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Fatt Krowd - Slautah - The Red Room Experiment (Cassette) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Published 06.08.2019

Download Fatt Krowd - Slautah - The Red Room Experiment (Cassette)
Label: (iN)Sect Records - IRS-031 • Format: Cassette Red • Country: US • Genre: Hip Hop • Style: Instrumental

Vocalist Jon Costello adds, "it's been a pleasure to be a part of this project since the begging. Fatt Krowd - Slautah - The Red Room Experiment (Cassette) most proud of these songs and the effort that I put into them.

I really wanted them to hit home and, I believe, we did that. Labels: architects of a broken designjon costellokanye westkid cudipuregrain audioselena gomezwilliam j sullivanwreckin joint productionszilla rocca. This week's inaugural band is Crippled Youth, which seems to have been a very short-lived band and later, morphed into BOLD. The photo was taken by Roger St.

During the seventh game at The Montreal Forum, Maurice "The Rocket" Richard of The Canadiens was bleeding from a concussion suffered earlier in the game, when he returned in the Third Period to score the winning goal.

In that play, he skated end-to-end, weaving through The Bruins players, out in front of the net, and put the puck behind startled [Bruins] goaltender "Sugar" Jim Henry. After the game, Henry shook hands with Richard in what became one of the most famous sports images of all time. We asked Crippled Youth bassist Tim Brooks about it and this is what he had to say: "as for the hockey player image, my father is a huge hockey fan and sports memorabilia collector.

He has a 2' x 3' print of the [picture] hanging on the wall in his home office. Labels: bold punkcrippled youthdrew thomasguts of the icehockeycorejim henryjohn zulumatt warnkemaurice richardnew beginning recordspuck rockrevhq fun factstim brookstom capone. James Reitano is a director, animator, graphic designer, illustrator, and devout Skinhead. On the heels of newly-pressed Nineteen Eighty Seven, Vol. Breakdown The Redskins - "Go Get Organized:" One of the more dedicated and serious Socialist bands with just about all songs involving Socialist politics.

And, musically, one of the greatest rhythm sections. Put it this way, these guys would be campaigning for Bernie, if they were Yanks. Perfect for drinking outside in damp conditions. The 4-Skins, photographer unknown The Upsetters - "Dry Acid:" A classic here!

An epitome of Skinhead Reggae, if there ever was one. We'd refer [to] these tracks as "Fancy Business! The Kingstonians - "Sufferer:" A classic Reggae classic! The true man of the people, in this rousing track of "goin' down to pub. Toy Dolls - "Idle Gossip:" Though, these guys are good in small doses I compare these guys to audio espresso, but one of my favorite LP's from them! The Business - "Employers Blacklist:" Here we go!

Another Business track. Their classic tune expressing the frustration of being ignored at the bar. U-Roy photographer unknown The Undertones - "Hypnotised:" When some bands wrote about the war zones of Northern Ireland, these guys kept it light with some of the best songs ever written! Labels: apocalypse con quesobiz markieboots n booze zinebuddys riotcut chemistCZARFACEjames reitanonineteen85nineteen87proper skins productionsskinhead reggaetfu studioswith the quickness.

Nate, Caleb, Ryan, T. We recently received a press release from a firm managing Flatspot Records, which readily compares Choice to Make's sound across the EP to "early Biohazard, late 80's Agnostic Front, and Underdog. FSR48 - Vicious Existence by Choice To Make "In a scene riddled with fashion-first "Punk" upstarts and breakdown fetishists, Choice to Make delivers a vital dose of Hardcore that is equally confrontational and groovy with roots buried evenly the classics of Hardcore and the modern landmarks that have shaped the genre's development over the past two decades," said press release continues.

