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Shermans Gone - Frau (3) - Frau (Vinyl, LP) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Published 09.12.2019

Download Shermans Gone - Frau (3) - Frau (Vinyl, LP)
Label: Dead Beat Records (2) - DB 113 • Format: Vinyl LP • Country: US • Genre: Rock • Style: Punk, Hardcore, Post-Punk

Scoot Rivera. Matt Creen. Amelia MG. Alexis Late. Xavier R. Claire Nicole Egan. Nate Voris. Andrew Richards.

Charlotte Roe. Paying supporters also get unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app. Purchasable with gift card. Hostile Paris Safety Instructions High Heels Sherman's gone Accused Trouble Nada Mixed by T.

Looking through my household cleaners and polishes, I came across some Simichrome polish. I used a very small amount a little goes a long way on a soft cloth with very light strokes — it removed the remaining rub wear without damaging the cover and now looks great. As others have said, not every method works on every cover, so test first on some old covers.

This soundtrack has a very glossy cover and was more forgiving. Agree RE test covers. Both these albums are decent. Bill — Mintx makes a rodent repellent trash bag. It appears to be their only product. What is accomplished by putting a vinyl album in its sleeve, and then within a trash bag for 15 minutes?.

Off to a thrift shop that sells albums for. Sorry Ross. It is for getting rid of the musty, mildew smell from record album covers. I did not have to remove the album or sleeve from the cover. Put the album inside the Mint-X garbage bags for 15 — 30 minutes and the mildew, musty smell is gone. It has been almost 4 months since I have done this, still no musty odor. I am not a sales rep for these garbage bags! Sit back and watch the white come back! It amazingly does NOT affect the printed colors.

This may affect the gloss of the cover although in many cases it does not, so you have to weigh the damage vs. Not true. ALL white albums do not have ring wear. If you placed them on a shlef with little pressure or a nice hard record case, not one of my records has ring wear unless it was sealed too tight.

That means I have about 6 records like that and the white wlbum is not one of them. After recently moving to a new house, I got my albums out of the crawl space in the old house where they had sat for 23 years.

I was really disappointed that there was quite a mildewy smell in most of, if not all, of the boxes. After reading the comments here and in other sites I decided to try to find the best way to remove the odor. I wanted to use an odor-remover so I checked the Febreze web site and found that there is a non-scented version of that product.

I sprayed that on micro-fiber cloths then wiped down the outside of the album covers and the inside if there was a gate fold. I them put the albums into my wire-style record racks, leaving an extra space between the records and let them air out overnight.

The treatment did no obvious damage and the records smell a whole lot better than before. I have many albums with what is called broken spines, the paper on the edges is torn. Is there a you tube video to watch for clarification? The alcohol of the sharpie will re-wet the original ink and render it removable within seconds. Pencil erasers will also do the job but they have to be ready befor the sharpie dries and cleaned before next section is cleaned.

Cottonbals are not preferred due to less precision of contact area. For my LP Shermans Gone - Frau (3) - Frau (Vinyl repairs, for seem splits what I do is stick tape onto the inside of the jacket, then fold the tape over and close the split together.

If you mess up, you can always rip off the tape, and the damage is strictly to the under, inside part of the cover. And you have to do this with the record inside the sleeve, or else you might be using the tape too low on the edge to fit the record back in. For marker on the cover, dip a q-tip in rubbing alcohol.

Rub it gently, and keep changing q-tips when the ends are getting black. It may take a lot of q-tips, and you have to be careful not to remove the paint on the cover. If you have a glossy, or laminated cover, the trick works like magic — depending on how long the marker has been on there.

I mean a LP cover that has been soaked and then warped? I just recently purchased a double lp which has seam splits on both the front and back cover. I noticed when looking into the seam itself that the old glue line is still there. The craft stores sell GOO BE GONE liquids but I simply use a pencil eraser with it and lightly remove as much of the adhesive as possible then apply soft chalk to the areas and blend it in… Then I use white crayola crayons to finish off the process….

I have a LP cover with a big cut, a friend open a package with a cutter and…well, you know. Is there a way to fix that kind of issue or try to look better? Hello: I have over 50 vintage jazz albums thats in ment conditions in and out the covers.

That I would love to sale them, LP). Southfield, MI. Where can I go sale them near by. Could some one help me. Strips are precut, scribed and ready to fold and cut to any length needed.

Several colors are now available. We can also send the glue type we recommend with your order. Matt…if your gatefold is stuck together sometimes if you carefully pour a small amount of rubbing alcohol at the affected area with an eyedropper you can gently open it up.

