November 97 (CD) eurodance at all, it's a rock pop song. She was living in Heidelberg and dreamt to sing jazz. She needed money for her residence permit and recorded a demo in a studio in Walldorf.

A technician was wowed by her vocal skills and suggested that she should siing eurodance. This is how she released her first eurodance track under the name of Flame in The song Hypothetic was only a B-side. Kim recently revealed that a full-length album was planned : she had recorded many songs for it and a title had even been chosen : Intimate.

But it finally never came out. Finally she joined Culture Beat as female vocalist and took part to their latest album Metamorphosis. She took part as a writer to many eurodance projects such as Affinity 3 or Natascha Wright.

Her hobbies are reading, videos, and aerobics. She also co-wrote and performed songs for the dance project Schiller. These were unfortunately not eurodance but slow-songs : Distance and Dancing with My Loneliness.

She left Culture Beat, being replaced by Jackie Sangster. It contained 13 brand new songs, unfortunately not eurodance related.

Kim took part to Schiller's new album Lebenshe appears on the song : Delicately Yours. She toured with Schiller in April. In November, she was said to be working on some new material with the help of Schiller, her album should be released next year. She also recorded a new track called Closer Look feat. She released as a single Haunteda cover that she sung during semi-final.

She supports children's palliative care hospital Kinderhospiz-Sterntaler. Sanderson Miki EuroDance Group. Third and last single was Everybody Change. Sandman EuroDance Group. Colours Take My Heart, 2. Africa, 3. Whenever You Need Me, 4. Dancing On The Beach, 5. Step Intro6. Step Into The Music, 7. Dreamin' Of You, 8. Close To You, 9. Shout Everybody! Holiday, Show Me, Right Here Right Now, His father is an Indonesian actor residing in Malaysia.

His mother is Swiss. Simon spent the first 5 years of his life in Asia. Then he went to Switzerland and attended his first music school at the age of 7. It was a dance song with a little touch of garage sound, reminding of Haddaway. The second single released by Sandman was entiteld Secretin under the label Second Label. It was written and composed by Marcel Achermann, produced by Andreas Nager.

Their next single Dancing on the Beach was released in This euro-reggae track was perfect for a summer-hit. Released under the label Muve, it stayed 17 weeks in the Swiss charts and went up to It entered the Swiss charts at An album entiteld Colours was released, it contained all the hits. Then came Show Mewritten by A.

Nager, Sanz, Simon Enderli and M. Africaa good dance song, was an English cover of the Rose Laurens hit. It was a rather low-tempo song, with a RnB rhythm. It was released under the label Muve. In Endres' studio in Karlsruhe, Simon Singh has recorded new songs, which will be released as an album. It went straight to 4 in the U. The eponymous album Stop won a Swiss Music Award the same year. Simon's musical style is still dance, but with latin, asian and rock influences. The album also include ballads such as Missing You.

He nowadays lives in Glattbrugg, Zurich Switzerland. He also appeared on Jan Brave's single Fallen Down. The Long Play On The Tray Seven Years3. Little Girl, 4. You And I, 5. I'll Never Be Maria Magdalena, 6. Heartbeat That's Emotion7. Sisters And Brothers, 8. Change Your Mind. Mirrors The Second Day, 2. Midnight Man, 5. You'll Be Mine, 6. Innocent Love, 7. Two Lovers Tonight, 8.

Mirror Of Love, 9. Ten On One Everlasting Love, 2. Stop For A Minute, 4. Innocent Love, 5. Little Girl, 6. I'll Never Be Maria Magdalena, 7. Midnight Man, 9. Into A Secret Land Secret Land, 2. We'll Be Together, 3. Heaven Can Wait, 4. Just Like Diamonds, 5. Around My Heart, 6. Crazy Juliet, 7. La Vista De Luna, 8. Celebrate Your Life, 9.

Children Of England. Everlasting Love Maria Magdalena, 3. Secret Land, 4. Heaven Can Wait, 5. Hi Hi Hi, 6. We'll Be Together, 7. Around My Heart, 9. Little Girl, Paintings In Yellow Hiroshima, 2. Johnny Wanna Live, 4. Lovelight In Your Eyes, 5. One More Night, 6. The Skin I'm In, 7. Paintings In Yellow, 8. The Journey. Close To Seven Don't Be Aggressive, 2. Mirrored In Your Eyes, 3. I Need Love, 4. No Taboo, 5. When The Rain Doesn't Come, 6. Steady Me, 7. Shadows, 8.

Seal It Forever, 9. Love Turns To Pain, Your Way To India. Maria Magdalena, 2. Loreen, 7. Midnight Man, 8. Everlasting Love, 9. Stop For A Minute, Heaven Can Wait, Secret Land, We'll Be Together, Around My Heart, Hiroshima, One More Night, Don't Be Aggressive, Johnny Wanna Live. Fading Shades Fading Shades Part I2. Nights In White Satin, 3. Son Of A Time Machine, 4. Won't Run Away, 5. Tell Me More, 6. Will You Whisper, 7.

Invisible Shelter, 8. You Are So Beautiful, 9. I Need Love '95, First Lullaby, Fading Shades Part II. My Favourites No Taboo, 2. Johnny Wanna Live, 3. Don't Be Aggressive, 4. One More Night, 5.

Steady Me, 6. Love Turns To Pain, 7. Seal It Forever, 8. I Need Love '95, 9. When The Rain Doesn't Come, Night In White Satin, Fading Shades. Mirrored In Your Eyes, 2. Secret Land, 3. We'll Be Together, 4. Maria Magdalena, 6. Heaven Can Wait, 7. Hiroshima, 8. Tell Me More, 9. Celebrate Your Life, Way To India.

The Wheel of Time Forgive Me, 2. Footprints, 3. Motivation, 4. I Close My Eyes, 5. Perfect Touch, 6. Silent Running, 7. Such A Shame, 8. Free Love, Forever, The Wheel Of Time. The Essential Reflections Around My Heart, 2. Stop For A Minute, 3. Maria Magdalena, 5. Everlasting Love, 8. Hiroshima, 9. Innocent Love, We'll Be Together. The Art Of Love The Way I Am, 3.

The Art Of Love, 4. What Is It About Me, 5. Dear God If You Exist, 6. Silence Beside Me, 7. Once Upon A Time, 8. Put Your Arms Around Me, 9. What's Left To Say, Casino Royale, Love Is The Price, Shadow Of Power, All You Zombies. Platinum Collection Maria Magdalena Single Version2. Sisters And Brothers, 5.

Innocent Love Single Version6. Single Version7. Loreen, 8. Midnight Man Single Version9. Everlasting Love, Heaven Can Wait Single Version Secret Land Single Version Celebrate You Life, We'll Be Together Single Remix Around My Heart Single Version Hiroshima Single Version One More Night Single Version Lovelight In Your Eyes, Johnny Wanna Live Single Remix.

Don't Be Agressive Radio Edit2. I Need Love Radio Edit3. Steady Me, 4. Mirrored In Your Eyes, 5. Maria Magdalena '93, 6. Won't Run Away, 8. Such A Shame, Forgive Me Radio Edit I Close My Eyes, Secrets Of Love, The Way I Am, All You Zombies, In A Heartbeat, The Night Is Still Young, What If, Maria Magdalena Extended Version2. Little Girl Extended Version4. Innocent Love Extended Version5. Extended Version6. Midnight Man Extended Version7. Everlasting Love Extended Version8.

