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Canta Compañero Canta - Labordeta* - Tiempo De Espera (Vinyl, LP, Album) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Published 25.09.2019

Download Canta Compañero Canta - Labordeta* - Tiempo De Espera (Vinyl, LP, Album)
Label: Movieplay - S-32675 • Series: Serie Gong • Format: Vinyl LP, Album • Country: Spain • Genre: Folk, World, & Country • Style: Folk

Hola, estoy pensando ir la segunda demana de enero en camioneta propia y con mis dos perritos. Llegar a las lagunas es muy peligroso en camioneta? La entrada es libre? Y en las zonas para acampar se permiten mascotas? Genial, post bien detallado. Solo agregar q en la noche hace mucho pero muuucho frio. Lleven ropa y cobertores muy abrigadores. Para los q van con sus mascotas. Al contrario ayuda mucho para calentarte en la noche.

Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Skip to content Esta vez viajeros nos vamos a Canta — Obrajillo. Frio intenso en la noche. La ruta de ida es subida pero no tan pronunciada. Tienes que ir a la Av Tupac Amaru y ir recto.

Se acabo la pista asfaltada bonita. Lo que viene es un camino sin mantenimiento. No entres al desvio. Ve despacio. Trocha nuevamente Pueblo Leticia Km Solo que por la fecha vas a tener trafico intenso debido a que entre Canta y Obrajillo solo es 1 carril de ida y vuelta. Cruza el puente en Obrajillo y sigue por la izquierda por 20 minutos. Veras un desvio y toma el de la izquierda. En Canta: Hotel Cancay Vento. Ubicado al final del pueblo de Canta.

Es el mejor de la zona. Alquiler de colchoneta 15 soles Conseguimos cuarto con cama a En la plaza de Obrajillo. Con algo de frio. Cerca a alguna catarata de la zona. El lugar preferido esta al final de la Av. Cruzando el puente y a la derecha Comida. La zona es famosa por sus truchas. Paseo a caballos. Eto tako sam prvi put cuo za tog pjevaca. April Come She Will - The Stilwells - Covered njegova pjesma je naravno izdata na singlici bila isto tako hit ali u Jukeboxu na seoskim vasarima.

Ili su na singlicama ili na LP-u festivala. Onda je nestao sa glavne pozornice. Izdavao je LP-e sa stranim evergreenima a autorskih radova vise! I mogao bih ja ovako jos satima Volim te, samo nikome to ne smijes reci. Ispricavam se svima Tonem Iz nekog razloga ili bar ja tako mislim da se sve desava sa nekim razlogom pod mojim nogama se umjesto cvrste podloge pojavio zivi pjesak.

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If you get into a situation like this, copy the new file into the Magnosis - Tripwire File name, and run tripwire --init and stick with the original policy filename twpol. Fiji Time Edwards 9. Frozen Hero from Quid Pro Quo 3. Reality Cheque from Quid Pro Quo 4. Our theme of religious vocal music will continue much to the chagrin of some of you, no doubtbut for an interlude, here's something different: Micho Russell was born in in Doolin, Co.

The area is rugged and windswept and looks straight across to the Aran Islands. The people of the area grew their own potatoes, kept a Silent Night - Damien Rice - O animals and cut turf for winter warmth. Practically every house had a cheap German concertina played usually by the woman of the house. The youngsters would be listening and gradually become absorbed in the culture. As they got older they were allowed to join and eventually provided the music. Micho heard a tin whistle being played, thought it sounded lovely and got his first Clarke at age 11 from his father.

Later he got a wooden flute and in time played for those house dances in the company of his brother Pakie concertina and Gus flute. The uniqueness and simplicity of the man and his music astounded his audience and more and more engagements followed. Apart from his music, his listeners were enthralled by his folklore, intros to his pieces and singing of local songs.

When he was back in Clare, Doolin became a major tourist attraction and a mecca for musicians all the year round. Sadly, he was killed in a motoring accident on the 19th of February Perhaps, conversely, the CD offers a glimpse of the essential long-term appeal of Micho's music.

The recordings are otherwise absolutely clean; and yet that presence ' call it audience ' does indicate that this music is social whether as dance-music or as listening-music and Micho's own comments throughout reveal something of how he communicated, in Till The End 93 - Book Of Dzyan - Hate! There is a whole cultural hinterland evoked, its locally-based nature nonetheless indicative of precisely how building blocks went to the making of wider traditions - which are, of course, still evolving in this way.

