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Heatstroke - Courtney Buchanan - Take A Ride (CD, Album) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

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Download Heatstroke - Courtney Buchanan - Take A Ride (CD, Album)
Label: Conscious Records - CONCD 18 • Format: CD Album • Country: UK • Genre: Funk / Soul • Style: RnB/Swing, Soul

Lew Agry, the sheriff is the meanest of the lot, but one of the guys that helps him, called Pecos Hill is not so bad and he feels friendly in relation to Buchanan because they both come from the west of Texas. One of the best moments of the film is tragically funny: there are two groups of people shooting at each other and a saddlebag full of money between them.

If one goes to pick up the saddlebag, whichever side he will run with the bag, the other side will shoot him, it is a no win situation. A fast moving, highly enjoyable western with a very good story and Randolph Scott at his best. Making his way home to Texas, Tom Buchanan stops off at the little town of Agry for rest and refreshments.

Quickly finding that the town is run by the family Agry itself, Buchanan falls foul of one of them straight away. His problems are further compounded when he steps in to stop a young Mexican from taking a beating. Something that finds him on the end of a rope with things looking rather grim.

How you fare with Buchanan Rides Alone may depend on how many if any Budd Boetticher and Randolph Scott collaborations you have seen prior. For this adaptation of Jonas Ward's novel "The Name's Buchanan" is lighter in tone than their other well regarded pieces.

Not to decry this as a standalone picture of course, but although it's part of the "Ranown" cycle, it's a long way from the more "Adult Western" richness of The Tall T, Ride Lonesome and Comanche Station for example.

Conversely the other way is also true, if this is the first one you sample from the duo, and you enjoy it, well you may not take to the deeper themed, harsher other films in their cannon. Buchanan Rides Alone gets in a does a job without any fuss or boring filler play. Randolph Scott as Buchanan clearly is enjoying adding a bit of comic zip to proceedings, with Boetticher evidently happy to keep things smooth for the one hour and twenty minutes running time.

Jones, whilst Lucien Ballard was the obvious and right choice to photograph the Old Tuscon location. Not one to take too seriously, but enough drama to keep one interested, and certainly one that gives notice to what a fine and undervalued performer Randy Scott was. Hilarious low-budget western, Heatstroke - Courtney Buchanan - Take A Ride (CD, really more of a comedy than a western.

This came midway through the excellent series of westerns directed by Budd Boetticher and starring Randolph Scott, and this time around everyone involved seemed to take a breather and just have fun with the story elements. All the westerns are humorous, but not as much as this one. Burt Kennedy, who wrote the best scripts in the series, rewrote this one, uncredited. MartinHafer 4 July Randolph Scott is heading to West Texas when he happens to pass through a horrible town.

The place is mostly run by a single family and the sheriff is as corrupt as they come. Well, despite this, Scott tries to accept it all in good humor and put up with it--after all, he'll only be there one night. It's hard, though, as the son of the town's boss is a drunk who has vowed to kill Scott for no particular reason. Surprisingly, someone else ends up killing this angry drunk before Scott even has to worry about this. However, no matter how much he tries, the sheriff and his crooked friends are determined to rob Scott blind and kill him.

So when the murder of the boss' son does occur, even though it's obvious that Scott wasn't involved, the sheriff is bent on hanging him.

And, when Scott is acquitted, the sheriff robs him and "escorts" him out of town--to be killed. Scott miraculously survives and is determined to get back to this hellish town and make them pay apparently he took the whole "rob him and kill him" thing personally. While this is a very simple idea for a film, once again the combination of Budd Boetticher and Randolph Scott results in a film that is so much more than what you'd expect with the material they were given.

It isn't that it's a bad script, it's very good, but due to the excellent direction and the great tough but decent character Scott once again plays, it transcends the genre. By the way, one reviewer referred to this as a film filled with humor. I sure didn't see anything funny in this film and wonder if perhaps they are thinking about some other movie.

Whitney's character might possibly have been used for more comedic affect though, he looked a bit like Andy Devine but without the humor I was expecting.

In their own way, each of these guys was a despicable character. The one player though that seemed completely inappropriate to the story was Craig Stevens as the Judge's personal aide Abe Carbo.