Heaven Can Wait Extended Version Secret Land Reverse Mix Back To Life 27th Mar R U Feeling Me, 2. Once In A Lifetime, 3. In A Hearbeat, 4. The Night Is Still Young, 5. Just Like Breathing, 6. Never Before, 7. Always On My Mind, 8. Behind Those Words, 9. Say Love, Put Some 80ies In It, These Moments, I Want You, Who I Am. So80s 27th Apr We'll Be Together Extended Version Around My Heart Extended Version. Secret Land M.

DJ Mix5. Party Games, 7. Heatwave, 8. Innocent Theme, 9. Heaven's Theme, Into Nobody's Land, It Means Forever, Around My Drums, Heaven Can Wait Dub Mix Secret Land Dub Mix We'll Be Together Dub Version Hiroshima Dub Mix Stay in Touch 26th Oct Stay In Touch, 2.

Infinite Kiss, 3. Between Me And The Moon, 4. Maybe Tonight, 5. Moscow Nights, 6. Heart Of Wax, 7. Kings And Queens, 8. Angels In My Head, 9. Sand Heart, Love Starts With A Smile, Sun In Disguise. Everlasting Love, 3. Little Girl, 7. Album Version8. One More Night Album Version9.

Maybe Tonight, La Vista De Luna, Don't Be Aggressive Radio Edit Innocent Love Single Version Japan ist weit, Secret Land Album Version2. Johnny Wanna Live Single Version5. Loreen, 6.

Around My Heart Album Version7. You And I Edit8. Infinite Kiss, 9. Stay In Touch, You'll Be Mine, Just Like Diamonds, Midnight Man, Sandra also had an older brother, Gaston, who was paraplegic. Showing an early interest in music and dancing, she started to learn classical ballet at the age of 5 and had continued lessons for ten years.

When she was 10 years old, she was offered a guitar and took lessons from a school teacher. Inat the age of thirteen, Sandra attended talent competition "Young Star Festival" with her mum, as a member of the audience.

While the jury was discussing the results, she walked onto the stage, persuaded the DJ to put on the German cover version of a song made famous by Olivia Newton-John, grabbed the microphone and started singing. She got spotted by George Roman, which enabled her to gain a professional release for the children's song about a pet dog, Andy Mein Freund. The single, however, performed poorly on charts dominated by disco mania and she received no other recording offers.

InSandra joined Arabesque, a disco trio consisting of Michaela Rose and Jasmine Vetter, becoming the lead singer. They found that they shared the same birthday, and became good friends. Arabesque had a massive following in Japan and Russia. After 9 albums, differences in musical interests and the end of disco's popularity signalled the group's final break-up.

Their first single together was 's Japan ist weita German cover of the Alphaville song Big in Japan. However, the song failed to enter any of the charts and only copies of the single were sold. Inshe had her first international hit-single with I'll Never Be Maria Magdalenawhich went 1 in 21 countries worldwide, from South-America to Egypt. It was followed by In the Heat of the Nightwhich continued her success all over Europe and internationally.

Her first album, The Long Playreached number 12 in her home country of Germany. Little Girl became the third single with the music video being filmed in Venice. Shortly after the release of The Long Play, Sandra spent six months in London to take singing lessons with instructor Helena Shelen and to attend the London Berlitz School for Languages to improve her English abilities. She also took drumming lessons to get a better feeling for rhythm and timing. Over weekends she went back to Munich to work on her new album Mirrors.

In came Innocent Love top 10 in FranceHi! For the release of her first greatest hits compilation Ten on One inshe covered Everlasting Love. In the same year they released the album Into a Secret Land. Single Heaven Can Wait went top 10 in France. Around My Heart was the fourth single to be released from the album. Radio: Chuck Taylor. Moira McCormick, David Nathan. John Lannert Latin. Jan Mane Perry L. Chryoda-ku, Tokyo Whether then or later, the so-called "emerging mar- kets" of this region certainly look set to become as fully grown as the established mar- kets of Europe and the U.

But this doesn't mean that labels that aren't already repre- sented in these territories should expect to swoop in, make a licensing deal, pick up the advance. Signing a licensing agreement for the Pacific Rim is not enough to guarantee suc- cess.

Labels seeking to build artists' careers in the region can face a host of pitfalls unless they start to think long-term, plan ahead, and take steps to ensure that their licenses are fully exploited.

Record companies — especial- ly independent labels — must take this into account when formulating their international business development strategies.

Commitment and timing are the key fac- tors when it comes to taking full advantage of the substantial growth potential of these mar- kets. If a company intends to enter into license deals for this region, it must start making a firm commitment now or risk miss- ing out in the long term. Generating revenue from this part of the world is not just about taking an advance and then ignoring the ter- ritory.

It's about taking the region seriously, entering the market properly, and staying there. Labels must service their licensees in the same way that they treat their affiliates in Europe or the US. Through my regular contact with local companies in the region, I often hear horror stories about enthusiastic licensees who have been unable to obtain marketing materials and who rarely receive a reply to faxes asking for product information, compilation clearances, or inquiring about artist availability.

Licensors — especially independent la- bels — have to find a way to administer their licensing deals in Asia-Pacific. They must be prepared to expand their existing company infrastructure or recruit outside support ser- vices so that they can coordinate and motivate a network of licensees.

Whether the network is the result of a multi-territory licensing deal or territory-by-territory agreements, licen- sors will end up with 10 additional countries that have to be serviced by their internation- al department.

Artists must also be willing to take these markets seriously. They must be prepared to spend time in each territory helping to sell their records. Such a firm commitment by the label and the act certain- ly paid off. Backstreet Boys soldcopies of their debut album in just three weeks, claiming a new record for gold and platinum awards in the region.

The album has since notched sales of over 1. Unless record companies and artists are prepared to make this kind of commitment as part of a licensing deal, they shouldn't bother making the deal in the first place. Some independent labels say they won't make a licensing deal unless they receive an advance. This means they are unlikely to get any product released in India, for example, where advances are not presently allowed because of exchange controls.

However, with a population of some million, India is already proving to be a bigger music market than China, and the gap will widen further within the next five years. Indian consumers are becoming increas- ingly affluent, and international record com- panies will be able to profit from the antici- pated swing away from cassettes to CDs. Short-sighted labels that do not take steps now to establish a presence in India will be at a disadvantage when advances and royalties do start to flow freely and the local CD mar- ket takes off.

If a label takes an advance but fails to pro- vide any kind of commitment and support, the licensee involved is unlikely to renew the deal at the end of the contract period. Word tends to spread rapidly in this part of the world. And if licensees feel a company is only out to make a quick buck, there is a danger that the label might find it difficult to secure another license. On the other hand, there is no reason why a local label can't become a company's licensee for a lifetime.

Trust, people, respect, and long-term asso- ciations — that's the way business is done in this part of the world. A company's personal relationships with its licensees matters more than anything else. Without licensees' support and enthusiasm, there is no future in Asia.

It just had to be infectious fun. His album "I Stoled This Record" RAZ scanned overunits during that month peri- od, whereas many artists on the list sold fewer. The Dayton Family, for example, scanned onlycopies during the peri- od, yet they are listed on the chart at No. I would appreciate some insight on the omis- sion of "I Stoled This Record.

Inthe week period from which the recaps were culled, Cledus "T. Brass band music is a precursor of New Orleans jazz that, thanks to bands like Cool- bone, continues to contribute to new styles. It is another musical asset that makes Louisiana as vital to American music's future as it has been to its past.

History continues to be writ- ten here, causing cultural and economic rip- ples to spread throughout the world as Louisiana musicians reach a wider audience. The opinions offered here are not necessarily those or Billboard or its management.

Letters should be submitted to the Letters Editor. Commentaries should be submitted to Commentary Editor Marilyn A. The report, which surveyed top music industry executives at major and independent labels, online and tradi- tional retail, and various media Web sites, will be unveiled at the July Intel New York Music Festival. Mercury has also invested an undis- closed amount in the launch of the label. However, Glass- Note reserves the right to find indie distribution for future acts.

