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Side A - シンボリック - Syncretism Bonus Mix-tape (Cassette) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Published 05.09.2019

Download Side A - シンボリック - Syncretism Bonus Mix-tape (Cassette)
Label: Æscape Sounds - none • Format: Cassette Mixtape • Country: US • Genre: Electronic • Style: Experimental, Trip Hop

Jason Moran. Horrible Bosses 3. Super 4. Insidious 5. Several Shades Of Why J. Can I J. Having the Tedeschi Trucks Band blow me right out of the water with an updated soul-saturated revue.

Emmylou Harris continuing to live off past glories and living legend status whilst delivering very little of substance. I moved in and spent some time there. Going from in the world back to No. It was the reflection of an accomplishment. Continuing decline of big festivals and rise of boutique festivals, a la Laneways and Cockatoo Island-type shindigs. Jackson, introducing himself on Twitter in superb fashion. You and I. For using it, and allowing companies such as Facebook to become powerful with our information.

Dolly Parton 3. Gaslight Anthem 4. Jimmy Eat World 5. Jim Ward. Kylie 4. Clare Bowditch 5. Henry Wagons. Philip Glass 2. Bright Eyes 4. This Town Needs Guns 5. Defiance, Ohio. Bronze Chariot 2. Arrows 3. Coerce 4. Charge Group 5. Luca Brasi. Gotta be smooth for the ladies. The Kills 2. ZZ Top 3. Dead Kennedys 4. Queens Of The Stone Age 5. The Mess Hall 2. Melody Black 3. Sydonia 4. Beatles Back 2 Back 5. Damn Dogs. Thor 2. X-Men: First Class 3. Warrior 4. Rango 5.

Bored To Death 2. Arrested Development 4. South Park 5. Pop Asia. Oranges And Sunshine 2. Elena 4. The Eye Of The Storm 5. Beauty Day. The Guard 2. Anonymous 3. Bill Cunningham New York 4. Drive 5. Autoluminescent: Rowland S Howard. Misogynist arsehole Kyle Sandilands lost millions for Austereo when he opened his mouth and Twitter and Change. Joan Jett 2. Trent Reznor 3. Sergio Pizzorno 4. Alison Mosshart 5. Imelda May.

Yuck YUCK. A scientist with a penchant for chillwave will finally absolute zero. More shitty David Guetta tracks — are all of you people deaf? The Tallest Man On Earth 4. Owen Pallett 5. The Hives. Sleepmakeswaves 2. Collarbones 3. Skipping Girl Vinegar 4.

Ghoul 5. The Panics. Midnight In Paris 2. Black Swan 3. Bridesmaids 5. The inaugural Harvest festival. Just absolutely perfect in every way, and wonderful to finally see Bright Eyes after eight years of waiting! The world ends, with two sole survivors — me and Ryan Gosling. Earth needs to be repopulated. You do the math. Thanks, Mayans! Gob DELS. Erykah Badu 2. James Blake 3. Hypnotic Brass Ensemble 4. Electric Wire Hustle 5. DJ Shadow. The Bamboos 2. Thundamentals 3. Bon Chat Bon Rat 4.

Katalyst 5. Drive 4. X-Men: First Class. Michael Bay, you a fool for this one! Spit Syndicate 2. Joyride And The Accidents 3. Horrorshow 4. Plutonic Lab feat Hilltop Hoods 5. Every Time I Die 2. The Wonder Years 3. Foo Fighters 4. Slash 5. Front End Loader 2. John Vella Band 3. You Am I 4. Tumbleweed 5. Baby Animals. The Promise 2. Drive 3. Crazy, Stupid, Love 5. Bridesmaids 2. Hanna 4. X-Men: First Class 5. An unbeatable experience.

Facebook goes Gonzo. I saw more mutilated corpses, animal cruelty and sweet titties for two weeks there. What happened, Zuck? White guys dressing like Radike Samo is gross, Qantas, Side A - シンボリック - Syncretism Bonus Mix-tape (Cassette).

The cancellation of Community and an impossibly underwhelming Olympic Games opening ceremony. He is nothing but consistent! The Hold Steady 2. The National 3. The Gaslight Anthem 4. Micah P Hinson 5. Serious Beak. The Panics 3. Serious Beak 4. Paul Kelly 5. CW Stoneking. Leftfield 2. Sasha 4. Plastikman 5. Booka Shade. Fort 3. Little Scout 4. Shades Of Gray 5. Matttt Sasha warm-up.

Snowtown 2. Black Swan 4. The Trip 5. The Beaver. Daily Meds 2. Sietta 3. The Snowdroppers 4. Jordie Lane 5. The B Naturals. Red Dog 3. Mad Bastards 4. The Lion King 3D 5. Anything Odd Future related. Kimbra and Gotye fall in love and start living out the details of that song they did together IRL. The Tree Of Life 2. Contagion 4. Clare Bowditch 4. Art Vs Science 5. Amy Winehouse 1.

Krystal Warren 2. Blind Boys Of Alabama 3. Mavis Staples 4. Pajama Club 5. Jethro Tull 1. Clare Bowditch 2. Paul Dempsey 4. Yacht Club DJs 1. Google 2. ABC Homepage 5. The Guardian. Plank you, miss, plank you. City And Colour 2. Death Cab For Cutie 3.

Adele 5. Sietta 1. Ben Harper 4. John Legend 5. Michael Franti. Far too close to call. Rebecca Black. But you and I can make a difference. Well played. John Cusack will make a desperate bid to save his children, his ex-wife and her boyfriend in a gripping tale of love, deception and snakes.

Terror 2. Against Me 3. Morbid Angel 5. Toe To Toe 2. Def Wish Cast 3. Mindsnare 5. The Smith Street Band. Mediaite 2. Stuff You Will Hate 3.

Politico 4. Invisible Oranges 5. Metal Sucks. The Jezabels 2. Lanie Lane 3. Royal Headache 4. Kyuss Lives 2. Foo Fighters 3. Explosions In The Sky 4. Chris Cornell 5. Icehouse 2. Papa Vs Pretty 4. The Jezabels 5. I try not to pay attention to anything anyone says on Twitter — as for quotes they all blend into one when you have a troublesome two-year-old to look after Pulp 2.

Elbow 3. Pajama Club 4. Summer Festival Guide 2. Drum Media Twitter 3. Your Daily SPA 4. Drum Media Facebook 5. Bureau Of Meteorology. Raul Malo 2. Chris Ardoin 3. Bruno Mars 4. Aloe Blacc 5.

Bud Petal 1. The Jim Jones Revue 2. Big Jay McNeely 3. Syl Johnson 4. Irma Thomas 5. Raul Malo. COM 3. God Bless Ozzy Osbourne 2.