Characteristic of the style of playing here are the frequent use of an 'up' note at the ends of measures; a mixture of tonguing ' Josie MacDermott's playing is another clear example - and legato; the employment of spaces between notes; and, paramount, rhythmical impulse Lucy Farr always evinces 'timing' as the mark of a good musician.

Again, the full range of style can be heard to effect in, say, track ten, another reel, The Milliner's Daughter. Thus, variants tend to be introduced by way of a different attack on notes rather than simply a change in actual phrasing: the articulation achieved through tonguing encapsulates this as in track three, Winnie Hayes' Jig.

The contrast between a legato run and a more choppy effect can be heard in the set dance, The Retreat track fourwhere Micho follows with a surge to the top note of the octave. That kind of deliberate surge is clearly evident in The Milliner's Daughter in the B part of the tune. It is a distinct, personal idea. Micho also sways through notes track six, for Album), The Four Posts of the Bed ' a single jig which must, perforce, in conventional musical terms, imply the presence of sharps and flats tracks six or seventeen, for example.

The reel Boil the Breakfast Early track seventeen has a suggestion of how breathing itself helps to shape a tune, the sort of thing that a melodion or concertina player might do with the operation of the bellows. Nor is Micho afraid of starkness. The jig I Saw a Hawk in Dundalk where Micho's introduction indicates unfettered pleasure in nonsense as a genesis, offers examples of the isolation of notes to great effect.

I have a tape that I made myself in in Miltown where Micho's version of The Boy in the Gap, in two parts there as opposed to the three here Paddy Taylor's third part included began on the top D with a quaver run, DEDC, followed by Boil The Breakfast Early - Micho Russell - Irelands Whistling Ambassador crochet A before a more familiar pattern emerged but where the isolated note at the beginning of the B part once more helped the tune resume a distinctive poise.

Incidentally, Micho's Free Reed record of has both playings of the tune, the familiar one and the one with a different musical progress as noted above and which came from a neighbour, John Darcy - another concertina player - and from the lilting of Micho's mother; and it would be worth getting hold of a copy of this both for its extension of Micho's recorded repertoire and for the notes which, I believe, came from Comhaltas' magazine, Treoir, and help to supplement those here.

Micho himself contributed information on how he got hold of songs and tunes. Continuing in respect to kind and quality, less specifically but with as much invitation, in track nine, two polkas known as The Steamroller and MacTeige's Polka have, as a point of comparison, much of the jaunty feel of the tunes played by John Kennedy on his recent CD, The Girls Along the Road Veteran The second of the two polkas on track thirteen, Gan ainm without a namehas, even more, the stamp of a march as played by Kennedy.

The march measure was certainly a popular one, as Lucy Farr attests ' is it a generational thing, perhaps? Certainly, LP, in contrast, Sylvie Fox, in Miltown, in his pomp as a dancer and, as it were, a near-enough neighbour and contemporary, would urge a greater pace from musicians but that may just have been the divil in him.

If a faster pace is adopted, in reels especially, then some of the subtlety of approach as described above may well be lost to the listener whilst the dancer might not be so bothered.

Spelling it out in this way, of course, is hardly handy but might provoke a bit of thought. On the other hand, oddly againThe Boys of Bluehill is played with the same rhythm as the reel Cloichini Beaga na Farraige tracks sixteen and fifteen -- which, of course, throws to the wind any notions that an observer might have of the boundaries and conventions of traditions as we have them when will we learn?

For the Russell family album already mentioned Micho, apparently, sang his songs there simply for the asking one, The Poor Little Fisherman, according to the sleeve notes, came to him via a neighbour, Thomas Canole, but goodness only knows how Thomas got hold of it except that it can be found in numbers of English broadside printings: I don't know of an English singer who had it in repertoire and here, too, the songs are relatively Boil The Breakfast Early - Micho Russell - Irelands Whistling Ambassador.