Mauricio Abaroa, an industry veter- an in the Latino music market who most recently was business and per- sonal manager of pop superstar Luis Continued on page 92 revenue from roughly 1.

But many brick-and-mortar retailers have been slow to come online. CDnow got in early and is still the best-known music retailer on the Web at this point. But they face tremendous competition as more retailers come online.

The companies will act as full partners in marketing. Uion's first title is expected to be released by early Pictured in the back row. Shown in front, from left, are LL Cool J and his manager.

Charles Fisher. EMI also continues in its role as distributor for the label, whose roster includes such acts as Peacock, Sarah Masen, and Switchfoot. Peacock says, "I had to choose between what my idealistic wants were and what the needs of the artists were that I was signing, especially in terms of financing mainstream mar- keting.

That was something I found out early on. Once I found that out with Sarah, I could see I was going to need more financial help. Peacock operates autonomously and will continue to be responsible for all signings and creative direction for the label. Nick Barre, who has worked with re:think since the label's incep- tion, will now work with both re:think Continued on jxtge 86 Int'l Sales Outpace U.

According to SoundScan, the album, which came out May 20 in the U. When it showed up in the new-release book, that was the first I'd heard of it" "It's one of those titles that has come out without much fanfare, espe- cially when weighed against 'Histo- ry,' " says Al Wilson, senior VP of merchandising for the Milford, Mass.

It's only sold reasonably well. The first act slated for release on Soulpower is female vocalist Shiro, who was formerly signed to Scotti Bros. An album by Shiro will follow in late or early next year. Soulshock, whose real name is Carsten Schack, and partner Kenneth Karlin are originally from Denmark but have lived in Los Angeles for the past three years.

Prior to moving to the U. As a result of the strong perfor- mance, shareholders saw earnings re- bound to 1 6 cents per share in the 1 Sueno Contigo (Dreaming Of You) (Hexs Extended Fiesta Mix (English) - Various - Promo Only Rhythm Club: November 97 (CD) year, ending May 3, as compared with the 67 cent loss per share record- ed in the previous fiscal year.

For the year, gross profit margin was Soulpower currently has a staff of four. Schack and Karlin plan to increase personnel as needed. His title will be principal executive. And although the liberal-minded Harvard math professor-turned-comic curmudgeon released only three albums' worth of savagely cynical material between andits appeal has contin- ued to transcend the generations.

Indeed, Lehrer remains the sec- ond-most-requested artist in the year history of radios nationally syn- dicated "The Dr. Recorded in about an hour on Jan.

Lehrer, a math grad student and teacher at Harvard, had been per- forming the album's outrageously satirical ditties at college functions and local nightclubs. There are 39 that are accepted, but I only came up with And while getting their debut album released on Univer- sal demanded the patience of Job from the members of Queens, N. It's a great opportunity to get their new album out with a bang. It was later picked up by Universal and released in To date, it has soldunits, accord- ing to SoundScan, and many radio pro- grammers are still spinning many of the set's singles.

Cheeks, who says the material was pretty old by the time the set finally hit stores. We don't want people waiting to hear from us, we want people to keep hearing our music. While some viewed Lydon's decision to re-form the Sex Pistols for a tour as a sham, the vocalist says the trek, dubbed the Filthy Lucre tour, was a necessity. They behaved more or less exactly the same. The last night in Chile, they left the next morning, and not a one of them had the decency to ring me up and say goodbye, and I haven't spoken to any of them since.

He wanted to debunk the myth that sur- rounded the group's short-lived career. The "Anthology" — an idiosyncrati- cally annotated track collection of vintage blues, old-time country, and Cajun music initially released on 78s between and — was first issued as a trio of two-LP sets by Moses Asch's Folkways Records which was acquired by the Smithson- ian in For years, it has been available only on cassette from Smith- sonian Folkways' mail-order depart- ment "It's been the most requested thing since I've been here, which is 10 years," says Jeff Place, archivist for Smith- sonian Folkways and the Smithsonian Institution's Folklife Collection.

The reissue is "pretty much the most excit- ing thing I've ever worked on. Since IVe worked here it's probably been the project, and it will be probably for some years. I can't see us doing anything that's going to be more spectacular than this one. In "When We Were Good" Har- vard University Pressa book on the folk revival, musicologist Robert Cantwell calls the collection the revival's "enabling document, its musi- cal constitution.

His band the New Lost City Ramblers would go on to cover a number of songs on the collection, and Seeger would himself record several of the surviving musicians heard on the "Anthology. Although I was reared on Library of Congress field recordings and a few things like that, I'd never heard as much material and presented in the particular way that it was.

Combs, who received the award for the second consecutive year, was honored for his work on such songs as "No One Else," "Only You" and "Soon As I Get Home" — all recorded by artists on his Arista-distributed label.

Additionally, Fearless has decided to offer an accompanying video for album single "The Crossing" as a bonus to consumers. The album and video are due for release July Fearless president Stanley B. Her- man — who scripted the Romeo and Juliet-themed videoclip based on the true story of a Bosnian Muslim girl and her Ser- bian Christian boyfriend — says the label had planned to sell the videos, but ulti- mately decided to offer the clip as a premium.

Fearless will ship the album to pub- lic radio and new age specialty shows simultaneously with the album release. The event, still in the planning stages, will include performances by Agartha and other acts.

Charles Lyons, president for the U. He was a consultant to Azoff Entertainment. It promotes Donna Jaffe to associate director of region- al and tour media. He was senior director of marketing. Zomba Recording Corp. They were, respec- tively, senior director of production and financial controller.

He was director of product management at Arista Records. He was man- ager of video promotion for Epic Records. Gregg P. He was director of crossover promo- tion for Relativity Records. She was promotion manager for Cas- tle Communications. He was national rap promotion coordinator for EMI Records.

He was senior VP of operations. He was creative director. She was creative assistant. David E. It was in Revenge that Hook opted to cast aside his renowned bass playing and pop sensibilities. I just wanted to sound dif- ferent, so I played the bass side really down. I exploited all my weaknesses and ignored my strengths. Yes, it was a bit rebellious. Live, we were much better. Why don't you play the bass the way you used to do it? Revenge sounded forced.

I'm doing what's in my heart again. She says it is an honest reflection of an artist who was too young to know that in the music industry, once launched, you are often stylistically cemented in the eyes of radio.

She's also a sweetheart of a person, very genuine. One day say there's noth- ing to lose and 'let the rain come down on me' " — the hook of the chorus. Other tracks on the album serve up Christy's personal perspective with grit sexiness, and humor.

New Order fanatics will easily rec- ognize Monaco's first U. KITS Live San Fran- cisco music director Aaron Axelsen, who was one of the first programmers in the country to find the single in an import bin and start playing it, agrees that the song possesses the signature New Order sound.

The group's self- titled debut is slated for a Sept. The quartet started recording the project last summer Billboard, Aug. STP wrapped up an arena tour last month. While DeLeo stresses that "STP doesn't have any intentions of break- ing up," his frustrations with lead singer Scott Weiland's woes are apparent Weiland's problems with substance abuse have been played out in public, especially over the last two years, and have caused the band to cancel concerts, post- pone recording projects, and generally put their lives on hold.

We've been doing it for a couple of years now. Dean, Eric, and I want nothing more than] to make music, and STP has become the farthest thing from being about making music anymore.

The band's Atlantic debut, 's "Core," has sold 4. DeLeo says he had been a longtime fan of Coutts. I was always a very big fan of his voice. I tried to get ahold of him, and it turns out ho lives a town away from me. Dave's voice is like fa blend of] Freddie Mer- cury and John Lennon. I think STP fans will be very excited. Eric is writing lyrics, which he's never done.