Agora 3. Midnight In Paris 4. The Ides Of March. Build A Rocket Boys! ELBOW 4. You mean you have to think before you tweet? Baylor Bros 2. Bud Petal 3. Baecastuff — Mutiny Music 4. The Bamboos 5. Jeff Duff Orchestra. Mu Meson Archives 2. Boing Boing 3.

WikiLeaks 4. Alternative Media Group 5. Jazzgroove Association. Cave Of Forgotten Dreams 3. Snowtown 4. Project Nim 5. The Human Centipede II. Just about everything on the fake Andrew Bolt Twitter account — even funnier than Andrew himself! End of the world according to the Mayan calendar on Sunday 23 December — make sure you have a good night out on the Saturday!

Who Are You? Simone Felice 3. Gruff Rhys 5. Kimbra 2. The Grates 4. Cut Copy. Non-Stop Nyan Cat! The Guardian 4. This Is Happening 5. BBC Football. Arvos FBI 3. Bill Cunningham New York 2. Submarine 3. Midnight in Paris 4. Resonate JONA 4. A stranger came up to me at a gig, while I was wooing a pretty lady, and told me he liked my writing. Laura Marling accepts the proposal of marriage I shout at her from the audience of her Opera House gig.

We live happily ever after. The End. Looking Glass 2. River Of Snakes 3. Hydromedusa 5. The Hour 3. Rage 5. Gruen Planet 2. Spicks And Specks 3. At The Movies. Bands with a piano accordion, bad beards, wearing suspenders. Although this can win you an ARIA, or five. Sure, I probably stole it from Dorothy Parker or Stephen Fry, but it would have certainly made me laugh at the time.

SPA will realise they may have to offer us a drinks voucher or other incentives to fill in these damn surveys. Fucked Up 2. Portishead 4. Bat For Lashes 5. The Chariot. The Hollow and Phantoms 3. Mindsnare 4. Break Even 5. No Heroes Magazine 2. Boston Red Sox 3. Questionable Content 5.

Sons Of Anarchy 5. Project Runway US. Getting flattened by the bass during Machine Gun was incredible! Another amazing reunion by a band I have never seen; a Radiohead tour; and maybe that elusive third Glassjaw album. The Laurels 3.

The Holy Soul 4. Whipped Cream Chargers 5. Ghoul 1. Feminist Ryan Gosling 2. YouTube 3. The Vine 4. Fat Aus 5. Misfits 3. Community 4. Downton Abbey 5. Senna 2. The Tree Of Life 4. Even The Rain 5. Top bloke. Post dub wave. Did you know that rock musicians are collaborating with dance artists these days?!

Imagine my surprise when I saw that Titan rated 0. What a turn up. Page 3 girl in UK newspaper The Sun. Faris Badwan 4. The Weeknd 5. The wub-wub seizure genre that is dubstep. It has led to the horror of Korn collaborating with Skrillex, and that must be stopped. Too long to quote, well worth a viewing. I finally see Radiohead live, in Berlin. The Wombats 3. The Living End 4. Duck Sauce 5. Bag Raiders 2.

Alpine 3. The Living End 5. Breakfasters RRR 2. Captain America 4. Moneyball 5. Source Code. Where have I been?! Buried under the tinsel obiv.

PJ Harvey 2. Gotye 3. Adalita 4. Kurt Vile 5. Gang Of Four 2. Portishead 3. Primal Scream 4. The Middle East 3. SoundCloud 2. Facebook 3. Inpress writers agreed, naming it their top album of The record, written over two-and-a-half years but recorded in a Dorset church in five weeks with long-time collaborator John Parish, former Bad Seed Mick Harvey and Grammy-winning alt. Grinderman, meanwhile, bookended the year for many punters, delivering scathing sets at the Big Day Out in January and Meredith last week, where they announced their retirement or did they?

By subverting the traditional pop song formula, Gotye penned a chart-topping rarity: a radio-flogged record that you never quite get sick of hearing. Fingers crossed. Bring it on. Breaking Bad 2. Game Of Thrones 3. The Simpsons 5. The Tree of Life 2. Drama PEGZ 9. Divorced 3. Saint Jude 4. Bandcamp 2. FBi Radio 3. The New York Times 4. Rose Quartz 5. Kill Your Darlings. Bright Eyes 2. Aesop Rock 3. Elbow 4. The National 5. Pharoahe Monch. Game of Thrones 2. Media Watch 3.

Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern 4. The Colbert Report 5. La Quattro Volte 2. Tree of Life 3. The Guard. To be vomitous: more great local music. Should be another great year for cohesive, creative music communities. Odd Future; offensive lyrics and rampant egos fuel songs with no structure or purpose beyond shock value. Kind of genius too though. Edwyn Collins 4. Andrew Weatherall 5. The Soft Pack 2. Gang Of Four 3. Dolly Parton 4. Street Chant 5. The Apartments 2. Velociraptor 3.

The Ears 4. Orbweavers 5. Ross De Chene Hurricanes. NET 2. Short Stack smacking with a brilliantly close-tohome pisstake video during the [V] Oz Artist of the Year voting. Cliquey Aus news commentators on Twitter. Join the conversation?

Watch the conversation happen between the same five people. TEAM 9. There will be a dark, sad hole in my heart where Community should be. Coincidentally, Donald Glover will forge a film career. Fenton the deer-chasing dog and all its related memes. Grimes 2. Julianna Barwick 5. Omar Souleyman 2. Mountain Man 3. Warpaint 5. How To Dress Well. Can we just rename this The Odd Future Side A - シンボリック - Syncretism Bonus Mix-tape (Cassette) and be done with it?

One Day As A Lion 2. Radiohead 3. My Disco 4. Saskwatch 5. Amon Tobin 1. Jerome Noetinger 2. One Day As A Lion 3. Die Antwoord 4. Andrew WK 5. Blue King Brown 2. My Disco 3. Oren Ambarchi with Charlemagne Palestine 4. Pirate 1. Boing Boing 2. Bandcamp 3. TED 4. Create Digital Music. Midnight In Paris 3. Moneyball 4. Project Nim. Dakhabrakha 2. Konono No1 3.

Omar Souleyman 4. The Congos 5. Mark Atkins 2. Iwantja 3. Paul Grabowsky Trio with Julien Wilson and orchestra 4. The Leafs 5.

Documentary Heaven 3. Lexicon Devil 4. Worst Album Covers Ever Created 5. Leafcutter John. A Serbian Film 2. Valhalla Rising 3. Underwater Love 4. I Saw The Devil 5. Machete Maidens Unleashed. There you go. Husky 2. Mikelangelo And The Tin Star 4. SixFtHick 5. Horse Ebooks 2. I Watch Stuff 3. Script Shadow 4. The Envelope 5. DubstepSong 1. Andrew WK 2. Andrew WK 3. Andrew WK 4. Andrew WK. Time Shield 2. Montero 3. Brous 4. Georgia Fields 5. Guy Blackman.

