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Dont Blame Me (1946-01-07, New York) - Various - The Ultimate Jazz Archive - Set 23/42 (CD) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Published 07.10.2019

Download Dont Blame Me  (1946-01-07, New York) - Various - The Ultimate Jazz Archive - Set 23/42 (CD)
Label: Membran Music Ltd. - 222779-382 • Format: 4x, CD Compilation • Country: Germany • Genre: Jazz • Style: Bop

Leela talk26 January UTC. May I ask for some easy and simple steps to create a biography article of my client? Paul Frederick. I saw that the article Big Boi was a start-class article, but I believe that it is a higher quality. How do I promote it or start a discussion? I use the source editor. Could someone please direct me towards the guidelines for adding a reference to a kindle location?

The usual : no can't work as kindle doesn't have pages, only locations. Thank you! Hi there! There have been some very, very long discussions on the Talk:Judith Curry page, and I think that a big part of it is centered on how academic sources should be used in a BLP. That is, if the article subject writes a paper, to what extent can we rely on it for the article? To what extend should editors use academic articles as the basis for talking about an academic's perspectives?

Are there any policies on this? Some different examples have been provided, some which definitely go with secondary sources first and use academic papers sparingly, and some which have whole sections built from academic articles. Jusadi talk26 January UTC. It appears that the subject of the article is removing criticism from the article, but the sources for the criticism are in Croatian, and so I can't verify them myself.

Can you point me to the relevant wikipedia policies for this situation? Perokema talk26 January UTC. Wikipedia has announced in this tweet that there have been service outages across the xx. See also this informal reporting websitesuggesting the problem has been ongoing since c. This is likely to significantly affect many people's ability to view or edit pages at the present time.

I think we just to have 1 list not 3 list. Michaelelijahtanuwijaya talk. I have made up some edits for this article, I hope it meets the criteria. Goldie19 talk27 January UTC. I am having an issue giving citations in the endorsement section for Dan Lipinski.

The article is linked here. Thanks so much in advance for any help! Where can it be found? However, I cannot for the life of me see where that string comes from.

I want to link properly to Tobias Capwellwho is currently being nurtured in a sandbox. Please don't suggest that I edit Wikidata unless it's essential. I would marginally prefer to perform gastric surgery on myself using unwashed kitchen cutlery.

Narky Blert : It's more of an issue with how GS works. There is a template for creating the search link for people without profiles:. This can produce off-topic results if there are others with the same name.

It's not clear whether the hits for "T Capwell" have "Tobias Capwell" in the underlying data and that was matched, or it searches for "T Capwell" as well which could produce a lot more false hits for common last names.

I would like to know how exactly can an editor create a pinned section in a talk page which is excluded from archiving by bots. Is this what you're after? I want to contribute content and edit pre-exist content on Wikipedia. What is the prescribed procedure for that? Please tell me why some titles of "Related Articles" links at the bottom of a article sometimes differ from the title of the linked article. How can that error be corrected?

If the sandbox is not private, is there a platform on the wiki New York) - Various - The Ultimate Jazz Archive - Set 23/42 (CD) is private for practice only? It seems as though they are published or copyrighted? For all intents and purposes, I don't want them copyrighted I don't own the images nor do I want them published for practice only.

How can I change that? Can I delete them or move them, etc? I'm doing this because I want to be able to make infoboxes' on the wiki for practice, but it seemed to require that a [wiki] common be made first to add a file name image, only that I don't want commons as explained above.

Thank you. I will use the text editor. That sounds like a good solution. How to speedily delete existing files own on the wiki commons page. Is there a quick way to do this? For example, if one uploaded a picture onto wiki commons and marked it as copyrighted when not a mistake only intended for practice can it be removed or deleted, and how to do this? There are all opposing views, but discussion has been open for less then a week. Would I be allowed to close the discussion and withdraw the nomination under these circumstances?

