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The Wrath Of Who We Wish To Be - Entreat. - Deincubation (CD, Album) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Published 11.10.2019

Download The Wrath Of Who We Wish To Be - Entreat. - Deincubation (CD, Album)
Label: Moonlee Records - HMRL004 • Format: CD Album • Country: Slovenia • Genre: Rock • Style: Metalcore

Rob are you sure you're not mixing up the two mixes? Notherbob: Yes, but I had posted about that interview back on Sept. I originally posted those video clips on Vimeo, but that account along with my original YouTube account got deleted due to some of the European tv clips that I posted. But I will update that old post, just in case someone searches for it. Lindsey - I agree with you that people are confusing the two mixes, which is in part because of the sequencing of the content and the title of the YouTube video should be " v Mixes," not the other way around, i.

While the original Entreat is quieter, if you will, the biggest tip-off in terms of hearing the difference in sound seems to be the snare drum. On the original "Entreat," it has that loud, crisp crack that you'd expect with live drums. On "Entreat Plus," it's a softer snare hit, perhaps toned down so the overall volume could be increased comfortably without the snare The Wrath Of Who We Wish To Be - Entreat. - Deincubation (CD your ears major fatigue. The sound of Entreat Plus has nothing to do with digital vs analog or anything like that.

It is just piss-poor mixing and mastering. The original Entreat was mixed to be wide open and airy You could easily identify any sound of any single instrument at any point in any song. The new mix is completely devoid of this.

All of the sound is almost dead center in the mix I believe that the packaging stated something to the effect of "Mixed Home by R. Well, there is no doubt of this at all, it sounds exactly like something that was created in the bedroom studio of a beginner recordist This is a great example of the shambles that was made of Entreat Plus. For anyone who says they prefer Entreat Plus mix over the orignal Entreat mix, I would seriously question your hearing. Entreat Plus is such a missed opportunity.

The differences are obvious. No one's been complaining about that one, and that's a good thing:. Entreat Plus sounds bad! But he missed it. The main problem with Entreat Plus is the snare has that shitty wet cardboard box snare sound The Cure have had since Where has the trait metallic reverbed sounding snare sound gone which was part of why The Prayer Tour sounded so amazing?

The hi-hat sounds pretty muffled too. It seems to me Robert has never given a fuck about good drum sound, first he employs Jason, then turns Boris' drumming into a totally shit mix. Anyway I'm done Album) talking about this stuff, I've been sick of The Cure having shit drums for 15 years now I like them both but the old one sounds very "tinny" I think you can hear all of the guitars more clearly. I also prefer not to have the drums be the loudest part of the song.

Entreat plus just seems more balanced The Wrath Of Who We Wish To Be - Entreat. - Deincubation (CD me. For those of you who like the old one, let it stay your favorite. I'm not going to tell you what you should like best. Definitely not going to tell you one is horrible and one is great. Also not going to tell you that you have no idea what you're talking about or question your hearing.

I'm not denying the problems with the new mix, especially since I've never owned the old version, but what I don't like about the old mix is the louder drums; very annoying. It's the same complaint I have about "Seventeen Seconds" -- percussion that's way too loud and deafens your ears while trying to hear the more subtle instruments. I worry about the loudness wars, though.

To credit Robert I do think some things are better on Entreat Plus, for example Porl's guitar spread over left and right instead of just being left, and some of the vocals and keys sound a bit better too, but why totally change the sound of the drums and completely remove the huge metallic reverb sound which was a trait part of the epic Prayer Tour sound?

I can notice you are a new fan and sadly you grew up with the bad sound of Jason but believe us, Entreat Plus is a joke It comes down to dynamics vs loudness Remember "This music was mixed to be played loud Rob i meant no offense. I really cannot fathom that anyone would prefer Entreat Plus. Now I know that there are some fans who would take a pile of Roberts shit on a plate and call it a masterpiece.

This is ridiculous though. It's almost like it is a The Wrath Of Who We Wish To Be - Entreat. - Deincubation (CD effect in many ways. People see the words "Remixed and Remastered" and that implies it is better.

Arguably if it needed to be remeastered and remixed that means there was something wrong with it in the first place right? Why he didn't leave the original 8 tracks alone and use them as a guide for the four new tracks will be another addition to Roberts collection of bizarre and questionable actions.

Wow, I have to agree with what most are saying: the new mix is quite unfortunate. I'm no audiophile, but Entreat Plus sounds like I'm listening to the original Entreat underwater. One poster truefaith00 left the following comment on the YouTube video which I think nicely sums up what likely transpired with the new mix: "I don't have a problem with the drums, or anything in the mix.

Robert biased the mix towards the " live Cure sound" which pales in comparison to the Prayer and Wish tours. I Agree. It's just great to have all the album in a live version just like the 93 live album of DM. It's something I would listen to more often. No difference at all, except for the covers. Lindsey No offense taken, no worries. I've just heard them live through all of their live albums and bootlegs that I have. I can understand why you prefer the old one.

I have no problems with it myself. I just prefer the new one. Either way, it is an extra disc on top of the free downloads of extra rarities and the live Dallas show. So I guess I have trouble complaining. Also, definitely not going to call it a "pile of Roberts shit on a plate". I'm glad to have Entreat Plus I've been waiting 20 years for complete live version of Disintegration that was recorded in Thank you Robert. The new one completely kicks the butt of the original.