Labels: 12forty recordsalec cakebreadchoice to makeflatspot recordsone step closerstreets of hate fanzinestrength for a reasonwilkes barre scranton hardcoreworn hardcpre. The working title is: Yegg War Luke Oakson. Let's just be completely honest here, with that cast of characters, Yegg War is gonna be nothing short of fantastic! Labels: 36crazyfistsandrew nolandamien millerdan lactosedj eons onedj raw bgrand invinciblegurp cityi had an accident recordsiron lung recordsluck sickmegakut recordsspazzwolfagram.

Amy Farina plays drums. Joe Lally plays bass. Ian MacKaye plays guitar. All sing. Formed inCoriky did not play their first show until They have recorded one album. They hope to tour.

It's a phenomenal "coming out" track and, hopefully, will represent what's to come from CORIKY 's self-titled debut full-length. Either way, we can almost promise, it's definitely gonna be something to experience for fans both old and new.

Labels: amy farinacoriky banddischord recordsdon zientarafugazihammered hullsian mackayeinner ear studiosjoe lallyminor threatthe evensthe messthetics. DRAIN first commissioned Raul Cruz to design some Street Sharks-like characters to be featured across the cover for their 2-track Promo EPwhich was, later, slightly modified as the Default picture for the band's Twitter profile, drain drain It's an adorable little "Baby" Shark designed by Derek Pratt complete with sunglasses, blood drips from his collar, and, of course, Heavy Metal studded wristbands.

Just yesterday afternoon, DRAIN uploaded "Sick One" to their Bandcamp page and, additionally, shared a visualizer for what they're calling a "succinct, hard-hitting, groove-laden" single. There is no facade and no cosplay, as to who we are," frontman Sam Ciaramitaro explains. Labels: drainbl'astcody chavezderek prattDRAINhenry gartlandjustin rhodeldb festrevelation recordsrob roskoppsam ciaramitarosound and fury festivaltaylor youngtim flegal. Labels: dylan slocumflood magazinefree throwkyle mcaulaymeredith van woertpool kidspure noise recordsruben duartespanish love songsthe menzingersthe wonder yearstrevor dietrich.

Late last night, I noticed a Tweet from Roughneck Jihad roughneckjihad which read, "Check our this continent-spanning Hip-Hop collaboration with the beat and cuts by AwkwardUK and the rhyme by yours truly, Roughy Rough.

Perhaps, some singles [and] maybe, a full-length Stay tuned for more from these extremely prolific cross-continental collaborators! Remix producers are urged to reach out directly to jihadtheroughneckmc on Instagram for further details. IV by Third Sight. Labels: awkward ukDROMEDARYghost locust musicjuan bettsmatt fryerroughneck jihadsolomon strangethe cloaksthe diabolical doctor strangethird sight. Just show progression in the band's creativity to help shape our own.

I know Sean has [spoken] about wanting to create our own "world," like, how he feels other bands do. This is one for the books this interview! Instagram: etomusicroc fromthedeskoflo. For this episode Lo chops it up with the top pirate in the game, Knowledge The Pirate!

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The Story of Adidon. HuckGnarris Jun 11, at Personally, I love this. You know why? Because SRAM didn't release the new XX1 first to get the people with the deepest pockets to shell out the cash, then X01, and so on until the people with the least amount of money get serviced last. They didn't increase the price. They didn't make any new standards, in fact made it all backwards compatible. You could take any one of these parts and use it on previous systems, plug and play, without being forced into an ENTIRE groupset.

Basically, they didn't pull a Shimano, all they did was give Shimano the finger with 1 extra little tooth on their largest cog, that's all this is, and for that, I applaud them, even if it's not really news that this exists. Dogl0rd Jun 11, at TheSlayer99 Jun 11, at This is a hack job at best, slapping on a bigger cog for the sake of getting a leg up on shimano I think is ridiculous, the cassette looks like it has one of those expander cogs people were using a few years ago.

And saying you can re-gear the bike for the 52t is fake news, t jump is annoying as it is let alone with harder gearing. Then expecting people to buy a new mech on top of that. Il bet when people start using this they will find the t mech works fine, despite what sram says.