James Blake 2. Crystal Castles 3. Beach House 4. Bobby Long 5. Breaking up with music and getting into a serious relationship with film. Adventures in Rite-Aid and medicinal marijuana. Prepuberty Blues: My year-old niece starting up a Facebook page.

New material from Blur and an Australian tour. Water For Elephants 4. Red Riding Hood 5. The Cave Of Forgotten Dreams. Illwave takeover of urban music Drake and his Canadian coterie, The Weeknd, Frank Oceandemise of trancehop, indie rebirth. Mikelangelo And The Tin Star 2. SixFtHick 3. The Fearless Vampire Killers 5. The ReChords. Tumblr 2. Smoke And A Coke 3.

Frankensteinia - The Frankenstein Blog 4. Etsy 5. Gruff Rhys 2. Os Mutantes 3. Toro Y Moi 4. Primal Scream 5. The Middle East 2. Wagons 3. Ben Salter 5. The Vine 3. The AV Club 4. Slash Film 5. Raven Sings the Blues. Midnight City M83 3. Tago Mago CAN 2. Turkish Freakout! The Flaming Lips 2.

The Decemberists 3. Dropkick Murphys 4. LCD Soundsystem 5. Gillian Welch. Stonefield 3. Sheriff 4. Fearless Vampire Killers 5. Outsourced 2.

Her first crack at solo material after The Runaways dismantled. Black and white vinyl, individually numbered, includes download card. Limited to units. It includes "Daniel" and "Crocodile Rock. MOTU is a face-melting musical assault concerned with the downfall of man, the death of the planet, the murder of the whole goddamn universe.

The album became "one of the most popular and influential blues albums of the late '60s" and has been acknowledged by the Grammy Hall of Fame, the Blues Foundation Hall of Fame, and Rolling Stone magazine. The album was praised by both critics and fans, and was a result of a three year stint in the studio with various producers and the band.

Songwriter and lead vocalist, Lee Mavers was unhappy with the recording and the album was immediately disowned by the band. This only elevated its success. The music for the album was originally created for a theatrical production of Thus Spoke Zarathustra Also Sprach Zarathustra based on Friedrich Nietzsche's philosophical novel of the same name, which premiered in March LANG, K.

This new two-disc set includes remastered versions of the album's original ten tracks, including its huge hit "Constant Craving," along with eight previously unreleased performances from lang's MTV Unplugged episode, recorded in New York City's famed Ed Sullivan Theater.

Surrealistic lyrics by lead singer Charlie Key evoke the universes depicted in his paintings, populated with magic animals and strange symbolism. The music sounds similar to Eno-era Talking Heads, Vocals that sound similar to Television and avant-garde violin playing that sounds similar to Ornette Coleman's violin work. Artwork by Charlie Key. Limited Edition of Copies. Comes with Download code. The package includes the remastered studio album which launched the band's career, produced by Jerry Harrison from Talking Heads, plus liner notes from founding member Ed Kowalczyk.

All of his experiences are aboard this vessel of sound: no format in mind, no course but the chasm within self. Poiemusia La Nau Dels Argonautes offers a musical language that any listener can understand. Untethered to the meaning of words, one is set adrift and free in minimalist sound and traditional music. For fans of a particular brand of indie-rock founded in the seventies and eighties and honed in the nineties and oughts, Lo Tom is one of the best things to arrive in a very long time.

This reissue includes demo versions of "Heart" and "Raining, Raining" as well as the rarity recorded around the same time "I Got a Job. It's a reinvention of sorts, both musically and personally-a sort of cosmic worldview shift.

But in the end, the record's themes are universal. Fourth side is an etching. Everyone has a song inside them and this double album speaks to that. The Memories making songs about other peoples memories. In an age where technology develops at an exponential rate, the band crafted a live experience that truly exemplifies three of their homeland's core competencies: technological innovation, musicianship and artistic expression.

Instead of "pushing play", Moderat works throughout their minute performance to re-work their own music. They are constantly shaping, stretching, contouring and weaving special live versions of songs taken from I, II, and III. These sessions found Monk in a relaxed mood that led to some of his most thoughtful and moving playing, highlighted by the rich and warm sound from the concert hall.

The program balances Monk's classic ballad creations, his blunt blues lines and a selection of pop tunes from his youth. The time: summer The leader is the great Thelonious Monk, at the peak of his abilities as a performer and captured "in action" at the club where he first emerged into the spotlight.

With Mel Rhyne and Paul Parker. The group's organically funky hip-hop stylings blend serious lyrical science and Dirty South grooves.

A deluxe vinyl with different artwork has been released on Fuzz Club too. The leitmotif for the album's imaginary comes from Maya Deren's surrealistic films together with the Patent Medicine's period. Originally released on Foolica inthe album's main theme is the time conception, with a transitional journey: the deeper darkest place is reached and lighted by the farther brightest points.

Visually inspired by the move La Cictrice Interieure, starring Nico. Continuing with its vinyl reissue campaign, UMe will be reissuing this classic on vinyl for the fist time in over 20 years. In this singular exploration of legacy, love, loss, and the enormity of existence, the movie follows a recently deceased, white-sheeted ghost returning to his suburban home to try and reconnect with his bereft wife.

Astral in sound and cosmic in scope, Hart's compositions for A Ghost Story will haunt you. The film, a sequel to 's Prometheus and the sixth in the Alien film series, follows the crew of the colony ship Covenant as they discovered the ruins of the doomed Prometheus expedition on a remote planet.

The world soon reveals itself to be inhabited by dangerous creatures that force the crew into a fight for survival. Inspired by elements of the original Alien score, Kurzel's work invokes feelings of isolation and abject horror in the face of an unavoidable mounting catastrophe.

The soundtrack for the music-heavy film, titled Music From The Motion Picture Baby Driver, boasts 30 multi-genre tunes in total, including 29 rare tracks and deep cuts, as well as one original song created by Danger Mouse specifically for Baby Driver. Note the single is included on the track list of the 2 CD package, but only on the Download Card included in the vinyl format.

A must have for fans of 60's era musicals. Freshly - and exclusively - recorded by the player Slovak National Symphony Orchestra for this very album, Hero of Time breaths new life into classic Ocarina of Time score, previously only available from its Nintendo 64 sound chip origins. The stunning album artwork was created by Ryan Brinkerhoff, full of subtle visual detail and interactive pieces, including a die-cut Ocarina window on the jacket's front, a majestic gatefold featuring both Light or Dark sides, and, of course - the finishing crescendo of a shimmering, gold foil-stamped triforce on the back.