Just be sure to BLOT up all the rubbing alcohol immediatly. Good Luck and let us know how it works for you. Undiscovered for at least two years, I moved into a home that had a water leak. The place I thought my beautiful well kept albums would be the safest only to find two of my cased up stored boxes got wet and stayed we for at least two years.

I just discovered this a few days ago. The home has serious plumbing issues behind the walls and its slowly leaking out into the floor being soaked up by books and record albums, mine.

When I started pulling them out of the boxes, the bottoms of the jackets disintegrated into mush. There is no saving them. Full of mold and smells. The records themselves due to how I stored them managed to survive the warped affect and still are perfectly flat. The Wall, first print I bought right before the concert at the L. These all were first print bought right as they came out, now gone. These have been with me since I was a teen.

No other owners. Thank gawd most of my records survived as they were stored slightly farther away. This was an emergency rental home I had to move into long story but ended up staying for more then two years. Now, since I lost all the cover art, the records themselves survived, sort of. Mold dust galore which I can clean but the main thing is getting the cover and moldy paper off with out much damage or scratching.

Nothing is worse then a record with even a slight scratch. So, can anyone figure a way on how to save those records with minimal loss to the quality of sound. Also, since I no longer have the covers, some double albums, anyone have any ideas on how to store them now? Especially on laminated sleeves it works amazing. Put some Paradontax on a piece of cotton and rub over the marks you want to remove. When removed the marks or most of it wipe off the Paradontax leftover with a bit wetted cloth.

I have a cover Bluenote which is warped several ripples by water damage. I tried to lightly dampen it and then flatten it with weights with no luck. Any ideas? If you live in a warm region try covering the record and applying weight inside your car windows up …. This worked over the summer with us because the intense heat inside the car came through in retro fashion…. These are great tips for my precious vinyl collection.

Any tips or ideas? Sometime the bubbling can be very light, but it is maddening. Old crusty and cratered tapes — lost causes, I know. Dry while pressed flat. Is this crazy, or are there any solutions that would be gentle on the artwork, printed graphics and label paper, but effective on revitalizing or resetting the glue underneath?

Riskier with more used tapes as it can often lead to a crease mark depending on the size of the bubble, or can rub off some of the label ink when pressing and pulling too hard.

Is it crazy to suggest that old photo developing stuff or something similar? ANY ideas or feedback appreciated!! Use it dry. I had a couple of matte covers that were in fairly good shape to begin with no splits or ring wear but they were soiled at the top and bottom where ring wear typically shows. The sponge removed almost all the soiling, dirt or whatever you want to call it. With single LPs I remove the vinyl, sandwich a 12 x 12 piece of cardboard between the cover and the vinyl and then put all of that in a plastic cover.

For Double or triple LPs I store the vinyl separate from the cover. After a hurricane, a room with all my vinyl record albums flooded. The albums were in cabinets and not actually in water. The moisture in the air caused the outer sleeves to stick together. Is there a method for unsticking the sleeves?

If I try to pull apart, the sleeves rip and ruin the printed covers and that part of the Lp is as important as the record itself. What do you suggest for repairing a split on the hinge of a boxed set of LP records such as an opera?

The hinge is made of brittle, black paper and of course will be required to bend. It will have to be something clear that bends easily.

They com in multiple colors and are prescribed. They are also made of card stock so are heavier. A number especially noticeable on white centres of my otherwise pristine records appear to have these yellowish spots on the labels.

This could possibly be due to slightly damp storage conditions over 45 years or perhaps oily residue from fingertips? How can I get then apart without Shermans Gone - Frau (3) - Frau (Vinyl. The record is falling apart. Quite literally, the black part where the recording is, is coming off from the round disc it was on.

I am trying to find a way that I can affix the black part back onto the disc even if it is temporaryso that I can convert the recording to digital. I am afraid if I try, that I might ruin it. Jessica — what you have is known as an acetate record.

Repair of them is very difficult if not impossible. I would suggest doing a search for acetate record repair on Google. Do a lot of reading and do not take the opinion of just one web site. It is possible you may be able to salvage some of the recording but with the importance and rarity of your recording I would only trust a professional. From the 50s so probably been there a long time. Hello, I purchased an original stereo copy of Introducing the Beatles. The only issue with the cover is in the bottom corner of the back there is brown water damage.

I have read on here that bleach may work… has anyone tried using bleach to remove water stains? If so, did it work without ruining the cover? The stain is confined to where there is no printing…. Hello, I have successfully removed ring wear from white or light colored using the excellent tips in this forum but I have had no success cleaning ring wear off of dark colored albums. Hopefully someone in the forum has run into this problem and has found a solution.