I use source editor. What's the simplest way to copy and paste an Excel table? How do I cite Rosenberg's birth certificate? I have an official paper copy. Can I upload it so others can see it? Someone wrote "His parents were Jean Weiner [clarification needed] Rosenberg How do I provide that clarification which I also got from his birth certificate? I am trying to upload images of an artist's work, and I have the artist's permission to do so, to Wikimedia Commons.

I know we can make it clear that this is legit via OTRS - but my question is about the image itself. What is the right way to do this, so it's clear that the image itself is fine to upload via CC license, but that the copyrighted artistic image depicted in it is still under the copyright of the artist who created it? Hello I was doing a chemistry set and made some crystal sodium tetraborate.

And I was just wondering how I can get pure elemental boron using household means? I specifically looked up "turst" demonic hunter and was grateful to find a separate entry. I then noted it was of questionable notability, and I understand that this has more criteria than merely user numbers. I would however like to add to the discussion of notability. I believe the entry could be usefully expanded, and I may be writing a print article discussing its relationship to "thurs" and similar Germanic mythical creatures, how these relate to the Wild Hunt and their presence in place names and subsequent literature.

I found the subject in Wikiproject:Women in Red. I thought that since the subject is in a wikiproject's list, it must be satisfying Wikipedia's notability guidelines. But I recently learned from an administrator, that it is not so. And, now I'm also finding difficulty in searching for its references. I could only find two references so far. One of them is a mirror site of wikipedia. I did find a wikiarticle on the subject in another language, but that too doesn't cite any reference.

What should I do now? Should I tag the draft article for deletion since I don't think I would be able to find any reference? Thanks in advance. Lightbluerain talk27 January UTC. The post i did is for a site i'm on called Streamavid. That's also the name of the wikipedia post. I see it in my 'contributions'. I received an email saying it will take up to 8 weeks to review. The page isn't live I dont think. For people's comments on Talk pages that violate Talk page guidelines e. Am I allowed to remove them?

Or should I leave them there? Thissecretperson talk27 January UTC. The article on Hassan Rouhani indicates that he was preceded by Mahmoud Anmadinejad and succeeded by Nicolas Maduro in fact box on the right side of the page.

It also indicates that he was in office 3 August September The main article indicates that he was reelected in I have no idea how Maduro appeared in his info box and no idea what to replace it with if removed. As a locked living person item, I do Dont Blame Me (1946-01-07 believe I can edit it. I don't know who can correct, but respectfully request that someone address the issue.

Hello, I would like to create a page for a fashion brand. Could you help me to create it without been an advertising? Yes I am the designer of this brand.

The innovation of this brand is that it has product patent about a product. Theroadislong advise me that the page look like an advertisement.

Could you help me or write about the brand? Hello again! I understand about the style. Could you help correct the style or could you write about this brand?

Should I make articles on the parks near me? These are smaller city parks. Is this notable? I've checked and no articles exist. My intention was to return to a new account with different name out of privacy reasons editing a different set of articles so as to avoid controversial topics. So here I am with my 3rd account, with a note on my user page. How do I make sure my account doesn't get flagged by an admin in future? It would be a pity to waste my ongoing efforts of volunteering only to be blocked because of prior policy misunderstanding.

It's currently a draft, the link is: Draft:Hvar Observatory I think it's ready to be published but don't know what steps to take. I apologize if this has been covered elsewhere, there's a lot of information about editing Wikipedia and I wasn't able to find it. Do you know what I'm supposed to do now?

I'd appreciate it if anybody can tell me what's yet to be done to remove 'multiple issues' and 'tone' tags from the article. Leela talk28 January UTC. I have created a page in the above mentioned subject line, which highlights a huge fraud of a ponzi scheme by a well known entrepreneur. He has cheated thousands of pensiones, gullible investors in the pretext of providing high interests on deposits.

