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(Intro) Your Mind - The Hated - The Best Piece Of Shit (Cassette, Album) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

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Download (Intro) Your Mind - The Hated - The Best Piece Of Shit (Cassette, Album)
Label: Not On Label (The Hated Self-released) - none • Format: Cassette Album • Country: US • Genre: Rock • Style: Punk, Emo

Oh, the office called You're in deep, deep trouble The shit you're afraid of has made Album) hateful and you're letting on, tired eyes, all spiteful And nobody cares We all got sorrows So hold onto your home and onto your hope Sorrow don't answer problems [x4] Nobody cares We're all in trouble The shit that you hate don't make you special [x4] The shit that you hate don't make you special.

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Can't Complain 3. Everybody That Loves You 5. Felt Just Like Vacation 6. Hurricane Waves 7. Savers 8. Sick, Later. The Shit That You Hate No cliche metaphors, no gimmicks.

Never too abstract, never superficial. All this may sound like melodrama, but it's not just me. I've been hearing similar responses all over. At the time, it was unheard of for a debuting artist to receive the coveted rating. I mean, we are not only saying that a particular piece of music is superior to everything that is out now, but it will be better than most things released in the future as well [ But everyday, Jon was like, 'yo, this album is 5 mics — seriously, Reg, 5 mics!

The rating did not come without its share of controversy. Dre 's groundbreaking The Chronic failed to earn the coveted rating, despite redefining the musical landscape of hip hop. It was later revealed that while everybody at the magazine knew it was an instant classic, they decided to comply with the strict policy of staying away from a perfect rating. And if I hadn't gone through what I did with The ChronicI wouldn't have had the flexibility to allow for the bending of my policy.

So I think it all worked out well. Since its initial reception, Illmatic has been viewed by music writers as one of the quintessential hip hop recordings of the s, while its rankings near the top of many publications' "best album" lists in disparate genres have given it a reputation as one of the greatest hip hop albums of all time. Illmatic is the best hip-hop record ever made. Not because it has ten great tracks with perfect beats and flawless rhymes, but because it encompasses everything great about hip-hop that makes the genre worthy of its place in music history.

Stylistically, if every other hip-hop record were destroyed, the entire genre could be reconstructed from this one album. In Illmaticyou find the meaning not just of hip-hop, but of music itself: the struggle of youth to retain its freedom, which is ultimately the struggle of man to retain his own essence.

Illmatic has been included in numerous publications' "best album" lists in disparate genres. Illmatic has been noted as one of the most influential hip hop albums of all time, with pundits describing it as an archetypal East Coast hip hop album. The alembic of soul jazz samples, SPsbroken nose breaks, and raw rap distilled the Hennyno chaser ideal of boom bap.

So back then you couldn't tell in the sales, but you could tell in the streets". Following the album's release, hip hop artists increasingly began to draw upon a broad stable of producers for their projects. At the time, the assembly of big-name producers was unprecedented, since most hip hop albums had primarily been the work of one dedicated producer and sometimes an embedded production team.

That formula, most successfully mined by the late Notorious B. Hard Knock Lifeis what most N. Yet while hip-hop artists continue to draw upon this template for album production, the practice has earned some criticism. In an article titled, "How Nas' "Illmatic" Ruined Hip-Hop," Insanul Ahmed of Complex argues that one "unintended consequence" of Illmatic was the overall decline in the cohesion and quality of rap albums: "Next thing you knew, rap albums started having a different producer for every song.

And like a film that has a different director for every scene, albums became unfocused affairs. This also meant that producers weren't tied to artists anymore. Illmatic is also credited with reviving the Queensbridge rap scene. In an April article, an XXL columnist wrote of the history and impact of the Queensbridge hip hop scene, stating "Since the s, New York City's Queensbridge Housing Projects has been documented perhaps better than any other geographic location.

Starting with super producer Marley Marl's dominant Juice Crew in the '80s all the way through '90s mainstays like Nas, Cormega and Caponethe Bridge has produced the highest per-capita talent of any 'hood. Knowing these guys out in the neighborhood. At that time, the Queensbridge scene was dead. Dropping that album right there said a lot for me to carry on the legacy of the Queensbridge pioneers.

