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Rock The Pinguin - Various - Школьницы Танцуют (CD) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Published 20.07.2019

Download Rock The Pinguin - Various - Школьницы Танцуют (CD)
Label: Doctors Sound System - DSS CD 004 • Format: CD Compilation Digipak • Country: Russia • Genre: Electronic • Style: House

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Families, mostly practitioners. Right now, there are plenty of league golf equipment, as their living with the highest category does indeed not even answer customer virtually anyone : insurance policy poppers, activists, and also mainly Develope football supporters. Beginning from the best assumption who sports devotees would be to benefit from it should be taken into account in which every thing will probably deform hockey for a high level about places additionally, the launch of league, during which you will see irons around enormous spots.

Tourism - the phenomenon of spatial mobility of people, which is related to a voluntary change of residence, the environment and the rhythm of life. It covers the whole of the relations and phenomena related to tourism.

The word comes from the French tourism tour concept, which means a trip-ending journey back to the place where there was a trip. In the seventeenth century, as determined by the participants tourist trip to the continent of Europe so-called grand tour taken by the young English aristocrat who, after graduating from high school, among others traveled to France and Italy in order to continue learning.

World Tourism Organization UNWTO defines tourism as a whole activity of people who travel and stay for leisure, business or other for no longer than a year without a break outside of their everyday surroundings, with the exception of trips in which the main goal is rewarded gainful activity in the village visited. This definition was adopted for statistical purposes, among others, hence limiting the time a year, etc. Tourism is a complex and multifaceted phenomenon, which refers to many aspects of human life.

Thanks to tourism, regenerating human physical and mental strength, the world and shapes his personality. Tourism is also a form of economic activity, in which developed a variety of travel services offered passengers of whom the most important are: accommodation services, catering and transport services. Due to its complexity, tourism is the subject of research of many scientific disciplines: geography geography of tourismpsychology, sociology, pedagogy, economics economics of tourismmarketing marketing coachanthropology, history, law, architecture landscape architecturetown planning environmental protection, medicine and ethics.

The nineteenth century was a turning point for tourism. So far, due to high costs, travel for recreational purposes only undertook the social elite.

Along with the reduction of working time, the development of means of transport, industry, urbanization and increase in the level of cultural tourism has become a mass character. Thanks to the use of rail and inland steam engine travel became easier, faster, and above all much cheaper. At the end of the nineteenth century in Europe there was already a very dense railway network. In between Paris and Constantinople began to run the famous Orient Express. At the turn of the century began to develop road transport.

InGottlieb Daimler built an internal combustion engine, while in Henry Ford began producing cars on a larger scale. The first motorway was founded in Italy in Passenger air transport has developed intensively since the end of World War II.

In Thomas Cook was founded in England, the first travel agency. Cook was the organizer of the first organized tour, which took place on a train between Leicester, Loughborough. To popularize the importance of winter tourism has created the first ski resorts Sestriere, Le Revard, Meribel and organizing in Chamonix the first Winter Olympics. In in Switzerland, was appointed the first association of hoteliers. After World War II especially from the 50s there was a sharp increase in tourist destination especially in the more prosperous countries of Western Europe and North America.

The most popular tourist region was then the Mediterranean particularly the coast of France, Spain and Italy. In the '60s and 70 intense growth of the tourism, ski built then most of the ski. In subsequent years, evolved in tourism regions located outside of Europe islands in the Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico and Oceania. In the 80s began to see the negative impact of mass tourism on the natural environment and local communities, and thus came the idea of??

Hello to everybody, Global atomic fashion war will come in 29 dec In these modern times, the internet provides the chance of improvement in lot of industrial sectors. Any company running swapping the whole bath the truth is pushed to function inside electronic inescapable fact. It will be complicated to assume a predicament when a small business performs its home business without e-mail address when accordingly constructed websites.

In spite of the type of this home business, as the making business enterprise, advertisement or perhaps consulting offerings to top buyer likes, so, who would like to take benefit from its solutions. And additionally for those most effective in addition to most affordable solution to get yourself a Web-site. Admirers associated with each matchups are be prepared for a new deafening perk your favs. Whether devotees can stay from the stadium or perhaps while in front of a fabulous television for computer wr, since quick numerous hours in the morning doing to organize for any afternoon show.