Dave has a couple of songs on here. It's a very [collaborative] force. Weiland is also writing music for a separate project. The investigation revealed that Nekola alleged- ly sold 14, tickets covering all but one show at the venue last summer.

The Call, whose "Reconciled" disc was one of our favorite albums from the '80s, has re- formed and is working on a new project In the meantime, Call fans can grab hold of "The Best Of The Call," which comes out Tuesday 17 on Warner ReSound. Additionally, VH1 is showing footage from the concert dur- ing its "Summer Of Love" weekend, which was to begin June As the sequel to Phish's Clifford Ball last sum- mer, which drewover two days to the band's Platts- burgh N.

The broadcast emanates from the west lawn of the U. Other features you'll applaud include guest rooms with serving pantries, suites with spectacular views of the park, a fully equipped exercise facility and reasonable rates.

Please call us for reservations: or Subject to availability. Taxes and gratuities not included. Advance reservations are suggested. Yet Garing was already pulling in music celebrities and media to his gigs at the fabled Tootsie's Orchid Lounge when BR was still honing its act down the street But then Garing quit while he was behind. I was just tall and skin- ny and dressed in a '40s-cut suit and had a cowboy hat, and one minute I was playing for nobody and the next it was packed to the gills with everybody you can imagine.

She was tinkering with the piano at 2, spent much of her classroom days eluding education to write lyrics, and studied ballet seriously through much of her youth in her native Eng- land. At 16, when a photographer asked if she could sing, there wasn't a moment of hesitation. I was advised to continue on and borrow the money. When we delivered the record, Atlantic said, 'Lauren who? Then she was awarded a publishing deal: "I got lucky.

It wiped out all of my debt. It didn't help that there was turmoil within the ranks of Mer- cury. Label president Ed Eckstein had been fired, and Christy worried she'd be lost in the reshuffling. It's a way of armoring yourself.

If you just do your art, nothing can get to you," she says. Even my English accent," she says. With the mentoring of writing part- ner Charlie Midnight and Clark, Chris- ty took her pack of songs and confront- ed new Mercury head Danny Goldberg.

I'm a big believer in letting an artist express their vision," says Goldberg. I think that's the key to making an impact" For the near future, Mercury intends to focus "Breed's" development in the U. Kelly, Smashing Pumpkins, and Jewel raises her to the level we're trying to estab- lish through thus album. For now, though, Christy is thankful for the chance to be heard her way. But playing for tourists and doing 'Rocky Top' every set wasn't what I wanted to do.

Un- fortunately for all those who had final- ly gotten hip to Garing, he was now "in the mind-set to play rock'n'roll again," he says, and already experimenting with the music that makes up "Alone.

On "Alone," with bassist Mike Watt, drum- mer Andy Kravitz, and Kahne handling keyboards and programming, Garing who played guitars, banjo, mandolin, fiddle, flutes, and piano incorporated the new influences into his previous others. Garing, who moved to New York a year ago, signed with Revolution-dis- tributed, Nashville-based Paladin Records because of the creative free- dom it afforded him.

So I tried to approach every cut on the record differently, sometimes combin- ing all my different influences at once. With the July 22 self-titled album by Walela, a vocal trio featuring Rita Coolidge, Triloka Records will see if this is the case. Mitchell Markus, Triloka's president, thinks the time is right for American Indian music to receive a bigger audi- ence. Markus also points out that the Santa Fe, N.

Coolidge, best known for her cover of "Higher And Higher," is half- Cherokee and describes her participa- tion in Walela in mystical terms. The trio first appeared on Robert- son's "Native Americans" album, on which they performed "Cherokee Love Song" which they reprise on "Walela".

The Coolidges and Satterfield were so taken with the results that they began to perform as Walela Cherokee for "hummingbird". Triloka's Markus heard them play in Santa Fe and saw the crossover potential. V Only These licensed Duplicators and Loaders in good standing. Anyone not licensed by JVC using this logo is in violation of law. Video Tape Supply Co. Precision Tape Inc. Vaughn Communications Inc. The Little Warehouse Inc.

Northwestern Inc. Monya-cho, Kanagawa-ku Yokohama Also contains listings of booking agents. Over pages. Over 95 pages. Contains data on managers, demographics, size of grounds, and budgets plus chronological cross-reference of fairs and festivals. Over 1 20 pages. Complete data on facilities includes contacts, seating capacities, floor sizes, etc.

Also included is a separate listing of companies selling equipment, supplies and services used at these venues. Overseas orders must be paid in U. Nature of Business. Credit Card Exp. I Harvey," says Worth. Notes Worth, "I want to haw these different pieces out there that kids who have to have them all can find.

The single is being shipped to radio July 11, and she expects some stations to get on it earlier and others to take more time. He's not the kind of artist you can pinpoint. Worth plans to present him in both solo acoustic and band perfor- mances, starting with July press events in New York and Los Angeles.

May 9 Anrona Slate Unrxenity, tempo Tempe. Aw S1. Iwo :. Pa U Ki ;r-i :. FEAR factor! Phone:Fax: 0S7B. For research information and pricing, call Marie Ratliff. According to Broadcast Data Systems, the song received spins from 44 modern rock radio stations in its first official week at radio, which was the week ending June 1. Because of the early, unexpected air- play, the label had to push the album's street date up three weeks.

With Monaco, I'm very impressed with how it's developed. It just goes to show that our format can still sniff out and find a record and go on it without the whole major-label hype machine.

We added this on word- of-mouth. They need tempo at the format now. Rita Coolidge, who feels that too many American Indian albums get pigeonholed into the new- age category, says that Walela wants to be "regarded as indigenous music"; Markus calls the act's music "contem- porary Native American. Markus and Silver agree that before any of the above can take place, Walela has to perform well in the American Indian market.

The label has hired Soar, a firm that specializes in marketing to American Indians, to maximize its efforts. Most American Indian albums, Markus explains, fall into either the "powwow" or new-age categories, but Markus does not think the polyglot nature of Walela's music will be a problem.

Soar will help place the album into such non- traditional outlets as trading posts, reservation giftshops, and new age bookstores. Walela has already started to attract attention in the American Indian com- munity.

Triloka sent advance copies to American Indian publications and reservation newspapers, and the response, he says, has been universally positive. It's very important that Native Americans hear this album. In the meantime, he had been laying the groundwork for the group at Mercury.

TV will also play a part in the pro- motional campaign. Walela appeared on "Late Show With David Letterman" along with Robertson two years ago, and Markus expects the act to be booked as a solo act. But more important to Walela is its appear- ance July 24 at the opening ceremonies for the Smithsonian Institution's Native American Museum, which will be fol- lowed by a tour that will find the act performing at Nature Company outlets and Borders bookstores. Includes insert card and disc label with your logo Order as few as Retail-ready CDs with 4-color inserts.

The single was released in the U. We expected it to just come out Period. Not to have the success it's had. We thought the songs were OK, but not gonna shake the world or anything. Then it took off all over Europe. It was a real shock and exciting, like starting over again. In many ways, it's much more fulfilling. It took us two years to write these songs and six months to record them.

Polydor president Nick Gatfield, who says the label has no plans to release any of the songs from "Music For Pleasure" as com- mercial singles, says that "Shine" may make a good second song, but "Sweet Lips" the second single in the U. There are some genuine rock tracks and really cool techno stuff.

