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Black Are The Souls Of The Damned Part Two (Save Your Servant) (Praise-The-Master-Mix) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

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Download Black Are The Souls Of The Damned Part Two (Save Your Servant) (Praise-The-Master-Mix)

He strode out silently, without looking back. Nicolas led Harry down the hall, and pulled him into the first empty classroom they came across. Shutting the door behind them, Nicolas waved his wand at the door in a few complex movements, muttering in a language that sounded like Latin. Turning, he waved his wand, transfigured two of the chairs behind one of the desks into comfy-looking couches. He sat down in one, and gestured for Harry to sit in the other.

Harry was feeling quite confused by now, but sat down, turning his seat to face the alchemist, and waited for him to speak. There were a few seconds of silence, and then Nicolas sighed and looked at Harry. You don't deserve to be involved in the mess that seems to have come of this whole story, but somehow it seems like you are in the very center of these sinister events. You are a good kid, Harry, and I want to help you, you don't deserve to be part of this nasty business.

He is one of the most skilled wizards of this century, Black Are The Souls Of The Damned Part Two (Save Your Servant) (Praise-The-Master-Mix). For a young boy who only discovered magic this year, a three-headed dog and a giant Chess match must have seemed like quite the obstacle. But note that you were able to overcome every single trap in the whole mess without using any spell more complicated than the fire spell. You do not understand the extent of Dumbledore's magical powers.

They concealed the openings to their tombs with such obscure spells, that in order to discover where the opening to them is, you must run your arms over the entire pyramid, muttering a very specific and complex enchantment, until you find the location of the opening. Now, I happen to know that Albus Dumbledore is familiar with this enchantment, because during our correspondence in the days of his youth, I explained this enchantment to him as an example of the use of Arithmancy in combination with potions in concealing spells.

Albus was very interested in the spell, and made quite an effort to study that particular enchantment. I expected him to use that spell for sure. Voldemort's servant would have had to run his hand over every part of the castle until he found the opening to the room in which the Black Are The Souls Of The Damned Part Two (Save Your Servant) (Praise-The-Master-Mix) was kept, and do it without being detected or discovered.

It would have taken him months and months just to find where the Stone was hidden. And what did Albus do? He just announced out loud to the whole school that the third corridor was forbidden, making it obvious to anyone who knew about the Stone, that it was being kept there.

It was incredibly irrational and irresponsible! Harry felt as if his stomach had sunken to his knees. He now felt extremely foolish for being so flattered when Dumbledore had kindly told him that 'not every eleven-year-old could have gotten so far' in his obstacle course. Finding out that Dumbledore could easily have done a spell so complex that Harry would never have even been able to find the place of the Philosopher's Stone, never mind get into it, made Harry feel sick to his stomach.

Black Are The Souls Of The Damned Part Two (Save Your Servant) (Praise-The-Master-Mix), he would not have been so quick to believe Nicolas Flamel. Dumbledore had always stricken him as a very kind and wise old man, with pure intentions and just the slightest bit of mischief in him.

Harry would have been much more inclined to disbelieve Flamel if it weren't for a few simple reasons: Dumbledore was acknowledged far and wide as one of the most skilled wizards of the century. It was quite difficult to believe that he couldn't prepare an obstacle that wouldn't be overcome by a first-year student with hardly any knowledge of magic. In addition, the way Dumbledore had inclined his head guiltily at Nicolas's accusation that he had been lax in guarding the Stone, seemed like an admission of guilt to Harry.

He turned back to look at Nicolas who had now finished catching his breath, and had gone back to ranting. Take the room with the last trap- the potions. The parchment with the riddle basically told Voldemort how to get past this trap. Why did he leave any potions at all? If he hadn't left any potions, the thief would have been stuck in that room between the two fires for quite a while! At the very least he could have filled all of the vials with poison, with the hope that Voldemort might actually poison himself, but he did no such thing!

By telling the thief how to get through the trap, he was basically encouraging him to continue his attempts to steal the Stone! I have never had the opportunity to duel him personally, but I have dueled with Albus before, and the fact that Albus hasn't managed to defeat him yet tells me that the stories of his great magical power are true.

He is quite the intelligent man. You say that he was having trouble getting past Fluffy for most of the year, but he could have easily put the person who fed Fluffy under the Imperius curse, a curse that forces the person under it to do whatever the caster orders him to do" he added at Harry's look of incomprehension "and made that person put poison, or a sleeping potion in Fluffy's food.

So, we have established that Voldemort could have gotten to the Stone within a week. The only obstacle that would really have slowed him down would have been the Mirror of Erised, and according to what you told me about your encounter with it during Christmas, we see that that particular trap was only implemented four months into the school year, Voldemort should have had the Stone and been long gone by then.

