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Yes Im Ready - Kim Weston - It Should Have Been Me (CD) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

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Download Yes Im Ready - Kim Weston - It Should Have Been Me (CD)
Label: Castle Communications - MAC CD 340 • Format: CD Compilation • Country: UK • Genre: Funk / Soul •

At the point of this writing I am contemplating taking my mother to the hospital. We just need a science teacher to chime in on why this works, and this will be a great learning experience too! We were so excited to do this with the kids today.

Got Ivory, put it in on some wax paper, stuck it in the micro and it barely puffed, but it did burn. Smoked and burned. A lot. Not sure what went wrong. Or did you use something else? I just used a tiny bit of regular food coloring, but you can buy coloring specifically for soaps at craft stores if you prefer that.

My children are grown and I will become a grandparent in April first time but this looked so amazing I had to try it by my self! I added the food coloring and pressed it into my cookie cutters… my problem was getting them out. I want this fun project down pat by the time my grandchildren are old enough to do this with me! Christine, try spraying a little non-stick spray on the cookie cutters first; that would probably help!

The reason that only Ivory soap works, as I have recently found out from Pintrest, is that Ivory soap is made with lots of air bubbles in it! Thanks for sharing. I tried and it worked for me. Thank you for posting!! Dearest Sara, I cannot hardly wait for my grandchildren to come over and try this. We love to do crafts and what a mess it becomes at times. However, they are kids once and the time will come that they push the grands away for their own friends.

And thank you so much. May you and your family have a wonderful New Year. We just did this and what fun!!! My 3 year old broke my soap dispenser today, and I was sad for a second…stumbled upon your site! Thank you so much for sharing!!! Who needs a soap dispenser, we have two green snowflakes, a blue train and a green and blue owl drying!

Thank YOU! I tried Jergens Mild and it worked too. Then I tried doing Fels Naptha. It is now my preferred method to make soap powder for homemade laundry detergent. I have pictures of how I did it. The Fels Naptha is a hard soap bar and has a higher lye content than softer soaps like Ivory.

Rachel, most other bars are actually detergent, not soap. You may be able to use Fels Naptha or Zout. Mind blown!! I cannot wait to try this! Thank you so much for the tutorial. Danx, Ivory is a brand of soap. Most other bars in the U. Fels Naptha is another brand of soap that should work.

For those of us who use Ivory to make laundry detergent doing this would be easier than grating the bar with a grater. Thanks for the tip. This is awesome. I have never seen this done in a microwave. Thank you for taking the time to share this info; pictures and all. Love it…and your an awesome mom! Hi i am from Australia. Is there a soap in Australia i can use as i have never heard of ivory soap.

In the U. Ivory is one of few actual soap bars. Good Luck! And the great devour is from Ninjago its a giant snake that grows when it eats. They were easy to understand. The pictures were fantastuc. The reason most soap projects specifically state Ivory is because it is actually one of a few widely avaialable soaps — most others Safeguard, Coast, Iris Spring, Dial, etc are actually detergents!

If you read the labels none of them actually say they are soap. They will not behave the same way in a lot of projects. I am 60 and my 40 year old daughters are coming for a visit. This looks like such a perfect project for kids, but the trouble is that at some point they might try to do this when they are unsupervised long enough to stick a bar fo soap in the microwave. With that being said, I have granddaughters who would be likewise inclined to do something like this if mom was reading and not paying close enough attention.

Has anyone had this experience? I ask because I want to know how it turned out and did the kids turn the kitchen into a carmelized soap factory? If the answer is at all positive, I may try this at home. Thanks for the wonderful idea!! My two grandsons just finished with this project and they had a ball. No problem getting them to hop in the tub with this trick!! Has anyone discovered any other versions of this with other soap brands available in Australia?