Overall, it's a very strong record, and we're going to be working this for at least 12 months. Plans are taking shape for the band to hit the road in August in the U. Hook says he forgot how fun it was to tour with an actual band. Is that what a band sounds like? It feels so positive, so nice. IL June 21 Minneapolis. Dave Grusin brings afresh twist to the music of Henry Mancini. All rights reserved. Finally, everything you need to book talent, promote tours, and take care of business is in one single, easy-to-use reference source!

You get over 1 7, listings in the U. Order multiple copies for your entire staff! NJ, CA. TN, MA. PA S DC please add applicable sales tax. Box NJ For fastest service call In NJ call Jordan Music. Also, "Pony," Stephen J. It also will spotlight supergroup-of-sorts Trulio Disgracious, featuring De La Soul, and a new song being written for the protagonists to sing, called "I'm A Dude," which is being produced by Tipper Jones.

It should have the same audience as the 'Space Jam' soundtrack. Capitol also is planning to release an interactive CD of the soundtrack that will include additional toppings, and it is hoping "Good Burger" will fill its soundtrack cravings through the summer.

The label's "Boogie Nights" soundtrack has been bumped back from June until the end of August to coincide with the rescheduled film-release date. Kelly, R. Up next will be a best-of col- lection of music from the films of Rainer Werner Fassbinder. Stubing sway, plus original- score numbers composed by David New- man. London Records is planning to release a sequel to its hot-selling "Braveheart" soundtrack in September. The album is tentatively slated to include additional score music that wasn't featured on the original album, plus related readings.

O'K Music, S. When an album reaches this level, the album and the artist's subsequent albums are immedi- ately ineligible to appear on the Heatseekers chart. Ail albums are available on cassette and CD. C The band will be featured in Musician magazine in August and open for the Verve Pipe in the fall. Look for Juvenile's album, "Solja Rags," to break out of his home market soon. Skunk travel ltd. Representatives from the Southern California- based Skunk say word-of- mouth and fliers were the only tools they needed to spur fans into making the trek.

Year Of The Dog. The band is in the midst of its sum- mer tour, appearing in Seattle Wednesday 18 and Vancouver Thursday Booty James Street Tiling 2. OMC How Balfttre 7. Freak Nasty CoTOovefwe. Thai's Lite TTwm 6 Malta The End 4. La Mafia En Tus Ma not 5. K"s Choke Paradise In Me 6. Boney James Sweet Tiling 9. Juvenile Solia Raes The act, which is signed to Circa in the U. THE D. According to members of the Black Promoters Assn.

In addition, BPA claims its members never have been offered the chance to work nonblack shows by any major agency. BPA is a coalition of 12 African- American-owned promotion companies from across the nation that includes such high-profile promoters as Boston- based Al Haymon Haymon Enter- tainment and Washington, D. He doesn't even get nominated. These pro- moters are grown men; many of them have 20 years or more experience, with expertise in production.

They have the knowledge and skill to put quality shows together but don't get the chance to [regularly] work the big dates. The pro- moters also cite the House of Blues Smokin' Grooves tour as a package that is not represented by black promoters. All of the artists mentioned and their managers would not comment All Pro Entertainment promoter Arthur Johnson says the use of black concert promoters can benefit other black businesses.

But the independent record label consultant says that his assessment is not based solely on his tenure with William Morris. Harewood says the big agencies generally ignore smaller acts from any genre, because they pose a greater box-office risk. Harewood also suggests that most agencies do not exclude black promoters for malicious reasons when booking shows. And when most [white agents are putting a deal together, they're going to take the path of least resistance and deal with people who are most like them," he says.

There's very few [white] agents out there like [Casey] and Norby Walters who look at the sociopolitical reasons when considering using black promot- ers. While he and Haymon have promot- ed worldwide and national tours, Rowe says most BPA members are local in scope and are seeking to promote acts within their individual markets.

Another criticism launched at black promoters is that their bids for big shows are often higher than their white counterparts'. However, accord- ing to Casey, black promoters are in a Cateh situation. He says that when promoters have repeat business at the larger venues, the cost to rent them decreases. However, after BPA representatives made Braxton's man- ager, Randy Phillips, aware of the sit- uation, he insisted William Morris include black promoters on the tour.

They were the ones who developed Kiss to [its current level of success] today. If there was ever a generation X-type clip, this is defi- nitely it Playing off the "fly" wording of the single's title, the video features Elliott cast in the role of a human fly, sans any horror-flick imaging.

She's a good fly. During various quick-cuts the artist appears clad in black "fly" gear that balloons in all sorts of directions, physically morphing the vocalist's bod as her head makes sudden but playful insect-like movements.

In addition, director Hype Williams utilizes a fisheye lens in various camera shots, fur- ther enhancing the clip's bugged-out motif. Backing up the artist in the video is a cavalcade of hip record-industry talent.

Using quick-cut scenes of popular stars in a developing artist's debut is a shrewd move, since everybody likes to see a star. It certainly kept my attention. This project is already heating up in many quarters, thanks to the creative tack the label took with the clip. Talk about a fun summer single.

Wouldn't every marketing and promotion department love to have an attention-getting catalyst like Elliott's video? Great players, no songs. This band has great songs. King, Muddy Waters, and Buddy Guy, he also empha- sizes that his trio isn't a blues act. Audiences there, who are also fans of Eric Clap- ton and Jimi Hendrix, were into all our Continued on page 56 rehearsal room. For this album, we felt we had to record quick- ly and capture the moment and keep it rough and ready and raw.

That's what we learned: Capture the moment "The notes aren't perfect, but this time we wanted to get the feeling," Gillespie continues. We fucked up last time by forgetting that. The members of Megadeth take a break from hosting a listening party for their new album, "Cryptic Writings," at L. Five songs in the collection have never been re- leased before, including the uplifting ballad "Don't Lose Heart," which will be worked to AC radio. For Fogelberg, compiling the project was a somewhat daunting task.

When asked if he was awed by his body of work over the past quarter-century, he bursts into laughter, replying, "Oh, good God, no. I was awed by the verbosity of it and the length of it.

It's a lot of words and a lot of notes. You finish one [project] and you're onto the next and continue working, so I've never seen it as a whole body of work before, but for the most part, I came away feeling pretty good about it" The four-CD set is packaged in a handsome slipcover and includes an impressive page booklet with an essay detailing Fbgelberg's musical history, as well as enjoyable, informative song annotations by Fogelberg.

I think the audience will enjoy it especially the ballads. If you're going to have a makeout session, put that side on. If you want to barbecue, put on the rock side. Those songs are the most adventurous; they're all like five or six minutes long, and they go a lot of different places. They're not that personal. When you look at my oeuvre in the s, it really has been political and spiritual and philosophical. I haven't said a lot about my personal life. I did enough of that for 20 years.

I've really kind of covered that. It seems like I almost write prophetically. It's scary," he says. I'd never even been married, right? We've always had a good working rela- tionship. It wasn't a troublesome parting. I'm not sure what I'm going to do next. I think I still have a future in recording. He admits to feeling a renewed vigor toward playing live after he had to cancel dates last year following a finger injury. I'm approaching this tour with a whole new enthusiasm," he says. She can be reached at Capitol Records and Paul Westerberg continue to hammer out a deal to bring the former Replacement to the label, although no contract has been signed.

A representative for Salem, Mass. District Court in Los Angeles found the brewery guilty of plagiarizing the song in a commercial. Jeff Buckley has begun recording his new album in Memphis, co-producing with Andy Wallace. The set is being projected as an early '98 release. UB40 will launch a U. Ear- ache has signed English Dogs, a U. The L. Slater also owns Clean Slate, for which the May- pole album is the label's second offer- ing following Apple's "Tidal, Sueno Contigo (Dreaming Of You) (Hexs Extended Fiesta Mix (English) - Various - Promo Only Rhythm Club: November 97 (CD).