Appropriately reflecting an endless day to night cycle and bursting with eye catching colors, this special "Day turns to Night" colored double vinyl is sure to please. Go ahead, we dare you! Now repressed on vinyl for the first time in 30 years. The soundtrack features a memorable score by Peter Schickele and songs by Joan Baez. The 2-LP set comes in a newly-designed gatefold package featuring stills from the original film production and is limited to copies.

This artwork is exclusive to this albums initial manufacturing run and will never be reprinted. Legendary producer T-Bone Burnett navigated Phoenix, Reese Witherspoon and their fellow cast members through new recordings of classic country and rockabilly tunes. With additional tracks by Tyler Hilton, Johnathan Rice, Shooter Jennings and Waylon Payne, this Platinum-selling album serves as a lively tribute and worthy companion to Cash's original works.

Along with our dear friends at MidBoss, we present the acclaimed soundtrack from Read Only Memories. Pressed on special "Turing Blue" vinyl, this edition is limited to 1, copies, featuring liner notes from 2 Mello himself. The soundtrack is equally epic, featuring hours of jazzy, poppy, energetic musical magic that you'll find yourself unconsciously whistling throughout the day.

From upbeat vocally-driven songs many featuring the incomparable throaty gusto of Japanese soul singer, Lyn Inaizumi to more contemplative, instrumental riffs - it's an impressive ensemble of tunes.

Quite simply, Persona 5 is one of our favorite videogame soundtracks to date. Composer David Earl has created an analog-synth fueled masterpiece, inspired by the electronic music of Vangelis, Jarre, Tangerine Dream, and more. From the ambient chimes of the Pleasure Port to the haunting collapse of the Computer Core, this expansive score will transport you to the future. Featuring a full gatefold spread image, custom sleeve art and psychedelic spattered platters, it is a sight you will not soon forget.

The Ultimate Head Trip. Now on vinyl. The original artwork with printed inner sleeves on gram vinyl. The soundtrack alludes to many classical pieces, from the delicate "Aria da capo" from Bach's Goldberg Variations, performed by Glenn Gould, to an off-key, subtly disturbing Blue Danube, with nods towards Mozart, and mixed with Zimmer's atmospheric electronica and haunting string melodies.

Anthony Hopkins delivers three suitably chilling Lector monologues. Australian singer Sia wrote a song for the film, titled ''To Be Human,'' featuring English musician Labyrinth, which is also featured on the soundtrack.

The first pressing of Wonder Woman is available on gold vinyl. This is a limited edition of individually numbered copies to Tri-Gatefold jacket includes 12x12 large format lyric booklet. Also includes additional song not found on the original pressing. Ono has always been a master of turning pain and sadness into art, but here, there's a clenched-fist intensity that sets it apart in her deep, unparalleled catalogue. Ono is angry. Meanwhile, on a sonic level, Ono ups the ante on the more centered rock-n-roll sounds she approached with 's Fly.

The album is one of the most traditional-sounding rock chapters in Ono's sprawling catalogue. There are moments here that absolutely rival Jersey legends the E Street Band ever dared tread.

On such songs as the righteous chant "Woman Power," the empathetic ballad "Angry Young Woman," the hilarious proto-grrrl "Potbelly Rocker," and the satirical "Men Men Men," Yoko sings in surprisingly straightforward fashion about the burdens carried by women and the mandate for feminism. Supported by such skilled studio vets as guitarist David Spinozza, sax player Michael Brecker, and drummer Jim Keltner, this is perhaps Yoko's most accessible album, and her most intimate.

Feeling the Space was recorded during the time when the avant-garde visionary artist became estranged from her rock-star husband John Lennon.

He plays only briefly on the album billed as Johnny O'cean ; she produced and wrote all the songs. Yoko and company deliver this hard message soft rock style, or as soft as Yoko could get. Yoko was on the front lines of the women's liberation movement.

Dedicated "to the sisters who died in pain and sorrow and those who are now in prisons and in mental hospitals for being unable to survive in the male society," it's an emotional exploration of the psychological toll of oppression.

It's one of the most unbridled, most captivating soul albums ever made. And that's right where she wants you: vulnerable, wide open to any-and-everything, ready to have your world tipped onto its head. She's a master of spinning your head around. It's about the last thing you'd expect from Ono coming off Plastic Ono Band. But here you are, listening to Ono channeling Elvis. Why am I all of a sudden bopping along to it? At minute-plus, the tranced-out, motorik-inspired boogie "Mind Train" is rough-and-ready for your next basement get down.

Movement and perspiration required. Ono follows this stampede of emotion with the self-referential torch song "Mrs.

Lennon," a wounded song that gets right into the Universal Loneliness. And so here you are. You're devastated. You're exhausted. You're exhilarated. Dig deep, traveler, it's worth the climb. Presented as a deluxe 2xLP in a gatefold jacket with spot metallic ink and full color inner sleeves featuring glorious drawings both LPs are pressed on virgin vinyl with a download code. Mastered for vinyl in by Sarah Register.

Vinyl cut by Carl Rowatti at Trutone Mastering. Formerly called Incubus. The album now receives its wide release on black vinyl. Pressed on clear vinyl and packaged in a jacket with metallic ink and download card. The recordings have been remastered for vinyl. It speaks volumes that will make you sick with a dose of reality that just might change your life, and a punk rock sensibility that will make you never forget where you came from. The sheer intensity and ferocity of the tracks leaves the listener gasping for air.

It is hard to find a weak spot here, notably Victor mentions that sequencing the album was a difficult task; every song is so strong in it's own way. Again produced by Tommy Victor, this time with trusted collaborator Chris Collier as co producer and engineer, Zero Days also broadens the horizon sonically. Like Clockwork gave the band its first 1 album in the U. Like the stunning artwork of returning illustrator Boneface, the sonic signatures of the lineup that took Like Clockwork around the world and back are as unmistakable as ever, though coexisting with sufficient new twists to induce recurring double takes.

With this release, Anjos is re-directing RAC to songwriting which accounts for the records intimate but full-lunged tone, as heard on the records second single "I Still Wanna Know," featuring vocals and a guitar solo from Weezer's Rivers Cuomo as well as additional production by Classixx.

Under this weighty tome are yet more surprises: a notebook containing pages from Thom Yorke's library of scrawled notes of the time, a sketchbook containing 48 pages of Donwood and Tchock's "preparatory work" and a C90 cassette mix tape compiled by the band, taken from OK COMPUTER session archives and demo tapes.

Rainer Maria have returned in full force with a brand new full-length written and recorded by all three founding members. Frequently hailed as a pioneering band in the Midwestern DIY scene, Rainer Maria got back together in after a decade-long hiatus and has been playing shows ever since.

