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One Eternal (Felicitys Song) - Phobos Corporation - Felicity (Vinyl) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

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Download One Eternal (Felicitys Song) - Phobos Corporation - Felicity (Vinyl)

Combines the only three singles released by this devilish prog-hard rock combo, plus their earlier single as Pesky Gee! Harald Ziegler offers on the flip side one of his many tributes to Barbie, a low-fi yet melodic love song devoted to the doll. Another great exclusive from AMS Records, taken from the Cinevox catalogue, a record label from Rome specialized in soundtracks. The band, after the success of "Profondo Rosso" and the less known - but still beautiful - "Roller", started to record more frequently.

It's no coincidence that it sounds very close to "Roller", the second Goblin album recorded in an inspirational period the masterpiece "Suspiria" would soon followand could easily be an outtake from that record. This single, especially released for Record Store Day April 18this the first ever reissue of the original 7". Moreover, "Chi? Free digital download coupon.

First single to be pulled from Nik's upcoming album "Space Gypsy" Sept. Treating the originals with the reverence they deserve but updating them to sound more in line with their current live set up.

What better than revisiting an old friend? Revisiting that old friend with a new sense of vigor and urgency! EP Prog Rock. LP Prog Rock. Contains the 42 minute title track split over two sides. Hypnotic electric sitar drones give way to a full fledged acid rock assault! Two side long pieces of otherworldly psych rock pressed on colored vinyl in an edition of Blazing, chaotic psych rock for these heady, heavy times!

Mastered by James Plotkin. Homage to the classic Osama Kitajima record of the same name. I NANI This special project features founding members John Weinzierl guitarChris Karrer guitar, violin and Renate Knaup vocals plus longtime members Lothar Meid bass and Daniel Fischelscher drums! This classic has been specially remastered for this release, pressed on gram colored vinyl, and packaged in a heavy duty glue-on chipboard gatefold jacket sequentially numbered with printed sleeve.

Limited to 1, copies worldwide. TRAP INTRO AREA 5. SCUM Deluxe reverse board jacket and sleeve and classic starburst colored vinyl! VUG With Ayers playing an impressive list of instruments and bandmate Robert Wyatt on drums for most of the songs, many of the tracks recall early Soft Machine, and feature Ayers prog-pop songwriting sensibilities in full force.

Reissued on limited edition Opaque Yellow vinyl in a deluxe tip-on jacket, gatefold sleeve. Limited to copies. Limited to copies on gram vinyl. Can, the 11th studio album by Can was originally released in Lost during its initial release amongst the punk explosion, Can features the classic tracks 'Sodom' and 'Can Be'.

Holger Czukay's involvement took a back seat on this album. Can is also the last album before Can reunited with Malcolm Mooney on the reunion album, Rite Time in SAFE SODOM CAN BE.

PNOOM THIEF Delay is the classic? Delay is a compilation album of early outtakes of Can's work with singer Malcolm Mooney, including some of the band's earliest material. This release is highly recommended to Can completists as well as new enthusiasts! DOKO E. Pitchfork went on to name Ege Bamyasi 19 on it's list of "Top Albums of the s". Popular tracks include "Vitamin C" and "Spoon" and a number of the other tracks have been sampled and covered.

Ege Bamyasi, which means "Aegean Okra" in Turkish also features one of the band's most iconic front cover images. PINCH SOUP Flow Motion is the eighth Can studio album. Flow Motionwas mixed using binaural stereo, a method of recording sound that uses two microphones, arranged with the intent to create a 3-D stereo sound sensation for the listener of actually being in the room.

SPRAY Remasters and vinyl processing was coordinated by long time collaborator, Jono Podmore. It marked a pivotal point in Can's venture into poppier climes - a buoyant sound, tinged with notes of glam-rock yet still characteristically Can with its fleeting touches of raw experimentalism and the kind of ambience found on 'Future Days'.

The use of improvisation, experimentation, editing and layering of sounds set a standard for Can's subsequent albums in the early s, which were seminal to the freewheeling avant-garde style dubbed "krautrock" by the British music press. Limited to copies on solid red vinyl. Out Of Reach, the 10th studio album by Can has been unavailable in any official format since its original release in Out Of Reach is one of Can?

This is due in large part to the fact that bassist Holger Czukay left the band while this album was being recorded, and drummer Jaki Liebezeit had a reduced role. Most of the rhythm duties were left to percussionist, Reebop Kwaku Baah. Rite Time, Can's 12th and last studio album was originally released in Can got back together with original vocalist Malcolm Mooney to record this album, which has been deemed one of the classic Can albums.

The album marks the departure of the band's original vocalist Malcolm Mooney, who sings on two tracks, to be replaced by new member Damo Suzuki. This special double vinyl has been out of print for over 20 years, One Eternal (Felicitys Song) - Phobos Corporation - Felicity (Vinyl). AUMGN Unlimited Edition pressed as a double LP features unreleased tracks from to recorded in Can's private Inner Space studios.

