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Girls Got Rhythm - Teenage Terror - Set A Rip (Vinyl) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

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Download Girls Got Rhythm - Teenage Terror - Set A Rip (Vinyl)

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Carina Englund Disconnect Girls Got Rhythm - Teenage Terror - Set A Rip (Vinyl). Telkhin - Poseidon Wave EP Body Container A2.

Walk In A3. Level Above Human B1. Brithombar B2. Flight 19 Factory Settings - Spring Breakers Compilation. Neon Cross - Neon Cross Heartbreaker Frontline Life On The Rock I'm Not Alone Right Time Run Into The Light Far Cry from Eden Outta the Girls Got Rhythm - Teenage Terror - Set A Rip (Vinyl) Victory Bonus track: I Need Your Love Son Of God Far Cry From Eden Victory Delain - Fire With Fire Single Corrosive minimalist documentation of the only youth rebellion of the seventies.

Crammed with information and inspiration. The real thing, not some doddering sensational rehash. In conjunction with the exhibit, four nights of films will play throughout June. Those of you who are too far to come to the showing can still see Louder Faster Shorter by ordering the DVD online from me here :. Last time we played with Flipper and the Mutants at the Fillmore it sold out and everyone was begging me for tickets.

This time you've got plenty of warning, but tickets will be announced to the public in a few days Better get your's now. This looks like the only Avengers show this summer. Jonathan: Where are they now? Being the caretaker of the Avengers sitesI realize that there's lots of info on me and not much on the other early Avengers. To remedy that I've dug up a few links for the curious: Chubby Cleaver: Original bassist, Jimmy Wilseywho went on to create the guitar sound that launched Chris Isaak's career, has a brand new solo album, El Dorado.

He lives in LA, has one adorable tyke, Waylon, and makes lonesome Western instrumental tracks. See his myspace site for details. Gerg Scars : Original and current guitarist, Greg Ingraham, lives in SF has 2 talented kids and when not on tour with me, plays with the Hi Nobles Brad Kunt : Brad Kent guitarist recently resurfaced and is living in Vancouver and starting a new band: Smoke'n'Fire. Look for their Myspace link in our Top friends section. He lives in Sweden, has 2 kids and is known as a vegetarian chef in Stockholm.

He's still furious and told his story in gory and subjective detail online. No Myspace page that I know of, but here's some recent pics Jonathan Postal bassist for our first 6 shows went on to front SF power pop band The Readymades, and is now a professional photographer living in Memphis. His site has lots of info and this funny pic of the band. I did a very fun show at the de Young Museum a few days ago. All kinds of small children --incuding Barbara Lui's who wore their underwear on the outside -- not to mention older folk's -- Jean Caffeine 's parents stayed all the way through sound check -- library workers and crusty punks; thrilled to the sounds of Jello's voice and my semi-righteous band, Lout, with Pat JohnsonNed Dougherty, and Dave Leonard.

Eventually lavish praise was slathered about. Also check out the vinyl and cassettes I've dug up! Dec 14th The US tour was fast and fun. My favorite shows were in Austin and New York. Look for my first ever interview with Ratso a sock puppet on Chic-a-go-go. Other news Luis is opening a store in Brooklyn called Urban Rustic.

Go on down there and get yourself a Santanoni sandwich and a fresh squeezed Saranac. Here's the really big news And it is a big one. So, send those greetings my way and play some Penelope and Avengers song on the 17th! We're starting the year out with an all ages show at Gilman in January and an all ages PH show in Feb And, oh yeah Tis the season to support your fave independent musicians so shop here and I'll sign it for ya!

I've finally got the flyers up if you want to post them! Sept 18th Mmm But lots is happening. We're going on an-almost-all-ages tour of the Ol' US of A in a few weeks and hope to see you face to face. Some nice old and new pics up on the myspace page.

Also check out this cool webpage run by Alice Bagwhich coincidentally features an recent interview with yours truly. Also see my somewhat cleaned up webstore April 15th Just had the funnest time on Pirate Cat Radio, the lovely local pirate station. There will be a podcast of the show up on their site for 6 weeks so check it out! And come see the Avengers play next week! April 5th Secret show tomorrow in the East Bay! I'll be dusting off the autoharp and tearing some hearts up.