Following Illmatic' s release, Queensbridge returned to prominence after years of obscurity, with the ascendancy of the influential hardcore rap group, Mobb Deep who gained credibility due to their affiliation with Nas and later with the emergence of the trend-setting duo, Capone-n-Noreaga.

AZ, who gained instant exposure and underground credibility due to his appearance on (Intro) Your Mind - The Hated - The Best Piece Of Shit (Cassette a Bitch", became a frequent collaborator of Nas, who appeared on his debut album Doe or Die Illmatic was one of the first major recordings to emerge from New York's burgeoning hardcore hip hop scene, at a time when much of East Coast hip hop was still dominated by alternative hip hop acts such as A Tribe Called Quest and De La Soul groups often known for their jazz -inspired production and playful sensibilities.

Adam Heimlich of The New York Press comments on the appeal of alternative hip-hop in New York City's music sceneand points out that, Album), "Inthere appeared likely to be more money and definitely more cultural rewards in working with Arrested Development or Digable Planets.

Heimlich cites Nas' role in the resurgent hardcore movement, writing: "[Nas] came on the scene as hardcore's golden child. Those three The critical acclaim surrounding the album also helped to shift attention away from the melodious, synth -driven, and funk -induced G-funk subgenre, which dominated the charts for some time after Dr.

Dre 's The Chronic Yet according to writer Mickey Hess, Illmatic was among those East Coast records that helped "create sparse, rough and rugged soundscapes that clearly differed from Dre's multi-layered melodies. This wasn't a backyard bikini barbeque where the Ohio Players and DJ Quik were mashed up; this was a three-month bid on Rikers Islanda dirty dice game, blunts of brown Brooklyn sparked in the park after dark. Despite these regional differences, Hampton credits Illmatic with providing a common artistic ground for rappers on the West Coast and East Coast rap scenes.

Around this time, she received an advance-copy of Illmatic and immediately dubbed a cassette version for Tupac, who became "an instant convert" of the album.

The next day, she writes, Tupac "arrived in his assigned courtroom blasting Illmatic so loudly that the bailiff yelled at him to turn it off before the judge took his seat on the bench. During the time of its release, Illmatic brought a renewed focus on lyricism to hip hop—hearkening back to the heyday of Kool G RapBig Daddy Kaneand Rakim.

Nas, the poetic sage of the Queensbridge projects, was hailed as the second coming of Rakim—as if the first had reached his expiration date. Illmatic stood on its own terms. The sublime lyricism of the CD, combined with the fact that it was delivered into the crucible of the boiling East-West conflict, quickly solidified [his] reputation as the premier writer of his time.

Despite its initial low sales, the album had a profound impact on the hip hop underground circuit, and marked a major stylistic change in hip hop music by introducing a new standard of lyricism. One was characterized by a fast-paced ragga -flow accompanied with a whimsical, often nonsensical lyrical delivery, and had been popularized by the Brooklyn -based groups Das EFX and The Fu-Schnickens.

Many rappers have taken note of Illmatic' s influence on their lyricism. He murdered that. The whole Illmatic album forced you to go ahead and do shit It was inspiration. He's one of the reasons I did go off into storytelling because his pictures were so vivid. When he displayed his rhyme schemes and his word play and his songs, it made me wanna create visual pictures as well. I didn't get onto to it till late, but when I did, that's probably the only thing I listened to for six months to a year That's when I really tried to sharpen my skills and get better.

In addition to his rappingNas achieved significance for his poetic use of language. His spoken-word like delivery and his vivid use of metaphor placed him at the top of the game in terms of overall skills as an MC and as a cultural commentator. These become tropes in a burgeoning school of American letters that's moving toward an aesthetics of hip-hop poetics.

Many of the poetic tropes found in Illmatic have also become terms and phrases within hip-hop lexicon. Even the word "Illmatic" itself [ Over the last 19 years, a million secret handshakes and scratched hooks have been executed to lines from Illmatic.

