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R.A.W. - Various - House Blend 6: The Caffeinated Mix (CD) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

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Download R.A.W. - Various - House Blend 6: The Caffeinated Mix (CD)
Label: Underground Construction - UCCD-041 • Format: CD Mixed • Country: US • Genre: Electronic • Style: Hard House

Beatjackerz Vol 2. BHM 31 Oct 06 Techno. Beatjackerz Volume 3. BHM 07 Sep 07 Techno. The Jump Up. BHM 15 Mar 07 Techno. The London Project. BHM 01 Jul 04 Techno. The Fourth Era EP. JKS 03 Dec 12 Hardstyle. Pump It! Various - "Pump It! KCB - "Alive Again! Mykonos Summer Guide Jack In The Day Volume 1.

FM C 15 Sep 06 Techno. FM D 15 Sep 06 Techno. FM E 15 Sep 06 Techno. The Qontinent Art Of Fighters - "Fuck You! Strictly Hype Recordings. Poogie Bear - "R. George Centeno - "Welcome 2 L. House Blend 3 Explicit. Dance Works! Any information you provide will help us expedite your inquiry. How can I learn more about these substances? Since CAS Registry Numbers are not dependent upon any system of chemical nomenclature, they can: Provide a reliable common link between the various nomenclature terms used to describe substances Serve as an international resource for chemical substance identifiers used by scientists, industry and regulatory bodies Why do regulatory agencies rely on CAS Registry Numbers?

Chemical compounds can be described in many different ways: Molecular formula Structure diagram Systematic names Generic names Proprietary or trade names Trivial names A CAS Registry Number, however, is unique and specific to only one substance regardless of how many other ways the substance can be described. I have a general inquiry or comment for CAS. Support Inquiry Thanks for getting in touch. For best flavor, boil the water, pass it over the grounds and retain the heat.

Don't reheat it. Violating these rules may not sound like much, but these are about the only rules there are. It is very important that you wash your coffee maker pot and filter container thoroughly at least once a week. Bitter oils stick to the glass container and plastic filter holder. I used to wash the plastic filter container and rinse the glass pot. Coffee started to taste bad. When I was told to wash both thoroughly with plenty of soap the flavor improved instantly.

Note: To the naked eye rinsed and soap washed pots look the same clean that is. Another trick is every time you use your coffeepot, unless you are making another pot right away, put a couple of drops of liquid dishwashing detergent in the pot and run hot water into the pot.

Let this sit on the counter till you need it again, rinse and you are ready to go. This does not replace the weekly or twice-weekly washing but helps keep it cleaner between washings. Get a large plastic jug, add 2 or 3 heaped tablespoons of Daz Automatic or Bold or whatever, and about a pint of hot water - just off the boil is the best. Repeat as necessary. Keep it hot with a little boiling water if needed. If you have a cafetiere, disassemble it, and soak the parts in the mixture for a few minutes, agitating occasionally.

In both cases, the residue just falls off with almost no scrubbing. It does great things with overused filter machine filters, too. If the exterior needs cleaning, just use a good cleaner like Fantastik or the like - note though that Fantastik might actually remove some of the stamped on text and logos if they are painted on. If the interior needs cleaning, you need to decalcify it. Add about 3 oz.

Then run about times the amount of fresh water. Several online coffee sites have info on decalcifying. If you can disassemble the frothing wand, do so - and get the wand almost sterile-clean. Same thing goes for the brewhead - that's where the water comes out - most pump machines have a brewhead that can be removed with a single screw - tilt your machine on its side make sure there's no water in it and disassemble that part - again, do get it crystal clean - use toothbrushes, use a clean j-cloth, whatever it takes to get all the nooks and crannies.

Once the machine is cleaned inside and out, run one more full batch of water through it, making sure you stop the pump just before all the water drains out.

One should always store coffee beans in a glass, air-tight container. Air and moisture are coffee's principle enemies. Glass is best because it doesn't retain the odors of the beans or the oils, which could contaminate future beans stored in the same container. However, if you use glass, make sure the container is not exposed to light, as sunlight is believed to reduce freshness. Buy only what coffee can be consumed in a week to a week and a half R.A.W.

- Various - House Blend 6: The Caffeinated Mix (CD) the time it was roasted. This is the only way to have truly fresh coffee. Do not freeze ground coffee. There are two key problems here. One, the freezing will damage some of subtle tastes in the coffee and two, when the coffee is taken out the container will sweat, exposing your coffee to moisture. First off, any grinder is better than having your coffee preground at the store.

