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Ruddy & Sketto* - Hold The Fire / Good Morning Mr. Jones (Vinyl) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

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Download Ruddy & Sketto* - Hold The Fire / Good Morning Mr. Jones (Vinyl)

Jinks regularly sells out his concert dates, including a performance this summer at the famous Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado. Rob October 21, am. And how did he sell so much less than Whiskey Myers? He seems to have a larger fanbase.

Trigger October 21, am. If vinyl had been factored in, he may have gone 1. Melissa W October 21, am. Thank you for the info. Tex Hex October 21, pm. They have to outsource key duties to family, friends, and temporary intermediaries to do the things that a label can and should be doing.

The artist can burn out or plateau very easily. Brett Robinson October 21, pm. Convict charlie October 22, am. To further your point I did an interview with Aaron Watson this summer. On his indie label he has 24 full time employees. Costs to play are quite expensive. Tex Hex October 22, am. The industry has changed. Independent artists now have many more options and resources than ever before, to compete with majors label artists.

I see that narrative echoed on SCM. Where is that narrative coming from? Did they screw him out of money? Show of hands, who actually has physical copies of either album in hand right now?

Case in point, Charles Wesley Godwin. Trigger October 22, am. I appreciate your perspective on this matter, and there have been some flubs in the rollout process of these Cody Jinks records. Look at Saving Country Music. I also agree that if they had been released via a label, they probably would have performed better. However this is the way Cody Jinks chose to release his music, and if you listen to the songs themselves, you understand why.

Thanks for your reply. I think running a blog however great the blog is is a very different animal from running a recording and touring career, but I see your point. The distribution pipelines are still the same. The press and promotion channels are still the same. Regarding Jinks getting fucked by Rounder, I may have read too much into some of the chatter, but I seem to recall fans here in the comments being disappointed with Lifers and placing blame in part on the fact that Jinks was signed to them.

What about doing things without a label makes the music better? Setting the bar low. Look at somebody like Stapleton who got big relatively organically, and is pretty huge on his own terms. That sort of success is a blessing. Not trying to throw shade at Jinks or his fans. JB-Chicago October 22, am. And who knows, maybe Lucille will show up Hey, loves!

Hope the season finale doesn't have you too down. Anyway, here's a fresh chapter full of some prime angst and a few feels. And it will have some serious drama! For now, enjoy some calm before the storm. For instance — today. He downed the first with the flautas that Cas had looked at so dubiously. Cas paid for the food, but Dean bought his own second Coke.

Cas is getting him used to nice things. They meet on Thursdays and Cas fucks him, always after a meal. Or so Dean assumes, he wouldn't actually know.

The sex is actually incredible. He tells Cas that, in his way, whispering into his ear about how good his cock feels in him and how hard he makes Dean come. No client has ever done to Dean what Cas does, never laid him out on a bed and just…adored him. Or feeling like more of a weirdo. All part of the story he tells himself, Dean thinks. He likes Saturdays too. Thursdays they fuck. After that Dean gets a night in a bed and takes a long-ass shower and eats a good breakfast.

And Saturdays Cas ditches the God squad and finds Dean near the tents. They eat again and either before or after they find some spot for Dean to suck Cas off. And then Cas returns the favor. He told himself he had to be in the neighborhood anyway, to call Sam, and that was true.

Cas has never been rough with Dean, not really. Dean had been sure he was gonna get fucked, and he was all for it. So Cas blew him, clumsy and frenzied and Dean had come biting his hand to keep from yelling and attracting attention while looking down at Cas worshiping his cock. Dean made sure that Cas came just as hard when it was his turn. And then they went for shitty Chinese and Dean gave Cas a hard time for his sweet and sour pork order.

Cas is weird and dorky and really fucking smart and Dean genuinely enjoys talking to Ruddy & Sketto* - Hold The Fire / Good Morning Mr. Jones (Vinyl). Not that they really talk about much. Cas talks about work once in a while, though Dean still has no idea what the guy does. Mot of the stories involve his co-workers. The two chicks — Hannah and Meg — are in some sort of protracted cold war of annoyance. And some poor kid named Alfie is stuck in the middle.