But instead, he chooses to only attempt to steal the Stone at the very end of the year, which happens to conveniently be the same day you discover how to get past Fluffy. It seems to me, Harry, that both Dumbledore and Voldemort wanted you to be down there in the chamber when the Philosopher's Stone was stolen.

He Black Are The Souls Of The Damned Part Two (Save Your Servant) (Praise-The-Master-Mix) his speech, and looked down at Harry, at which point his eyes softened.

Harry figured that he was probably very pale and looked quite terrified, and Nicolas was worried for him. Something very suspicious is going on around here, and you seem to be in the center of it.

I will admit that I do not understand neither Albus nor Voldemort's reasons for involving you, but you are a good child, and I will do all that is in my power to help you get out of this mess.

I just wish I could understand what is so special about you that has caused two such powerful wizards to involve you in their matters. Harry Potter? Harry nodded, feeling quite awkward. He knew he wasn't at all like other people imagined Harry Potter to be- a brave and powerful wizard who was scared of nothing.

He was afraid to disappoint yet another person. Nicolas wasn't looking disappointed, though, he was looking pensive. Perhaps Dumbledore thought that if you were to encounter Voldemort again you would somehow manage to vanquish him once and for all?

And you said that Voldemort tried to convince you to join his side, perhaps that was Voldemort's motivation for wanting you there? Why would they both put so much stock in you defeating Voldemort? Please don't be offended, Harry, but from what I head of what happened that night that you defeated Voldemort, I had gotten the impression that it was your mother's sacrifice that caused Voldemort's killing curse to rebound back on him, not anything to do with you.

He wanted to know my opinion on whether it was possible for your mother's sacrifice to have protected you. Because I have so many years of experience with different kinds of magic, people often write to me asking for my opinion on some enchantment. I replied to Dumbledore that it was my belief that your mother's love for you was, in fact, the thing that had saved you.

That means that it was your mother who really vanquished Voldemort, not you. You were only a baby, you have nothing to do with it. I hope this knowledge doesn't distress you. Harry wasn't distressed, he was relieved. It couldn't have been me, I was just a baby, I don't know any special magic or anything! Nicolas smiled.

However, this still leaves us with a mystery: If we have established that your survival and Voldemort's defeat occurred because of your mother, why are Voldemort and Albus so interested in you? He waved his wand, and a piece of parchment appeared out of this air. After that, Nicolas traced his wand over the parchment as if it were a quill, and words appeared on the parchment just as if Nicolas had written using an actual quill.

This address is for my friends and family- it will ensure that your letter will arrive straight into my hands, and that I will see it right away. I have a feeling that your troubles aren't over yet, Harry. Write to me if you need help. Harry nodded his head gratefully, and stowed the piece of parchment safely in his pocket. He dearly hoped that Nicolas would still be alive when he actually needed help, seeing as now that he no longer had a constant supply of Elixir of Life he was going to die eventually.

He didn't say anything, though, he thought it would be tactless to remind the man of his eventual demise. Especially as Nicolas looked quite a bit cheerier now, and Harry couldn't help but think that he had forgotten for a short while that he and his wife were now going to die. To Harry's confusion, Nicholas didn't look sad or worried, he looked slightly uncomfortable.

Don't worry about it. I really feel bad for this, especially after everything you've done for me. So thank you. I can't say how sorry I am.

Now Nicholas was looking positively guilty. He scratched his head awkwardly, and looked down at Harry for a long time. This is very secret, and I really shouldn't be telling you this, but I can't let you live with this kind of guilt, especially if it isn't your fault. So I'm going to tell you something, but I need you to know that this is very sensitive information that could do a lot of damage if it fell into the wrong hands.

The only reason I'm trusting you with this is because you are a good person and after what I've seen tonight, I believe you deserve to know. Especially if the lack of information will cause you to feel like my death is on your conscience. So I'm going to tell you, but first I will need to cast a spell to ensure that you will never be able to reveal what you have been told to anyone ever. I'm sorry for the lack of trust, but if this information falls into the wrong hands….

Well, I've seen what it causes and it's not pretty. Do you want to hear what I have to tell you? He got up, and started walking around the room, chanting something in an unfamiliar language while doing so. Once he had completed a circuit around the room, the walls glowed brightly for a moment, before returning to their normal color. You will not be allowed to say it, write it, or even hint at it.

The spell reads your intentions, so if you think of a different way to reveal the secret to another, it will prevent you from doing it.

I'm sorry for the lack of trust, but I feel that this is a necessary precaution. Nicolas faced Harry, and scrutinized him for a second, and then burst out laughing. I fear I have stressed the gravity of this information a bit too much.