It is an essential album for those who want to know more about the roots of the band. Five cuts listed as 'E. S' refer to the band's continuing Ethnological Forgery Series-- a series of songs in which Can self-consciously imitated various 'world music' genres. DOKO E Originally recorded inreleased in RIDE Originally released in this album was a significant advancement over the debut with much more highly melodic, complex songs, and more elaborate musicianship.

A progressive rock classic reissued with a tip on jacket on gram vinyl. Limited to copies on clear pink vinyl in PVC sleeve. ST 37 VIRSI One of the few American sounding Italian bands, and so convincing that even Vernon Joynson, in his book "The Flashback" included them in the US psychedelia section!

Their second album came instill in English but with a slightly more polished sound and some progressive influences. After singer Silvana Aliotta tried a solo career as Silvana dei Circus with some singles but the. The latter was also involved in the album "Il vangelo secondo Barabba". PLAS SO NEY ROSA JAMES ROTOR This amazing performance combines Damo's inimitable, improvisational vocalizations with a modern classical string quartet to create music that defies categorization and is utterly riveting!

Pressed on green vinyl with a bonus orange 12" featuring songs from Davey's side projects - both in full color sleeves! Double LP in gatefold sleeve. BLOOD Epsilon was founded in Marburg, Germany. Their successful debut-album was originally released in Marchthree month after the band went into the studio. All songs are sang in English language and the album hardly has anything to do with the over experimental Krautrock genre.

For fans of organ-driven heavy prog and classic rock! Including their stunning cover version of Rolling Stones' classic hit "Paint it black" under the title "Paint it black or white"!

TWO Mind-blowing spacerock that crosses over into alternative, punk and no-wave scenes. Highly recommended!

IX Intense, eccentric, hypnotic, a true timeless classic. Finally out as a double LP, 71 Minutes is the second in a series of Faust reissues. LAUFT Includes full album on CD. Faust for all. The Krautrock legends lay down the musical foundations for everyone else to make something of their own. Founding members Jean-Herv Peron and Zappi Diermaier have laid down 12 musical foundations, inviting the whole world to use them as a base on which to build their own music.

The One Eternal (Felicitys Song) - Phobos Corporation - Felicity (Vinyl) presented by Peron and Diermaier are clearly, intrinsically typical of Faust in their own right, yet offer enough space for completely different works to develop.

Which is exactly what they hope will happen. While Diermaier largely remains true to his habitual handiwork -- drums and percussion --Peron, as we might expect, One Eternal (Felicitys Song) - Phobos Corporation - Felicity (Vinyl) all manner of unusual sonic sources alongside his bass, various string instruments and piano, even using a sewing machine as a metronome.

Tracks like "nur nous" and "ich bin ein pavian" show that Faust have lost none of their predilection for avant-garde Dadaism and improvisation. Peron and Diermaier actually surprise us with folkloristic excursions "cavaquinho," "gammes". One Eternal (Felicitys Song) - Phobos Corporation - Felicity (Vinyl) short, there is something for everyone to work with here. Peron and Diermaier await the results with bated breath.

Faust will follow the same principle on the accompanying tour by inviting local artists to collaborate with them on stage. The history of the band: "There is no group more mythical than Faust. Which says it all really, neither the habitus nor the music of the Hamburg group was easy to grasp.

While some lauded Faust as the best thing that ever happened to rock, others dismissed them as shameless dilettantes. Their collage of Dadaism, avant garde rock and free improvisation radically divided opinion. When the first LP was unleashed on the world inFaust were very much the prophet in their own land, as the saying goes: few were interested in listening to their music -- in Germany.

Not so across the Channel: this is where Faust's career really kickstarted. These monoliths of avant-garde rock soldcopies of their album The Faust Tapes. More than One Eternal (Felicitys Song) - Phobos Corporation - Felicity (Vinyl) years after their debut, Faust have come up with another archetypical album: inspiring, innovative, unpredictable, crossing boundaries, anarchic -- Faustian! Comprised of twenty odd tape-manipulation experiments and freak-out jams, The Faust Tapes stashes away some of the band's best-known songs.

The band played a very British style of early prog a la Cressida, Still Life, Beggar's Opera, Quatermass, Rare Bird, Spring or Aardvark but with slightly heavier arrangements due to more aggressive guitar presence.

With great variation it is steering away from the mainstream of early 70's rock, featuring many classic moves and excellent vocals. The album carries the unmistakable stamp of Dieter Dierks at the mixing desk. A very diverse record, featuring bold, unsentimental guitars and keyboards that propel the album towards the future rather than looking wistfully towards the past.