Indeed, here we have the same When Mursheen Went to Bunnan that appeared on the earlier album. The Boil The Breakfast Early - Micho Russell - Irelands Whistling Ambassador ease generally keeps him on the up-side of social performance: the songs take precedence over any facile accumulation ' perhaps bestowal is a better word - of hero-worship. The Flip Flop Song track seven rides a fine line here with the tremendous burst of the word 'bloom' in one line and a suspicion of manipulation of text in favour of outrageous humour: snatches, almost, of speech in the way that Fred Jordan can use them and a strong sense of the virtual physicality of the occasion of singing.

The best ' the most successful - illustration is, I think, in track four, a curious tour-de-force involving the two-for-one A Song on the Galway and Cliffs of Moher Races. The verses in Irish refer to preparation for horse racing on the Cliffs of Moher, circa The refrain in Irish is an old "health" or toast that is appended to a number of songs. I mention all this as a way of recommending Bill Ochs' notes: a very model of information and comment with Micho most properly as the focus and Bill himself very much the modest mediator.

I'd add just a tad to one story offered here as got from Mick Moloney, the man at the heart of it, concerning a visit that Micho made to Mick in London. You must buy the CD for the full works but the telephone call mentioned, back to Doolin in order to get hold of a London address for Micho to visit, was remarkable because nobody it seems knew that Micho was in London and nobody in Doolin believed Mick when he said that he had Micho with him.

Nothing would do to convince the good people at Doolin Post Office until Micho was persuaded to play the whistle down the telephone. Well: that's how I heard it many years ago. I'm not too sure, though, in this respect, about the title of the CD. Generally, though the affection, admiration perhaps, occasionally, an unconscious patronising and the fun that Micho sparked in people are recalled this is never overdone and he comes across here as a vastly intelligent, civilised and knowledgeable man why wouldn't he be?

Over a number of years his warm and open-hearted embrace of all comers was palpable and touching and the CD is an almost unerring tribute.

In only one part does the halo slip, perhaps, and that forgiveably. Micho, presumably in deference to his hosts and audience, begins the final track with Amazing Grace. It isn't the choice but the rather peculiar treatment that lacks authority: but it would be mean-spirited to dwell on that. Oh, and I'd draw attention to Micho's feet which beat most bodrhans. Lucy Farr told me the story of how another whistle-player, Michael Dwyer, a very neat-looking man who played neatly, used dance with his neat feet as he played.

It stayed in her memory. I'm quite sure that this CD will stay in the memory: a joy forever. A farmer who became a performer during the folk music revival of the s, Micho was as at home on stage as he was in front of his own turf fire.

His vast repertoire of beautiful old tunes, personal warmth and utterly unique approach to playing the tin whistle won him a loyal and enthusiastic following wherever he went. Moving and exhilirating. These 22 tracks of whistle playing, singing and speech introductions stand as a radiant, vital memorial to one of the most joyful musicians in the Irish pantheon.

Ireland's Whistling Ambassador is the last testament from one of the giants of Irish music in this century. The Rising Sun, reel 2. The Retreat, set dance 6. The Four Posts of the Bed, single jig 7. The Flip-Flop Song 8. Posted by The Irate Pirate. Labels: celticRoots. Well-Aged Music My taste is eclectic; here you will find everything from folk, blues, and jug-band music to experimental bluegrass and avant-garde classical music.

My bias is certainly towards acoustic music with little production and much enthusiasm, but my sole selection criteria is Quality. Brought to you by The Irate Pirate Guitar-player, artist, wizard, inactivist. View my complete profile. For all you splendid singles Disclaimer The music on this site is mostly old, hard-to-find, or under-noticed music.

Many of the musicians are dead. As for the living musicians, I put their music here because I want to spread and publicize it, not because I want to rip them off. Musicians, like artists, are a hard-working and under-compensated lot, and I highly recommend that if you like the music you find here, you seek out their other recordings.

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Author's Note: Hi. I couldn't help myself with this story. I know I have other things that I should be spending my time with but this idea would not leave me alone until I put down the first chapter. Plot: There was a reason why a Horcrux was not supposed to be attached to a living person. Something that Harry and Voldemort learn the hard way when Lily's protection failed after Harry left Privet Drive for the last time.

But that doesn't mean it ended up being a bad thing. Please do not ignore those warnings only to give me flames later on. If you don't like it then don't read it. Here is my disclaimer that I do not own anything Harry Potter related and what follows is merely for entertainment purposes. No money is being made. All credit goes to JK for the wonderful world of Harry Potter that she gifted us with.