Back around years ago, what I am about to tell you was common knowledge. True, when this knowledge was misused the results were devastating and the knowledge was buried, but only a very small handful of people did use it in the wrong way. I have full trust that everything will be fine and that you will do the right thing.

You will probably be happy to hear that there is absolutely no chance of Voldemort managing to return to life with the help of the Stone, seeing as he didn't actually steal the Philosopher's Stone. In fact, I rather doubt it's possible to make one. Harry's mouth had dropped open in shock, and Nicolas's lips were twitching as he suppressed the desire to burst out laughing once more.

There is a phenomenon that has been documented to occur about Black Are The Souls Of The Damned Part Two (Save Your Servant) (Praise-The-Master-Mix) every century. The first recorded case happened around the fifth century, when a woman named Marian came to the greatest wizard of that era- Merlin, claiming that she and her husband were immortal.

According to Marian, about three years into her marriage, she and her husband had stopped aging. Though she looked as if she were in her early twenties, Marian swore that she was over fifty.

Her husband, Jeremiah, had died a fortnight before, having been tragically killed after the roof he was fixing for their home collapsed, and he was buried under the rubble. Jeremiah's spirit remained in this world, but not in the form of a ghost, but rather as a disembodied spirit that was actually capable of communicating with those around it and possessing small animals.

By the time Jeremiah had died, half of his soul was in Marian's body, and was tying him to the mortal plane, preventing him from moving onwards. Since then, more couples have come forward, claiming to have created a Soulcrux between them.

Many scoffed at this fanciful and romantic explanation, but I think that you, Harry, understand better than anyone just how far the power of love can go. After all, your mother's love for you is the reason that you are alive today. Perenelle likes the idea of soul mates, I myself am not so certain.

The century I was born in was very unusual though, in that the century before there had been more Soul-bound couples than there had ever been before- six, in fact. So around that time the Soulcrux was beginning to become common knowledge, instead of an obscure term that few recognized. By the time I was born, only one out of these six couples remained, but the Soulcrux was still something fairly well-known. What happened to the other ones? Nicolas sighed.

In fact, it can get downright depressing. Waking up one day, and realizing that all your family and friends are dead by now, and all the people who ever knew them are dead too, and that in a hundred years or so everyone who is alive now will also be dead, that there is no one that remembers the time when you grew up, and soon, no one will remember this time either. It gets to you. Most of the couples decided to eventually let themselves die.

Whenever one of them dies, their spouse is the one who keeps them alive, but if they both die- that is the end, and the couple will pass on. The Rev. The first emancipation occurred within a decade of the Dred Scott decision. It began when, on January 1,as the nation approached its third year of bloody civil war; President Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation. But the first emancipation was not yet complete. The amendment abolished slavery and involuntary servitude and made African Americans full citizens of the United States.

In the s the Southern states began passing laws that were collectively known as Jim Crow. Inin a ruling called Plessey v. Ferguson, separate but equal was upheld by the Supreme Court. At General Assembly last month, the Rev. During her talk, she mentioned an academic article by Robin DiAngelo, professor at the University of Washington in Seattle. DiAngelo, refers to as White Fragility These behaviors, in turn, function to reinstate white racial equilibrium. DiAngelo goes on to say that whites have not had to build tolerance for racial discomfort.

In short my friends, we need to develop thicker skins. People of color do not. Therefore we white folks must remain at the table even when the conversation gets heated and we begin to feel the anger, fear and guilt that Di Angelo describes. In other words, to begin true desegregation. What have African Americans done in the face of all this? A culture of art and dance and music—oh, the music!

Gospel, blues, jazz, soul, rock and roll, rap and hip hop. A culture of brilliant comedians, exceptional scientists, remarkable sports figures, insightful intellectuals and social critics and incomparable moral leaders. And a poet or two. History, despite its wrenching pain Cannot be unlived, but if faced With courage, need not be lived again.

Lift up your eyes upon The day breaking for you. Give birth again To the dream. Channing essentially resigned over the issue. He argued that it would keep the Union together and prevent civil war. Parker was known for his blistering abolitionist preaching and his willingness to take up arms in resistance to slavery. He is said to have written his sermons with a pistol on his desk.

He started a pacifist community called Hopedale and there harbored runaway slaves. Inthe Supreme Court upheld Brown vs. Martin Luther King and took part in the march in Selma, Alabama. Hundreds of UU ministers and lay people from throughout the U. And how is it that I've received the message while playing off-line? Just afeter receiving the message I've checked wether I was connected, but nope. Hi Morladon, i'm the OP, i have an account now.

I can't tell you what happened to you that is strange tho. Are you on PS3? Do people still do pvp outside dlc areas on ps3? Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.


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