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Speeding Up - Kevin Blechdom - Your Butt E.P. (CD) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

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Download Speeding Up - Kevin Blechdom - Your Butt E.P. (CD)
Label: Dudini - DUD 01 EP • Format: CD EP • Country: US • Genre: Electronic • Style: Leftfield, Abstract, IDM

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How to get Windows 10 for free 3 days ago. AMD vs. Intel 3 days ago. What is RAM? The first Apple Silicon benchmarks have leaked out. Do they disappoint? I have tried to make these pieces both open and to work on parallel levels: not only do they have their own narrative and aesthetic qualities, but I hope they also offer a meditation on listening and not listening, interpretation and structure, chance and microphonics. The list of ears around the world who supplied basic material is too long to print here, but it includes many names familiar from these catalogues, and many from the still young soundscape and phonograpic community.

Full details of people and places are given in the booklet, along with artwork and thorough notes. Cutler plays mikes, fx pedals, egg slicer, bows, steel bars, electric drums.

Deutsch Amerikanischen Freundschaft D. Not what they are best known for, but a personal fave of mine. The results are extraordinary - the cries are transformed into an electronic melee This is their masterpiece so far; start here. Bob performs on vocals, strings guitars, bass, violin, etc. Dark drumming and ambient industrial orchestrations. One composition by each recorded LIVE. Fans of 20th century Avant will have to have this, as it is sonically amazing!

More great Swedish psyche! Cutler,Amy Denio,Wadi Gysi team up for a killer cd of post-punk-art-prog-damage.

Weirdest album from this excellent Canterbury prog band! On Staubgold label. Family Fodder are a fluctuating group of musicians centered around Alig Fodder, often featuring Dominique on vocals. This anthology collects some of their most Speeding Up - Kevin Blechdom - Your Butt E.P. (CD) recordings from the past to the present, including their memorable indie chart entries, alternate versions and previously unreleased tracks.

The 40 page booklet is stuffed with unpublished photos, stills from super 8 footage of the famous studio at Wumme, and revealing interviews with many of the key players of the Faust story. They have created a continuous journey of contrasts, marking the layers of time. Flied Egg "Dr. A dark satanic trainride to hell and back.

Temp Out Fox, Sue P. Way cool! Fripp, R. Absolutely amazing. An hour of telepathic communication and exploration! They do a Cromagnon cover!! Sounding like a prototype for Half Japanese or the Shaggs, the Godz play as if they discovered their instruments ten minutes before the tape started rolling. See above. Second domestic cd from this hip band. This time around more aggressive. At times hauntingly gorgeous, other times sonic and unsettling.

The 2nd album by the keyboardist best known for his great album "Lord Of The Rings". This features much more of a full band sound, and is a very fine progressive rock effort! Includes a nice booklet of photos that I had never seen before and an essay in Swedish only. This one features all the old gang Nik! Brock, Del! Deluxe digipack in sleeve packaging! Hedningarna "Kaksi! Composed with actual period instruments, synthetic ritual devices, human bones, and authentic arcane chants of medieval and modern witch cult practice.

There was a big push to make him a prog rock star with this album; the album was produced by Todd Rundgren and the band is basically Hillage, Miquette Giraudy, Don Cherry!!! I still remember a great interview I heard on the radio around the time this came out: "Steve, tell us the concept of 'L' and what it's all about.

He promised "no stress, just fun! Moore ended up playing drums and congas, which were looped and later employed for multi-track recordings. Van Hoorn's experiments with a Boomerang Phrase sampler resulted in the first sax loop on the album, which were mixed live with effects to a 2-track tape.

For the most part, Van Hoorn placed himself in the middle of his studio, encircled by his collection of saxes, clarinets, flutes, analogue windsynths and keyboards, and would walk around to each, improvising. Everything was then recorded by Moore and passed through his "effects kitchen" for some sonic baking.

And voila! Both Niels and Ryan hope you enjoy listening to it as much as they enjoyed producing it. At first listen to this I was blown away. It's like this: Null provided sonic source material which Horist then organised, manipulated and added on to. So what happened? Scrumptious musical confectionaries with surprise flavour centers! Much of it is like IDM with the boring removed.