Produced by Tony Bongiovi and Tommy Ramone, 'Leave Home' also featured the engineering talents of Ed Stasium, who would go on to work with the band over numerous other releases, and is on hand to compile this 40th Anniversary Deluxe Edition of the album. RATBOYS - GN GN offers a bevy of tales, laments, and triumphs, which recount near-tragedies by the train tracks, crippling episodes of loneliness, remembrances of a deceased family pet with freezer burn, and on and on.

The songs shift and breathe as worlds all their own, tied together by the group's self-proclaimed 'post-country' sound, which combines moments of distortion and a DIY aesthetic with a devotion to simple songwriting and ties to the Americana sounds of years past. The album was one of the first issued by Volt Records, a sub-label of Stax Records, and Redding's first on the new label.

It's comprised of vignettes spanning a lifetime's worth of moods and musings. Super tough mod-punk snarl and freak-beat floorstompers with galloping tom-toms on "Pain" recall Billy Childish's Native American worship channeling Buddy Holly, while "No One Cares" delivers hair-splitting harp wail in the grand tradition of Slim Harpo's finest Excello Records sides as interpreted by The UK's sharpest degenerate 60s rockers.

PAIN InRonson released his second solo album Play Don't Worry. Comprised mostly of covers by such artists as The Velvet Underground and Little Richard, Ronson meticulously reimagines these songs in his own musical style.

A genius instrumentalist, Play Don't Worry is a supreme example of Ronson's abilities at the height of his career. Limited editions of gram black and gram blue and white swirl vinyl manufactured for pristine sound at Furnace Manufacturing. The trip, organised by Lucy with help by her Latin American fans, is an intimate account of how it all came together.

A true believer in the power of music, this album's collection of songs acts as simple proof that Lucy Rose is undoubtedly one of the UK's best songwriters. Released in May and recorded in Nassau, Bahamas the album reached 1 in the UK and peaked at 53 in the US where the sleeper hit became the band's only platinum selling album in the states.

It is widely considered one of their finest albums and filled with lush, elegant soundscapes that are far removed from the edgy pop of their early recordings. Leaving producer Larry Smith for up-and-coming sonic innovator Rick Rubin still co-produced by Run's brother Russell Simmonsthey began to fully transition not only their own sound, but the sound of the entire genre. Less live playing - with some exceptions - and a slicker, tighter sonic attack.

Musical aesthetics aside, though, at their core they stayed true to the essence of hip-hop: two turntables and a microphone, or two. It's impossible to talk about the album without its worldwide smash, "Walk This Way," which hit 4 on the Billboard pop charts and saw the group digging in the rock crates to summon Aerosmith in the flesh, combining Steven Tyler's and Joe Perry's musicianship with the group's own take on the '70s classic.

First-ever vinyl reissue! Quazarz vs. Both albums come out July 14th, Quazarz came to the Earth from somewhere else, a musical ambassador from his place to ours. Somehow, through fire or through fury, the Palaceer of Shabazz Palaces caught wind of the tale, and it is through his prism that we hear the story. The beach was there, and Atlaantiis, and chemical alterations and cell memories and Andre Norton, Richard K. Morgan, and always Octavia Butler. There were killings and there were votes, and brutality in both.

There was sound and there were other worlds, and there was a vastness so participation sometimes came only at the edges. And the Palaceer coasted down with the alien notion, like Quazarz, and so became. On Quazarz when they look at this place they see the inhabitants, the humans, but they don't assess as we do. And so Quazarz was sent to meet a cat with vibration, a creative and courageous, caring, compassionate dude that stood out.

The dude was a drug dealer, but that was neither here nor there, until his dealings squashed the rendezvous, leaving our alien alone to figure out what this place is really all about. Coming from a simpler, more essential, innocent place, the Side A - シンボリック - Syncretism Bonus Mix-tape (Cassette) could not make heads nor tails of most advancements.

From an aerial view, he saw that a good percentage of earthly vibrations were on very small squares and it became his belief that this world was very disposable and the spans short. His opinion was not of anything good nor bad but simply the truth. The machines-he noted-though at the behest of their master's voice, are scorned, and jealous as all hell.

And so the tale is told while surfing on the board of Shabazz Palaces, with its sturdy base angled for takeoff on a new trajectory. There is new blood and space and room to be different and have different assets and different art and different ways to talk and also open up some space inside to do something new.

There are pages and there are drawings, and color and faces and inked dialogues written in ancient futuristic hieroglyph. There are scales and there is melody and there are Sunny days and there is Darkness, but that-it should be noted-to the Palaceer is not a lack of illumination or brightness.

Maybe it is dark, but in it is always optimism and joy, a bright darkness and a full, hopeful one as well. Mastered directly from the original analog master tapes by Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio. Old style "Tip On" gatefold jacket printed by Stoughton on heavy stock. These 12 songs are each uniquely crafted to showcase the band's signature mixture of emotional screams and soaring melodies. Every band writes one record that truly captures their essence and showcases their character.

It is the album immediately recommended when discovering a band's discography. This will become Silverstein's trademark album. This is Silverstein at the top of their game, and they are proving that after 17 years of continued success, they can still bring something new and exciting to the table.

Syncretism was released early on CD only by Massacre Records. Cosmic Key Creations brings you the official licensed vinyl version in a beautiful gatefold packaging limited to copies! Officially licensed from Massacre Records. It was his third and final studio album released on No Limit Records and his first album on his newly founded label Doggystyle Records. The album was produced mostly by Master P and Dr. Dre along with Timbaland and Soopafly. Continuing with its vinyl reissue campaign UMe will be reissuing this classic on vinyl for the first time in 15 years.

Born to Run had been released three months earlier, and Springsteen had famously appeared on the covers of Time and Newsweek three weeks before the Hammersmith gig-was the rest of the world finally ready for him? More than 40 years later, Hammersmith Odeon London '75 answers with a resounding "yes"-and now, for the first time on vinyl, fans can experience the magic of that unforgettable night. Echoing the varied Spanish landscapes captured in the film, the three emerged with a set of slow-motion psychedelic rock instrumentals releasing them as Bad Rabbit.

Following these scoring sessions Jim, Shane, and Carter continued to record new originals while also exploring the back-alleys of American country, noise, and psychedelia. First time all of these alternate tracks are available on vinyl. Each 2-LP set is individually numbered and strictly limited based on pre orders. Blues''-titled ''Freak''-that rocks the entire 4th side of this set. Vault Vol. The band only exists today because of these recordings.

Some of these songs were written for STRFKR albums, some were written before or in-between, but they all played a role and influenced what was released under that name. Both men have been recognized Side A - シンボリック - Syncretism Bonus Mix-tape (Cassette) their extensive work on the Grammy Nominated Albert Ayler boxset, released on John Fahey's Revenant records in Anderson, who maintains the Sun Ra Music Archive, the world's foremost collection of original Ra session masters.