My next drivetrain will be shimano for sure, then hopefully after that, a gearbox. Glenngineer Jun 11, at Hmmmm and now Fatt Krowd - Slautah - The Red Room Experiment (Cassette) cassette looks like shimano spd XT with that jump to the granny gear that people loved to rag on. I've never understood people's complaints on that jump.

I only use that as a bail out gear. If someone is living in that top couple gears they should look at their riding. Adamrideshisbike Jun 11, at I quite like the cassette. PNdubRider Jun 11, at So whatever you want to believe- that 51 tooth was pure marketing. When Shimano did it I thought it was funny. It's just bikes- I don't get mad. I spend my money or I decide it's not worth it. When the SRAM product managers said "we need to one up Shimano" this is not entirely what they had in mind.

Better gaps! JSTootell : They didn't combo it with a 10T gap though did they? People are soft. Which are technically already in the next gear prior to shifting and love to be shifted with the foot to the floor. Shifting underload is silent and smooth, and it's designed for. Paluzas Jun 11, at I was running 11 speed sram for ages and never got the sram hate from everyone. But the last bike I demoed and subsequently bought had X01 eagle and I was really thrown off by how bad the shifting under load was - felt like I was going to snap the chain with every shift.

I put on 12 spd SLX when I got the bike and never looked back, absolutely no issues with shifting under load. Noeserd Jun 11, at Paluzas : i snapped 3 chains under load on sram I don't get the under load hype. Either I am a super smooth shifter okay, I kinda amor the "under load" hype of Shimano is bullshit.

It is fantastic. Does it shift under load better? Nope, the same. I tried to beat on both my Sram and Shimano, and can't notice much of a difference. JSTootell : I don't know what to say to that, maybe it's a set up thing? I heard that eagle's a bit trickier to set up than others, but the bike I was demoing was indexed properly and the height seemed fine as well.

I prefer the feel of SRAM shifters and I never had any issues on the 11 speed system so I was fully prepared to love eagle before I tested it. I'm running this on my XC bike as well so shifting under load is very much in line with the purpose of the bike, I'm a fairly big guy with a decent power output as well so it could be down to that?

I noticed the difference immediately and was kind of annoyed that a groupset that's 4 times more expensive shifted worse. JSTootell : I think it's probably like dropper posts: you don't realize what you're missing until you've used it for a while then go back. Eventually I realized that I was still naturally reducing load as I shifted, as I always had.

JSTootell : hmm. Xtr I can stand up and stomp and drop gears like I'm in a double clutch sports car. Sram would sound like shit is breaking. It really helps on climbs. So I do go back and forth, and can directly compare often.

I'm not the most powerful out there. But my race results, having earned a Pro license, indicate that I am not a weak performer. Also have pretty decent race results in enduro races and, of course, Strava. I personally care a large amount about how all my vehicles shift. And for that matter, the perfectly good SRAM 11 speed is still alive and kickin'.

For those never SRAM people. Do you remember a time when your options were between jack and jack-shit? I do, I'm old You know what a percent is right?

I'll explain it to you, just read slow. If you have a 10 and a 20 you have double the final ratio I'm seeing you're the one who had trouble with math and apparently reading comprehension too.

SkipSkovhugger Jun 11, at WAKI would be rolling over in his grave with this announcement. I guess the first step is always recognising that you have a problem Noeserd Jun 11, at Below Threshold show comment.

RobbieBrighton Jun 11, at I don't think anyone was asking for a bigger gear range from Sram But anyway now Shimano are offering the same or similar gear range there 0 reasons to buy Sram. Except the fact SRAM is smoother and actually supports the industry. Mondbiker Jun 11, at One tooth. Not a problem with Shimanos. The point is, both SRAM and Shimano are making perfectly fine transmissions, which offer virtually identical experiences.

Get off it and keep your bike tuned up. X01 has a significantly lighter cassette and crank carbon than SLX. I was responding to your charge that SRAM was somehow finicky or required absolute precision tuning to operate correctly. This couldn't be further from my and others' experience with both brands.