The work is completed by the beautiful illustrations from artist Pietro Spica, who here renews his collaboration with the group after his 'Garybaldy-ish' artwork for the group's previous "Live in Bloom" incarnation. Digitaly remastered to achieve a rich, clear sound, this concert album features highlights from the bands latter career including "Bedside Manners Are Extra," "Drum Folk" and more! Born in Hildesheim inhe had previously drummed in fairly conventional rock bands, most recently for Wallenstein.

Their label-boss Rolf-Ulrich Kaiser was fond of facilitating jam sessions for musicians on his Ohr und Pilz label, often supplying his 'cosmic couriers' with LSD unbeknown to them, on occasion. In one such session, the drug inspired something of an epiphany in Grosskopf: 'There I was playing the drums when, in the midst of my euphoria, I realized that I had been imitating other drummers.

Suddenly a voice spoke to me: stop trying to sound like Billy Cobham or Ginger Baker. From that moment on I felt liberated, free to drum without having to shine in a particular role. Grosskopf: 'I was completely in thrall to electronic music and the total freedom that it offered. This was the music I wanted to create.

I knew it would be a success, the energy levels were so high. So I sold my prized drum kit and used the money to buy a guitar, amp and echo device. They knew each other from Berlin's electronic scene and recording sessions for the likes of Ash Ra Tempel. It was not until the summer ofhowever, that he finally felt ready to release a solo album, One Eternal (Felicitys Song) - Phobos Corporation - Felicity (Vinyl). Synthesist comprises eight instrumentals, recorded largely by Grosskopf on his own.

His melodies, carried along by synthesizers and drums, were reminiscent of works by Berlin electronic friends such as Klaus Schulze and Tangerine Dream, as well as those 'cosmic' sessions of the early s -- yet each melody retains a unique timbre. Synthesist is thus regarded as a classic by electronic music enthusiasts all over the world, evoking a thrilling musical era of the past with equal capacity to excite today. TAI KI. One of the charms of Italian progressive rock is undoubtedly the many groups who released a single LP, overshadowed by the big wigs of the movement.

Albums and entire artists were forgotten for decades only to be blissfully rediscovered decades later. Theatrical and bold, it's an album with strong imprints of jazz and rock that takes clear inspiration from the Miles Davis' fusion era of the '60s and the '70s.

Another hidden gem brought forth from the fertile archives of the Italian music scene of the 's. The limited success of the record paired with the label's attempt to obtain commercial appear brought the short career of the group to an untimely end. Rediscovered only a few years ago, "Ipotesi" is now available on vinyl for the first time since and remains faithful to the original. Limited to copies on dark red translucent vinyl.

UFO DINO TRACE Limited edition colored vinyl. This is their brand new studio album. Choose Your Masques is the thirteenth studio album by the English space rock group Hawkwind, released in It spent five weeks on the UK albums chart peaking at LATO This album has Hawkwind firing on all cylinders.

A powerful album with a refreshing style and up-tempo beat. Pressed on limited edition gram colored vinyl. Electric Tepee is the seventeenth studio album by the English space rock group Hawkwind, released in It spent one week on the UK albums chart at LSD The album reached 16 on the UK charts and in the US and was the second release with Lemmy on bass.

On limited edition gram colored vinyl. As one of the pioneers in this genre they recorded a bunch of deep soundscapes, combining the best of different genres. The sound of the band is original and the approach is naive in a good sense. This debut can be seen as the highlight of their career, capturing the true spirit of this raw and communal musical movement. The Pretty Things guitarist Dick Taylor produced the debut album by Hawkwind, after he had left his former group. A galactic blues-rock sound rightfully compared to Pink Floyd's early work: hippie rock grooves and interplanetary guitar rides, echoed vocals and nonstop instrumental voyages.

The folder is also packed to the brim with Construction Kit loops guaranteed to streamline your productivity and grasp quick inspiration, much how the formative Hip Hop productions were created. Inside the vinyl cuts folder you can find a variety of ready mixed Construction Kit loops that allow you to quickly grab that desired vintage sound. All the sounds in the pack have been meticulously crafted and mixed, and are ready to be thrown right into your next vintage beat.

Additionally, for those who are after some quick inspiration when putting together their track, there is a vast selection of crackling drum loops with a variety of creative rhythms provided, along with stem bounces that allow easy interchangeability between the grooves on offer. Single Top Retrieved 14 December Top 40 Singles.

Singles Top Swiss Singles Chart. Retrieved 15 December Archived from the original on 15 September Official German Charts. Dutch Top Retrieved 6 March Recorded Music NZ. Retrieved 4 May Romanian Top Archived from the original on 22 January


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    Product description. TvFelicity ~ Felicity: Music From The Hit Te flameworkeranayathrisflameblade.xyzinfo "Highly emotional, excitable, and driven" is how the official Felicity Web site describes the TV drama's title character. If only that side of the precocious teenager were more often reflected on this soundtrack album/5(38).
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