Various speak with the actual overseer in order to complete the duty in a timely manner, despite the fact that a lesser amount of and end up tardy in a gathering, different ones usually are getting ready to delightful appointments with the help of colleagues, bookmakers admit gamble along with the individuals start to heat not to mention look at the longed-for wining.

A lot of people rooting for ones sports and yet solely affords the desired exhilaration from gambling on for meet success. There are businesses in whose operate is merely some method personal truth.

For example, you'll be able to give in this particular destination wagering which for a growing number really are came to the conclusion for the guidance belonging to the World-wide-web.

Anticipate the end result associated with meets in line with the guidelines decision in your house is developing into increasingly popular and have functioned a increasing numbers of clients. For what reason attend a selected extended distance away from place to go with can guess if you can conduct in your own home, employing a personal mobile computer attached to the world wide web. In addition to salvaging period along with higher than procedure, we are able to develop far more, because organizations providing their particular products and services on the web commonly gives you supplemental signup bonuses to consumers.

I'm looking at even more methods, which the battler welcomes in the course of acquire from the flower. If you want to observe significantly pleasure to give this type of conveniences, open ones own cell phone together with sort some profile with the guess in your own home and pay attention to when quick and simple option to safe and sound a further fun looking for a strenious trip to do the job. Heading back to that match, since when this type of description electrifies most of the locals for the destination, as well as people involved inquisitive about the particular baseball.

To suit allowed to remain bit of time, which means will be to make for those outstanding connection with attachments and start to force our fingertips crossed to your opt. At times, nevertheless, it can be difficult to acquire up to date records : typically as they are put on web pages such as getting Wrzuta or possibly this Vimeo.

On the plus side, there are actually techniques that provide united states to make sure you download and install documents out of a lot of these webpages is certainly : this is often extremely hassle-free if you are Polish wrzuty. On the web we can easily discover a wide array articles, together with programs make it possible for us to be able to down load songs precisely right from wrzuty.

For being positive of the, type typically the key word Wrzuta saving. So let her know that you liked the way she treated someone or that you like the intensity that she has towards whatever she is doing. Through this explosive growth and the advances in technology has arisen new and exciting job opportunities for video game testers.

On the slightly harder days you need to prepare yourself before you face the big wide world. Red twig dogwood. I don't even have to think about it. The Highest 12 Listing - Most Paralyzing Basic Game titles This is the gratitude to the peak 10 most hard to kick video games at any time!

Some online games are online games, however the majority of them are on-line dependent online games as a result of espresso and display based motor. Not many vintage video game titles be noticeable with the ages, and show their real supplement. In when adobe flash based activities become popular, there initially were approximately 10 games to experiment with, and today during there has been about 20 far more hard to kick typical video game titles included in the container!

My most important selection for this list is a sport that I have already been playing for the reason that early, I certainly not get sick and tired of it and yes it never bores me. It could be enjoyed on a video gaming unit and also diverse different versions on the internet also through thumb functions! Tetris - This is just one of individuals game titles that are really easy to play, however you need to be considerably experienced. I've been participating in mafia wars and get been dependent for as long as I'm able to remember.

Different modifications on the internet incorporate Tetris, Tetris 2,3,4,5 and 6. Still my all-time preferred will be the classical model. Asteroids - Actually, I could never end up in mafia wars, but for reasons uknown some individuals totally love it, in fact Possess seen more activity tournaments with this particular recreation than some other traditional activity readily available! Versions include things like Asteroids Duel and Asteroids Revenge. The experience is definitely a old-fashioned sport which I Rock The Pinguin - Various - Школьницы Танцуют (CD) previously play on the arcades whenever i was a wee one!

Relinquished in by Atari Inc. It turned out just about the most well-known and important online games of your Golden Chronilogical age of Arcade Video game titles. Human Kombat was the primary access from the well-known and remarkably controversial Human Kombat combating activity set by Midway Games, launched in arcades in Street Mma fighter is actually a brain-to-travel battling created by Capcom actually introduced for a money-handled video arcade video game.

Excellent Mario - Bingo is everyplace, video arcade, system, adobe flash, you may also purchase it on software and set it up in your pc! Ultra Mario is often a program activity started by Nintendo at the end of and released for your Nintendo Fun Method, a extension on the game, Mario Bros.