To say the SRAM is smooth overall is not really an accurate thing. TheRamma Jun 11, at The only thing their drivetrains have going for them is shifter ergonomics. TheRamma Jun 12, at TheSlayer99 : "anything that comes from SRAM is guaranteed to be hot ass" Not sure it's worth even responding if you're going to type stuff like that, maybe you meant drivetrains only, which is still wrong, just less so. Some free advice, Shimano will never love you back.

They'll just sell you shit. Sometime it's good new 1x12sometimes not their brakes. In fairness, you're less likely to hit that derailleur thanks to Shadow, but it's still a concern.

Whether or not it's worth the price difference is a conversation worth having, but I wouldn't value them equally. People can have varied and nuanced opinions about brands and products, but "derp, derp SRAM is garbage" is just silly. TheRamma : Its Lyrik ultimate remember, the Fatt Krowd - Slautah - The Red Room Experiment (Cassette). Don't question it. MrDuck Jun 12, at TheRamma : Call it silly as much as you want, but when all you do in the summer is rebuilding sram brake levers incl.

Rsc whether it's guide or code and compare drivetrain on all the bikes that come through your shop, you might understand. I don't know if I know any experienced mechanic who likes sram drivetrain. MrDuck : is that because sram supply spares so instead of just throwing the part out they actually have to do some work?

You have to take into consideration sales. Walk into any bike shop and almost if not all decent bikes come equipped with sram. TheSlayer99 Jun 12, at MrDuck : I certainly can't argue with your personal experience, but the most unreliable brakes I've ever had have been relatively recent XTs. Constant bleeds required, wandering bite point.

As for mechanics, I know one of the better ones in town, and he always remarks how nice my X01 shifter feels, and how much he loves my Code RSCs. Most major reviewers agree about the codes as well. Like what you like, but Shimano does not have the market cornered on good components.

I'd actually say they're behind most other manufacturers with brakes because they refuse to fix their bite point issues. Again, most major publications agree. Boy did the fanbois howl on this site whenever a reviewer has the audacity to describe the reality of using Shimano brakes. The bulk is their lower end stuff, sold to new riders.

Shit breaks. I've owned shimano drivetrains and brakes although never owned 1x12it's not magically better or more reliable. Do like shadow though, and I think their clutch is marginally better. Still doesn't make SLX "better" than X Doubt anyone who has ridden both would agree, unless you really have some preference for weak derailleurs and sloppy shifting.

It would be like arguing that Level Ts are better than XTs because of wandering bite point. Just fanboi stuff. Here's what I can find enduro-mtb. And anyone talking about a lack of power in the new codes is just delusional.

I'm going to the park today, and not using bigger than rotors, and I weight lbs, so guess your assurances are meaningless about what SRAM riders need are made up too. Nightmare of shipping costs, "diagnostic" fees, and then arguing that they should fix a design defect in their abomination DRCV. Only to have it blow up again 6 months later.

But, I'm not a complete moron, so I still recognize that they are making some great forks. Same with SRAM. The new debonair is not "worse," those still ride great. Guess you needed to pretend they were holding you back or something, but pretty much everybody's middle tier to high end stuff is amazing right now.

What do you think other companies are doing right now? Do you need to tell us what the mean SRAM employee did to you? What is "real engineering? Some of this was driven by SRAM, releasing good products. Send me all your SRAM components so I can safely dispose of them, I'm sure you're worried about whatever mind control radiation the evil "marketing" people in that company must have embued them with to make them popular.

I mean, reviewers are always saying how good they are TheRamma : The codes were also lab tested to only be stronger than the Deore 2 piston brakes by less than 1nm, and 30nm less than the saints. In almost every bike check of sram World Cup athletes, you see them running prototype rotors because of how much their brakes suck. How many of the sram subsidiaries make anything that has features with their purpose meant to be anything but another point for marketing their products?