Pregrinding is just a way of insuring stale coffee. Perhaps the earliest form of grinding anything, whether it be spices or coffee, was the simple mortar and pestle approach.

The item to be ground - or crushed as it were - was placed in the bottom of a bowl, and the blunt end of a stick was used to crush said item along the bowl's bottom and sides. Following this - and history tends to lead us down numerous paths - mechanical means replaced the mortar and pestle.

Manually operated, the coffee or, again, spice, wheat, corn The movement of the one disc atop the other created a grinding force. This is also known as milling; a term we carry into the present.

Milling has become very efficient with the use of electrical motors as opposed to horses, water, steam, or human-power.

And milling, as a process, is as common to the agricultural industry as it is to coffee. To understand the benefit of milling coffee, let us first compare it to another popular grinding technique, the blade-style coffee grinder. Available in practically every housewares store in the world, the blade-style grinder uses a small, universal electrical motor to spin two metal blades at very high speeds. When in contact with the coffee beans, the blades chop and crush the bean's structure.

Akin to the mortar and pestle for R.A.W. - Various - House Blend 6: The Caffeinated Mix (CD) creating a uniform grind, this method is quick and inexpensive. A step up, and the primary focus of this article, is the burr style, or milling style coffee grinder. Like the wheat or corn grinder, and essentially identical to commercial, industrial-sized grinders, the burr grinder for today's consumer is available in a myriad of colors, features, materials, and prices.

Why a burr grinder? As mentioned above, the blade variant of coffee grinders allows a varying particle size from the resultant grind. The leading reason for the use of a burr grinder is the ability to produce a uniform grind of the beans. A uniform grind is important for a few different reasons. First, it provides an even surface area for extraction during whatever brew process you may wish to use. Second, for espresso, the uniform grind allows for even wetting and even packing of the grounds.

How come? Let us return above. An even grind will provide for an even extraction of the oils from the coffee. Ill-proportioned grind will cause some of the coffee to over-extract, and some to under-extract. Over-extracted coffee will taste bitter and overly pungent. Under-extracted will taste weak and thin. Burr grinders, ideally and theoretically, pass an incoming bean under or in between its burrs once. Whether it be for one revolution or two, the bean, as it finishes its pass, is completely crushed into identically-sized pieces.

Blade-style and mortar and pestle re-grind the coffee, which provides the inconsistency mentioned above. Conical Burr Grinders: Burr grinders are distinct by two forms. The first is where the burrs are plate-shaped and lie atop each other. In the second model, the burrs are shaped like two mating cones; the grinding teeth facing toward each burr set.

The debate lies with life expectancy read: weargrind consistency, and ease of cleaning. To begin with, both variations are easy to clean so long as the manufacturer designed the grinder to allow one of the two burr sets to be removed.

To my knowledge, every manufacturer has done so. It is up to the owner to find the appropriate cleaning tool used to get into the teeth's grooves. Incidentally, a stiff bristled brush like that of a toothbrush works well. The debate flourishes here: does a conical burr-set wear more but provide a greater grind consistency and slower operating speed due to prolonged contact between bean and burror does the flat-plate burr-set provide greater consistency and life because of its ability to operate at faster speeds?

You decide. There are arguments for and against both parties. All in all, to the average consumer, this argument is like the blowing of the wind.

And it is true, especially when you figure in other factors to your potential purchase. These factors are as follows:. Does the machine come with a warranty? If so, how many years? May I try the machine first before committing to a purchase?

Is the machine too loud? Is the machine easy to clean up? Does its spill or throw ground coffee all over the place? Is there service available in my area? If so, how much extra and how easy is it to obtain? Is the machine repairable by myself or a local appliance repairperson? Keep all of these questions on the tip of your brain when and after you go shopping. You'll find distinct differences between each and every model mentioned above.

It is true that the higher you go, the greater the quality of the machine - both in materials used and end product. Consistency is still very much a driving argument and consistency is best achieved when higher-quality components and material are used.

How much will you use this grinder and for what reasons? Do you plan on only grinding for one style of coffee? Do you plan on using it daily? Do you plan on using many different types of coffee beans?

Another point that deserves attention is that many cheap coffee grinders have a tendency to have some type of static problems. Some of the more expensive models can also have these same problems so, as with other considerations, be sure to try the grinder before you buy. By far, the most common spelling used throughout the world today is "espresso".

This is a shortened form of the original Italian name for the drink "caffe espresso" accent marks omitted. This spelling is considered to be the correct spelling by the vast majority of of coffee consumers, vendors, retailers, and producers.

Some English language dictionaries also list "expresso" as a variant spelling. However, this does not mean the spelling is 'equally valid. It was pointed out during the great "espresso vs.