In Very Mario Bros. This is as conventional and also as paralyzing mainly because it becomes. I can play this for hours on end we know a great many other individuals who would the exact same! Pinball - Who doesn't don't forget taking part in these pinball activities inside the game!?! Effectively, it's easy to engage in these kind of video games by way of expensive based abilities in addition. Unquestionably, it truly is not the same as playing the actual thing, but when you have to possess a change this is because beneficial each and every!

Legend Of Zelda - This isn't a display primarily based recreation definitely, and Ive never observed the perfect replica on line to learn, nonetheless it is one of the most typical gaming console video game titles possibly! Zelda is a excessive imagination motion-excursion game series that is generated by video game artist Shigeru Miyamoto and developed and launched by Wii.

The gameplay includes selection of actions, journey, puzzle handling, role-actively playing and temporary platforming, stealth and race factors. The collection focuses on Weblink, the leading usable personality and character. Link is often due to the job of rescuing Princess or queen Zelda.

Bomberman - Now you have an video-type labyrinth-based computer game made by Hudson Delicate. It was initially produced in The experience was later on ported for the Famicom and printed in Japan on Dec 20,showing up for that Oughout. Nintendo Enjoyment Technique later. This type would eventually establish Bomberman's additional well-known design, a robot anime-like personality using a lilac aerial.

Contra - I have come across pen primarily based purposes by using this video game, as well as it as exciting while i try to remember playing it in my small Developers procedure. You handles a commando who challenges surf of players as well as individuals, models, mutants and aliens to attain his final goal. Carrier Air flow Wing - can be a part scrolling filming video game published for that CPS video equipment by Capcom.

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That's exactly the point I'd like to emphasize when using hackneyed online dating Advices for successful experience dating sites for international marriage with Magnificent game about the world of flowers with many match three puzzles. We give more importance to tongue than the nutrition.

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We'll discuss about both these forms separately in the coming sections. Believe it or not, some of the most successful published business celebrities were once - and many still are - introverts. Her remarkable abilities seem a little bit like another great queen. Proponents rave about the benefits which include reversing disease, losing weight, having more energy, needing less sleep, improving mood and higher brain function.

Men can throw a javelin between 2. Even if a probate proceeding is initiated by a greedy heir, the Power of attorney should control who gets appointed to manage the property. His stomach, his belly were ribbed with strength and his legs, hard and heavy roped thighs. If you're concerned about expensive camera equipment used to capture glowing family moments purchase Rock The Pinguin - Various - Школьницы Танцуют (CD) that reflects the value of your possessions.

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This generation, however, boasts of what the tablets can provide to people: catching the latest news with a few swipes of the fingertips. Clearly, this denies you the opportunity to make any necessary amendments suppose the trade goes against your initial projection.

What this means is that you have no way to know if your ad is effective aside from sales. For news marketing, you have to include hyperlink in your news article, press release and business information but this software automatically includes the hyperlink directing towards to your webpage or business website and this fetches sales leads, traffic and business leads to your website or homepage. There are different kinds of activities you can perform that are single player and multiplayer.

However, most celebrities will not reveal that information. They have hoards of pictures and images of all the events and sport functions held recently. Receiving it twice is a rare feat. Italian cars are popular on the racing circuit. But it is not just for Christians and the news items or articles are not all about Christianity and the Bible. They also provide long lasting results. The Tombs of the Kings too, are definitely worth a visit, with fascinating underground tombs making for interesting sightseeing when on a Cyprus villa holiday.

She didn't tell people at first, but instead secretly went into treatment. If you are a community radio station in any of the areas affected by these changes you should be rubbing your hands together in delight and anticipation of what you can do to fill what has been a gaping hole in the local radio market for a while now.

If, however, you are taking a statin drug to control your cholesterol level, staying current on any future developments in the discussions of CoQ10 and statins is definitely in your interest. It can also be stressful to patients who are trying to recover from surgery or illness.

Investment Opportunities. Ez da batzuk askoz blogs on garabage gaur egun da da duela gogorrean to topo diamante zehatzak true. Pozik i just 1. The search for a "better way" will result in the elimination, reduction, or modification of current processes. Mario shows us that great body can be achieved at any age. These statements are not medical advice and have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Maclaren XLR Puschair.