He swallowed back the residual bile that always seemed to be present now from his recent bouts of throwing up and general nausea. What d'you reckon, Ron? Harry tore his eyes away from Hermione as he glanced around the tent wondering where Ron had Remorse - Lovex - Classics off to. He could have sworn the redhead had been here a few minutes ago. Unfortunately, Ron had been physically quite close to Harry and Hermione the entire time they had been discussing the most likely places where Dumbledore had placed the real Goblin-made blade.

In fact, the apparent ease at which his friends had forgotten his presence only made the nagging thoughts that had been festering in the back of his mind worse. This wild goose chase was not what he had signed up for and Poised From The Bulb - Origamibiro - Collection casual way Statutory Blues - The Outriders - The Outriders his very presence in the small tent had been ignored was the last straw. He didn't know where this was coming from and he didn't really have the energy to deal with it.

Harry's voice was louder now; he was not in the mood for this given how tired and off his whole body had been feeling.

I'm not exactly having the time of my life here living day after day in this Merlin-forsaken tent when everyday it becomes more and more clear that you haven't the slightest clue about any of the crap that Dumbledore left to you. Harry moved to stand only to suddenly find that his balance was off; he quickly threw his left hand out on the table between him and Ron to support himself. The lightheadedness that he had been suffering from on account of not being able to keep much food down during the past two weeks was really catching up with him.

Every little thing that Dumbledore passed onto me I passed onto you. What, did you expect that I was keeping things from you and that once we were away on our own I was suddenly going to pull out a treasure map with everything spelled out as to what we needed to do?

Are you really that thick headed! Hermione and I both did! You wouldn't be talking like this if it weren't for the locket. That is, if Harry doesn't keep getting sicker and sicker.

Don't tell me the stress of this isn't getting to you. I see you excusing yourself to throw up when you think no one is looking — you've barely been able to keep anything down… probably from all the guilt of leading us along blindly! Ron then felt the need to bring up his family and how Harry obviously didn't care that Ron spent the majority of his time worrying about something bad happening to them. However, he crossed a line when he said, "it's all right 1st mov.

Ron turned to leave and Harry slammed his fist on the table, not even caring that he was momentarily unbalanced. A second later and Slytherin's Locket bounced across the table before Ron grabbed his bag, turning to face Hermione. Harry felt the adrenaline leave him and he slid back into his chair. He was exhausted and didn't Just Another Casualty - Bloodshoteye - Expect The Unexpected the energy to think too deeply on what had just happened.

He felt weak, to the Album) of passing out even. But still he reached for the Locket. His fingers closed around the metal and he took a few deep breaths as a wave of relief washed over him. He was still quite tired but he at least had the energy to crawl over to his bunk and fall forward. He had just turned over to his side when Hermione reentered the tent, her face white and her eyes vacant. The next time Harry opened them was morning, though he barely felt like he had gotten any meaningful rest.

His body still felt like it had been stretched too thin for too long and he had no idea why. Album) knew that something was wrong but he refused to believe that it had anything to do with what Ron had said.

He had been up front with them and had actually tried to talk them out of going with him. The only positive note that his tired mind quickly grabbed onto and focused on instead was that at least his stomach finally felt like it could keep something down. In fact, for the first time in several days he was Just Another Casualty - Bloodshoteye - Expect The Unexpected hungry and had an appetite.

Harry sat up and swung his legs over the side of the bed, testing his balance before pushing off the mattress with his hands at the same time that he stood. Then he walked over to what had become their little eating area, passing Hermione who was curled up in the chair that she had passed out in over her grief with Ron's departure. The underside of her eyes were red and swollen and it only confirmed in Harry's mind that the events of last night had actually happened.

He had just finished heating the combination of oats and water with a heating spell when Hermione stirred in the chair. She moaned and her eyelids shot open to reveal bloodshot eyes. Her neck snapped from side to side as she took in the sparse tent; it was clear that for the briefest of moments she had been hoping that last night had just been a terrible dream. Harry turned to look Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe - Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe his bowl, avoiding her eyes as the realization that his first friend really was gone settled in.

For the next several moments Harry focused on his oatmeal to give her privacy. At first he spooned small bites into his mouth and chewed slowly before swallowing to make sure his stomach was ready for food.


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