Further, it was discovered that at least three dictionaries contained incorrect definitions of the word "espresso". The American Heritage Dictionary gave the following definition:. All three of these are wrong. In fact, espresso is a strong coffee brewed by quickly forcing hot water through darkly roasted, R.A.W. - Various - House Blend 6: The Caffeinated Mix (CD), finely-ground coffee beans. Some espresso makers do use steam, but only to force the hot water through the ground coffee.

Many espresso makers use no steam at all. Instead, they use either a pump or a piston to quickly force hot water through the ground coffee. Once these errors and the origins of the word "espresso" had been pointed out, the argument "but expresso is in the dictionary" quickly began to crumble.

The final death blow to this position came in a post by dictionary editor Jesse Sheidlower. This post is reproduced in its entirety below:. I find this thread fascinating. I regret that it demonstrates an unfamiliarity with dictionaries and how to use them, but no matter. Mike Oliver points out that there are two Italian alphabets, one il tradizionale with no w, x or y, and the other one with all the letters in the English alphabet.

The latter seems to be the one currently in use. Reference: Il grande dizionario Garzanti della lingua italiana, Garzanti Editore s.

It has recently come to my attention that the answer to this question is a bit up in the air so I will be reporting reasonable possibilities that I pick up from the news groups here. Some or all may be urban legend but until I have a sure way to know I will use this system.

The U. Navy used to serve alcoholic beverages on board ships. However, when Admiral Josephus "Joe" Daniels became Chief of Naval Operations, he outlawed alcohol onboard ships, except for very special occasions. Coffee R.A.W. - Various - House Blend 6: The Caffeinated Mix (CD) became the beverage of choice, hence the term "Cup of Joe.

The only coffee of commerce today that is the product of an animal's digestive tract is Kopi Luak or Luwak from Sumatra, Java and Sulawesi in Indonesia. It is reported that the yearly crop is about 80 LB total.

According to the former head of the Indonesian national zoo, as told to the Smithsonian's rep. Kopi Luak is a fiction with a great sales pitch. That is a good question. Is something being sold in the US as Kopi Luak? In the United States federal regulations require that in order to label coffee as "decaffeinated" that coffee must have had its caffeine level reduced by no less than Example: Panamanian coffee is about 1. This and many other arabica coffees are about At this level it is labeled "decaffeinated.

How roasters label their products is another matter. Suppose two roasters roast Panama coffee that originally came from the same lot, and were decaffeinated together in the same vat.

One roaster labels his decaf. The answer is: They are both right. They are both essentially saying the same thing. But, which decaf. Chloride, Ethyl Acetate.

Note: A relatively new method called Swiss Water Decaffeinated uses "flavor-charged" water in the decaffeination process. NOTE: I do not entirely agree with some of the assertions made in a couple of these recipes and do not know much about some of the preparation methods described, so use these at your own risk.

Espresso I need a good write up of how to make espresso. R.A.W. - Various - House Blend 6: The Caffeinated Mix (CD) please help out here.

You won't get single, glossy beans, but the taste is there! Put dark roast coffee beans on a waxpaper-covered baking sheet. Melt some chocolate by putting a container with the chocolate in a pan of boiling water, stir the chocolate when it is getting hot. Some experimentation regarding what chocolate to use is in place.

I used chocolate chips from Ghiradelli. One should probably aim for dark and not too sweet chocolate. Pour the chocolate over the beans and smear it so that each bean is covered - you should have a single layer of covered beans not too far apart.

When solid, break off a piece and enjoy. Note: I often use very finely ground think espresso grind coffee for this. Disclaimer: People prepare cappuccino in many different ways, and in their very own way, each one of them is correct. Start with cold milk it doesn't really need to be ice-colduse homo. Place the milk in a special cappuccino glass with a cappuccino basket.

Cappuccino glasses have a thinner bottom. Aerate the milk near the top, within 2cm 1 R.A.W. - Various - House Blend 6: The Caffeinated Mix (CD). Move the glass down as the milk aerates. It is a good idea to have an oscillating motion while aerating the milk. The process of oscillation probably won't really add much to your drink but it does look cool.

Aerating the milk in another container, then pouring in a glass and adding the foam with a spoon is sacrilege. If you need to aerate the milk in a separate container, aerate exactly the amount of milk required for one cup, so no need to add foam with a spoon.


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    House Blend is one of the worst titles imaginable for a series of compilations, especially since each volume in the series is a mix of house music. It's also not particularly wise to make some sort of connection to coffee -- a couple of the volumes require that kind of 5/
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