This is the best website I have ever come across! I love all your ideas and am very excited to try these things! Love the idea, live in Australia, shall look for Ivory soap,if none, will have to experiment, fun idea for my grandchildren, Ta. I am trying this during art this week with my preschoolers for sure! Our coordinator is also so fascinated that she is joining us. Other teacher friends of mine have done these at church…now I will try them in Yes Im Ready - Kim Weston - It Should Have Been Me (CD) public school setting.

I absolutely love this idea! IVORY soap was a total mistake made by a new employee in the blending process. Yes Im Ready - Kim Weston - It Should Have Been Me (CD) forgot to turn off the machine and when he realized his mistake after an extended period he kept it to himself and they processed, packaged it and sent it out. Not long after people wrote the company praising them for inventing soap that floats. Previously all the soaps mostly lye sank to the bottom of the tubs or whatever making the person dig for it.

Well they investigated and the employee fessed up to his mistake and the most famous soap in history was born. When my son was young we put Marshmallows in the microwave because he wanted them warm-they too grow to amazing proportions! Just be careful to not leave them in for more than seconds at a time…. What makes Ivory soap different is that it started as a scam.

Which made the company a ton of money. When you nuke it, the little air bubbles throughout the bar heat and expand, which is what makes the soap do what it does. Food coloring?

It does on counters, clothing, and hands by itself. I still remember how fun that was. Does anyone still remember this? Wonder if it would make it too dry to use or add extra water back in. I was just thinking it would be more fun and easier than grating it. For those of you using Ivory as your bar of choice for hands, bathing or to make laundry detergent check the link provided for its toxicity profile. Great database to check your favorite products and choose better options when possible.

This looks like great fun and make a homemade gift at the same time. Found you and this post through Pinterest. This looks like a fun project. Looking forward to picking up some Ivory on grocery day! I have used ivory dish washing liquid as my bubble bath for years. I never have to scrub my bath tub. Wondering if this ivory cloud turns to dust when maashed if i could not put the dust in a jar and use it as my bubble bath.

Check out my finished product on my Pinterest page Charlotte Flewelling! Think they will probably want to use their lego and lego men molds. This was so cool we loved it and we reconstructed the soap in the food processor with green food coloring. Thanks for the idea! Will try it again. Do you know what the ingredient in the soap I need too look for? Many thanks. As for the great devour.

I was thinking the great devourer was a refering to fantastic four with the silver surfer you know with the devourer of worlds. Guess I just like superheroe references. What a great idea. Gets your microwave clean too. Just wiped down with a sponge and good to go Microwave needed a cleaning anyway. Kids are having a blast.

Thank you for the pinterest post. Has anyone done a test to see if he chemical compound changes in any way? I would love to see the results. The reason this works so well is because unlike other bar soap, Ivory is really foam. It is made up of microscopically small air bubbles. When heated, the air in the bubbles expands, making it do its magic.

This is so cool! Thanks for sharing!!! Lego Ninjago, right?? The shapes were crazy the flakes were everywhere! It was a great actitity! Their all thrilled with their own soap they get to take home! Had a ball. And a square. And, a few other odd shapes in between play and bath time. Just thought you might like to know.

I tried it today and it was a total. Ivory soap does indeed work the best but Lever and Dial work almost as good. Lava and Zest are disappointing, and Olay is just pitiful. I make home made laundry detergent and I do this with the ivory soap and fels naptha spelling because you either have to grate the soap or microwave it and crush it into small pieces.

Now when I make my homemade detergent I can start out by letting the kids have fun watching it grow in the microwave and then they can crumble it up for me. I will do 2 bars so they have one bar to make the individual colored soaps with. Hi, loved the cloud, made it, it was enjoyed by all. We, the silly adults, then wanted to know what would happen if we nuked Dove soap. So, we cut it in half, put it in a bowl and nuked it. Well, it produced noxious fumes and just melted. I am sure it was noted by someone, but the principle behind this soap cloud is the same as popcorn.