More deep and less bleep. The drum machinations pound out strains reminiscent of Ikue More ala Death Praxis or latter day Bruce Gilbert with a bit of controlled early Nurse With Wound wail thrown in as if this amalgamation were the soundtrack to an old Atari video game see also Haruomi Hosono. And then comes the second track! Horists' guitar techniques are exciting, weird, rhythmic, Harry Partch-like track 4 'Luminous Lullaby'indescribable, explosive, ugly and beautiful.

And just when it gets nuts, a melancholy paean to Boards Of Canada cuts through the noisy silt to round the experience out.

Tietchensian insect jitters skitter throughout the tracks, no two of which can be said to be quite the same. And this is the wonder of the whole thing; Bill has crafted a cohesive statement out of all these musical explorations which, in many ways, smells of the tectonics of "OG" electro-experimental records of the early 80's and late 70's.

Tennesee band influenced by Don Caballero, Slint, Shellac vs. Mahavishnu Orch and This Heat! Aggressively complex structures and layering of dual guitars, bass, Rhodes Piano and drums Hototogisu "Floating Japanese Oof!

Fans of his other projects will dig the HELL out of this! If you like the Guyoto monks Roberto Iolini was born in Sydney He has worked extensively in improvisation, pop, electronic and ethnic music. Commissions include works for local and international chamber ensembles, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, multi media projects and theatre.

The sounds they get burrow to the heart of the matter with reverb tanked slo-mo and urban howl forming a durable disc of genuine interactive musicality. A keeper and a grower. This is the band's umpteenth record and they really stretch out on this record and unfurl. You can hear their patented brand of lethargo Flipper-isms as if from a tunnel down.

Also coming through is some noontime yodeling the Kirkwood's perfected on Meat Puppets II, slowed to a chug. Definitely on their own musical plane to be reckoned with. Incapacitants "Mon, Ma? Crimson meets Sabbath sound! Everyone should own at least one of these for when you have your heroine addicted friends over for a deep-fried twinkie party.

Speeding Up - Kevin Blechdom - Your Butt E.P. (CD), Kenichi "Experimental Music of Japan vol. Total guitar-duo psych-heavy face-melting freakout! This isn't typical track-by-track genre-bending as much as it is a complete orchestral work, calling upon elements of jazz, metal, noise, and ambience to guide you through their haunting sonic landscapes and picturesque movements. Often bleak and at times quite unsettling, Kayo Dot further amazes by dismissing conventional structures in the styles they have already mastered, looking forward and taking extreme music to places it's only imagined possible.

He was insanely popular in his homeland of Nigeria and this album, with his comparison of the soldiers of the military regime to zombies "who no think unless you tell them to think" raised the ire of the government who attacked his compound, fatally injuring his mother and leading to his first of many arrests. I'm proud to say that I was aware of his work early enough to have seen him twice and he was always amazing, Speeding Up - Kevin Blechdom - Your Butt E.P.

(CD) though I saw a later version of the band who weren't as good as they are here! As Robert Wyatt said once, "Fela is my favorite arranger. He's only got one arrangement, but it's so good, it doesn't matter. Kyrgyz's debut album is 60 minutes of droned-out bliss. With its roots firmly planted in trance-inducing soil, the six songs here stretch their branches toward the sun.

When four artists of this calibre come together in a single setting, the expectations are high. There is tension to spare. But Kyrgyz is such a perfect blend of all their talents that it never implodes beneath the pressure. Horton is the hand that guides this mix of heavy, hypnotic drones, a thicket of acoustic scrawl, and even free jazz skronk. Each sound is carefully chosen and blended together magically. There are equal elements of Charalambides and Jewelled Antler throughout Kyrgyz, but again it is Horton that upsets the balance to create something completely new.

In the end, this is nothing short of brilliant. Working with guitar, vocals, vibes, harmonium, bass, drums, cello, field recordings, digeridoo, and more, Usui blends delicate folk, psychedelia, and experimental sounds into a mostly subdued but undeniably glowing suite. The layered but careful instrumentation on the epic title track and 'Troll' backs the alternately plain-spoken and crooning vocals perfectly. Odd touches like snatches of throat singing and bowed vibraphone leap out of the mix at just the right time.

There are overt references to the blues the first track is an oblique cover of 'Cold Was The Ground' -- but other than the occasional slide guitar touch, the connection is overwhelmingly in the timeless feeling and atmosphere. VHF's reissue includes the entire CD and seven-inch from the original package, plus a tenminute bonus track from the original sessions.