Don't miss it. Finally I've got a downloads page on on my website. Not streaming someday I'll figure that out That's what keeps it up here in the www.

Mar 14, Rome was the best! There are some clips up on You Tube made with cell phones or Who knows how long any of that will be up there. Other news, a couple of local shows coming up. And I brought back some tour tees in new designs and they come in Girlie sizes for the ladies! Both of these designs are from my art school days. I also made the teeshirt page a bit easier to maneuver.

Check 'em. Jan 23, New Avengers European Tour. Starting in a couple weeks. We'll play just one show in NYC on the way over the big pond. It's at the Bowery Ballroomso please come see us and help spread the word. Look for some big news posted on our return and a new website in April! July 27New All Ages show announced! Hi folks, Last week was pretty crazy for me.

Sang "The American In Me" 3 times; breaking personal records in the hottest, biggest crowd, and best local gig catagories.

On Sunday, I went with Avengers guitarist Greg to see Sonic Youth and Pearl Jam who had been covering the song live in My friend Liz works for them and got us into the sold out shows. When we were invited to meet the band, they asked us if we wanted to perform the song with them in front of their rabid PJ fans.

Just one whole step down, which was easy for me, but Greg had to refigure his chords and solo after playing in "A" for the last 27 years! He pulled it off though and it was a blast. In case anyone was there and wondering what my self-made pink duct-tape wristband said Love that club. After a set by the amazing Mon Cousin Belge we jumped up and blasted through our best since reforming local set ever.

All fun. Thanks to everyone who came out. Saturday was more challenging Street level temperatures were measured by paramedics at degreesbut when we played at 9:PM I sure it was down to or so. I was not so worried about heat stroke, as whether the yahoos stumbling by our little audience would catch a lyric and come round to beat me up after the set. Off to LA and San Diego tomorrow for some cooler weather. Please check these websites for updated info July 62 more PH albums are available for download from iTunes.

Newly posted is a video of us playing in Hamburg in February on the Avengers Myspace page. Some Av shows coming together, with interesting support bands The next day we will hit the streets of Modesto to share a stage with Numbers, Micah P. Hinson and Pedro the Lion frontman David Bazan. SoCal the following weekend, and in August some shows for the under crowd June 1 Summer is acomin' and maybe, if you're lucky, the Avengers will be playing in a large American city near you!

Keep your eye on the shows page for updates. The good news is that I don't have vocal nodes So we plan to hit the Continent again next Spring. Hope you'll make it. May 10 My, how time flies. Lots has happened in the last few months. The Avengers had a smashing Euro tour where we stayed and played in squats and youth centers and 4-star hotels and great standing-room-only rock clubs.

It was friendly and freezing cold and I lost the upper end of my voice for a few shows, but we plowed on with the intrepid Ales of Nomads of Praguea great touring company. I was amazed at how many of the opening bands had female punk singers who have recorded Avengers covers 4 or 5 and even more startled by how many of them 3!

We plan to go back again once our bones have thawed out. The highlights were Rome, Berlin and Hamburg. I promise to get some fotos up in the next Until then, check these out from Rome. While we were gone all my friends and people who would later stopme in store parking lots, got to see me and Pat play "If You're Willing" on the Josh Kornbluth Show. Which you can view online if you have Real Player. On to the future Jan 27th We're getting ready for the Avengers first ever European Tour.

Most dates are up but a few in the uK are still being set up. Thanks to Mutti's Booking and Bryan. Please let all your eurotrash friend know of out shows. We promise to be amazing! It'll be on Feb 20th at PM.

I do a little interview with the very smart, large-headed Josh and Dirk Dirksen expounds on punk history as well. The latest in must-haves for my super-collectors is a limited edition, hand-printed letter-press broadside of the lyrics to The American in Me. Signed, of course! Dec 16th Well well well. The year's flown by. Tomorrow is my birthdayso go to my webstore and buy me something and then keep it I've been doing a lot of shows with my musical colaborator, Pat Johnson to celebrate the U.