There marketing department rules their company which is why sram keeps on pumping out trash every single production year, and it gives a bad name to their German roots. I respect good engineering and products when I see it and nothing from them has an ounce of quality engineering in it, nor any better to the consumer than literally any other option on the market.

KJP Jun 12, at There was no point KJP was arguing, but ok. TheSlayer99 : Calling codes weak is just ridiculous, Fatt Krowd - Slautah - The Red Room Experiment (Cassette). TheSlayer99 : Amigo - you're off on your own here. I'm fortunate to live in one of the marquee areas for mountain biking, the world over. I'm confident in my speed and setup, and I know a host of riding buddies who are plenty fast and technically capable. There are a great many of us who prefer SRAM.

If you like Shimano, that's terrific. But to come here and imply that my preferred setup must mean that I "drag my brakes" is absurd. You don't know me, and for all you know you may very well struggle to keep up both flat out and technically with me.

So what gives you the right to dictate on forum how a great many of us feel about a top-tier Fatt Krowd - Slautah - The Red Room Experiment (Cassette) TheSlayer99 : you are so off your rocker dude. Like what you like, but you're missing out on a lot of great stuff just going "derp derp, SRAM suck" all the time online. People also should just ignore you, because you're just biased to a ridiculous degree.

So funny that you drone on about SRAM being money grubbing, when Shimano refuses to provide brake parts to end users because they want you to have to buy a whole new assembly. All companies are trying to get your money. Weird that SRAM products don't have external adjustments. You just don't seem to know very much about bikes my dude.

Enjoy your amazing "10 minute" descents, can't imagine what that must feel. Real Chuck Taylor to ride at the envelope like that. TheRamma : You and most reviewers have fallen sheep to their marketing bs. None of their products have real merit from an engineering standpoint either, their only purpose is to be a cash grab, even more so when they shit themselves from their poor design. You also suck sram off too hard to see any other opinion than your own.

Regardless, I can say with confidence, Mr. They seized once. SRAM paid to have my bike shop fix them, took maybe 1 week, permanently solved the problem. Whereas Shimano continues to pretend wandering bite point doesn't exist. Not sure how you rank Shimano better. You keep asserting a lot, yet providing no evidence. Lots of articles on the subject, but here's one you can read for free assuming you're actually a student and not just larping to win an internet argument.

TheRamma : You are so heated over an internet argument you are loosing you have to resort to personal attacks to support your point? How comical. The doctor is making an absolute fool of himself by showing off his doctorate in being a professional asshat, what a shocker.

Devolving an argument to elementary insults and low digs truly demonstrates your intellect and ability to argue, and especially how big you dick is. I never knew how intelligent doctors were and the level of professionalism they bring into their every day life.

Without that you are nothing. I had to change a calliper last week. TheRamma Jun 13, at TheSlayer99 : man, you are really struggling here. You attempted to bully the discussion by assuring us all that as an "engineering major," you can divine the quality of engineering simply by looking at a product often I suspect only online. Which is complete bullshit. No engineer can do that.

Getting your college adviser to sign a piece of paper and filing it with the registrar doesn't give you super powers. I suspect your massive ego predates this, you might want to get it in check. Your first employer won't appreciate it. You've just completely lost it in a discussion about SRAM vs. Dude, I don't know what kind of stresses you have in life right now, but you might want to take a breath and stop going crazy on the internet over brands of MTB equipment.

TheRamma : The difference is there in weight and feel, not shifting quality. TheRamma Jun 14, at I have X01 set mostly because of the other upgrades that build came with. Smoother up and down. I've spent some time on SLX 1x12, it wasn't crisp, particularly on the ups. Shifting under load isn't important to me, mostly because I've already built the habit.

It's kind of like no-lift shifting in a manual car. Not important to re-learn for me, but great minds can disagree about it. Woody25 Jun 11, at Very disappointed by the lack of bottom-gear-shaming going on here. There's normally at least one person claiming nobody should ever need such a low gear. Or maybe that was just the roadie forums I frequent too Why anyone would need anything lower than ratio is just totally weak. I climbed 45 degree slopes with a 40 tooth chain ring in my 20 tooth cog.