Is such a page permissible in the interest of investors in Bengaluru. This is a crores 70, USD. Please advise. Is it possible to create a Wiki page for Noni manufactured and processed by a specific vendor for commercial use? I've spent a long time unsuccessfully looking for help here and on commons. Nowhere does it say how to make a recording.

On January 27th, I corrected incorrect information on John Altobelli's wiki page. There was an article that I linked that said he wasn't, a link that featured a statement from Joe's former team that John was not related. I noticed that link and my edit have both been deleted, and I request clarification as to why. Does that basically mean, you should assume an editor has good intent unless there is a lot of evidence that suggests otherwise?

I'm attempting to translate my first wikipage from English to Spanish and Portuguese. I notice that there are many WikiLinks that exist only in the English Version. Shall I keep the existing links to the English Wikipedia or should I just remove the links? How to add citation in an article? Hello Jawale Kiran.

You add it in the article's text; the software then constructs the citation at the end of the article. See: WP:Citing sources. I also found out about speedy deletion tags, so could someone look at the draft and find out which tag applies, if any?

It was kinda funny, but I'm guessing it belongs somewhere else, and not an encyclopedia? Also, i think I will check it out It has thousands of downloads and I have been doing research. It would be easier if people could go to the Wikipedia page and read about a fascinating application that will help many others.

Instead of scrolling for pages for something on google. How do I contact the editor of a page with misleading or wrong information?

I reviewed a sandbox and moved it to Draft:Amrith Noniand then rejected it as contrary to the purpose of Wikipedia, because it appears to violate the policy on fringe scienceand promotes what appears to be a questionable herbal remedy for which claims are made that do not satisfy medically reliable source guidelines. User:Totempole then emailed me and asked me to re-review it. They responded to my inquiry about conflict of interest by acknowledging a conflict of interest, and have made some changes to the draft.

I do thank the editor for having the integrity to declare their conflict of interest. I see that they have made some changes to the draft that do not change my assessment.

It still looks very questionable to me to put it politely. Will another experienced editor however please look at the draft and offer an opinion? When I look at a page's history, I see an "undo" button next to the most recent edit. Is it exactly what it sounds like, or is there more to it than that?

The site contains information about me personally which is incorrect. How can I best correct it? What you know may be true from your User page: " I was works manager and project manager for the Class to Class conversion. You were blocked in for adding content without references, and the evidence mentioned above suggests you have recently made similar edits as IP I'm on my way to gaining permission to create an article.

I see only one of several edits I made acknowledge in messages I've received from Wikipedia. Where do I confirm my edit count, and how will I know when I have official permission to create an article? I noticed when I went on the Galactic Republic Wikipedia article that the flag and emblem were not on the page. So I checked to make sure that the images were not taken down, and they were not. So then I thought it might be something with my phone, since I was using Wikipedia on mobile device, but when I checked the Galactic Republic Wikipedia page on my computer, I discovered that the image for the flag and emblem were also not on the page.

Maybe one of you can look and figure it out, because this has never happened to me before. So, I found two, but one has a strange error with the date. They look the same to me. What's the difference? I recently made a Wikipedia account my old acquaintance recently came back to the United States and she showed me she edits Wikipedia. So I decided to make an account today it looked interesting when she showed me, she recently texted me and said she got blocked.

So I'm just trying to figure out is there any way to mark us to show we are two different people, we live in the same area. I like bodybuilding she doesn't she's into history but I'm kind of into World War II history she was editing through a computer I was going to continue editing through a MacBook I just wanted to ask before I get mistaken for her. Her name for Wikipedia is TheSunofman after the painting I looked her up under contributions. She was blooked by Bbb23 I came here first before I continue to find out how not to get blocked for her mistakes since we live in the same area.

I started a page few years and now I want to go back and new information, but I no longer have access to the email I created my wiki account with. My question is: if I open a new account can I continue where I had left or do I need to start from the scratch? I am trying to write a Wikipedia page for a company that I work for, however, it seems that it got rejected.