V-Twin engines also have a showed themselves popular in this bike category. Men can wear a jacket, tie and slacks. For each of these it is worth undertaking some further research if you are amongst the very few of us who haven't yet experienced the comic brilliance of this very raw and talented series. You remember such a time when the proverbial stars must have been in the correct alignment because there was absolutely just nothing that could have gone wrong in the negative sense or nothing that could possibly have been better in the positive sense.

Accessing Cardiology News content anytime anywhere is easier than ever. Nothing succeeds like success. Or your companion at work loves to listen on his favorite FM radio station all the time? Manufactured by Fuego, this system includes the infant car seat and stroller that work individually or as one unit. Extensive research links Vitamin D with maintenance of immune, cellular, brain and cardiovascular health, and a lack of Vitamin D is linked with increased cases of severe and debilitating osteoporosis.

She asked whether anyone thinks that the operations manager should attend with her and the manager for the presentation to address any of the critical questions to reassure the prospect that they will be able to follow through on their end.

Earning millions of dollars while doing work you love sure has appeal. The great news is, cancer does not have a mind of its own and it has no power over you. Don't be a fundraising wimp! Additionally, the suppliers seek to produce items of clothing that are perfect for costumers' desires. They protect your feet and make them feel comfortable throughout the entire practicing period.

Great strides have been made in the cure for cancer enabling people all over the world to beat cancer that would have been unheard of 20 years ago. Sure, Final Cut Studio got an upgrade a year ago, but aside from Snow Leopard compatibility and RED camera workflow integration, the changes to FCP -- the heart of the package -- were negligible and most users saw it as a disappointment. Those collectors who are seeking a memento are seeing prices increasingly steadily, with demand often outstripping supply.

You can eat tomatoes, lean meat, salmon, yogurt and eggs. Another disadvantage to newspaper classifieds is the fact that your ad is placed in the same location as your competition.

These supplements come in the form of vitamins, fatty acids, amino acids, minerals and even herbs and are often referred to as nutritional or dietary supplement.

According to one poll 60 percent of newspaper proprietors are considering ways to charge for online access. If you stay within the ski resort boundaries and do things within your own skill level, you should be fine. Even the celebs that are "quick to put the record straight" use the limelight to correct the misunderstandings which in turn creates a media frenzy. While aliens remain public enemy number 1, they are not perceived as the only threat to low taxation rates for the rich.

That makes for trust. It is possible to get exclusive content during the day but is usually more difficult because of the increased competition and traffic. Get the walking habit daily and as soon as you have increased mileage, then you would see some results in two weeks time.

In practical advice books, reports and article like anything else in life, there are no guarantees of income made. There are sports betting companies that present the widest offer of tax-free odds on sports events. Simple and elegant. Today, sports physical therapy has evolved into a distinctive specialty as it now focus on the effects of any form of exercise or physical activity aside from basic prevention or enhancement of physical performance to help injured athletes recover.

When a player suddenly faints or is injured, there are very few people who can be of help. Joya games, brings us today the best such as basketball, football, to golf and ping pong and plenty more. Increase your daily activity by either joining a gym or working out at home. It is especially rich in antioxidants that repair damaged cells and is good for cleansing and detoxification.

The real questions though are: Why is this happening? In addition to the local daily newspaper, newsagencies also carry a broad range of foreign language newspapers plus a selection of international titles. But it's also telling us that we can take action to change it. Best of seven games, winner declared, season over.

As for the employee who was hurt by the toilet - life's bizarre accidents are always going to be a part of the workplace environment, but the ones you CAN prevent - like using equipment properly and giving proper forklift trainer certification to employees - are ones you can. I said, "Sir Paul, I am not taking anymore photos of you out of respect, but I am working on an assignment for a newspaper in London and they want to know everything you do today".

I can see the delight on a kid's face as she kicks the ball farther than she did the last practice. If you do not hit that goal then you have lost. One of the other great things about Triazole is that, unlike other estrogen controlling products it does not oppose the effect that testosterone has on the male brain and crush your libido.

These are examples of just a few strategies of the fast paced world which is driven by the power of television and internet access as instruments of the media. This bra gives you the well-deserved compression as well as a smooth and cool feeling because its fabric can wick away moisture. Encompassing various objects, this art form has focused on important characters and personalities too.

With their help, you can build a home according to your budget. It has always been thought that several abdominal exercises will provide you that sexy abs to die for.

Most of us spend a significant amount of time feeling guilty about eating the foods we love. People are merely passionate to mark Adriana Lima long hairstyle trends in so that they can in addition copy the similar hairstyles and styles.