To remove labels I use a heat gun on the label for about the count of Then using a razor blade gently on the edge start to move the razor blade back and forth until the label is gone. Then rub the remains of the glue off with your finger. A question about restoring digital images of album covers. Ditto Scotch Book Tape is by far the best tape to use if you want to go that route.

Apart from being really nasty to remove basically, needs a KMAL machine or similarit can draw plasticiser out of the vinyl. Looking for some advises here. This is more evident on dark or Black surfaces. I use polyethilene outer sleeves so this issue seems have something to do with the simple act Of removing the outer sleeves. I can provide some pics of what I refer to: Any advise is welcome. I have found that for moldy record covers a good dousing of straight White vinegar really does the trick.

I take a couple sheets of paper towels, double them over and place the towel on the top of the jug and turn it so it soaks into the paper about three times then I run the moist towel over the the cover, front and back. Then after the outside I go after the inside in the same manner making sure to get into the corners. When doing the inside make sure to keep it moist and not sopping wet as this will soak through the cover and leave stains.

Once you have done this to every inch of the cover stuff a single wadded up paper towel inside near the middle of the spine to help spread the cover so it stays slightly open. That way the cover will dry with the greatest amount of air hitting it, which is important to stunt mold growth. Records that have decades of mustiness will take many months to dry out. But this will method will kill the mold initially and stop its continued growth.

I read the comment from 40 Bill on August 22, and I have the same problem…. None of my records have ever got damp and have always been stored inside the house as opposed to the loft or garage although perhaps I have man have a humidity issue in the house. Seems to have occurrred randomly, ie on LPs stored in different racks? Strangely though the LPs affected are ones I bought around …could it be LP) do with the quality of the pressing and paper used during that period?

I assume they are grease marks from finger tips? Any help out there please? Re It did occur to me to try to use neat bleach with a cotton bud on the white labels but am very wary of also removing the black printing too. Where are people who restore wet books and paper items? This seams to be the worst damage that no one has commented on. The sanitizer is concentrated; very powerful. I use a squirt bottle filled with distilled water and then add a half once of the sanitizer.

Mix well. Also paper towels that are the house brand from Target are softer cloth like decreasing scratching and give off less dust. The glue method works better on extremely LP) records. Note: no negative issues have occurred in my use of the sanitizer solution method. So far so good. Can anyone suggest what to do about covers that have opening that are either wavy or remain open like a whale after krill? The cover does not appear to be water damaged nor is there any peeling of the cover.

Any solutions as to a fix? My sincere thanks for your kind advice! The little wipes used in hospitals to remove tape and EKG contact residue from skin. They can be purcchased in some independent pharmacies and medical supply stores. DONT buy the oily kind. It was pasted over in LA, which did not use the water soluble glue. I have a few 2nd State butcher covers in my collection stereo and mono.

I did so with a mono copy from Scranton water soluble glue with great success. It looks great. But the non water soluble glue the LA plant used is a different story. I know about using a fast evaporating alcohol solution will work. I also read how a diluted wall paper remover solution will work too. Makes sense because wall paper remover works well to remove non water adhesive used on wall paper without damaging the dry wall paper.

What are your thoughts on this? How much should I dilute the solution assuming with water? How should I apply this? If this is not recommended, what other methods can I do to remove the pasted over trunk cover where non water soluble glue was used?

Afterall, they figured out a way to do this, others have figured out ways too. As I said, I have a few in my collection 2nd state butcher cover — stereo and mono which will remain a 2nd state butcher cover. Any help, suggestions, methods or ideas from this great form would be appreciated. Anyone know how to reaffix laminate that is starting to lift from an LP cover.

I have a s cover and need something that will not yellow the laminate or cover with time. I have several LP album covers that the spine has been damaged severely cats used my record rack as a scratching post.

Does anybody make a printable label for spines so I can at least identify my albums from the edge? Hi — can anyone help. Is there any way I can revive this? Any advice would help. Name required. Mail will not be published required. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

Subscribe to feed Powered by WordPress and Anubis. Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of record covers from the golden age of LPs. Restoration Tips 1 If you carefully scrub that front slick with Simple Green sprayed on a soft cloth, I bet most of that dark rub-wear comes off. Many people tend to shy away from buying records with splits seams and spines. However, if you are willing to spend a little time doing some repairs, you could end up getting your record cheap and with a nice looking cover after you refurbish it.

If at all possible, always make your seam and spine repairs using glue. You will need to have a small flat head screwdriver to apply the glue. Scrape the screwdriver across the glue stick so the top of the scewdriver has a small amount of adhesive on the tip.