Amazing how the suttle stuff really sticks out now You lot are beginning to sound like the bunch of whingers on the official forum. Call me a whinger all you want I suppose if we were allowed to return opened CDs for refund, we'd have not as much to whinge about. I'm not attacking, just asking Don't kill me yet x] I just don't understand this complaint I'm also not arguing the too-typical "you're not a Cure fan!!

You don't like every single thing they've ever done! Shame on you! AND a fantastic remastering of it to boot. Maybe I've not been a Cure fan "long-enough", or I grew up with the "wrong" drum sound, but shouldn't we be at least kinda grateful for this whole awesome package? I did notice the drum sound differences, as everyone has. But, on some parts of the original Entreat the drums are very quiet, at least from what I can hear in this video. I can't buy Entreat at the moment but anyways Maybe I'm wrong here?

Well, on the original Entreat it seems like it's kinda hard to hear them Could be wrong though, so don't stone me x] Also But a lot of people now think it's pretty solid. Or at least, I do haha. Or am I wrong here too? Maybe I'm just a terrible Cure fan Being too young and all Wait a second? So since its Roberts band he has the right to release a subpar record? I just don't get that line of thinking.

So was it perfectly acceptable for him to tack on audience recordings to the Porno bonus disc when soundboard recordings existed? Come on folks! I know we love to The Wrath Of Who We Wish To Be - Entreat. - Deincubation (CD art and music, but at the end of the day he is releasing a product onto the market. Something they expect us to purchase. We have every right to complain about it when the quality control is clearly this lousy. Ford Gods sake Robert!

Stay away from Paris or Show. Or get Bryan New back and do it right. AND you have to get the original Entreat and after that, give your points of view.

I agree with you that the remastering of Disintegration is beautiful I'm a fan since and bought Deluxe just for Entreat thinking that it would sound better than the original one and also because of the great Plainsong, which I think is the best song on the album.

Boris must be laughing at how bad things have being going since he left haha. Thanks much haha x] Sometimes it's a bit nerve-wracking to post here People can really tear ya apart. People can really tear ya apart ; " I feel the same when posting in the official forum where those old fatties leaded by "ti8tgowbb" tear you apart if you dare to say something against their god Robert Smith It seems that those ladies don't realize RSX is human and makes mistakes too.

Past all this. I'm eager to find out what the next Cure chapter is!! If you have issues with the new mix you are not listening to it loud enough. U r a new Cure fan and I welcome you, but this thread is not 4 u. FenderVI: u r joking uh? Please don't tell anyone where they belong or what they can and cannot enjoy. That's the sort of thing that really doesn't belong here. All opinions and thoughts are welcome and valued here.

Peter: I was sort of joking. It does sound better when you turn it up. Not sure this is mono though. Maybe not as stereo as the original. I have been a Cure fan since ' I have just about everything that they have put out and I listen to it.

The new mix is a little flat but I find the snare on the original Entreat to be a little too loud and harsh. It also looks like the dynamics got squished out in mastering. With that said I still love both mixes. Hell, I still listen to the bootleg of the San Diego Prayer Tour show that I went to and it sounds like it is being played from a tenth generation copy on a VCR with the tracking off.

No, The Wrath Of Who We Wish To Be - Entreat. - Deincubation (CD, Richard. The point is that this blog is not used for slanging matches to a degree, as long as it's constuctive or humorouspointing the finger, putting people down, bullying or threats. It is a meeting place for people who are devoted to a British band named The Cure to talk and share stories, ideas and feelings.

That's why we love d it. That's how the Prayer Tour sounded listen to your bootlegs. I was there. I think that's what people don't like about it, that it's not a faithful attempt at recreating a work of art from A near masterpiece that in many ways outperformed the studio version. I appreciate that everyone is passionate about this album, and both sides have validation. My point was that I love the Disintegration songs so much that I will excuse the issues with the mix, listen and enjoy.

There is one thing that I think we can all agree on. RS could have used some Auto-tune on Homesick :. I don't think taste comes into it But this is to do with dynamics, sound reproduction and quality of remixing I'm no audiophile in comparison to others on this blog and other fora forums?

Whether you like that or not is really relevant to the arguement I can confidently say that objectively this is a bad mix. There tends to be a baseline for what is bad and good in an audio presentation. I sincerely believe that Robert has decreased hearing. I can understand why newer fans may like the new remix.

That is how the current band sounds, and that is what the newer fans are used to. Location: mid west, USA. Baba Oh ReallyJul 30, Location: Bayside, NY.

This one:. Larry GellerJul 30, Location: San Diego, CA. The Mastersound Gold is the one you should look for. I'm not crazy about any Japanese CD's. They are copied from second or higher generation tape copies. AudiophilePhilJul 30, Location: Near Seattle, WA. Location: Greater Vancouver. It sounds a bit cold and sterile in comparison. DaveJul 30, To answer the OP's original question There isn't a Bad mastering of this album.

It really depends if you want an oldschool smooth analogue sound or a modern bright digital sound. Location: Israel. Bought it long ago BoazJul 30, I have a little preference for the Japan Harvest black face, it's not a sonic preference but the look, I like those old black face CD As DBZ says, there is no bad mastering for this title.

Location: Amersfoort, The Netherlands. John Grimes likes this. Location: Norway. Capt FongsbyJul 30, Location: Singapore. Location: Beaver Stadium. Discussed ad nauseum.


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