If Franklin Delano Roosevelt was right and "the only thing we have to fear is fear itself," then let's start dealing with the problem. If you can make a little money on the side from your hobby, should you not be allowed to indulge in it as part of your diversion? Their own, private swimming pools and Jacuzzis. It's too risky.

Your relationship with your coaches and your catchers are crucial. While every celebrity is different, many of them have one thing in common: they have no time. Not only do chefs know their food and how to make it taste nice they are also knowledgeable about what great source of nutrition each food type can have. Flash the fabulous new piece of bridal jewelry, and prepare to be showered with kisses and congratulations!

Females mate every two to four years. The last group of people who may be the enthusiast of certain adventures, such as climbing, hunting, the watch should combine all the features.

Peter -- "Back to you, Kathy! This place is linked with glamor and beauty. Most celebrities take professional help in knowing how much weight to lose or what to do to retain their perfect shape. This took three hours and around 70 volunteers. While this practice definitely made for interesting dinner conversations, if a media house were to attempt such a thing today it would not hold the attention of viewers for very long.

If you are also planning a wedding, or have just been married, you may have wedding news you want to share with a number of people as well. Whether it's golf, tennis, water sports or hiking, making sure you have the best kind of sunglasses with enhance your enjoyment. The question is whether the market will rise or decline based on the news.

Keep in mind that as a customer, if drastic changes were to occur, you could opt out of the card offer. The hands are uniquely designed to ensure easy visibility even in the water. HD televisions make the images so vivid, that it almost feels like watching the sports event live. Besides taking workout session, do remember to drink lots of water. Population in developed countries have a longer age than with developing countries.

These generally will not be a mug that your guests will actually drink from, but they look fabulous in a variety of homes as a specially displayed item. We found at least 8 different sites with slightly different news names - Health News 6, News Health 9, New 7 Health, etc.

Another one of the best online sellers is the palm tree pendant worn by Kate Hudson in the movie ''Fools Gold''. Canon Drive. When we lose, we get to commiserate with others, which makes us feel personally closer to them. If not, at least you'll have the satisfaction that you did your best, enjoyed the competition and played within the rules.

As a parent, you job is to be persistent in raising your kids according to your values, by setting a good example, being a good role model, and communicating with your kids regularly.

It was up to me I would just have them play and just have a flat salary but that is not how the world works in every player is not of equal talent.

It has created a lot of opportunities for the newspapers to provide breaking news more timely. Strip That Fat is like having your own personal trainer and dietician on your computer. A Feed or RSS Feed as it's more commonly known will distribute your blog posts well beyond just displaying them on your website. Even if currencies may move according to the technicals sometimes, the technicals have been established previously by news or expectations of future news, and so the influence of news on currency prices is inevitable and inescapable.

This in itself should be a clarion call to wake up concerning our views about sun exposure and sunscreen. There are many very reputable gambling sites online today but there are some questionable establishments as well. The duration that the brace stays on the patient varies, though it's common for an athlete to wear it for three or four months!

One of the rather rare tattoos that celebrities seem to wear is the tattoo of a fairy and to date, only a couple of celebrities or so have been known to sport these little mythical creatures one a part of their body. Another good example is under eye serums- these are made solely for use under and around the eyes to treat this delicate area. A common protocol is to spend 10 minutes in the ice bath. This great man of Korean sport has been honored several times in recognition of his efforts to national and regional sports movement.

His latest choice of eyewear happens to be Surplus Military Aviator sunglasses. Aside from that, should you be flat-chested or if you have small breasts, you can use the padded bra to give an illusion of acquiring bigger breasts which is aesthetically pleasing to the eyes not only for you but also for men around you. For those who want to focus entirely on the latest information from the world of publishing, CSPAN and others devote coverage entirely to the world of books.

Diet and exercise are tough enough on a person, especially if your not accustomed to it Rock The Pinguin - Various - Школьницы Танцуют (CD) the first place. Salaries differ with the specialization and the experience of the practitioner. Now, I don't approve of this type of behavior, but it's a free country.

Apart from the aspect of comfort, one cannot ignore the fact that technology has also increased the performance of daily activities too. These are changes that can happen on the hour, which is why the forex news is updated even up to six times during the trading day.