Air and moisture are trapped in the soap and when you heat it up, they expand. This just fluffs it up but does not affect it chemically, unlike Dove. I came across this great activity. It will be interesting to see what kids write for their hypothesis when I ask them what they think will happen when I put it in the microwave!!! I am sure many will say, If the soap is put in the microwave, then it will melt create bubbles.

Great Idea! We did it three times this morning, molding the soap into a silicone pan with mini hearts. You saved me a lot of money. When the ad finally redirected to an actual ad, imagine my surprise at seeing one for Trojan Condoms. My granddaughter was sitting here with me while tried to learn about these soap clouds.

Glad I did it before trying it at camp. For all you people that are asking if it HAS to be Dial the answer is YES i used some cheap soap i found around my house and i left it in the microwave for about 1 minute when i looked at the microwave and it was smoking like crazy. And it stunk and for like 2 hours when all were stuck with the horrible smell of burnt avocado soap.

I turned black so use DIAL!!!!!!! THAT would be cool! Is it stable enough for this? This is cool I will surely love to try it. I love trying things to make me feel younger and this will surely be. Love your pages, website, everything. Can you sent the soap? I am a preschool teacher and would love to do this in my classroom. Do you know how many individual cookie cutter size soaps are made from one bar of Ivory? My kid watches it all the time. So cool. We just did it. How long do you usually microwave it?

I used to be a preschool teacher. We used different kinds of soap to make sculptures. The kids and I grated a variety of soaps and added water to make our sculptures. The varying soaps and colors were fun to experiment with. You may like to try that technique. This did not work with Dial soap.

Burnt through the plastic plate and left the house with an unnamable odor. Highly do not recommend this idea when trying to find entertainment. Currently have a fan in our kitchen and the back door open to rid the smell.

This definitely does not work with Dial soap. But the reason the soap expands is the amount of air bubbles in Ivory soap. I wonder if it works as well with other brands.

The great devourer is from Ninjago. I have 3 boys that watch that and would love this. I was thinking of Christmas gift for the little people in our family. I just put a little drop in and the soup counteracts it to wash it off:. This was sooo fun!

They loved their own little soaps to take home too. Years ago Pier One used to sell soap balls. They looked like the balls they sell now for adding to the bathwater. I think I may try making my own soap balls with this process.

Love this idea for kids. Thanks for a fun post! I wish I had known about this when my children were kids and also when I was doing daycare in my home, thanks for this I will pass it on. Great idea for kid-entertaining, also thanks for the way to turn the puff into bath soaps. I mix my own laundry powder, using Fels Naptha laundry bars. Dedicated, because the scent of the soap seems to become a permanent part of the blender, making it totally unusable for food.

At full-power, the soap begins to burn. I use a microwave-safe ironstone dinner plate. Even your hands can crush it into flakes. Great stress-reliever. My smaller grandchildren absolutely LOVE the beating part, as well, and I love the resulting soap flakes. What country are you in?

Do you kids read Rick Riordan? Ammut Ammit, Ahemait, Ammemet was an Egyptian demoness. She was a netherworld dweller who waited by the scales of judgement to consume the hearts of those who did evil during their lives. She was the monster under the scale at the weighing of the heart ceremony after an Ancient Egyptian passed into the underworld. Osiris was god of the underworld and when you died, he placed your heart on the scale of judgement.

If your heart was lighter than a feather you passed into the afterlife. But if your heart was heavier, Ammut would devour it and you would not have eternal life. I love this, even for my older kids this summer, they will be amazed by it. Thank you for sharing. The Great Devourer was a monstrous snake worshipped by the Serpentine as a god, believed to consume all of creation if left unchecked. There are many YouTube video with him in it.

Hi You may have answered this already but there were so many posts I stopped reading…… Would this snow work on flocking evergreens? Would this work? Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Learn how your comment data is processed. Print This! You can definitely believe that I am going to play. Geez why not, I am only 65 yrs old! I have 3 boys that love Ninjago. Despite the title, I fully expected to read these were the remains of Rediwhip cans, Yes Im Ready - Kim Weston - It Should Have Been Me (CD). I never would have thought Soap did that!