Could someone help with this? I checked for an archived copy on archive. For now, I am going to edit it to say "citation needed" and put the old reference in the "reason" so I don't lose track of it. Really, what is the proper thing to do? Is there any single "how to" page on Wikipedia? The more I learn, the more rabbit holes I fall down. Batya7 talk29 January UTC. Hi, please i need a guide on how to cite apart from referencing-- Pheritenom talk28 January UTC. Can you help me to understand what to add there?

I have another question. What is your user page for? I have a link to it in my sig, I think Hi everyone! I wanted to know how to become a trustable person on Wikipedia, any tips? How to edit the title of the wikipedia page? Why not to delete the empty article redirect Relations between early Christianity and Judaism?

I guess you have the redirects for merging or like that. Leela talk29 January UTC. Hi My name is harry am a blogger and editor basically i do music related articles and post here in my country have been editing for years now though am not new to Wikipedia.

I was contacted by one of my college concerning an article he wrote concerning a very popular business crytocurrency trader and celebrity author here in my country as the article was marked for quick deletion in which i felt is unfair.

Hi there, I'm about to write an article about a notable Canadian radio host. Article is factual and would love for it to not have a speedy deletion tag or proposed for deletion tag on it.

Here's the article. I feel it's okay for Wikipedia as it's basic facts and references properly. Any thoughts on this? Hi there. I have just written an article about a notable Canadian radio host, and it's ready to be moved to mainspace. Would someone be able to do that for me?

I'm not seeing a move button. Just to follow up on my last question. How do I move this into mainspace? I'm still unsure. Any assistance is much appreciated. No need do it right away. Oh ok! Thanks so much. But which name should I actually have my final article as for him?

Cause I'm assuming it's the exact same thing and in the past maybe someone tried to create a page about him before. Because if I remove that " Radio Host " part of the article title, it will probably get flagged or something, because it was recently deleted.

Your thoughts? Like, could I just stick to having it "DJ Blitz" instead? I don't know which title to pick. While talking about or discussing something, responding to someone, what is the preferred method of communication? Is there a rhyme or reason for one or the other, or does it depend on individual preference? Is there some documentation to understand, otherwise? IMO: Trying to read through various comments across topical conversations seems variegated. This question is only a learning question.

I added further indents to the above two comments. I try not to reformat too much either, tending to do so only on non-user-talk pages, when it clearly improves readability, and there are only one or two responses that need it. Here at the Teahouse, a number of us tend to use a modified indenting format that reflects which previous comment we are responding to.

For example:. Hello I represent a PR company. My client wants to create a Wikipedia page about the company. Are they able to do so? Or does a page about them have to be written by others?

In case it's not clear, please click on the blue links in the text above to see the details of the policies that the editors have summarized, especially WP:NOTPROMO and the rest of that page.

We have a product page Croquet Projectand now we have a company Croquet that we need a page for. Wondering how to create a company page, or just combine the two. Please help me with edits i really want to help but everyone thinks that my edits are bad and useless. I have recently published my first Wikipedia page, Dietary Conservatism. It received a C-Class rating.

I'm quite disappointed with this assessment. I thought I'd done a reasonable job on covering the subject. Clearly my idea about what is important to include on the subject differs from that of the reviewer s. In the mind of the reviewer sthere is plenty of room for improvement. I don't understand what information is missing, or how it might be presented differently.

Is there any way I can communicate with the reviewer sin the hope of improving the page, and maybe its rating? In Wikipedia:Help desk There is a Dont Blame Me (1946-01-07 called "2 questions that are related. It is about an on-going edit war. How can I contact an administrator to help monitor the problem?

Elijahandskip talk29 January UTC. I have been banned from one of the IRC channels, and would like to know if there's a way that I can get unbanned. The page says it was uploaded to en. JPG" by User:Megapixie. Can an admin please retrieve the information from this file so that I can add these informations to the image description page. You can leave the information here, on my en.