Maybe because that's a stupid thing to say. Range is range, it's got nothing to do with how low the low gear is, that just depends on the chainring. The idea behind wide range cassettes is not for climbing, but for making the bike adaptable to all styles of riding, from road cruising to climbing steeper slopes. If all you wanted is climbing, you could get an 10 speed and run it with a 30 or 28 front chainring, which gives you the low gear for climbing.

JSTootell : naw man, you got me beat. Eagle was bad for my racing as I discovered I'd lose my power half way through an XC race.

Fitness was fine, but no use if you can't push on the pedals. I've dropped the dinner plates and am getting back to where I was. I'm sure I could have gone to a bigger chainring, but I want the smallest range for my ability and my terrain. I'm done with dinner plate sized cassettes wreaking suspension performance. Bring the gearboxes!! Does your suspension move a lot when you're in the tall gear? Monsterman Jun 11, at Im waiting Fatt Krowd - Slautah - The Red Room Experiment (Cassette) someone to basically adapt a 3 speed IG hub to the cranks, and pair it with a 4 speed tiny mech in the rear.

KJP : oof, R. I don't understand why people hate on pie plate cassettes. The larger you run your biggest cassette cog at, the more teeth you can pull on the chainring.

I am running the 52t Garbaruk cassette and I was able to bump my usual chainring size up by 2 teeth. SO now I have DH range down low but my bike still climbs with the same ease of running a 32t or 30t chainring.

I love garbaruk. They are my go-to cassette. Love it. So simple. Mondbiker : I noticed that too. Mondbiker : 10 speed Deore still exists and has just been given an update. It was lightest wide range cassette available. It paired well with the Deore components. PtDiddy : Ahh, I misunderstood! Also keep the 50T and substitute another cog for a 46T. I find the jump from 42T to 50T a little odd, I run a 34T chain ring.

DHhack Jun 11, at Certainly no multiple thousand feet climbs here to sit and spin up If my frame could fit a 36t chainring I guess I could use the 52t granny. BamaBiscuits Jun 11, at Steps are closer together and a 32t oval and 46t out back are more than capable of climbing up anything. Glad to see Shimano offers a similar cassette for their drivetrains. It's like deore is better and they realise the one thing they can prove is a wider range, it's basically what shimano did with the 46 tooth cassette on the last xt that everyone hated because of the stupid jump at the end of the cassette.

The worst thing is I bet the guys at sram rightly laughed at that when it happened in response to eagle and now they've basically done the same. Bravo, if I could post the sound of a slow hand clap The derailleur gets improved clutch and springs, revised geometry based on the smooth shifting of the XO1 AXS and the whole group receives an overall nicer finishing - for the same price Then they give you the choice between two cassettes, and the only thing you can come up with is whining about the cassette option which you don't want Sunrace to the rescue?

My mate had one of those, he binned it after a few weeks as it kept falling apart. It's pretty good for the price. We have no mountains, so pedaling and shifting constantly, and I am a heavy rider mashing on the cranks. They should be concentrating more on the cost-saving features of a new drivetrain.

Either that or offer the NX cassette in an XD driver as well! Sunshine cassette has a 12s 52T cassette for 40EUR: fr. But who cares it is in the center of the wheel, not so critical if it is g heavier. It's almost cheaper to buy a Microspline freehub and a Deore cassette! Which is exactly what I'm going to do Pinkbike readers are all excited when Shimano releases a 51t cassette. Then when Sram releases a 52t cassette, they say that's absurd. No, no, not 6! I said 7. Who works out in 6 minutes?

That is because SRAM shifting is far subpar to Shimano Shifting and before the 51 cassette, the only option was the 46 which wasn't enough. MarcusBrody Jun 11, at Who was excited about 51? I honestly don't remember much mention of it other than the occasional joke about how littler it mattered. What they to seem to love is the promise of better under-load shifting. That's what has me curious to try it.

