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Its negative effects include hazard to life and property, atmospheric pollution, and water contamination. This loss of nitrogen caused by a fire produces a long-term reduction in the fertility of the soil, but this fecundity can potentially be recovered as molecular nitrogen in the atmosphere is " fixed " and converted to ammonia by natural phenomena such as lightning and by leguminous plants that are "nitrogen-fixing" such as cloverpeasand green beans.

Fire has been used by humans in ritualsin agriculture for clearing land, for cooking, generating heat and light, for signaling, propulsion purposes, smeltingforging Fire !, incineration of waste, cremationand as a weapon or mode of destruction. This is commonly called the fire tetrahedron. Fire cannot exist without all of these elements in place and in the right proportions.

For example, a flammable liquid will start burning only if the fuel and oxygen are in the right proportions. Some fuel-oxygen mixes may require a catalysta substance that is not consumed, when added, in any chemical reaction during combustion, but which enables the reactants to combust more readily.

Once ignited, a chain reaction must take place whereby fires can sustain their own heat by the further release of heat energy in the process of combustion and may propagate, provided there is a continuous supply of an oxidizer and fuel. If the oxidizer is oxygen from the surrounding air, the presence of a force of gravityor of some similar force caused by acceleration, is necessary to produce convectionwhich removes combustion products and brings a supply of oxygen to the fire.

Without gravity, a fire rapidly surrounds itself with its own combustion products and non-oxidizing gases from the air, which exclude oxygen and extinguish the fire. Because of this, the risk of fire in a spacecraft is small when it is coasting in inertial flight. Fire can be extinguished by removing any one of the elements of the fire tetrahedron. Consider a natural gas flame, such as from a stove-top burner.

The fire can be extinguished by any of the following:. In contrast, fire is intensified by increasing the overall rate of combustion. Methods to do this include balancing the input of fuel and oxidizer to stoichiometric proportions, increasing fuel and oxidizer input in this balanced mix, increasing the ambient temperature so the fire's own heat is better able to sustain combustion, or providing a catalyst, a non-reactant medium in which the fuel and oxidizer can more readily react.

A flame is a mixture of reacting gases and solids emitting visible, infraredand sometimes ultraviolet light, the frequency spectrum of which depends on the chemical composition of the burning material and intermediate reaction products. In many cases, such as the burning of organic matterFire !, for example wood, or the incomplete combustion of gas, incandescent solid particles called soot produce the familiar red-orange glow of "fire".

This light has a continuous spectrum. Complete combustion of gas has a dim blue color due to the emission of single-wavelength radiation from various electron transitions in the excited molecules formed in the flame.

Usually oxygen is involved, but hydrogen burning in chlorine also produces a flame, producing hydrogen chloride HCl. Other possible combinations producing flames, amongst many, are fluorine and hydrogenand hydrazine and nitrogen tetroxide. The glow of a flame is complex. Black-body radiation is emitted from Fire !, gas, and fuel particles, though the soot particles are too small to behave like perfect blackbodies. There is also photon emission by de-excited atoms and molecules in the gases.

Much of the radiation is emitted in the visible and infrared bands. The color depends on temperature for the black-body radiation, and on chemical makeup for the emission spectra. The dominant color in a flame changes with temperature. The photo of the forest fire in Canada is an excellent example of this variation. Near the ground, where most burning is occurring, the fire is white, the hottest color possible for organic material in general, or yellow.

Above the yellow region, the color changes to orange, which is cooler, then red, which is cooler still. Above the red region, combustion no longer occurs, and the uncombusted Fire ! particles are visible as black smoke. The common distribution of a flame under normal gravity conditions depends on convectionas soot tends to rise to the top of a general flame, as in a candle in normal gravity conditions, making it yellow.

In micro gravity or zero gravity[8] such as an environment in outer spaceconvection no longer occurs, and the flame becomes spherical, with a tendency to become more blue and more efficient although it may go out if not moved steadily, as the CO 2 from combustion does not disperse as readily in micro gravity, and tends to smother the flame.

There are several possible explanations for this difference, of which the most likely is that the temperature is sufficiently evenly distributed that soot is not formed and complete combustion occurs. In combustion enginesvarious steps are taken to eliminate a flame. The method depends mainly on whether the fuel is oil, wood, or a high-energy fuel such as jet fuel. It is true that objects at specific temperatures do radiate visible light.

See the section on red heat for more about this effect. It is a misconception that one can judge the temperature of a fire by the color of its flames or the sparks in the flames.

Barium nitrate burns a bright green, for instance, and this is not present on the heat chart. The "adiabatic flame temperature" of a given fuel and oxidizer pair indicates the temperature at which the gases achieve stable combustion.

Every natural ecosystem has its own fire regimeand the organisms in those ecosystems are adapted to or dependent upon that fire regime.

Fire creates a mosaic of different habitat patches, each at a different stage of succession. The ability to control fire was a dramatic change in the habits of early humans. Making fire to generate heat and light made it possible for people to cook food, simultaneously increasing the variety and availability of nutrients and reducing disease by killing organisms in the food. Fire also kept nocturnal predators at bay. Evidence of cooked food is found from 1.