Every time she comes up, Cas looks so fucking sad. Sometimes they talk after they fuck, but not a lot. Everything is too raw and the quiet is too good to break. Each time they lie together a little bit longer and Cas kisses him a little bit deeper when he gets up to leave. Maybe that accounts for how the rest of his week usually goes, since Cas.

He drinks a little less, reads a little more, lets himself be a little pickier with customers. Tomorrows is Sunday. The farthest away from the next time he sees Cas. He tries not to linger on that thought. Dean spots a small group across the park and one of them sends him a wave. It takes him a second to recognize the dude. Aaron never made Dean pay for the weed if he got a nice, lazy blow job out of it.

Dean learned that there were other ways of paying for shit a long time ago. What time? He likes Aaron. Not until he just worked up to taking off his jacket.

He already feels the hint of a burn on his skin, the light finally melting away the cold that settled all the way into his bones years ago. Castiel never knows exactly who is coming over for Sunday dinners. Castiel thinks Anna invited this many people over only to take advantage of the seating on the patio — a new purchase this summer - and so that enough people would bring food and all they had to do was throw meat on the grill, along with garden burgers for Anna.

Castiel is glad of the task. Anna turns away from Daniel and Adina and to Castiel. Nowhere unsafe I hope. Castiel suppresses a sigh and turns back to the others as his mother is finishing. Zachariah and Bartholomew give Castiel tense Ruddy & Sketto* - Hold The Fire / Good Morning Mr. Jones (Vinyl). He should know this. Just the homeless situation since the Salvation Army shelter closed is atrocious.

Castiel pushes down a surge of disgust. Those rules are going to be the first to go, including the employment one. Never mind sheltering them, can you imagine being forced to hire homosexuals? At a school? Or a church? The heat and anxiety rises and he can feel what little food he already ate churning in the acid of his stomach.

Castiel turns. He feels Anna go tense beside him and a different, but equally familiar kind of sickness bubbles in his gut. That is the foundation of our country and society. Castiel nods in agreement, as always. Smiling and agreeing and nodding along.

A stranger that steps into his skin and still feels that complete faith in the Word and the Lord. Dinner is quick, or it seems that way to Castiel. Castiel lets out a thin laugh. They're not bad. I save money. It makes him want to scream. You know that. Even your mother. Anna rolls her eyes and gives him a quick kiss. Anyone interesting? Anna clicks on the TV without the sounds. Lying would be better, but after so much it does get exhausting. He'd never describe himself to anyone this way but, he takes care of other people on the street.

Sometimes he helps me hand out the donations. It would be easy to talk about, that little detail of Dean that he discerned after only a few conversations. Dean feels the orgasm building inside him, racing Cas to finish. He tangles his fingers into dark hair and pulls Cas to him, crashing their mouths together and groaning as he comes first.

At least, he thinks it does. Dean pulls him back so he can watch. He almost says as much, before catching himself. It makes Dean feel split right open and carved out, electric charges replacing his breath. He pulls out with a wet sound and moves to get out of bed. He wipes the come off his hands on the scratchy sheets as he pulls them over their bare bodies.

Dean rubs another smear of come into his skin and he shivers. Here with you. It works and Cas huffs a laugh. Just need some time. Dean rolls his eyes as Cas cards his hands through his hair. Dean wishes Cas would stop doing this — surprising him at every fucking turn; reminding him how whatever they have going on is way too different and so fucking dangerous.

Dean nuzzles at his face, forcing Cas to look at him and see him smiling before he kisses him, slow and encouraging. The room is warm, the heavy August heat winning the fight against the pitiful, clanging AC under the window. He still wants to be closer, even so. For getting me through. I don't actually know much about the politics in Lawrence, Kansas, but local elections are important!

Well, I was able to get this one done faster than I thought, despite working all weekend on another thing.

But also - porn! Hope it balances. Anna adds extra antacids to Castiel's paper bag full of socks, peanut butter and toothbrushes. He made the mistake of mentioning over breakfast that his stomach was particularly unsettled and Anna had fussed and cooed over him all morning.