My 4 year old will love doing this. Ninjago Rise of the Snakes. My son loves that show too! Looks like fun. Thanks for posting! If you use food coloring to make new soaps wont it turn them the colros you use? Lol so your little one like ninjogo spelling? So is my little boy. My kids are going to love it. Thanks for sharing your kitchen crafts. Man, I love it when science and crafts come together! Thanks for the post! Ninjago… my sons love that show.

Looks fun! Love this idea and they can make there own soap very cool thanks. Just did this with my 8 year old son. It was awesome. Going to do it again later. I tried it on safeguard big mistake it just burns the soap yuck! The quote is from Ninjgo not that I can spell it. Do you know if you can do this with Dove Soap too or only Ivory Soap? The Great Devourer — Ninjago!!!

I have to hear about it all day long myself!! I came on here to comment that my Ivory soap was old too! And did the same thing. If you put food coloring, does the color run when they use the soap?? Now I have to go to the store. This is so neat. You could use this as an activity for science! Cute idea! Lever soap works, too!! It might not get the full size of Ivory, but it still puffs out!!

I could not find any documentation for this but it seems reasonable to me. Thanks for this — my daughter is going to love it! Could putting natural exfoliants in it be a good idea? Someone let me know what they think of these ideas.

Any thoughts on those who have done this would be appreciated. Thanks so much for posting this!! Made this today with my kids. So fun!! Now they have their very own homemade soaps!! Any recommendations? This looks like a fun project for my grandkids and I to try! Thank you for being creative.

Of course…. Are there natural dyes that can be added? Thanks for the neat idea! Ruby, backed by her Romantics, was a natural on the original version. Originally Posted by TomatoTom Originally Posted by Ozmo.

Originally Posted by Motown Eddie. Originally Posted by smallworld. Home run!!!! Originally Posted by RanRan I just realised what your post actually meant!!!! You see, Motown was so prolific its artists covered songs from the future Hey, it's been said Motown had a magic touch.

No reason to think their magical powers couldn't extend to covering songs that hadn't been recorded yet. A few more Marvin Gaye 1. Candy to Me 2. Without the One You Love 3. Since I've Lost You 5. A Little Too Much 3. No More Water in the Well 5. Feelin' Alright 3. Honey Boy 4. Keep an Eye 5. Girl, You're Alright! Originally Posted by jboy All times are GMT The time now is AM. Baby Love Song previews provided courtesy of iTunes.

Tracks of Disc 1 1. Love Machine [DVD] 3. Grazing in the Grass [DVD] Reconsider [DVD] Mister Wonderful [DVD] Oooh Child [DVD] Nowhere to Run [DVD] Flashback [DVD] Weak Hearted [DVD] It's a Shame [DVD] 6. My Brother [DVD] 7. Helpless [DVD] 8. Lucky Number [DVD] Timeless [DVD] Talk of the Grapevine [DVD] Day by Day [DVD] Six by Six [DVD] Headline News [DVD] Running in Circles [DVD] 5. Take the Train [DVD] 6. Wholeheartedly [DVD] Back Street [DVD] Surrender [DVD] Waiting for the Day [DVD] Fire Alarm [DVD] Build a Foundation [DVD] Darling Baby [DVD] Souvenirs of Love [DVD] My Girl [DVD].

Emotion CD. It Should Have Been Me 2. It Takes Two 3. Oh No, Not My Baby 4. Emotion 5. Doin' If for Myself 6. Baby I'm Yours 7. After the Rain 8. Talkin' Loud 9. Restless Feet Yes I'm Ready Signal Your Intention My Heart's Not Made of Stone Just One Man for Me It's Too Late Dancing in Yes Im Ready - Kim Weston - It Should Have Been Me (CD) Street It Takes Two 2.