In the early days of the Pink Dots, I steadfastly refused to include lyric sheets with the albums, in the belief that a listener cannot enjoy or enter a piece of music if she or he is reading and listening at the same time.

However, when those lyrics began to be transcribed poorly and sometimes misinterpreted, understandably, by the people who bought the albums, I was forced to relent. The piece outlined a scenario which could occur in a society increasingly obsessed with technology. A plane is about to crash and one of the unfortunate passengers feels the need to phone his wife on his mobile, only to receive her voice-mail.

A runaway train was set in motion with that song. Pieces were written furiously throughout the rest of the year - before and after September 11th. As a result, "All the King's Horses" and "All the King's Men" appear thematic-- not by design, but on account of a body of work being made in a period when the World really did change.

My silent wish is that this work leaves the listener hopeful. Even at a moment in time when only madmen of ALL creeds and colours seem to have the fate of this fragile planet in their hands.

Let live. In classic LPD form, they use a nursery rhyme to evoke both the apocalyptic events of a year ago and the hope that has arisen from them. This album is a paradox and a provocation. The world has fallen apart amd we must put it back together. What should we do?

Originally released on 'I Love Liberty' compilation cassette. Thanks to Bernard for the sound enhancement. CD packed in a full color digipack. The definitive versions of K? Udu Wudu was once described by Vander as a Jannick Top solo album. His contribution to this album is instantly noticeable, as the basslines are heavy, throbbing affairs.

The songs are a bit shorter on Udu Wudu, save the final climactic track, and the sounds are more varied compared to albums like Mekanik Destructiw Kommandoh. Orridge of T. Mansell, Clint feat. It is it's own modulator, oscillating at immense speed, almost standing still. Coming after two CDs previously issued for Alga Marghen Antibarbarus in and Nei Mari del Sud in these 'Ten Pieces in the Form of Painful Variations' dispose in their unceasing and implacable sequence the landing at an anaphorical finis terrae, the extreme and impassable threshold, beyond which music can but sink in the abyss of its own loss of consciousness, in front of the horizon of the definitive loss of its exhausted tradition.

As Gabriele Bonomo, the project coordinator of the complete Walter Machetti editions for Alga Marghen, remarks in the liner notes, music has been reduced to leading a ghostly existence, haunting the cemetery of history and frustrated by the impossibility to adhere to itself; if only music were able to recognize its own superfluity it could fulfill its destiny. While listening to these 'Ten Pieces in the Form of Painful Variations', each one with the precise duration of six minutes, you will realize that music, this extremely dense sonority close to the pulverisation limit, is talking about itself.

He uses original lp's on this by J. Armstrong and others, and he cuts them into pizza-like slices, and puts them back together.

This creates a cacophony of manic sound of preposterous proportions! His 2nd solo album fromthis is his most psychedelic, with great guitarwork and some of Larry Young's most fantastic organ playing, backed by Billy Rich on bass and Buddy Miles on drums.

Merzbow "Minazo Vol. First Merzbow uses raw tapes provided by Smegma, and then Smegma do the same with Merzbow's materials. Miasma is a side project of Guapo who have released this, their first album.

Quite impressive, quite recommended and until very recently I had no idea that they were involved in this. Four of the five musicians are also members of Guapo, and while you can definitely tell that, this is quite different and will probably be more appealing than Guapo to some and less appealing to others.

Anyway, an impressive feat. The original LP was issued in an edition limited to copies. The material was recorded from to but wasn't released until due to problems with the silkscreened sleeve. The band only put out this record, a real hidden gem.

Lepke said that he wanted it to sound like a Beach Boys LP by using lots of different studios but it was mostly done on a cassette machine with a primitive 'surround' function. Lepke is the man who does the impossible every time he picks up a tin, carton, bottle or instrument.

The first person with enough originality to adopt 'anything' to his own idiosyncratic style. Retired to an obscure basement, still without peers in the world. Lounge makes rhythms that by this time need no words of praise with a wallop, that when left, makes the usual praise words disintegrate. A mix of inestimable ability with feelings as wild as it is rare. Most important in his influence, most endearing in his emotional impact and most convincing in his new-found authority.

If The Homosexuals were a strange prospect, and their music should fit into a similar spot as that of angry young men like Wire and Magazine who carried their penchants for art-school angst in the midst of proto-thug posturing, Milk from Cheltenham were an even more extreme band.