She even threatened to get out her prescription pad, but Castiel thankfully escaped that. Sometimes Cas thinks of all the acid burning him up inside as some poison literally seeping out of his soul, then he tells himself to not be so morose and dramatic. The first person he sees when he gets to the mission is Uriel Wisdom. Avoiding Uriel at work is much easier than here.

Of all the people that Castiel also sees at church, Uriel is the most obstinate in his backwards opinions. Maybe he does dislike him more. He sends the man a wave and a nod and manages to make it to the basement where they prepare the food and supply bags without any other interactions until Hannah.

The two of them have their routine down fairly well, able to churn out a few dozen sandwiches quickly and efficiently. Hannah never burdens him with small talk, here or at work, which is one of the reasons he likes her. Anna jokes about her seriousness but of Castiel female co-workers she likes her much more than Meg. This is through the church, not the hospital. Castiel braces himself at a flare of acrid discomfort under his ribs.

Castiel smiles and they fall back into their usual, comfortable silence. They divide the food and care packages evenly among all the volunteers and join in the prayer before heading out. He just wants to find Dean and take back up the kisses from two nights before.

Dean for once is not wearing the old leather jacket. He looks smaller and younger without it but still absolutely beautiful. Other amenities. It seems safe enough. Does it help? Dean glances between Castiel and Hannah, mouth open as he searches for words. Or we have a meeting about how we can best serve the community after services once a month. Nice to meet you, Dean. Castiel waits until Hannah is half a block away before he dares to look at Dean.

The sun makes his hair look especially blonde and his eyes very green. She doesn't know you were lying about not being able to get around. Castiel learned a few weeks into their acquaintance that Dean not only owns a car, but lives in it. Even considering that it's his home, Dean has an passionate devotion to the vehicle. Castiel still hasn't seen the car, but he knows it's big, mean and black, so Dean is probably right.

Dean laughs and the day seems perfect already. They move too fast and not fast enough handing out food and other amenities at the camps. He asks after people, gets satisfactory answers and waves to a crowd across the park. The time before he gets Castiel alone, after giving careful instructions of how long to wait and how to enter the bathroom, is interminable.

There is nothing in the world, even the sex, that feels as good at the first kiss each time he sees Dean. Castiel is trapped between Dean and the wall, his hands flat against the cold, sticky plaster. Dean pulls just one foot free and braces it on the edge of the toilet so Dean's shoulder is under Castiel's thigh. He tries to stay quiet, he does. He screws his eyes shut and whispers profanity and blasphemy as Dean undoes him with his lips and tongue. His laps at the vein on the underside, kisses at his cockhead then takes him all the way in and sucks and swallows.

Cas chokes back another desperate sound as his hands scrabble against the wall. Dean sucks and bobs his head just as he pushes carefully into Cas and Cas bites his fist to keep from yelling. The intrusion is strange, combined with the stretch and a burn. He knows the feeling, having done this himself in the dark long ago. This is better than any of his fumbling attempts. Now he understands why Dean moved his leg up. Much easier when Dean pushes carefully in.

Castiel moans around his fist as Dean penetrates him. His finger feels so thick, even just up to the knuckle. Castiel is wet with spit, and struggling to breathe, but he forces himself to obey and relax.

Dean's laughter is distant over the roar of Castiel's heartbeat and breath. Cas comes so hard and so suddenly that he sees stars. He grabs Cas by the hair and pushes his cock into his mouth. He just knows what Cas needs. Dean is still the one in charge, Cas is just there to take whatever Dean gives. Cas grabs him tight and sucks hard and Dean comes with a cry into his mouth.

The way Dean smiles, bashful and amused is absurd too. Lots of people means no one really cares when Dean sleeps on the couch, or even the floor one time. Dean keeps his indulgence to weed and drinking, but the prescription stuff was tempting when he woke up on that floor and his old busted ribs still ached. Which is why Dean notices the fact he's the only one in the living room when he wakes up there again on Thursday. There's one that's even worse set up on the back porch, looking out over a tangle of dead weeds.