We want to sell records, too, but we're not making them because we think we're so fucking artistic. The [musical] landscape has definitely changed since our last album," says Ellis, who record- ed her EastWest solo debut, "Southern Gal," in So we didn't change a lot, style-wise.

The single peaked at No. Elektra marketing director U. Jayson Jackson says that "Don't Let Go Love " "was the most influential element of our setup and a prime indi- cator of what to expect from the album. It received 3,1 19 detections on stations for the week ending May 26, according to Broadcast Data Sys- tems.

Written and produced by Babyface, "Whatever" is slated for retail release in July. The single is accompanied by a pow- erfully visual video that was directed by longtime En Vogue collaborator Matthew Ralston. The clip was ser- viced May 14 to local and national out- lets. It depicts the trio in a surreal plas- tic surgeon's office, clad in eye-catching makeup and costuming — all of which makes for an intentional parody of makeover overkill. Jackson says that although the clip is a departure from the act's glam- orous, high-fashion model image, it has spurred significant conversation around the industry and among con- sumers.

Discussions concerning the merits of the clip have kept phones ringing. According to the suit, Interscope threatened Trauma to end its relation- ship with No Doubt or be denied funds from Interscope. Based on information from unspeci- fied sources, the suit alleges that Inter- scope owners Field and Iovine are claiming No Doubt is signed solely to Interscope to enhance another buy-out agreement they are discussing with another company.

The suit also says sources have reported that Interscope has renegoti- ated a contract with No Doubt without Trauma's knowledge. According to Trauma's lawyer, Skip Miller, some of these sources are Inter- scope employees.

Representatives from Interscope could not be reached for comment by press time. In addition, the O'Donnell appearance will be repeated the week of the album's release. On June 18, the trio — which is man- aged by the Left Bank Organization, based in Los Angeles — will be featured in ad spot wraparounds for the WB Network's prime-time programs. On-air appearances will be backed by an extensive print advertising cam- paign that will surround the album's Shock's move into the U.

The Sydney band performs in Japan this year after dates through Southeast Asia territories. Williams says he expects more Shock acts will be licensed through Quattro in the future. In recent months, Shock has taken on Australian distribution for U. Dance has domestically proved its biggest growth area. According to dance manager Nick Dunshea, it con- release.

En Vogue ads are slated to appear in Time, People, Vibe, and Jet The label plans to send the act on a nonperforming promotional tour of radio and retail beginning June 16 in New York. The tour is scheduled to stop in Washington, D. An En Vogue tour, which will be booked through William Morris, is like- ly to follow, but there were no firm plans at press time.

The label sent En Vogue on an inter- national promotional tour May 18 that ran until Sunday 1. Says Jackson, " 'Don't Let Go Love ' has laid the groundwork for their new album in international territories, just like it's doing here. We're backing that up with radio and television appear- ances as they travel abroad. All three went platinumunits. University ot Net-add Reno Kim v. April 26 SUfrt. J4I w. Ore May IS Tens I Boxs cores should be submitted to: Marie Ratii'1. For research information and pricing, call Marie Ratliff, The album's first single is a pop ditty called "Gold- enman," fresh off the soundboard from Fresno, Calif.

The song came to the attention of Morgan Creek and Edel courtesy of a Hawaii-based radio promoter who was just passing along a cool independent album he'd received in the mail, says Edel president Jonathan First. A music video is in the works that intersperses scenes with the band members and the actors. And as for Spies, they've experienced a little coming of age themselves. The group has recently signed to Edel Records America, with a new studio album planned for late-summer release.

This time around, the label shipped five of the album's 12 tracks to various radio formats to help generate an early buzz. Ironi- cally, "My Dream" was not the song Shaggy originally wanted to include on the album. His first choice was the first single from his upcoming album, a cover of the Verona Franklin rock- er "Piece Of My Heart," which was immortalized by Janis Joplin.

In a strange soundtrack twist, Shaggy says, that song ironically was declared off-limits to "Speed" because it is being used in a forthcoming Joplin biopic. Happy with his second choice, Shaggy says that "Speed 2" is the perfect means to keep up momentum from his recently concluded tour and set up his upcoming solo project.

He also co-wrote the score for "Con Air" with longtime pal Trevor Rabin. The CD sleeve folds out into a four-panel prehistoric jungle scene that features pop-up cutouts of T-Rex and three of his dino pals. His relationships are second to none," says Thomas D. Brunman, who is based in Sony's Santa Monica, Calif. DiFranco's participa- tion marks the major-label debut for the staunchly independent artist whose albums are released on her own Right- eous Babe label.

Brunman says it's too early to tell whether the title will go through Epic Soundtrax or Sony Music Soundtrax, or whether Epic Soundtrax will be absorbed into the new entity. He points to the increasingly preva- lent link between music and movies and sees a number of signs that point to continuing success for both sides.

To cite another example, "Product's" first single, "Con- crete Shoes," evolved from and expands upon the recent Nicaraguan conflict, while, odd as it may sound, deriving emotionally from the first time the writer heard the Eagles on the radio.

IBut 'Concrete Shoes'! But it's only one of several songs that Baus- man considers single-worthy. Cassette sam- plers containing "Concrete Shoes" and "Clearance Sale 6 Years " were given away during the band's April tour with the Wallflowers. The CD also includes CD Extra material, including video, graphics, and text, as well as a free day trial with the Earthlink Internet provider. Having seen Maypole win over unfa- miliar audiences with its "super-tight" live act, Bausman now anticipates sim- ilar response at upcoming Creative Artists Agency-booked dates.

Noting that Miller and the Wallflowers' Jakob Dylan have been friends since child- hood, she reports that Dylan has pledged to help as much as he can with additional support slots. Maxwell receives a plaque Sueno Contigo (Dreaming Of You) (Hexs Extended Fiesta Mix (English) - Various - Promo Only Rhythm Club: November 97 (CD) sales of 1 million units for his Columbia Records debut, "Maxwell's Urban Hang Suite.

This form may be duplicated - please type or print clearly. Make all payments to Billboard Magazine. Confirmation will be sent via mail - please allow 10 days! Michigan Avenue For reservations, please call Please be sure to state that you're with Billboard's Dance Music Summit to receive discounted rate. Registration Bag Inserts- ull Michele Jacangelo at to Call Michele Jacangelo at to inquire about cost, quantity and shipping details.

TiifiiT 5. When an album reaches this level, the album and ttve artist's subsequent albums are Immedi- ately ineligible to appear on the Heatseeliers chart. Why would Capitol shy away Cru Rev-lew. The act's debut album, "Da Dirty 30," is an innovative and expan- sive mix of 30 songs and skits that bows June 1 0. According to Capitol Nash- ville VP of publicity Lorie Lytle, it was a matter of fol- lowing up on a promise made to country radio last year by label president Scott Hendricks.

Its self-titled debut bowed in the U. April In lieu of ap- proaching radio, Capitol has formulat- ed a mainly non- radio plan for the act, which the label sign- ed after already com- mitting to work new acts River Road and Dean Miller at radio. Included in the plan will be a grass- roots approach bor- rowed from a page in the rock'n'roll text- book.

Multiple visits to tour markets with an emphasis on local press and retail are aimed at taking advantage of the act's charis- matic and lively stage presence.

Capitol Nashville VP of sales John Rose says that the label has aggressively handed out sampler cassettes at clubs and retail. The artist, whose album "Words" bows July 15, is cur- rently in the middle of a week major-market promo- tional tour.