People would have been just as excited if shimano had gone It's because it's a minimal-effort job of enlarging the already-large gap at the top of the cassette. Literally all they did was change the biggest cog. It shouldn't take three years to come up with that.

One is pissing on your leg, calling it rain. Some one mentioned earlier that Garbaruk already has 12 speed and Garbaruks also weight less at grams vs Sram GX grams. Garbaruks cassette looks nicer and more polished.

Its also compatible with Sram and Shimano 12 speed derailleurs. Say "Garbaruk" one more time. Also would point out that the Garbaruk is extremely tough and lasts very long. I then bought the 52t for my new bike this year because I was so happy with it. Whipperman Jun 11, at People are still going to use using 28 teeth chain rings When eagle was released the point was to use bigger chain rings, now it's just to be able to climb anywhere slower.

If you need to climb you can either walk or toughen up. I was pedaling past people who were walking the climb. JSTootell : You must have been flying past them in that gear. Mondbiker : Better than walking my bike. Rageingdh Jun 11, at Or maybe you are climbing nasty, steep tech. Dude, people ride bikes for fun. Wheel size and crank arm length come into play with that as well. Without those to compare, your experience means nothing to anyone.

If you are perfectly healthy, yes. Knee issues are real though, and lower gears Lee the knee pain away.

I use slightly different muscles and feel a bit fresher for the descent. Plus you give your ass a good rest. Few weeks ago I did a ' XC bike day, a rest day, then an ' 40 pound enduro day. JSTootell : no offense taken, you clearly are the superior climber in this forum. But I do enjoy long, solo days of suffering. Advantage of being an introvert. Except SS riders, they hate all gear ratios.

JSTootell : SS riders hate gear ranges. It's like Indiana Jones picking the right goblet. You get one shot. Choose wisely. SintraFreeride Jun 12, at I take it you don't like to try climbing up very steep stuff, eh?

Man, got curious because I saw the ad on the mainpage showing a copper cassette. Dug for a while and made it to SRAMs website. Gx isn't the only groupo that gets the cassette. Should probably add that to the article?

Have most bike manufacturers allowed enough clearance to run larger chainrings now we have gone from a 42 being the climbing ring to a 52? Most frames won't fit much more than 34t chainrings Agreed, this should be looked into, and something that's also very important, suspension designs are made for 30 or 32t chainrings, if not even less as in the case of Cannondale, and if you use a larger one there is more pedalling squat.

New derailleur for two teeth? Adding two teeth to the circumference of a 50t cog will increase the radius of the cog an amount so small it will be negligible. However they say they had to redesign the parallelogram all other thing being equal to make it work? Oh, and we would prefer you didn't use the old GX RD with the new 52t cassette? Seems like this was all an excuse to change a potentially flawed derailleur design, and pretend it was about hitting the Makes no sense to me either way.

And expensive for 9 speed. The idea of less gears is to have a cheap drivetrain that still works. Bobadeebob Jun 11, at Why is everyone so angry about having more range? Is the "uprated pivot hardware" to try and stop the lateral play that they seem to develop? If so then that also seems like a good improvement for no extra price Yeah this comment section vitriol makes no sense. You can now keep your slightly bigger chainring.

GX already works fine. I have had mine for 2 years and only indexed it when I made some other change. What's the big deal, it's a fine groupset. I really like the look of the carbon crank, but not entirely sure why it's necessary But, yeah, it's just a rebranded Stylo Carbon.

It's not lazy, it gives your bike more versatility. It enables you to have a higher top speed by making it easier for you to pull a larger chain ring. I run 34t chain ring with my 52t which allows me to climb very steep tech and I can still keep up with my friends on DH bikes in the park because I'm not spinning out on a 32t that I used to run with my 42t cassette.

I'd even be able to pull a 36t easily up a steep hill with 52t if my bike could fit a 36t on there.


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