Helpless 4. Do Like I Do 5. Teach Me Tonight 6. I'm Still Loving You 7. A Little More Love 8. It Should Have Been Me 9. Love Me All the Way Looking for the Right Guy Another Train Coming Feel Alright Tonight Baby Don't You Leave Me A Thrill a Moment Just Loving You Don't Compare Me With Her Go Ahead and Laugh. Sweet Soul Music: CD. Kim Weston also appears in this compilation Tracks of Disc 1 1.

Voice Your Choice 2. The Boy from New York Yes Im Ready - Kim Weston - It Should Have Been Me (CD) 3. Hold What You've Got 4. Twine Time 5. Don't Mess Up a Good Thing 6. My Girl 7. Shotgun 8. People Get Ready 9. Got to Get You off My Mind Iko Iko I'll Be Doggone The Entertainer Baby, I'm Yours Boot-Leg We're Gonna Make It Back in My Arms Again Ride Your Pony In the Midnight Hour Sitting in the Park The "In" Crowd The Tracks of My Tears Think Treat Her Right Rescue Me See Saw Motown Anthology CD.

Love Me All The Way - studio 3. Just Loving You - studio 4. Meet Me Half Way - studio 5. Looking For The Right Guy - studio 6. Perfect Love - studio 7. Little More Love - studio 8. Loving Touch - studio 9. I'm Still Loving You - studio Thrill A Moment - studio Look My Way - studio Another Train Coming - studio Helpless - studio I Need Him - studio Hurt A Little Everyday - studio Build Him Up - studio Go On Without Me - studio When We Get Together - studio Joey Joey - studio Will I Find My Love - studio Just Call Me - studio You Can Do It - studio I Got A Weak Heart - studio Marionette - studio Fancy Meeting You Here - studio Drop In The Bucket - studio Your Wonderful Sweet, Sweet Love - studio Absent Minded Lover - studio Where Am I Going - studio I Got Good News - studio When I Lost You - studio This Dream - studio.

Kim Weston also appears in this compilation Q : 5 Stars - Indispensable - " Money That's What I Want 2. Shop Around 3. Please Mr. Postman 4. Jamie 5. Do You Love Me 7. Beechwood 8. Stubborn Kind Of Fellow Two Lovers Come And Get These Memories Pride And Joy Fingertips Part 2 Mickey's Monkey Leaving Here My Guy Devil With The Blue Dress Every Little Bit Hurts Baby I Need Your Loving Dancing In The Street Needle In A Haystack Baby Love Come See About Me My Girl 2.

He Was Really Sayin' Somethin' 3. Ask The Lonely 4. Shotgun 5. Nowhere To Run 6. When I'm Gone 7. Ooo Baby Baby 8. The Tracks Of My Tears It's The Same Old Song Uptight Everything's Alright Don't Mess With Bill Darling Baby Greetings This Is Uncle Sam Function At The Junction Roadrunner I'm A Ain't Too Proud To Beg


Bread From Heaven - Gene Loves Jezebel - Promise (Cassette, Album), Various - The Unusual Suspects Vol 1 (Vinyl), Silenzio Cantatore... - Giuseppe di Stefano - O Marenariello (Vinyl, LP), Mandverbandreklame Is Kut - Juice Tigers - 10 Grote Successen Van De Juice Tigers (CD), Tellem (Intro) - The Internet (2) - Feel Good (File, Album), Abismo De Rosas - Various - Choro 1906 - 1947 (CD), One Moment - Abacaxí - Damacine (CD, Album), The Calculation - Regina Spektor - Live In London (CD, Album), Потерянное ПОКОЛЕНИЕ - За кого? за что? (File, MP3), Resolution, Banished But Blameless - Black Moth - The Killing Jar (Vinyl, LP, Album), Nimbus - Various - Beatboxer (File, MP3)

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