Sister Hue Somewtwe More Familiar 5. OMC How Bizarre 6. Tammy Graham Tammy Graham 9. Fear Factory Reman ufacture Allure Allure 2. OMC How Bizarre 3. Trecey Lm Many Facez 7. Mi rim Amertcan Psycrto 8. Kmito Mendti El Descrato 9. NuYoocen Soul NuYorican Soul any album, while another allowed movie patrons to exchange their ticket stub at a local retailer for a sampler.

Still yet another promotion called for placing tent cards in venues where the act would be playing. Those cards, which were filled out and exchanged for a sampler cassette, have helped Capitol Nashville build a healthy database for the band, says Rose.

The label will also work the act heavily at video channels. While Lytle admits that the band, which proudly wears its rock influences on its sleeve, could be a somewhat non-tradi- tional fit at country radio, she is confident that the act will even- tually break through. Some stations had already began spinning the single from a promotional CD polybagged with recent issues of Virtually Alterna- tive.

The band will be fea- tured on the W. R tour beginning in July. Their latest album, "Helioself," was re- leased May 6. Payday's O. Premiere produced three tracks on "Uewelz. Increasing attention to socially relevant and less-graph- ic love lyrics, along with solid song construction in addi- tion to the prerequisite soul beats and rhythmsis appearing with greater frequency on artist debuts. This renaissance soul movement should facilitate an easier acceptance of quality recording acts whose previous releases did not garner commercial success, such as Vir- gin's Brigette McWilliams, Mecca Don's Michael Speaks, and Elektra's Family Stand — all of whom have sets slated for the next quar- ter.

Rap also seems to be adjust- ing its thematic course. More though t-provoking lyrical con- tent is apparent from such hip-hop acts as Craig Mack and Boogie Monsters Bill- board, May There have been other telling barome- ters: Dr.

Another and more subtle indication that the rap climate is changing is rapper-turned-actor Will Smith's move back to recording. He also stars in the film. Smith's move to record again is interesting given that, as the Fresh Prince, he and Jazzy Jeff recorded fun rap songs — a style that in recent years has been out of step with prevailing consumer tastes.

The direction of Smith's debut Columbia set remains uncertain, but it's unlikely he'd come with a hardcore ditty — it would be suicide for his multimillion dollar Amer- ican hero box office image. Thus, the tone of the set will likely be in a less-serious win, supporting the notion that hip-hop consumers are in the mood for something differ- ent Bad IS GOOD: Ten-time Grammy-nominated song- by J.

Lambert says that the industry's difficult sales climate was a factor in opening up shop with Babylon, which is independently distributed through M. The time was right to start the label, because everyone was looking for some- thing different, creatively.

But [the label] didn't haw the mar- keting and promotion re- sources that I would have liked. He says that after raising the start-up money, finding the right kind of acts became the challenge. At the same time, I want to continue being part of something new and fresh.

The label has three acts signed. The label is focusing on 17 mar- kets as it prepares to release Spank's set, "Let's Go Party," July 8. Lambert plans to attack the underground hip-hop com- munity hard and promises that the artist's set will be interesting. Once it's up and running, Lambert plans for Babylon to haw a roster of about six to eight artists, releasing four Continued on page 22 jack swing. Since then. Having weathered the ups and downs on various fronts of the music business, Bub felt it was time to get back to basics.

I think this is the best album I've ever done. Me and Teddy [Riley] took our time with this one. Serviced to radio in early May, the single features Queen Latifah and Heavy D and is the sole uptempo track on the ballad-driven "Timeless. The clip for "Need Your Love," which will be serviced to video out- lets at the end of June, features the three artists racing to a party: Bub is in a helicopter, Latifah drives a Porsche, and Heavy D rides a four- wheeled motorcycle.

The video is important, because it shows him dancing and having fun. At press time, no tour dates had been scheduled, and no booking agent has been selected. M V D Available now! Circle Dr. Li t -i. RecoftJingl Industfy Assn. Tape prices marked EQ.

Heatseeker Impact shows albums removed from Heatseekers this week H indicates past or present Heatseeker title. Record Prices. Although the movie was able to secure an "R" rating from the Motion Picture Assn. Therefore, the fdm will be released Tuesday 3 as a sell-through-priced video. It is the first soundtrack from a direct-to-video movie to chart in Billboard his- tory. Sales for "I Got Next" were more than double that of his self-titled last album, which scanned 44, units when it debuted in the Oct 28,issue.

According to the label, the artist has been actively expanding his fan base since then. One week before the album's official May 27 street date, the group per- formed on the May 20 edition of "Late Show With David Letterman" as well as on the Essence Awards, televised May Both TV shots fell dur- ing the tracking period that ran Maywhich are reflected in this issue's chart.

With more than 4, units scanned in the overall Sound- Scan panel, the set also debuts at No. She notes that initial reaction on God's Property is stronger than Franklin's three previous releases. Since the label feels that gospel is somewhat of a niche market, there will be no commercial single. Howev- er, even without sales points, the radio audience alone would place the song at No. MSM w, M -i. The vocalist is on a national promotional tour, visiting local high schools and retailers, in support of "Everything You Want," his debut album.

As an independent songwriter and producer, Lambert has two tracks on "Shelter," the latest album by the Brand New Heavies. He also con- tributed tracks on Moody Blues lead singer Justin Hayward's solo project. Rehabilitation Fund. The fund was established after Clark, an African-American Chicago youth, was knocked from his bike and savagely beaten into a coma March Lambert, 13, has since emerged from the coma.

Three white teens were arrested in the attack, which Chicago police have said was racially motivat- ed, according to published reports. Raging bull has signed rap artist Domino. Rap Crew. Priority rapper Ant Banks lines up with his posse during a break from filming a TV spot for his upcom- ing album "Big Thangs," scheduled for release in July.

Pictured, from left, are commercial producer Mark Cas- Sueno Contigo (Dreaming Of You) (Hexs Extended Fiesta Mix (English) - Various - Promo Only Rhythm Club: November 97 (CD), director G. IK -Mil- A'. Cl Dl IT! V ; 3'-:ii. A R1AA certification for sales of 1 million units. Catalog no is for cassette single. D CD single availability. M Cassette maxi single availability. T vinyl maxi-singie availability. V Vinyl single availability X CD maxi single availability. OE JVE. Vt ,T F! L 1 ,:,L.

Sheet Music Dist. BMiyWamer Chappell. C SiBs. Tunti Groove. R B4 GO-D. BMLPay Town. Warner Tarnertsne.

BeyTjnd Bourdanes. BMlrO Baby. Vusk Coqicfatnn 01 Amenta. F D flat. TT taaj. AFaa-iAKa F. A:-' Ell, 31 40 1! Enck Sermon. Myslery System. Way 2 Qwh. BMW G. It's the first record to take the idea of Phil Spector's Wall of Sound and deliver a 1 urban to mainstream hit to radio.

I have never heard a production that sounded this full. H L[ V i,''! B AGEE. T RllEn CI! L MA'. OL E v'l'. CI -lii : AS. K GEE. T BELL. M L3Ri. REEO H. T WtjVtMJ'. M ROSS. GLGL J;'. Catalog number is for cassette single.

C Cassette single availability, D CD single availability. V Vinyl single avaiiatwhty, X CO maxi smgle availability. Communications and SoundScan. According to leaders in that community, an increasing number of indie stores are embracing SoundScan — once viewed by many as an enemy to smaller stores. Retail's record attendance at Impact's Super Summit XI in Miami in April sent a strong message to the rest of the industry concerning that business sector's growing importance and recognition of the eco- nomic clout that it has always possessed.