Many respected mainstream and underground rappers have acknowledged Illmatic ' s influence. These wide range of artists include the battle rappersSunN. Malice, a member of the hip hop duo, claimed: " Illmatic captured the whole New York state of mind for me. It embraced everything I knew New York to be. The album had 10 songs, all of them flawless. Me and my homies got great memories of rolling around listening to that, huslin', smokin', chillin'. That embodied everything that was right with hip-hop.

That CD never came out my deck. Eighteen years later it remains omnipotent. InMarc Mac of the electronic music duo 4heroproduced a cover version of "The World Is Yours" as part of his jazz and hip-hip fusion project, The Visioneers. Raw Poetic which samples "N. Since its release, Illmatic has become a benchmark for upcoming rappers whose albums are widely anticipated by critics. Hip hop pundits have viewed debut albums as crucial in generating publicity and shaping the legacy of an artist's career.

Given the historic anticipation and acclaim surrounding Nas' debut, Illmatic has become a byword for this sort of phenomenon. As one columnist for the Complex Magazine writes, "Think about the question that pops into your head whenever a new rapper drops his first album: 'Is it the next Illmatic? D Citydrew comparisons to Illmatic from critics and journalists. For people to even put my album in the light of that, is an accomplishment.

It's crazy to even be mentioned with it but it's scary at the same time That era — I wanna say the age range now would be 30, 30 to 40 — they can recognize this was the album. Illmatic' s the album for the '90s era when I was growing up Illmatic has also been cited as a musical template for other hip hop artists. Common 's critically acclaimed album Be has been said to have been molded after Illmatic. Illmatic has become a totema work that both looked back into hip-hop history and pointed towards its future.

Illmatic has also received notable attention from scholars and authors outside the music industry. Since its release, the album has become the subject of scholarship within academic and literary circles.

Inplaywright Shaun Neblett created a tribute play titled Homage 3: Illmaticwhich tells the story of an aspiring artist and explores the themes found in Nas' debut.

The rappers' bars come alive on stage through Homage 3which deliberately shows how intellectually well-versed Nas truly is, and much bigger than that, how much Hip-Hop has to offer, culturally, outside of the radio, clubs and the street.

No doubt these were great albums, coming at a moment when hip hop was cutting its teeth on social commentary and refining its ear on dusty breaks, hard snares, and sonic mayhem. But there is something about Illmatic that transcends the categories that have ever existed about hip-hop. Something complex about its simplicity, something elusive that we felt we wanted to explore.

Straight up though, Illmatic is just a dope album, embodying everything that is hip-hop while mastering what matters most: beats and rhymes. Illmatic has also helped to shape the attitudes and perceptions of hip hop fans, who cherish it as a music template that defines the genre's conventions. The evidence they point to when they want to say: this is how good it can be. For this reason, Caramanica considers Illmatic to be "unusually significant to the intellectual development of the [hip-hop] genre" yet he also remains critical of the divisiveness spawned by its "zealots.

Who cares whether it's the greatest rap album of all-time or not? It's an example of how great rap can be, but not necessarily the way it should be. While its success helped Nas' career immeasurably, hip hop aficionados have cited the album as his inextricable "gift and curse".

When he released his third and fourth studio albums, I Am… and Nastradamuswhich underwent editing due to bootlegging of the recording sessions, [6] many fans and critics feared that his career was deteriorating, as both albums received further criticism for their commercially oriented sound.

Blame one of hip-hop's most beautiful moments for the prison that traps Nasir Jones today — blame Illmatic. InNas performed the album in its entirety at Rock the Bells music festival. InNas announced Illmatic XXthe 20th Anniversary Edition of the original album Illmaticreleased April 15, 4 days prior to the 20th Anniversary of the original's release date April Illmatic XX includes a remastered version of Illmatican extra disc of demos, remixes, and unreleased records from that era of Nas' career.

He also announced his plans for a tour where he will perform the whole album front to back on each stop. InIllmatic turned Myspace commissioned authors and musicians alike to create 10 fictional short stories inspired by the album.