Not only progressive with a certain artistic notion a reference could be found in This Heat, Family Fodder and Chris Cutler's bands Henry Cow and the Art Bears but also closer to more primitive sound experimentations of a cryptic and sinister Residential perspective. This release finally documents one of the most important projects developed in the scene explored by The Homosexuals.

Digipak first edition limited to copies. Lee Make this project a swirling psychotic trip of massive hallucinogenic proportions! Raus Aus Stavanger displays the best of the duo's most recent output, with noise-based rock textures, good old cheap contact microphones, screeing guitar and ear-battering, processed drums.

This release was recorded in analogue heaven Athletic Sound, home of great sounding releases from Supersilent and Scorch Trio. And if pushed to find references, it's probably these two acts MoHa!

Everything was recorded live in the studio with no overdubs, showing two young musicians playing at a very high level of control, communication and creative power. Truly CHOCK full of manic bad-mood energy but maybe psych-droney and resin-soaked enough for the new crop of crunchier noise-heads to nod to as well. Electric guitars strung with duct tape and drums equipped with hundred-year old heads are jettisoned into deep space and dynamited, combusting so vividly that the afterimages soak our retinas with mandalas of interwoven earthworms and beer funnels for hours afterwards.

A personal fave from this avant-rock quartet. This album was produced by, and included the obvious presence of Fred Frith. It is an even rarer occurrence for such a band to reunite after a long separation, and embark on a second musical career that proves as innovative as the first.

For The Muffins, lightning has struck twice. InThe Muffins reformed with all four members, and it proved to be the genuine article. Double Negative is The Muffins? Featuring 75 minutes of music spread over 17 songs, Double Negative is The Muffins? The Muffins have long been noted for the way they craft memorable themes with adventurous musical structures and this is no exception. In addition, it is the band?

Two principal members of the Sun Ra Arkestra, Marshall Allen and Knoel Scott, play sax on several tracks, while longtime Muffins contributor, Doug Elliott, contributes excellent trombone parts to half the pieces and string players also contribute. But this early work, fromand originally on Kosmiche Musik delivered the goods. Dreamlab befitted its title as one of the dreamiest and trippy of cosmic music albums, a wonder world of flutes, mellotron and synthesizers.

Mysterious and totally unique. Strangely burlesque melodies and grooves interlock and are replaced by fragments of texts only partially intelligible. Far from cliche and stereotype, unfazed and in complete control, Cornelius continues to develop her signature sound: her trained voice.

With it, she samples catchy melodies as well as complex vocal arrangements with a great feeling for tone, modulation and harmonies. On Voodooluba, she takes a big and decisive step forward and reaches beyond the compositional style displayed on her last album: she puts elaborated song arrangements and all-knowing pop-elegies above all, resulting in wonderfully and unexpectedly equable tracks, songs and ballads from late modernism. Then again we encounter unambiguous massive rhythmic moments in which the inquiring voices fall silent and Niobe suddenly becomes magnificent pop music.

Andi Toma of Mouse On Mars is one of the producers responsible for this. Classic noize project! Ex Coil sound twisters Cyclobe. Each artist has collaborated with Nurse With Wound's Steven Stapleton to create a 4 - part suite of alarming freshness and originality.

Babs Santini as always, supplies cover art on this release. Dark electro-psyche! George and the Dragon In Memoriam Mr. Drums too! Comes in a cool Colectable Tin Case! This amazing 2-cd collection in a gorgeous artbook format is the shit that started it all. Samples out of control! And yet, VERY controlled. Destined to be pulled off the market, get yours NOW! Machines like the refrigerator electric motor, or electrical generators; but it was especially the sounds of motion race cars, motorcycles, war planes, rocket ships that first excited his sonic imagination as a young teenager.

He immediately reacted buying a cheap reel to reel tape recorder, cutting and pasting recording tape and making collage sound experiments. Then, one day, Charlemagne Palestine experienced at an electronic music studio what electronically produced sounds waves looked and sounded like through an oscilloscope and he began studying Helmholtz's on the sensation of tone.

He started dreaming of an expressive continuous evermoving, everchanging sound form; an enormous sonorous, 3-dimensional sculptural canvas in mid-air using electronically produced sounds. The first experiments were done with simple sine tone generators emitting the purest sound waves without any overtones. All compositions previously unreleased.