Mascis Dinosaur Jr. Matthew engineered, performed on guitars, keyboards, bass, and god knows what else, sang lead and background vocals and mixed the recordings.

The record was mastered for vinyl at the famed Abbey Road Studios in London by Sean Magee, a longtime veteran at the studio. Sean won a Grammy for his Beatles reissues and has recently won accolades for his remastering of the John Lennon solo catalog reissues. The record will be released on Sweet's label, Honeycomb Hideout. Recorded by Animal Collective's Deakin Josh Dibbfeaturing chamber orchestration arranged by Eyvind Kang, musicians Angel Deradoorian and Jessika Kenney, Eucalyptus is an immersive album length electroacoustic movement through leaves, rocks and dust.

Instead of going the traditional route of covering well-known hits, TBR take the opposite approach on Stealing the Covers by putting their unique twist on songs from obscure and unsigned bands that have caught their fancy over the years. The result is just as satisfying as any of their original work, packed with pop-punk power and ear catching melody from start to finish. First-ever vinyl release by the band. This was the last recording with Ann-Mari Edvardsen on vocals right before a five years hiatus until their next Memoirs, not before delivering their last milestone on the genre.

This edition is presented in double gatefold LP with printed inner sleeves. The band moved from previous metal sounds to more avantgarde compositions, making usage of mellotrone, didjeridoo or waterbucket without losing the spirit and atmosphere from previous recordings.

Once again, as pioneers of the genre, a masterpiece was on the table. This edition is presented in double gatefold LP and printed inner sleeves. Originally formed as a band in Trodheim, Tears laid In Earth covers all doom metal areas that later acts just dared to lightly touch but never command, with vocalist Kari Rueslatten as the main influence on female voices in the years thereafter before starting her successful solo career.

This version is presented in double gatefold black vinyl with printed inner sleeves. SONG Produced by Grammy-winner Jim Gaines - the 14 cuts on Party Of One are a potent platter of traditional blues, classics, and modern blues benchmarks.

For punks who've considered throwing a spin kick in jean shorts. Rhythmically, "Heatwave" is like a trailer park Sepultura. Check it out if you fuck with what TUI has been doing for the last decade. The same, but different. Singing in their native Japanese and utilizing unpredictable song transitions, melodic post-rock-inspired sounds and jazz-influenced instrumental breaks, this 13 track record will likely appeal to fans of Battles, Speedy Ortiz and Don Caballero.

This release is limited to copies as a picture disc and each copy is numbered. In allowing its home in bedroom ambiance to work in harmony with high fidelity studio prowess, Full Flower is a rock album viewed through the morning haze of half-open eyes.

This Rough Guide shows how in the hands of many of the great early bluesmen it became the ultimate mode of musical expression. Includes lesser known gems by bluesmen shrouded in mystery. Download card gives you extra Bottleneck Blues tracks. Having battled the witches and wizards of Darkscorch, the outlaws of Cosmic Americana, and traveled alongside Ladies From the Canyon and their Lonesome Heroes, it's time to take it easy.

With pop music's volume knob adjusted for deflation in the early '70s, softness begat smoothness. Crewmen arrived from the worlds of jazz, folk, rock, and soul, all peddling a product that was sincere, leisurely, and lofty. A sound that was buoyant, crisp, defined.

Here, at the glassy apex of rock's softer side, 20 strong swimmers are gathered together. An album for both relaxation and reflection, where listeners can enjoy the present, a cool breeze, and a taste of the good life. All of these artists used electronic advancements in music technology as a means of exploring not only space and the idea of the future, but also of looking inwards to the soul and of creating music in harmony with the natural world.

Fellow locals- drummer Louis Hayes, bassist Doug Watkins, and guitarist Kenny Burrell-joined the two, along with trumpeter Idrees Sulieman, for an energetic session. Tommy Flanagan shines on this recording, which contains nearly all of his own compositions. Coltrane, Burrell, and Idrees Sulieman were choice, empathic soloists, and it is a delight to hear them interact with Tommy and his rhythm section. That previously ornate and limited title is now released in a nonlimited format standing along and outside of that prior collection.

The two artists, originally connected by mutual friends and geographic proximity, have long pushed the others continued artistic development. Despite sharing many live stages over the years, this collaborative album represents the first time that the two have worked together in the studio. Certified Gold in the U.

Limited edition of hand-numbered copies. The deluxe package includes a gatefold jacket with Out in the Storm on black vinyl and an exclusive LP of demo versions of the entire album on "cloud white" vinyl.

Both LP editions will include a 12" x 24" poster. Pressed on gram vinyl. Here he picks up on the classicism of his solo debut, adding heavy elements of pastoral British Folk and Traffic-styled trippiness. A critically acclaimed piece of work that reached 2 in the UK charts.

US Hardcore band from Richmond Virginia that are still around. Whitehorse turns a microscope on domestic life to reveal a writhing, tangled biota of dreams and desire, despair and degradation. Limited edition of ! Who can have enough live stuff from the world's best hardcore band at the peak of their powers' Includes blazingly awesome live versions of "FVK," "How Low Can a Punk Get," and more.

What sets this Portland, Oregon band apart though is what they're tapping for influence, reaching deep into the lesser known realms of that decade and extracting elements of infectiously melodramatic pop.

Think Silver Scooter, Superdrag, and Knapsack, yet filtered through nearly two decades of collected dust and bargain bin obscurity.

Some might call the music HEMINGWAY creates "emo" but to do so relegates their heartfelt creations to something less than genuine and authenticity is something this band has unmistakably.

SURE Kevin Nichols constructs an hour long epic record that is a journey into his troubled mind. For fans of grunge music with a pop sensibility. Metallic Silver cassette. Recorded with Californian players, the band is now relocated to NY and features live band members from Deafheaven, Field Agent and Twiga.

These wonderfully hooky songs channel dichotomies - fame and insignificance, purity and impurity, change and stability, New York and California. With digital download card.

Clear cassette includes download code. After nearly three decades, the Japanese trio wasn't sure they had anything left to express. Boris' impact on practically every heavy musical vein - metal, shoegaze, punk, noise and drone - has well-secured the band's legacy.

But, after last year's tour performing the game-changing Pink in its entirety, Boris was re-energized. The result is Dear, 10 tracks culled from three albums worth of material.

Delivering no filth, just pure fury, the boys take terms such as 'tough as nails' and 'that brickwall sound' to a whole new level of aggression and brutality. With a lethal mixture fans of both American Oi! Except rather than just having a bassist, the band decided on a different approach and adopted a two guitarist format, albeit with Adam playing 4-string baritone guitar.