With the continuing proliferation of the various independent retail coalitions that began springing up about five years ago nationwide, the political clout that these urban cartels carry in the music indus- try will no doubt continue to swell. The collaborative efforts appear to be driven by executives' under- standing that no man in this business is an island and that, given the proper circum- stances read: no hit recordseveryone is expendable -especially black executives, who in many quarters are apparently viewed as disposable goods.

The sprouting peer camaraderie among colleagues seems greatest in New York, where it is logistically easier to come together, as opposed to in Los Angeles, where geograph- ical distance creates problems with time — a commodity that all executives find is in short supply. At the same time, more tenured acts such as Patti LaBelle. Jody Watley and BeBe Winans continue to toe the line. Many acts being signed are multi-talented, offering wnting, singing and live performing skills, in addition to good looks.

Although constantly on guard against their competitors, many stations, such as KJLH Los Angeles and KPRS Kansas City, are leading the charge to broaden playlists that include nontraditional music relatively speaking such as gospel, jazz, and blues, during all dayparts. These promising moves could ultimately lead to a return to tfie days when black radio was a community beacon, with DJs voicing influential opinions concerning social and political issues affecting urban communities.

This is how we do it. Both lists represent the accumulated chart points earned by each title for each week spent on the applicable chart. Top RftB Alliums Pos. When it works, it's worth it. This article was prepared by J. Or will many U. George Levendis, marketing manager for Arista Records U. Adds Lyn, "Trie people I deal with are going to be my voice when they go back to their respective companies, and hopefully the syner- gy we have is enough to bypass any cultural differences. That's another example of how the two sides have come together.

Among the challenges that SMG's Heinz Henn domestic and international executives face in working togeth- er are issues of product packaging, presentation and the remixing of original tracks to suit specific markets. Says Durgan, "The biggest conflict is usually over the time that an act has to work in the international marketplace. In the recent U. Sometimes [his transatlantic colleagues] couldn't understand why we had to do house mixes on things.

Blige was difficult. Then when we started having hits, they began to understand. Our relationship with them is excellent," he con- tinues, "and going backwards and forwards to the States as I have, we are actually consulted now about what will work in our market, and being involved from the demo stage on records.

Says Lyn, 'The American office is wise enough to realize that radio is an integral part of breaking a record in the U. He further stresses that the domestic crossover strategy is a litmus test for all genres. Durgan agrees with Lott's assessment, commenting, "If you want to get the really big sales numbers, some [inter- national territory] executives will say, 'Give me the Billboard [mainstream] charts. The bottom line, accord- ing to Durgan, is that domestic executives should remember not to compare their methods and numbers at the interna- tional level.

The delay resulted in anemic non-U. Epic international marketing senior director Scott Greer says long-term plan- ning and communication have been key in setting up debut Yab Yum vocalist Laurnea, slated for international release in June. In February, we took advance CDs, four-color visuals and initial marketing to a big meeting with our counterparts from international territories. Our com- mon goal is for her to become more than just a singles artist.

Sometimes, this kind of direct contact can be very helpful. It's very important that Columbia U. If I see that France is giving away inch singles with every Maxwell album, I might be interested in doing the same in Holland.

Maxwell and Puff Johnson were in Holland at the right time, when their singles were doing well at radio and sales-wise. These artists and their management are committed to tour [in Europe]," he says. Crane credits his label's own enthusiasm in working with Avex executives as a reason for the increasing international interest in Pan Disc product.

The executive lauds European executives for being open-minded, creatively. According to Baron, Hall's show was more interested in turning audiences on to all types of music, whereas late-night shows like David Letterman's, Jay Leno's and Conan O'Bnen's cater to a much older demographic and don't want to risk turning audiences off with music or artists their demos may not like.

Natalie's' is great, but I still don't think it gives you the same type of exposure you had with Arsenio. At RCA Black Music, our passion for music is only overshadowed by our passion for artist development. Approaching Platinum. Debut album Gold! New album features performances by Snoop and all of today's hottest rappers. SWV is definitely taking it back to the streets in ' Major press and TV blitz to follow. Album coming June 24th.

Album this summer. LL Cool J. Damage's first "official" single, "Anything," edged into the lower half of the U. That helped dispel the tag of Jodeci- wannabees. Another top 10 hit, "Love Guaranteed," in March preceded the April release of the "Forever" album, which debuted at No. This album is hot. Hendrik and Hartman have been hit-makers on the German scene since the '70s, most recently as pro- ducers of Haddaway.

Although an American citizen, she calls both Stockholm and Dallas home, although the majority of her time is spent in the latter city. Previously known as the female front figure for Swedish act Rob 'n' Raz in the early '90s, McNeal was brought in as a "tem- porary" replacement for then lead figure Leila K and was prominent on the vocals of two back-to-back hit singles, "Clubhopping" and "In Command.

The second single, which bears the same name as the album, was a radio favorite and made McNeal pretty much a household name.

Her album is currently being released in other European territories. When asked about her award and the phenomenal success of her album, McNeal com- ments, "I feel blessed. This is a tough business, and it takes lots of hard work to succeed.

You have to have a lot of faith, too, because you never know how things will go. It's a measure of the respect she commands here that when her last album, "Difficult Woman" Larrikin,failed to get radio airplay, Australian musicians banded to get her back into the spotlight. Acclaimed writer Paul Kelly, who was moved to tears by her earlier version of his "Foggy Highway," wrote three songs and produced the new album, "Renee. The cream of local players — bluesmen to post-punkers — lined up to get involved.

These minds should be at the forefront, guiding the younger executives in their bid to become successful. Island black music senior VP Hiriam Hicks is to be com- mended for being a younger executive who has surrounded him- self witfi several old-school execs who have channeled his inspiring musical vision to fiscal reality, with such diverse suc- cesses as Dru Hill and the Isley Bros.

Although the exit of tenured professionals in many ways is an unfortunate loss at major labels, their continued contributions at an independent level create opportunities to increase the often- neglected economic base within the African-American commu- nity.

Dre's promising Aftermath. Such fresh blood is vital, espe- cially in light of the woes of Death Row, which, despite its dubi- ous reputation, provided an entrepreneurial role model for blacks eager to obtain a share of the American dream. With the worst of the departmental downsizing apparently passed, personnef at major labels are again able to focus on doing their work rather than just keeping their jobs. On the touring front, many acts are taking to the road with greater frequency, despite the fact that there are fewer than ever venues through which developing acts can practice their performing craft with any measure of profitability.

In an effort to combat the lack of true performance venues. King and Bobby Womack, because the concept of urban adult music has been destroyed," says James Mtume, composer for the series. Opportunities like these, however, are rare, considering the number of groups in the market. The programs mostly serve to further the star artist's career — not the musical guest's.

But at the end of the day. If it's a great record, it's gonna sell, regardless. The effect seems to be the same for artists like Brandy, Jason Weaver and Ray J, soon to be joined by "In The House's" Maia Campbell and "Family Matters"' Darius McCrary, who began their careers on television first but have experienced a slow start in their recording careers.

People buy records because the album has good songs.


Shanghaid In Shanghai - Nazareth (2) - Rampant (Vinyl, LP, Album), Our Givest - Br. Danielson* - Brother : Son (CD, Album), Course Of Action - No Redeeming The Sunlit Path Of Bliss (CD, Album), Tetracyclic Chemical Structures - Ian D Hawgood* - Urban Holiday (File, MP3), Unknown Artist - Ive Got A Doggie With A Long Tail (Vinyl), Chrome Stomper #1 - * - Fumakilla Funk EP (Vinyl), Pleasure Chest - Amagortis - Pre-Natal Cannibalism (CD, Album), RJ Thompson - The Numbers (Extended Edition) (CD), The Exciters - Number One / You Got Love (Vinyl), Better than monoural - Good Time For Dynacom - B-Sides (Cassette)

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