This thing, which I know now was blocked without my knowing where, is the buzzing and Time within the flesh -- a humming of millions of closed mouths between the cells. What is the murmur made up of? The body develops a tongue in listening to this music, and there is within it great movement of the sound material Or: a sequence of utter loss, waste: an accumulation as Schaeffer would have said 'reiteration abounding in brief elements'; 'like a shower of stones dispersing' Or: this furious vibration, which in its steep ascent, is imbued with a triumphant appearance of tireless virtuosity And so many intimately interwoven composite sequences, as they advance, hurtling through space and the Russian mountains However, all of this deafening volubility is finally calmed by a short coda: where a movement to reduce and rarefy particles splits this mass in extremis into an ethereal shower of sparks, having the effect of a prolonged pause.

Inhe made a video film based on the music in 'L'Oeil ecoute', featuring visual imagery processed through a synthesizer. We only need listen to the opening of 'L'Oeil ecoute', a sustained swirl and flurry, emerging as a wave about to break, which we only just manage to glimpse at its approach, just like this train which we take a full speed, surging forward headlong at the opening of the piece.

At the very outset, on the one hand, everything is given in a single act, the music is already moving forward; and on the other, the ghostly realm into which it takes us is already amply filled out.

We note that the large arbitrary breaks in tone Parmegiani achieves in 'L'Oeil ecoute' and indeed throughout all his musical compositions, arise as searching encounters.

As such, they are gestures deriving from the sculptor himself. The Speeding Up - Kevin Blechdom - Your Butt E.P. (CD) used are very imposing and the matter extremely dense Parmegiani is one the electroacoustic superstars of the INA GRM universe, and along with various Bayle titles this is a great place to start with the label.

All are thoroughly soaked with the intuitive power of brain-scanning sonic properties, tones fade and explode with stunning neuronic intensity. Such and such a series of impulsions releases virtually aleatoric, and sometimes very varied, repetitions of digital sounds.

These repetitions are often very 'dense' and take us to the limits of continual sound phenomena, thus making these 'factory sounds' lose their instrumental 'soul. Tabula Rasa, Symphony No. This is Way over the top, full on audio assault! I kid you not! It's Great! The music is very crazy, shuttling between jazz and rock with furious instrumentals with lots of flute and violin. My only complaint is the way some of the tracks fade out so fast in the end, dropping into nothingness when you least expect it.

Anyway, good music and a good deal for a CD, this comes highly recommended - it's very good stuff! This is another Musea release with a full booklet of photos, information and much more. This is their best since their really amazingly great debut; it's less heavy, but it still has that great, repetitive, psychedelic vibe; I would say it's moving closer to an instrumental take on Can "Future Days" territory, which is always ok with me If this sounds interesting to you then I recommend this one highly.

Finland's Pharaoh Overlord have distilled thirty years of rock music into a slow, blistering, bubbling, psychedelic ooze. Musically it's a little bit more trippy and 'stonerish' than Circle -- the vocals are gone but the hypnotic riffs are still evident and to the fore. Pretty much a perfect cross between the spellbinding guitar loops and rhythmic pulse of Circle and the stoner vibe of the 70's rock obsessives.

This is trip music in the old sense. It owes as much to the likes of Sabbath as it does to Can. Laidback mellow jams to trance inducing repetitive rhythms.

Liebzeit from Can and A. Hocke from Einsturzende Neubauten! O genre will love. Guitars, Chapman stick and drums weilding a sonic intensity. There are operatic vocals over distorted electronics, somber piano interludes, baroque harpsichord and other strong classical moves; symphonic rock, folk, medieval and systemic musics all combine to different degrees and often contrast with one another. Includes 5. Premiata Forneria Marconi P. This incredible release includes Daniel Denis on drums, rounding this out to be an essential heavy-duty prog must!

Professionally recorded on 24 track on the final date of the tour, after 35 days of touring, the band were a tight, hard-rocking, road-tested machine and this is a very well recorded, stunning, loud and hot performance. They churned out mind-numbingly complex and shifting songs that always seemed to be driving towards some sort of awesome denouement. If they ever come around again, see them even if you have to kill to do it.