Fire has also been used for centuries as a method of torture and execution, as evidenced by death by burning as well as torture devices such as the iron bootwhich could be filled with water, oilor even lead and then heated over an open fire to the agony of the wearer. By the Neolithic Revolution[ citation needed ] during the introduction of grain-based agriculture, people all over the world used fire as a tool in landscape management.

These fires were typically controlled burns or "cool fires", [ citation needed ] as opposed to uncontrolled "hot fires", which damage the soil. Hot fires destroy plants and animals, and endanger communities. This is especially a problem in the forests of today where traditional burning is prevented in order to encourage the growth of timber crops.

Cool fires are generally conducted in the spring and autumn. They clear undergrowth, burning up biomass that could trigger a hot fire should it get too dense. They provide a greater variety of environments, which encourages game and plant diversity. For humans, they make dense, impassable forests traversable. Another human use for fire in regards to landscape management is its use to clear land for agriculture. Personal Finance Retirement Planning.

Article Sources. Investopedia requires writers to use primary Fire ! to support their work. These include white papers, government data, original reporting, and interviews with industry experts. We also reference original research from other reputable publishers where appropriate. You can learn more about the standards we follow in producing accurate, unbiased content in our editorial policy. Compare Accounts. The offers that appear in this table are from partnerships from which Investopedia receives compensation.

Related Terms Voluntary Simplicity Voluntary simplicity is a lifestyle that minimizes the needless consumption of material goods and the pursuit of wealth for its own sake.

Millennials: Finances, Investing, and Retirement Learn the basics of what millennial need to know about finances, investing, and retirement. The fire was started by children playing with matches. The library was badly damaged in the fire. How many historic buildings are damaged by fire each year?

B1 [ C ] a small controlled fire that is used for heating or cooking :. It's very cold in here - should I light a fire? We built a fire on the beach.

We put up our tents and made a small fire. B1 If something is on fire, it is burning when it should not be:. If your home was on fire and you could save only one thing, what would it be? Synonyms ablaze. If you're cold just put the fire on. Both buildings were badly affected by the fire. My cat likes dozing in front of the fire. The fire was thought to have been caused by a gas explosion.

The dry weather has increased the risk of brush fires. The flames grew larger as the fire spread. C2 [ U ] the shooting of guns or other weapons :. The city came under fire from anti-government forces last night. The fire in her speech inspired everyone. See also fiery RED. Excitement, interest, energy and enthusiasm. Idioms come under fire. B2 [ I or T ] to cause a weapon to shoot bulletsarrowsor missiles :.

He fired his gun into the air. Someone started firing at us. Without warning he started firing into the crowd. I just prayed that he would stop firing. The ambassador denied that any missiles had been fired across the border. The journalists were firing questions at me for two whole hours. The soldiers were ordered to fire only as a last resort. The initial cloud of tear gas had hardly cleared before shots were fired. He fired six shots at the targetbut his aim was terribleand he missed all of them.


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    A rapid, persistent chemical change that releases heat and light and is accompanied by flame, especially the exothermic oxidation of a combustible substance: destruction by fire.
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    "Fire" is a song written by Arthur Brown, Vincent Crane, Mike Finesilver and Peter Ker. Performed by The Crazy World of Arthur Brown, it was released as a single and on the band's debut album, also called The Crazy World of Arthur Brown Helmet. During live performances and in the black and white promotional television clip, Brown performed Genre: Psychedelic rock.
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    Many FIRE enthusiasts wholeheartedly acknowledge the privilege of the FIRE movement.) Early retirement is the literal definition of the FIRE movement, but there’s a much more robust meaning when you start digging into the principles behind FIRE.
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    a state, process, or instance of combustion in which fuel or other material is ignited and combined with oxygen, giving off light, heat, and flame. a burning mass of material, as on a hearth or in a furnace. verb (used with object), fired, fir·ing. to set on fire.
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    FIRE’s mission is to defend and sustain the individual rights of students and faculty members at America’s colleges and universities. These rights include freedom of speech, freedom of association, due process, legal equality, religious liberty, and sanctity of conscience — the essential qualities of liberty.
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    Fire in religion and philosophy. The sacred fires and fire drills of religious rituals and the numerous fire-gods of world mythology must be interpreted as additional evidence of both the antiquity and the importance of fire in human history. In the ancient Vedic scriptures, Agni, or Fire, is the messenger between the people and their gods and the personification of the sacrificial fire.
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    Fire Increased storage options (16 GB or 32 GB) as compared to prior version Fire (8 GB or 16 GB) Battery life has declined to 7 hours (1-hour reduction) from prior version Charge time has decreased from 6 hours (Fire ) to 4 hours (Fire ). This is a major plus because it would take forever to charge these tablets)/5(62K).
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    Dec 20,  · Suggested by UMG Gregory Porter - Revival (Official Music Video) Song Fire On Fire (From "Watership Down") Artist Sam Smith; Licensed to YouTube by.
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