He looked like he should have had Randolph Scott's role as Album) hero of the piece. At sixty years old, Scott looked somewhat worn for the lead role and actor Stevens seemed to outclass him in both looks and demeanor.

One thing's for sure, Scott's character Buchanan is about the luckiest gunslinger to appear in a Western. I lost count how many times the bad guys got the drop on him before the final showdown. If you hang on through the inconsistencies, this is an OK Western but that's about as far as it goes. The burial of henchman Lafe Don C. Harvey in a tree was a pretty interesting element and Juan de la Vega's horse Manuel Rojas struck me as a dynamic looking animal.

If he had the same agent as Trigger and Champion he might have had a longer film career. Randolph Scott once claimed a certain club that refused membership to actors should let him since he had 50 movies to prove he wasn't an actor. He was being terribly modest. Watching "Buchanan Rides Alone" one realizes he was a very good actor. Critics say his best performances came with direction by Budd Boetticher and "Buchanan Rides Alone" stands as evidence for that belief.

In fact, the entire cast gives great performances. One of the attractions of this film is that there are so many strong characters, so many individual parts very well played by great actors.

Far too many of these great actors did not become famous, but they certainly deserved to. This is a classic. Yes, he's just passing through town, but after his initial encounter with the hostile residents he's always accompanied by someone else.

On the whole it's barely above the routine. Scott could almost have been replaced by Audie Murphy. There is a tense shoot out at the end, but before that we have several gangs of mutually antagonistic thugs running from place to place in Agry Town. Lew is looking for Amos, who is looking for Simon, who is looking for Roy.

It's like a merry-go-round with a discordant calliope. Lee Marvin, sighting down his six-shooter while holding it sideways and saying, "Pow. I must say I almost enjoy it more when he's the glum, determined spoilsport -- but, okay. And he comes up with something like, "Foist we take care of the hawses. Then I -- I don't know! Nothing is to be taken too seriously. If for no other reason, we are tipped off to this by Scott's unusual hat.

It's not his usual broad-brimmed washed-out coronet, but a blue felt thing with a silly narrow brim that resembles some sort of mutated fedora. And it's a good thing he's given funny lines because the heavies aren't funny at all, or remarkable in the slightest way. His pudgy nondescript face is made for radio.

The cheerful, equally corrupt sheriff is a stock part and played without wit. There are one or two of those noble Mexicans who always keep their word. No women except Boss Tweed's housekeeper -- named, not inappropriately, "Nacho. Jones has an amusing part. He figures in one of those signature Boetticher scenes -- the heavy burying somebody in a scruffy part of the desert. I don't know how Boetticher managed to squeeze so many of them in.

Jones has just had a minor disagreement with a dislikable partner and shot him twice. Unable to bury him in the waterlogged sand, he plops the body on the fork of a tree, removes his own hat, and says a few words over the mortal remains. Words like, "Lew, you always was a good guy. But you did have your faults.

Like cheatin' at stud. And emptyin' my pockets when I was drunk. He spent much of his career on a kind of Hollywood vision quest searching for enlightenment. At one point he found himself alone and broke in Mexico, scrounging money for a bowl of beans. It's one thing to do that in your teens or 20s. It's a kind of adventure in self-testing then. But to find yourself in that position, as Boetticher did, when you're in your 40s and have no resources to fall back on is an experience that makes for a good deal of nervousness in any normal human being.

Boetticher may have been a minor artist, but he was a respectable one. I'm familiar with Scott's work and am a fan. He just wants food, probably something of a binding nature and drink. What no women? Only one woman here of interest- Barbara James uncredited as Nina the judge's Mexican housekeeper. Scott has barely any interaction with any females-Jennifer Holiday. Our Scott stands for loyalty, bravery, a fair fight, love of your belt, gun and Texas.

I'll give him that. There is no compelling villain here as the Agry's are a bunch of double dealing B movie bumblers. Amos Agry reminds me of a young Andy Devine. Scott is good as a very relaxed murder defendant in a back barroom courtroom. I'd see it again, but I'd be riding lonesome. The fourth collaboration between Boetticher and Scott does not quite measure up to its predecessors but is enjoyable enough.

Scott plays an easy-going stranger passing through a town run by a dastardly family. Of course, he has a run-in with the family and ends up in jail.