If Orange Goblin were to spend a week dining on Ohio sludge and wash it all down with a tall glass of gravel, you'd get something approaching the grittiness and groove of Contra. Just add a side of those delicious, bluesy southern riffs and, by god, you've got the feast of champions. It's a deranged blending of the two that hits right between the eyes, creating a very complete listen devoid of fluff and filler.

CD ep limited edition to copies worldwide. A trip through the dusty desolate desert landscape, the swampy river delta, home to the band, 70's psychedelica, but also heavier themes inspired by t the harsh reality of life and struggle with personal demons. Drive By Wire manages to distill these inspirations into a warm organic sound with the urgency and dynamics of 90's grunge Soundgarden, Alice in Chainsthe sensuality of PJ Harvey and the deliciously heavy psychedelic fuzz grooves of 70's bands such as Black Sabbath.

HIGH Since their beginning, they try to mix all very different influences, spanning from classic heavy metal to stoner, doom and sludge, in a personal and new interpretation. In lateDustrider release their first EP, Mother Engine, entirely self-produced, which caught the attention and curiosity of part of the insiders. Months after the release of Mother Engine, Dustrider have come out with a new self-produced single, AgarthA, which opens the way to the first album of the band. COSMO Taking inspiration from those that came before, such as Milford Graves with whom Fox has studiedand the great minimalist composer Rhys Chatham, Guardian Alien rejects previously established forms while selectively contorting elements of many into a wholly unique and personal new order.

Striking a unique balance between sounds produced acoustically and electronically, its latest work, Spiritual Emergency, shows the group harnessing instability and cosmic fluctuations, pushing its sound in multiple directions simultaneously to create a pivotal moment in the post-modern New York underground.

COILS ATRA This project arises from the will to suggest a strong sound, a mix of the music influences of its members -from Black Sabbath to Kyuss, from Motorhead to Pink Floyd. Extensive 24 pages booklet with original illustrations.

Formed out of a desire to channel his angst, and frustration with the insane reality that surrounds us. With a hyper focus on heavy, hooky, and to the point songs. Riffs with devastatingly heavy tones, vocals melodies that soar, alongside blistering screams of disillusionment. I AM ALIVE Wilson is one of music's true pioneers, an artist completely ahead of his time, whose bedroom noise-pop albums in the late '70s introduced the outside art aesthetic influencing scores of artists from Beck to hip hop icon Earl Sweatshirt!

Colored vinyl. They played very many shows together and became great mutual admirers - this 7" comes along about 9 months later. Includes a Digital Download Card.

No, make that album of the year contender" Sputnick Music. Other than the improved production quality, this soon- to-be crowd favorite could have been a lost track off "Shock Troops" or one of their other classic albums.

This is the red vinyl version. The recording boasts live in the studio renditions of "Dark Horse," "Axe to Fall," "Damages," as well as a rare, electrified version of "Hanging Moon. Brand new EP by D. Now on black vinyl only.

Titled Bygones, it features four songs 3 previously unreleased and some killer art from Stefan Beham. Includes the early original mix of the song. THE buzz band this year. Artwork by Raymond Pettibon. CRAWL BLAST CIRCA '95 Constantly growing, constantly changing, super motion. Housed in "soft touch aqueous coating" sleeves yes, reallythese are the best feeling 7"s that are missing from your collection and they feel like a cross between rubber and lambskin.

It's nice. HARM With a live show that falls somewhere between carnival sideshow and psychedelic beach party, the rambunctious California sextet has made a name for itself touring with Dr. EP Alternative Rock. KRAZY Limited to copies on colored vinyl.

LIFE 11 Vinyl includes 3 bonus non-CD tracks! VEDA FAME RA GHOST RED CLEAN FEED GIRL NO WAY LP Punk. CRASH Rikk writes, sings and plays guitar on every song. LIFE FAST First LP on Frontier since BLVD DUNES BOARD Newly remastered from the original analog tapes. Celebrating the life and recording history of one of music's all-time greatest guitarists!

Double LP in gatefold sleeve. LAYLA MS TARO The band's 10th album, and the first since 's Strawberry Jam to feature all four original band members: Avey Tare, Panda Bear, Geologist, and Deakin. The album is a panoramic set of songs that shimmer with the confidence of the band's unique inner logic. Their most widescreen and fully realized music to date.

TASTE TNT UNCUT Capping off a triumphantANWL revisit their classic debut album with a fresh recording using the original lyrics that caused the album to be banned upon it's original release in - now on limited edition green vinyl!

WOMAN CREST The Montreal band that created the latest rage! HAITI The hype of this collaboration has been buzzing for 10 months and the first single, Reflektor, has been dominating rock radio since it's release. Now a household name, this release is sure to be the biggest alternative rock record of the year and the soundtrack to every house party till next summer. PORNO Collector's edition - newly remastered, deluxe inner sleeve one pressing limited edition.

Download included. Plus two bonus tracks. The new label is built equally around Auerbach's Easy Eye Studio in Nashville, where The Black Keys recorded their last two albums, as well as the collection of famous session musicians that have come to call the studio home.

After being out of print for years, the album will once again be available on vinyl. Double LP in Gatefold sleeve. RADIO ETOH This newest repressing is on black vinyl, now at a higher label list price. Colored vinyl in jacket with 11" x 11" insert with download card. Now on gram black vinyl. BEENE LP Alternative Rock. Black vinyl reissue. DIVE GEE Double LP comes with MP3 download codes. MYTH WILD PPP Includes digital download card.

POW IN 3'S Includes a reproduction of the original printed inner sleeve. GIRLS Gatefold package includes four art cards and a poster of global single sleeves. The Beatles '1' was originally released in and quickly became the fastest selling album of all time. Featuring 27 of the band's most significant singles, all of which reached 1 in the US or UK charts, this updated vinyl edition now features brand new stereo mixes by Giles Martin and Sam Okell at Abbey Road Studios.

DIG IT On Air's 63 tracks, none of which overlaps with The Beatles' first BBC release, include 37 previously unreleased performances and 23 previously unreleased recordings of in-studio banter and conversation between the band's members and their BBC radio hosts. BOYS WAIT EDITION Expanded gram 2LP vinyl package features the new stereo album mix on the first LP and adds a second LP with previously unreleased complete takes of the album's 13 songs, newly mixed in stereo and sequenced in the same order as the album.

TAKE 4 I WILL WALLS Pressed on high quality virgin vinyl and comes complete with MP3 download codes. L DOPA ERGOT FEEL LP includes faithfully restored sleeve and label art including UV coating for the cover which duplicates the original Ardent album release. Label-induced price increase. Now at a higher list price. OH NO OUO ON HO! O'DEAR WEARY Limited to 5, copies.

Packaged in a gatefold sleeve. Double LP includes poster, sticker and download card. Now available on gram vinyl in original artwork. The 12" insert includes artwork and credits.