And then…a lot of smoke and Zepp. Andy is one of his new favorite people. Aaron never used to let him crash or smoke for free, but things are different since he got out of the joint. He can afford it. His saving plan is working pretty well, and the steady income from Cas is giving him some security to play with. Always best to be prepared. He washes his face and chances a look in the mirror. He knows who the voice belongs to. Azazel gives a signal and the other guy lets Aaron go.

Dean holds on tight to the knife in his pocket as Aaron scrambles to the ratty couch and pulls up the cushions. He produces a thick envelope of cash. We became great friends on the inside. But Aaron shakes his head, leaving Dean to just glare. Alastair is going to know that by the end of the day.

Bending over and opening up for faggots and freaks. Azazel scowls and rounds on Aaron. This was a hiccup. Dean gulps. A friend that nearly got his ass kicked by a mean motherfucker for me. This is what friends do. Dean drifts in thought as he drives, not really going anywhere. Eyes to watch Sam and an extra welfare check, small hands and an innocent face for a job, a willing body.

Figures that the first taste of that sort of care Dean would ever get would be from a john. Dean pulls into a nice secluded spot on the edge of downtown. Then again the feeling in his stomach might be hunger. Cas will be at the Moonlight All Night at sunset. Fall is getting closer every day, Dean thinks. That means rain and cold nights and general shittiness, but it also means night will come faster, and less of a wait. He reads and people watches. Even he can admit that.

Castiel clicks his pen for the thousandth time and checks the clock for the hundredth. So close to the hour of escape he can taste it. Also, the week had been particularly miserable. Meg had retaliated by cooking salmon in the office microwave, knowing full well the smell would linger and make Hannah ill.

In addition to the monotony of work, Anna had worked late Wednesday, leaving Castiel alone for a welcome party for the new assistant pastor of their church. The poor man had looked even more uncomfortable than Castiel felt, trapped in the basement of the church. Zachariah had led him around by the elbow from person to person, talking over him each time he tried to assert himself. Castiel had lurked behind the table, picking at the pale vegetable platter and selection of store brand sodas until his mother had found him and forced him to make an introduction.

Neither his mother no Zachariah had any interest in that story, so they had started talking about…something else. He glances at the clock again. No one would comment if he left now.

Not that it actually makes a difference. He still has a wait until is suitable to head downtown. He knows Dean lurks at the dinner for a while before Castiel joins him, drinking coffee and reading the latest acquisition from the library. The amount of time Dean spends at the library is very endearing. Castiel moves to her instantly. Anna nearly collapses into his arms the second Castiel touches her, burying her face in his chest as he wraps her in a hug.

Can you drive me? We can pick up the car tomorrow. Castiel squeezes Anna and quickly grabs his things. Castiel glances to his wife. He remembers the first time Anna lost a patient, during preceptorship, before she even graduated medical school. She had cried for days. The only one. Castiel pulls over, not even bothering with the parking break before undoing his seatbelt and pulling Anna into his arms.

You did your job, you did what was best. He knows goodness when he sees it, even though he is so far from it himself. Anna is right, there will be repercussions for this, at work and in the church.

Even though every law around confidentiality should protect them, people are probably already talking. Neither of them are hungry, so they just change into comfortable clothes and cuddle together on the couch.

Anna gives him details slowly, during commercial breaks of the cooking show they end up watching. Her tears stop after an hour or so. They watch another episode of the cooking show, Castiel watches the sky fade to black through the big windows of the great room. He wonders how long Dean will wait or and how long the itch to find some excuse to leave and go to him will stay.

Not right now. Anna's experience and response in this chapter is very tough and part of a complex issue. She and Castiel are part of a conservative Christian community that in addition to being homophobic, is extremely anti-choice. That's my way of saying: the views of the characters are all their own and don't necessarily reflect my own views on this sensitive and difficult topic.

What is going on?! Well, this is one of the ones that I've been thinking about and planning since the start of the series, so it was just sort of in my soul, waiting to get out.