Musician Mack Wilds is the first perspective by creating his take on "The Genesis". The book opens hailing Illmatic for its contributions in the hip-Hop genre and having the staying power to last twenty years.

Illmatic is known as one of the most refined rap albums, these stories just add to the narrative. The Genesis []. State of Mind []. Life's a Bitch []. The World Is Yours []. Halftime []. Memory Lane Sittin' in da Park []. One Love " [].

One Time 4 Your Mind []. Represent []. It Ain't Hard to Tell []. The information regarding accolades attributed to Illmatic is adapted from Acclaimed Music. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. East Coast hip hop hardcore hip hop jazz rap. Faith N. MC Serch exec. DJ Premier L. I'm actually yelling, 'We're recording! And then everyone in the studio was like, 'Oh, my God', 'cause it was so unexpected. He was not ready. So we used that first verse.

And that was when he was up and coming, his first album. So we was like, 'Yo, this guy is gonna be big. The intro is an aural montage depicting Nas's background and contains samples of the film Wild Style and Main Source's song "Live at the Barbeque". The album's opening song has a dark, jazzy sound and recounts Nas's participation in gang violence and his philosophy on his dangerous environment and lifestyle. The song was produced by rapper Q-Tip, who also provided backing vocals. It is composed as a series of letters to Nas's jailed comrades detailing life events that occurred after the receivers' imprisonment.

The track contains braggadocio rhymes by Nas and samples Michael Jackson's song "Human Nature", producing a mix of horns and tweaked-out voices. Both sides' covers of Illmatic. What's funny about it was he was humble with it. I would listen to it and the songs were so ill, it made you wanna cry. He was just calm, like, 'How you like it? Everybody was going crazy. You could not walk through the 'hood without hearing Illmatic, (Intro) Your Mind - The Hated - The Best Piece Of Shit (Cassette.

It was on your brain. Nasir Jones Fred Brathwaite. Nas Faith N. Jones Christopher Martin. Nas co. Jones Peter Phillips. Jones Jonathan Davis Jimmy Heath. Jones Dana Stintson. Jones Kenny Rankin O. Glover T. Aviles M. Jones N. Loftin Thom Bell Deniece Williams. State of Mind [] "N. April 9, Retrieved April 16, Pop and Rock Listings: Nas. The New York Times. Retrieved on March 20, Ave Magazinepp. Review: Breaking Atoms. Retrieved on January 20, Nas: Battle Ready.

Retrieved on November 5, New York. Retrieved March 8, Retrieved on February 22, Elemental : Archived from the original on August 20, Archived from the original on August 23, Retrieved January 6, CS1 maint: unfit url link. The Source : 45—46, April DJ Premier: Biography. The Sun Rises in the East: Overview.

Basso Media. Retrieved on January 19, Retrieved on May 22, Retrieved on March 15, Reviews: Illmatic. Oh Word. Retrieved on February 9, Hesspp. Adam Mansbach. Retrieved on February 11, The Washington Post. Style section, p. Retrieved June 18, Archived from the original on December 27, Retrieved April 27, (Intro) Your Mind - The Hated - The Best Piece Of Shit (Cassette Tribune.

Tempo section, p. Q : March Apple Inc. Retrieved on February 19, Retrieved on February 15, Archived from the original on March 15, Retrieved March 15, Retrieved on October 20, The Boombox.

MVRemix Media. Retrieved on February 14, Retrieved on February 12, Treble Media. Maxim Digital. Review of Illmatic. Retrieved on August 10, Ego Trip. Retrieved on May 21, Retrieved May 16, New Miserable Experience. Byron Crawford. Retrieved on Album) See also: Nas. Got Charts? MTV News. Hip Hop DX. April 23, Retrieved July 26, Canadian Recording Industry Association. Archived from the original on August 19, Retrieved August 19, Entertainment Weekly. Archived from the original on June 17, Los Angeles Times.

Archived from the original on March 9, Archived from the original on August 17, Retrieved January 8, Rolling Stone. The Source.


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