Recorded at a variety of locations over the course ofthe twelve songs boast a stable of studio collaborators whose pedigree speaks to how much the band has grown and sonically matured over the course of their 15 year long career. This is the band's 7th full-length album. FUNNY I MIND DLM On their 4th album, the band rage ideologically, but let sonic subtleties abound, with clear links to the blues, the dance floor, and even the classical avant-garde.

Please note price increase. PRIDE SHEEP WAI Bonny sings for who he was and will be, and for all of us, in time. KOTA GYPSY In keeping with that tradition, they again flip the script for the bands first official release in three years by serving up their most all-encompassing effort to date. Noise is an amplification of BORIS endless pursuit of musical extremes while moving aggressive, intense rock into new territories. In writing Noise, BORIS was intent upon condensing all that the band had explored over the years, in order to create something more bold, streamlined and powerful.

And, upon completion, the band considers Noise its most defining effort, stating, "If we had to suggest just one album for those unfamiliar with BORIS music, we will pick this for sure.

Yet somehow throughout the albums 8 song, 58 minute duration, the band masterfully intermingles sludge-rock, blistering crust punk, shimmering shoegaze, epic thunderous doom, psychedelic melodies and just about everything else theyve ever done.

Black vinyl. ANGEL The deluxe 3xLP box set features an entire album of previously unreleased tracks recorded during the Pink album sessions in The bonus Forbidden Songs collects 9 tracks of the same hyperactive, accessible and aggressive caliber of the original album, available here for the first time, mixed with additional editing and arrangement in and mastered in January PINK SOFUN Considered by many fans to be their best record, all of the songs are still played live some more than others and are fan favorites.

The album was their first produced by Thom Wilson and was originally manufactured and distributed by BYO Records, bringing the band a more national and international presence than they had previously.

A Bouncing Souls classic that stands the test of time. DITCH The title is a play on the fact that it's a compilation of two previously released 7"s, "Neurotic. The song "JoeLies whenhecries " is purported to be the first appearance of what came to be the band's signature sound. CANDY KOOKS Now available on gram Audiophile vinyl. STAR ROI HAG Their juxtaposition of sugary s pop melodies against experimentalist sampling and production has never been rivalled or even successfully imitated.

Echoey chimes and eerie insomniac melodies play out against a backdrop of orchestral instrumentation and cinematic symphony. The atmospheres created on this record are truly unique - testament to the outfit that constructed them. I wanted to put the hottest rappers in the game on there. Atrocity Exhibition makes for a thrilling third installment in the Danny Brown biopic, one not to be missed.

LOST TODAY GET HI Working their natural singer songwriter skills together came easily for the duo. Said Christine McVie, "Weve always written well together, Lindsey and I, and this has just spiraled into something really amazing that we've done between us. ELSE It was produced by Martsch and longtime collaborator Sam Coomes of Quasi.

SO LIAR GONE Although the sound on this album continues the more streamlined approach they started with "Independent Worm Saloon", this record is by no means mainstream, even with the hit. With pile driving rockers, pop-punk raves, acid freakouts and their demented sense of humor and bizarre perspective intact - the Surfers take no prisoners!

BIRDS EDGAR HEY This special double vinyl has been out of print for over 20 years. AUMGN Includes ten rare tracks that have been out of print for over twenty years. Vinyl release includes triple LP and deluxe booklet housed in a special triple gatefold sleeve. SPOON Whatever the differences, the jagged, complex rhythms and guitar interplay continue to amaze. Rhino will be reissuing this album as a breakout of the box set Sun, Zoom, Spark: on LP.

PEON Our Love, the new album from Caribou, is the sound of Dan Snaith doing just that. Our Love is formed around a mixture of digital pop production, hip hop-inspired beats, muted house basslines, and a love of shuffling garage that can be traced all the way back to the time of Start Breaking My Heart, all of which are, of course, filtered through Dan? MARS Nearly every tune seems chosen to afford the ailing giant of popular music a chance to reflect on his life, and look ahead to what's around the corner.

From the opening track--Cash's own "The Man Comes Around," filled with frightening images of Armageddon--the album, produced by Rick Rubin, advances a quiet power and pathos, built around spare arrangements and unflinching honesty in performance and subject. In 15 songs, Cash moves through dark, haunted meditations on death and destruction, poignant farewells, testaments to everlasting love, and hopeful salutes to redemption.

He sounds as if he means every word, his baritonebass, frequently frayed and ravaged, taking on a weary beauty. By the time he gets to the Beatles' "In My Life," you'll very nearly cry. Go ahead. He sounds as if he's about to, too. He duets with Don Henley on "Desperado". HURT Minimalism had long been Cash's meal ticket, but this time around, producer Rick Rubin stripped it Side A - シンボリック - Syncretism Bonus Mix-tape (Cassette) away, recording the bulk of the record in Cash's cabin or his own living room two cuts were captured live at the Viper Room in front of an emphatic audience.

Forty years after "Hey Porter," Cash delivers a pure, naked, and incredibly moving record that, dare we say, rivals the impact of his greatest achievements. By the early '90s, he was without a label for the first time in four decades. Longtime fan, label owner and producer Rick Rubin stepped in, asked Johnny to return to his roots and together, they recreated the legend of the Man In Black.

A stunning return to form. What might look like absurdly unsupportable eclecticism in other artists, of course, is pretty much standard stuff for Cash. Unchained is hardly standard, though; it's more like the best album he's made since his departure from Columbia Records.

Not only is this a stack of songs perfectly and idiosyncratically suited to the man, they're given door-rattling backing treatment by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, who prove as fitting for Cash's music as his own Tennessee Two was back in the day.


Six String Guitar - Peter Green (2) - In The Skies (CD), Peter Gabriel / Elbow - Mirrorball/Mercy Street (File, MP3), Etched Out - Blaze Ya Dead Homie - Colton Grundy: Tha Undying (CD, Album), Moja Sestra - Šajeta - Božja Beseda I Vrajže Delo (Cassette, Album), Махито - Заза Наполи - Для Тебя... (CDr, Album), O Suzanna - Koor En Orkest* O.l.v. Tony Vess - Feest In Vlaanderen (Vinyl, LP), Pathos 3 - Rogalli Nr. II* - Neue Deutsche Peinlichkeit (Cassette, Album), Scrum - Slayer - Diabolus In Musica (Vinyl, LP, Album), Peg O My Heart - Stanley Black And His Piano And Orchestra* - Girls, Girls, Girls (Vinyl, LP), Release Me / Engelbert Humperdinck - Various - Sessions Presents Everlasting Love (Vinyl, LP), The Games, Notturno Alpino - Radio Boys - Notturno Alpino / Malaguena (Suan Husteco) (Shellac), Space Things Are On The Movek - Various - Drug Therapy (CD)

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