It will air sometime in Feb, I've been keeping an infrequent blog on the Myspace page with some poems on it now. There is my Penelope page and my Avengers page with some new live recordings.

Join up for more fun! Please spread the word. Sept 24thSorry, I've been out of the newsroom for a while. It's been quiet around here and I'm writing songs. Check the shows page for last minute changes in upcoming spots. It looks like the SoCal Wasted Fest has been cancelled due to business difficulties.

But the Avengers are trying to get a show in LA on Oct 8th to replace it. Join our email list to get updates. I will be playing with my band Lout! Sept 30th in Berkeley. The very talented Mike Theriaeu and sean smith will open the show. Here's a recent Penelope interview from online zine Here and There.

May 3, It looks like the Avengers will be taking a break for most of the summer after this next round of shows. Look for them! This could sell out, so get your tix now online. On a more literary note: I had so much fun and butterflies stomach at the reading for JT Leroy's novella Howard's End, that I'm doing it again.

Don't miss me and others, including the mega-talented Sean San Jose, and a showing of Cherry Hood's original illustrations for the book. It's free and all ages. And a feverishly good time was had by all.

Leroy's new novella "Harold's End" details here. Jan 20th We had a great time doing the Avengers UK tour and playing with The Damned, who brought us Absinthe backstage, which led to my singing along during an encore of "Smash it Up" and giving Captain Sensible in his schoolgirl frock a righteous spanking during his guitar solo!

If you're across the pond and missed it, we will probably be going back over in May for Morcombe. So all you girls and friends of girls, check out the new swag.

Tonight we play a benefit to help cover the medical bills of Mr Nancy Kravitz, a fab SF girl drummer who's supported the scene and like many artists and musicians in the US, has no health care.

Nov 24th Don't let Thanksgiving turn you into a turkey-stuffed TV watching zombie! The Avengers are going to the UK to play 5 shows. But before we go It's all ages!! The Horribles two girls and one guy playing punk rock and roll from LA Not to say girls are better But with only about 3 girls out of 40 musicians. Oct 30th We are back from Europe and had a great time there. Many wonderful shows starting with a performance in Bonn at the Harmonie.

Some more live photos here. Back in time to VOTE! Oct 4th Tomorrow we fly to europe to play 19 shows Thom and Greg Moore will sing too! Nicky Cacavas will drive. Please help us spread the wordby emailing all your friends on the civilized side of the Atlantic. These 4 new songs are the centerpiece of " Famous Butterflies ," an eleven song collection of unreleased studio and live material.

Really beautiful. I mean it, and not because I'm on it! Get your copy now, so he can eat while we're on tour. Also the Moore Brothers are opening for us on the complete Euro tour.

While we ride the van around the Continent my best friend will be filling your CD orders, so be patient. Thanks for all you support and make sure to register now and vote on Nov 2. I'm not going to be around to nag you. Oct 1, What fun playing in Portland and Seattle with the Avengers last weekend. Portland's big punk club, Sabala's, was the site of maybe our best show with this line up. The band rocked like banshees and the audience went insane.

The next day we drove to Seattle to play a benefit for "No Vote Left Behind" which is a voter drive with the intent of getting Kerry in and Bush out of office. Here's a few words from each musician involved, about why they played, from Seattle's best weekly rag The Stranger. There was also this review in the Seattle PI.

We also got a tingle when we heard that Pearl Jam had played "The American in Me" to a sold out crowd the night before! Sept 17th, Today I'm having my first real DJ experience.

So tune in, stream in, and come to Valencia Street Fair on Sunday. August 30thWe had a blast playing SoCal again. We'll do a couple of warm-up shows in the Bay Area Sept 9th and 19th before heading out in early Oct. It's mostly Germany with a few Austrian, Swiss, and Croatian shows for good measure. Please Girls Got Rhythm - Teenage Terror - Set A Rip (Vinyl) the word about us if you've got friends abroad or up North.