My first correction, on the Jim Keltner page, was reverted. Is that to check my accuracy? Today, All Saints' the title is missing. Haight-Ashbury and San Francisco is in the "parish" column. The self-identifying information has moved to the "image" column. All Saints' with link to website in the "parish column" and move the other items over a column to the right.

I need to leave soon, but there is an issue regarding a long-standing consensus and 3RR at National Rifle Association see Talk:National Rifle Association Russia connection, justification examples of Timelines' inclusion in See also. It is my understanding that an long-standing edits stay during the D iscussion phase of BRD until, and if, there is a New York) - Various - The Ultimate Jazz Archive - Set 23/42 (CD) consensus.

Is that not correct? My understanding has been a newly challenged consensus in this particular case, a day long consensus item stays in place while the item is being discussed; so "reverting" to that condition is restoring not counted as a R evert to the proper conditions for D iscussion.

User PackMecEng is an involved editor with an opposing viewpoint on whether the item is to remain included. It is important for me to understand, in general, if my belief in this distinction is or is not correct. Can you point me in the correct direction if this is not the best place to find this "policy" clarification?

As I have not seen a comment from an un-involved editor, in the past few days, I will assume that implicitly I should seek my response else, maybe somewhere more specificly related to my question. I tried reading through the whole thing on the NRA talk page, but the depth and content of arguments is insane. I have not read through all of the various or whatever diffs or version history that's just more insanity, and when I say "hajime," or "fight," you can start shadow-boxing with yourselves for all I care.

I think I have a reasonable grasp of the overall concept and issue at hand not context or details or edit history. So, being new here, I made a mistake a few days, or month ago, to the effect of posting in both 3O Third Opinion and WP:DRN at the same time, simply seeking resolution. I'm not good at talking obvious things in circles. At least things that are obvious to me, that I have my head wrapped around.

As those so involved in this issue are already up-to-par upon. My 3O is simply this: Some articles have a Controversy section. Buona Pasqua. Dino Valente - Dino Valente Etichette: Folk Rock. Dependables - Klatu Berrada Niktu Etichette: Rock. Bliss - Return To Bliss Mind Garage - Asphalt Mother Video. Welcome to OldHandbills. Etichette: Heavy Psych. Elysian Field - Elysian Field Bliss - Fear Of Fears Video.

Etichette: Ascolti. Brainbox Summertime Video. Air - Air Repost. Etichette: Prog Jazz. Etichette: Blues Rock. Byzantium - Flashing Silver Hope Video.

Nitzinger - One Foot In History Nitzinger - Nitzinger Dogfeet - Dogfeet Kissing Spell Dogfeet - Armageddon Video. Is everybody in? The ceremony is about to begin. You can't remember where it was had this dream stopped? Etichette: Photos. Ladies and gentlemen. The Doors, New York) - Various - The Ultimate Jazz Archive - Set 23/42 (CD).

The Rationals - The Rationals Etichette: ExperimentalKrautrock. Come With Me - Sea Of Dreams - Going Home -


Geschichten Mit Bild - Zoff - Mehr Vom Alten (CD), De Tuin Liep Omhoog - Adeline van Lier - De Vijf In Een Kampeerwagen (CD), Gott, Wie Dein Name, September Song - The Delta Rhythm Boys - Dry Bones / September Song / My Blue Heaven / St. (Vinyl), My Wild Irish Rose - Thumbs Tubby - Old Time Piano Playing (Vinyl, LP, Album), Baby Get Lost - Billie Holiday - The Lady Sings (CD), Chinatown Braindamage, Two Women And A Wife - Wilson Pickett - Miz Lenas Boy (Vinyl, LP, Album), Donna Summer - Donna Summer (Vinyl, LP), Lähelle - Samuli Edelmann - Oi Taivas (Cassette, Album), Its Up To You - Polysics - For Young Electric Pop (CD, Album)

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