I'm not gonna lie, it's a rough one. As always, the specific warnings are in the end notes. Everything hurts. The last thing he clearly remembers is the guy that fucked him in the alley buying him a drink like it was a goddamn thank you. Everything after that is a blur of whiskey and who knows what else. The shame and anxiety of waiting for two hours after dark at the dinner. The anger and spite had driven him to a bar where he knew he could either find work or get his ass kicked.

And endless loop of impossibilities: Cas showing up, Dean calling him, Cas being the one to take him out back behind the bar and fuck him rough and raw. Dean has no idea if the guy that did do that even paid him. A bang on the window makes Dean jump. Dean blinks, a large, man-shaped figure is peering in through the window at him. Dean grunts and opens the door. The air smells of trash of piss.

Dean recognizes that voice, and now the face when his eyes decide to work. Drink this. Dean downs the whole thing in one swig and Benny hands him a second. I got some Aspirin here for you too. Even just moving his arm makes his whole body hurt. Benny laughs. Benny hands him two white pills and Dean swallows them down, either stupidly trusting or just too tired to care if Benny's gonna drug him and steal his kidney. The memory is hazy, but Dean does recall picking a fight with some asshole who correctly accused him of cheating and Benny dragging him off.

Drive a hundred miles and find a nice hole to crawl in so he can never come out. He still considers it. He wishes he were too tired to feel like an idiot for last night. He shoves his wallet into his pants and thinks about the phone number tucked inside for the thousandth time since waiting in that dinner. What if He had better things to do, probably involving his fucking wife and their nice, picket fence life. Cas is fine. Castiel knows Anna has coffee hidden somewhere in the house.

Maybe the guest room just off the kitchen They had forgone date night last night, and Castiel had thought he was safe until they went to bed and Anna had kissed him and climbed into his lap.

His mind was too full of worry and guilt and fear about Dean that no fantasy or sensation could arouse him. Anna puts on the kettle and they move quietly through the Saturday routine, eating toast, reading the news, Ruddy & Sketto* - Hold The Fire / Good Morning Mr. Jones (Vinyl), ignoring the tension and pretending everything is fine until Anna plants herself in the chair next to Castiel and takes a deep breath, the way she always does before asking something.

Except for last night. Get a house and the nice jobs and have babies and pets and families. He feels completely empty, like his soul has been carved out of him with a melon baller, leaving a tired shell that is only good for lying and getting through the day. And I know you. I just want something we can have together. Something that can make us happy.

He tries to say as much but it comes out as a garbled groan. His mouth is dry and disgusting, and his stomach is unsettled. Fucking fuck. Dean runs out of the house, a ramshakle place that looks exactly like the den of inequity it is. This is why he should buy a damn prepaid phone, or something.

Cas stood him up and Cas can go fuck himself. Dean parks without paying on Massachusetts street and flat out runs to the shelter and the bank of phones. Usually he only hears Mrs. Thank God. I can get one, if you want to be able to call me. Why take care of him after what he did? Calling me from a freaking homeless shelter every week? I looked up the number. Sam is in trouble for this. Hess cuts Sam off. And consider using some of the services at your disposal. Sam is worried.

He hangs up and walks out of the shelter in a fog. Maybe not about what Dean does, but about what a pathetic failure Dean is to him. He had one job in his whole life that mattered and he fucked it up.

Just shoving past the people that get in his way. Dad could be dead and it wouldn't matter to Sam. Dean could fall of a bridge and it would make just as little difference to him. To anyone. His blue eyes are wide and worried. It makes it easier for Dean to tell the guy is shaking.

The motel? Cas tugs Dean closer so that their foreheads nearly touch. I's moments like this that Dean forgets Cas is shorter than him, because it feels like he takes up the whole world. Come on. They get there fast. Frank at the front desk looks confused but the cash Cas slams on the counter keeps him from asking questions.

Cas has been enthusiastic before but never like this. Cas knows he wants him. They stumble out of shoes and pants, falling onto the bed and grinding together. Their cocks slide together, friction eased by sweat and precome. He knows Cas feels it too. He is shaking and the room is spinning. When was the last time he ate? Cas yanks Dean to where he wants him, ass up and legs spread, and gets to work opening him up.