Stevens, who played Peter Gunn on a popular TV series that started the same year as this film came out, plays a somewhat shady character here. Jones, who made a career out of playing nasty villains, gets to play a clean-cut good guy here. Unlike the previous films in this series, this one has no female characters; it would have perhaps benefited from having a love interest for Scott.

Randolph Scott plays a rugged, happy-go-lucky, soldier-of-fortune in Budd Boetticher's western "Buchanan Rides Alone," and the eponymous character stirs up a lot of trouble with the powers-that-be in a corrupt little American border town in this brisk, well-photographed sagebrusher based on author Jonas Ward's novel "The Name's Buchanan.

He has spent enough time fighting in the Mexican revolution so that he has enough money to buy a ranch in West Texas. Buchanan is savoring a life of leisure when he clashes with the family Argy. Although this entertaining oater isn't as memorable as either "Comanche Station" or "Ride Lonesome," "Buchanan Rides Alone" differs from those two straight-faced, dramatic dustraisers. Boetticher and "Decision at Sundown" scenarist Charles Lang put the accent on humor and the villains—while appropriately greedy with villainy—are neither as flawed nor narcissistic as most Boetticher foes.

One of the third string villains played Heatstroke - Courtney Buchanan - Take A Ride (CD L. Long, long songs about work at sea, in the field, and in the forest, with guitar riffs that howl like hurricanes and melodies that bend like trees. Matthew and Eleanor Friedberger have mastered rock as a journal of recorded experience — their music is Heatstroke - Courtney Buchanan - Take A Ride (CD ruminative as their wordplay, which can be simple or impenetrable.

Unsung is right. Imagine roaring rage delivered with laser-guided precision. His third release adds errant trumpet and soul-sister gospel hollering, as White conjures lost souls drifting through a mythical nation of pawnshops and cheap motels, his voice a sensual whisper over their rattling bones.

The Velvet Underground cofounder undergoes a startling rebirth with HoboSapienshis most sonically exhilarating, lyrically passionate effort in two decades.

Holland, fronting a small band with her guitar, her fiddle, and her smoky, slurry phrasing, is a bohemian folkie from Texas and a cofounder of the Be Good Tanyas. Starbucks should replace Norah Jones with Holland as its mood musician of choice; her compositional brew is smooth, with jolts of witty malice.

But as heard on Our Shadows Will Remainan especially forceful and cohesive album, no one fumbles about better. As a member of Beachwood Sparks, Christopher Gunst makes psychedelic country as light as a fluffy cloud. A breathtaking 35 minutes. In the Book of Revelation, it says that Abaddon is the fallen angel in charge of the bottomless pit.

Sorry, but Pinback are not the house band for or from hell. Zach and Rob Crow drop the listener into an infinite well of intricate chord progressions and dueling harmonies. The catchy songs on Summer in Abaddon are so sonically enthralling, you could call them heavenly.

The Ponys come on primal and fierce, feeding time-tested riffs think Velvets, Standells into a cyclotron of fuzzy guitar distortion. These white punks are dope. On Happenstanceher full-length debut, this year-old singer-song-writer oozes end-of-the-affair resignation, sketching tales of failed romance over a mix of piano-based pop, blues, and even cabaret. Slipping between pop, polka, country, ska, jazz, and yodeling, while playing accordion, piano, guitar, and plastic bells, Garniez is a master of surprise.

Only after a few minutes do the singers open their mouths and does the music lurch into full-throttle acceleration, as if the songs had just woken from a deep sleep and downed five cups of coffee. Unlike many a U. The Secret Machines do, and their influences are slathered all over the album. The Machines tap into that majestic legacy of world-unto-itself psychedelia and modernize it with melodic-meat-grinder sonics.

But even such weak links on an otherwise potent disc serve a purpose. Much of the credit for this catchy set of Britpop goes to the intelligent use Album) samples: The band has added pulsing strings and staticky textures to its luscious mix. The hardest-working man in indie rock — DIY poster boy Leo toured the States no less than five times with his last album — shows up the slackers yet again with his fifth release, Shake the Sheets.

Practically every song is a near-perfect amalgam of straight-up melodies and pogoing beats. While Tift Merritt? Your email address will never be sold or distributed to a third party for any reason.

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