Is it their best? I dunno, but I can tell you that some of the dramatic mellotron passages still can make the hair on the back of my neck stand up! You can hear the roots of a lot of very different musics here, including modern bands as disparate as Discipline and Nebelnest and beyond "Pollen is the debut release from the French progressive rock group Pulsar, thefirst in a series of spellbinding releases that would place them at the very head of the class as far as French symphonic rock would be concerned.

Along with a number of great French groups like Shylock, Carpe Diem and Arachnoid, Pulsar helped invigorate a burgeoning French scene just as the progressive rock movement in England seemed to be winding down. Like many of their contemporaries, the tone is almost always dark and foreboding, though as opposed to the sometimes violent ferocity of those bands, Pulsar sets themselves apart with sparse arrangements, distant vocals, and a down tempo feel.

A Must! Redfearn, Alec K. These albums rule! The CD has the original cover artwork as well as previously unpublished images. Full album, includes bonus tracks not on the Beastings CD re-issue. Remastered by Steven Stapleton and Colin Potter. The CD has the original cover artwork as well as lots of previously unpublished images, Speeding Up - Kevin Blechdom - Your Butt E.P. (CD). Dark weird futuristic kinda Techno??

Achim P. Rutman's Steel Cello Ensemble "Zuuhh!! Muttie Mum!! Nearly 4 hours of music! These recordings exhibited an audacity and electrically charged mass that proved difficult to ignore, though they were buried for years whether deemed improper or unfitting' is no longer necessary to speculate.

Two long tracks for two chord organs, voices, and bells; minutely mapped to the rhythms of breath, ultimately seizing the limits of non-verbal mammal expression. Enveloping and saturating. Scott, Raymond "Manhattan Research Inc. Includes his own electronic inventions Clavivox, Rhythm Modulator, Electronium, etc and lots of industrial projects. Damaged beyond repair


Modeller - Proyecto Mirage - Gas Alarm!!! (CD, Album), Classic (2) - Jolka, Jolka (Cassette, Album), Somewhere Alone In The Dark - Vanden Plas - Christ 0 (CD, Album), Sheltered (Extended), ソックス - サイバーニュウニュウ* - 秘密のバス (CD, Album), Hello Darlin - Various - Popular Hits From Nashville (Vinyl, LP), Summer Night - Paolo Fresu Quintet - Songlines / Night & Blue (CD, Album), You Said Goodbye - Purple Wine - Purple Wine (Vinyl, LP, Album), Angolo Di Roma - Lando Fiorini - Angolo Di Roma / Pura (Vinyl), INCARNHATE - INCARNHATE (File), We All Know Who We Are - Cameo - We All Know Who We Are (Vinyl, LP, Album), Camas Separadas - Various - O Melhor Do Brasil Vol. 5 (Vinyl, LP), Last Winter - Bas (21) - Last Winter (CD, Album), These Are The JBs, Allemaal Gebreken - De Strangers - Ons Leste Nief (CD, Album)

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    The complete set of recordings, including “analog” and “digital” realizations of the piece (realized using the lathe cut records and digital files, accordingly), are also being made available as 2 CD set, in an edition of copies featuring letterpress printed, die cut and hand numbered sleeves.
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    Jul 04,  · I would love the ability to make sounds speed up, slow down or reverse. set sound speed to (50) %:: sound play sound [yay v] Sounds could be sped up or slowed down in the middle of them, too. play sound [music v] repeat (5) change sound speed by () %:: sound end Negative sound speed would represent flameworkeranayathrisflameblade.xyzinfog: Kevin Blechdom.
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    May 24,  · Provided to YouTube by CDBaby Speed It Up · Kevin Ross · Chrys Jones Exposure ℗ Kevin Ross Released on: Auto-generated by YouTube.
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    Kevin Blechdom's solo release Eat My Heart Out features a minute "musical movie" called Countdown to Nothing, a collaboration with Lucile Desamory. Blechdom produced two albums for New York City anti-folk / cabaret group Ching Chong Song ; their debut album, Little Naked Gay Adventure, and their second album, Everything is for Babies.
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    Label: City Beat - CBE ,Beggars Banquet - CBE • Format: Vinyl
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    Oct 09,  · Speed It Up Lyrics: Yuh, yuh / Y'all know what's goin' on / Yeah / R-R-Roland / Speed up, go faster / Speed up, go faster / Speed up, go faster / Speed up, go faster / Speed up, go faster / Speed upMissing: Kevin Blechdom.
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