Few have names that resonate throughout the world like the Dorchester, for instance. Sun produced Vitamin D is in fact your best skin care treatment and your best immune system booster. Private broadcasting companies have now been more adamant in reaching the Egyptian people after the government has fully supported their undertaking through tax incentives.

YourVersion app is a free app, and one which allows you to easily share pages on social networks such Facebook and Twitter.

First of all it's just a matter of clicking on the international news sites. With the advent of the Internet we are no longer dependent on the television or the radio for trending news. There have been many changes in sports memorabilia and collecting recently. Though the circumstances surrounding these incidents vary, these violent workplace episodes are often the result of situations in which employees, customers, or other individuals are the recipients of bad news.

There are companies that send news releases at the drop of a hat - Joe won an award, Mary's title changed, the company was named one of 50 top widget makers by Widget Makers of America, and so on.

Competitions are based on performing compulsory moves and a freestyle routine that keeps in harmony with the horse. This research was conducted by Professor Gaston Naessens, who found that healthy somatids in our cells, necessary for life, changed or pleomorphised into cancer-causing fungus over an 18 month period. Celebrities are the public reflection of what we all are in secret. Read the latest Commonwealth news and stay updated. The National Olympic Committee's decision was based on Escobar's reputation and discipline.

Coaching allows parents to bond with their kids in unique and fulfilling ways. One way to play with the games is to simply sit down at the computer and create the dolls for the sheer pleasure of seeing how different outfits and accessories look on your favorite idols. What is the purpose of this upgrade? Gamemaster v. Gbt awrdacpi. Girls Generation my oh my. Gothminister - Utopia DVD5. Grand Smeta 5. Grand Theft Auto azerbaydjan. Guitar Tools v0. Etzhold - Ford Scorpio. Hasp hl 3.

Heroes of ight. Hetman uneraser hetman uneraser 3. Holdem Manager 1. Honda Civic Hibrid 4D. Honeywell msls usb. Imagemixer ver. Invite sprashivai. Iobit malware fighter 1. Jonathan Schmid Burgk VisualVox v1. Joomla 3. Keygen halo 2. King Of The World - Can. Kubotao - Wake up a Tree lossless MP3. Lara Croft Tomb Raider. Lego WeDo Software and Activity pack 1. Logitech momo racing windows 8. Mago De Oz - Discography - Matlab v7.

Matrix 2. Mercedes Check engine lights. Merge eFilm Workstation 3. Microsoft Office Starter Rus. Mounte and Blade Ms outlook MSI Afterburner 2. Navicat 8. Need for Speed: Carbon. Nero Burning ROM Nufsoft Nature Illusion Studio Pro v3. Oksnatcher 1. OpenMG Jukebox. OS X Oysters chrom Parallels keygen. Pci ven 10ec dev subsys c0dad rev Perfeo w. Pocketbook Prototype 2.

Quick pro 4. Rdp client 7 windows 7. Real Football 1. Remember Me v1. RIOT 0. Rosetta Stone 3. English American Level 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. RS Partition Recovery 2, Rock The Pinguin - Various - Школьницы Танцуют (CD). Samsung Galaxy Note Scanxlpro v. SecuritySpy 2. Server 1. Service pack 3 for windows 7. Sncrack 2. Soft for WinCE 6. SolSuite Solitaire Sonic Dash 1.

Spore Origins 1. Spryt-5 3. SsangYong Istana. Steam api. Studio Devil Virtual Guitar Amp. Superoneclick v2. Swirly Message for iPad 3G. The Best Man. Tomahawk mhz frequency 1.


Mission - The Murmurs - The Murmurs *America* (CD, Album), Face Up, DJBreeze* & ILL-G - Up All Night (File, MP3), Wet Blanket - The Chills - Brave Words (CD, Album), Ipaninon - Mario Canonge - Carte Blanche (CD, Album), Nur Ihrem Frieden Weih Ich Mein Lebel - Mozart* - Don Giovanni (Vinyl, LP), Janet* - Live In Hawaii (DVD), Project Pitchfork - Live 99 (VHS), T.N.H. - Märvel - Warhawks Of War (CD, Album), Je TAmène Avec Moi - Tex Lecor - Je TAmène Avec Moi (Vinyl, LP, Album), Christer Pettersson (4) - Empatihaveri (Vinyl), Land Of The Miracle (Live) - Edguy - Rocket Ride (CD, Album)

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