Now carefully open the split seam enough so you can apply the glue from the tip of the screwdriver to the inside of the cover. Be sure to apply at the very top of the inside of the LP jacket. Once you have applied the glue along the seam one side of the seam is finepress the seam together and take a paper towel, lightly dampened with water, and slide it along the top of the seam or spine you just glued.

What this does is remove any excess glue on the outside of the LP cover and smooths out the flaking from the seam being broken.

Now clamp the seam or spine down with a series of black binder clips. Make sure the binder clips are positioned so they are clamped to the very top of the repaired seam or spine. Let the clamped cover sit for several hours. After several hours, you can remove the binder clips. Your seam or spine is now repaired.

Take a Q-Tip and dip it into the Goo Gone. Now apply the Goo Gone to the entire surface of the sticker and of course along the edges. Let the Goo Gone sit for a few minutes. After a few minutes, use your fingernail and gently pull back the sticker or label. Do NOT attempt to take the sticker or label off in one fell swoop.

You will tear the LP slick. Once you get an edge of the sticker lifted, dip your Q-Tip back in the Goo Gone and dab underneath the lifted section of the sticker. Allow the Goo Gone to sit a couple of minutes so it can dissove the adhesive.

Continue this process until the sticker or label is completely removed. I do not recommend using Isopropyl alcohol. Too much Isopropyl alcohol will leave a permanent pink discoloration. The cover was peeled using too much Isopropyl alcohol. If you are looking to remove marker or ink from a laminated cover like the old Beatle UK flipback jackets, I found success in removing both marker and ink by using a dry erase marker.

Simply apply the dry erase marker over the writing you are looking to remove. Let dry for a several seconds and then wipe. The old marker and ink writing will also rub off. Do not apply this technique to a non-laminated cover.

The dry erase marker will have the same effect as a permanent marker and you just made your situtation worse. Concentrated non-diluted Simple Green works well on removing ball point ink from covers it does not do as good a job on permanent marker.

You need to be careful not to rub too hard otherwise you will remove the print from the LP jacket. If the writing is in pencil, I have found an eraser like a Staedtler Mars Plastic you can pick it up in Office Depot, etc.

I have even found it works fairly well on ink if the ink was written lightly. Be careful on LP labels though. You run the risk of removing the color from the label if you erase. Another technique is to apply acetone.

Acetone evaporates is seconds and is very good at removing ink and markers. However, there are two things you need to know: Never spill acetone on your vinyl records.

It will damage the record instantly. Also, if the ink or marker has set for a long time, you will not be able to completely remove all the writing. The trick to working with acetone is to apply it in a targeted fashion e. Repeat this process until the un-wanted blemish has been removed to your satisfaction. This is a dry sponge that requires no water. You will be astonished at how much the sponge picks up after wiping the album cover surface several times.

This sponge works especially well on textured, non-glossy slicks e. This next step is to spray some Windex on a paper towel. Do not saturate. Gently wipe the jacket surface area with the sprayed towel. More dirt will come off and after a few minutes, the cover will be completely dry and you should see a marked difference in appearance. Do not rub hard otherwise you run the risk of removing the print on the slick. Be especially careful with Sgt Pepper slicks.

For UK laminated covers front and backapplying concentrated Simple Green onto a paper towel and then wiping both the laminated front slick and the non-laminated back cover works great. Another eBay Beatle collector told me about this technique and lo and behold, it worked very well.

I was able to improve the appearance and grading of my old UK flipback covers. Let the covers dry for several hours after cleaning them. You may see some dampness in between cracks in the laminate but not to worry, after letting the cover dry, the damp spots will evaporate and disappear.

Contribution from another eBay member — for removing dirt, soot, gunk and some ink and water marks try Magic Eraser. The best type are those that can be rinsed and reused. Then use the dry end of the sponge to quickly pick-up any residual grime. Quickly wipe with a dry paper towel.

This approach does not work well on porous paper covers but works great on most LP jackets. This technique takes a bit of practice so it is recommend you try it out on some junk covers until you get it down to your satisfaction. Results are excellent. It works great. If you have a tear at the opening or mouth of the LP cover, take a piece of tape and apply it to inside of the cover and then press down. I normally use clear packaging tape for this type of repair because packaging tape is far more durable than run of the mill Scotch tape.

First, remove the records from the jacket! These first two steps are important — do not skip over them. Now with a clean automobile waxing applicator, dab a little Scratch Out yes, the same Scratch Out used on cars — you can get it at any auto store and rub the scratch out on the LP slick in a circular motion. Wait a few minutes and let the Scratch Out dry.

With a clean cotton cloth, gently polish the cover free of the Scratch Out. Most of the ring wear and jacket wear disappear before your eyes.


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