The lube is cold and Cas pushes in rougher and faster than he ever has before. But his fingers are thick and warm and, God, it feels good. In no time, he as two then three fingers pumping into Dean, hitting his prostate and punching little screams out of him again and again. He bites the pillow when Cas pushes his cock into him, slow and hot. Cas goes still for a second when he bottoms out and Dean can hear the rough sound of his breath in the stale heat of the room. Cas gives it to him anyway.

Dean lets out a long moan as Cas starts fucking him, hard and fervent. He holds tight to Dean hips, maybe hard enough to leave a mark, but it feels good. Dean is used to getting bent over and fucked, used to being just a warm hole to be utilized and discarded and this…this feels nothing like that.

Cas pulls out and tugs Dean with him to collapse onto the mattress, keeping Dean from the wet spot like a gentleman. He tosses the condom to the floor. They lay there quiet for a while, as their breathing slows and the sweat cools on their skin. The sex with Cas is amazing, and maybe Dean can admit that just talking with him is great too but sometimes, he thinks he likes this the best.

After the fire is an amazing album. More personal than we have heard from him before. I score it at a 9. Best album of the year so far in my opinion. We will see if he can top himself next week. Trigger October 12, am. This is on of my favorite albums period. He wants to be the martyr so bad, but has he earned it? SteveG October 12, am. Cody Jinks has a great voice, and I think it sounds really good on this record.

What I think people are picking up on instead is the lack of energy in some of the tracks that I spoke about in the review. A good comparison is the new Michaela Anne record. The way her new album was produced, it really brought out her voice and illustrated what is beautiful about it. The production of this album is fine. It could use a bit more edge and vitality, and I think this would be reflected in the vocals as well. Have these people not seen him live?

I think Cody is amazing live. His live show is his bread and butter. Top 5 in my opinion of current touring artists. Tex Hex October 12, am. I think not. Nicolas October 12, am. This album is really awesome. Excellent and beautiful songs, some of them among the best released this year in country music genre. Strait Country 81 October 12, Ruddy & Sketto* - Hold The Fire / Good Morning Mr. Jones (Vinyl).

Don October 12, am. Strong work as always from Cody. Definitely my favorite artist these days. His laid back style really works for me, and is a great soundtrack in the background of my life. Spencer October 12, pm. CountryKnight October 12, pm. I enjoy his style and I believe he is authentic but so much of his music runs together and sounds similar. Tyler Pappas October 12, pm. Not a bad thing was just wondering if I was the only one.

Shannon McIntyre October 12, pm. I adore the way the loves on his family, the sound of his voice, the authentic country lyrics. We love Cody Jinks! Billy Wayne Ruddick October 12, pm. I had forgotten about those Courtney Patton videos. Good stuff. Man, I wish he would get her to produce his next album.

Throwback Country October 13, pm. Rackensacker October 13, pm. I listened to this on my drive from Stillwater to Tulsa today. Just a strong album that reinforces my view of him as one of the best around today. My favorites are:. Benny Lee October 14, am. This is top-of-the-country-music-mountain stuff right here. Clear vocals. Simple accompaniment. Beautiful and honest writing. This one is personal to Cody Jinks. I absolutely love it. Wanting More October 14, pm.

While I hesitated to comment after tuning this new album up first thing Friday Ruddy & Sketto* - Hold The Fire / Good Morning Mr. Jones (Vinyl), after giving it another go on a weekend road trip leaves me in the same spot. This album is just slow and boring.

Juan T. Moore October 15, pm. After seeing this album i stand by the comment I made on the announcement post. Each album has a different tone I think. Like the 2 wolves on the Wanting Cover. Jeremiah October 15, am. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail. Really like this album, it reminds me a lot of Adobe Sessions.

Song of the Year caliber. This is the age of the song. A good song can override any other concern. I thought we were leading off with Chris Knight! Yeah but Chicago has much better food soooooo 0. As a follow-up: Does anybody know who mixed, mastered, engineered, produced this album?

And then he did with this album. This is My 2 cents. Look 10 comments up … there are 5 people commenting on it. Jinks has great tone, but not a lot of range.


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