July 25thWe've been having a great time playing the scAvengers shows. A few more are scheduled for ; some all ages shows in SoCal including the Sunset Junction Street Fair with a great line-up and 2 in the PNW and maybe a couple in London at the end of the year.

If you miss the punk shows, don't miss out on the new Avengers Tees. I will be doing a European Tour in October with my "solo" band, the Crankies or whatever we're called. And the Moore Bros. It's going to like psycho summer camp!

Look for some SF warm-up shows before then. June 16thscAvengers shows are coming to SoCal! Don't miss them. May 28th. The name we are playing under is the scAvengersso don't miss out! Get on our email list or check the shows page frequently. May 9th Happy Mother's Day! The most fun could be our East Bay CD release party!! May 15th, at the Starry PloughIf you've never been to the Plough, you've missed out.

It's a friendly neighborhood pub with a good choice of beers, ciders, and nicely priced pizza and fish and chips. The sound has been steadily improving over the years. We'll start atbut come early to catch the amazing Moore Bros and Mike V. If you can't make the live events, you can keep up with my online presence. Find out more on that and the latest scAvengers show. All Music Guide gave it a 4 star rating.

Greil Marcusthe peerless cultural historian, after hearing my song "Pale Green Girl" on KALX, emailed me and said "it's the best recording you've made since the Avengers, and as punk as anything you've ever done--the slowness, the shock at the end when the song reveals its true punk heart, or cracks its whip.

And that guitar solo--just a few notes, making you lean forward, wondering what's being said. April 13thHere are the promised audience-eye-view photos of my moment with Mission of Burma. A groovy review of my covers CD Snapshot just came out in the latest issue of Venuszine. Ever wanted to know what my new songs are about?

Here are some clues. Thank you! And although they won't be in stores until April 20th, you can buy them here. And on sale! But why wait? Hopefully I'll have some photos to post soon. What a deal!

But it takes some serious browsing to find them. We'll be playing 4 shows, three with our new band and one acoustic show with Pat Johnson. Most of them are free so if you're going to be there, please come by and say hello. My two new CDs will be available at my shows, or you can pre-order them online.

They will ship on April 1st. Feb 21st,Pat Johnson and I have put together a great new band. Don't miss our historic debut on Feb 28th Starry Plough in Berkeley. CD news! I have a new shipment of my import-only CD karmal apple so anyone that needs one of those can get it now. I let you know as soon as I have Girls Got Rhythm - Teenage Terror - Set A Rip (Vinyl) available! Happy New Year! Thanks to all my friends and fans for their continued support especially to the one who is giving my a new i-mac!

Pat and I played a fun set at the MakeOut Room and will likely play there again soon. Texans can see us this year SXSW Marchand we hope to play around the Southwest on a short tour that month. Info to come. If you're not on my email-list, please join for all the latest news. And when you email me please write a clear message in the subject line, because I get alot of penis enlarging spam that just says "Hi.

This wild live recording is from our third-to-last Avengers show in Recorded at the Old Waldorf, San Francisco, it's a vast improvement over a terrible sounding bootleg of this show on CD that came out some 10 years ago. Includes four songs that have never had an official release and some knockout photography by Ruby Ray.

The package include a card innersleeve with more pictures and liner notes. Plus it's on high-grade white Italian vinyl. But the LP is frame-able! Get it for your Avenger fanatic! Read a review at All Music Guide. Order your copy free shipping until Nov 2nd! Sept 27thComing soon! The Nov. Pre- order your copy now or buy it from me in person at one of these two new shows! And look for my interview and punk photo in the new Fall issue of the ever-hip Venus Magazine at cool newsstands and in stores everywhere.

Already, Girls Got Rhythm - Teenage Terror - Set A Rip (Vinyl), I'm getting emails from conspiracy theorists!

Marcus likes "The American in Me" and "Scum", 2 of my most popular songs. See how all my fans voted on their favorites at the new survey results page. July 9,It's here!!! June 29th,What a week! It was about the strangest gig I've ever done. You can see a movie of it online at Lisa Rein's site.


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