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Various - 永恒的和平 (Peace Forever) (CD, Album) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Published 20.12.2019

Download Various - 永恒的和平 (Peace Forever) (CD, Album)
Label: GLS Music - none • Format: CD Album • Country: China • Genre: Electronic, Non-Music, Folk, World, & Country • Style: Religious

In our view, a family is very important, a positive approach of life and something you can be proud of. Unfortunately, there is a big lack of family oriented, family based projects out there! There is too much EGO in this world! HF: Yes, we thought about that! If people will join us in the future they have to be close, or better, they have to be friends. HH: What was the original vision of the band and how has it evolved?

HF: The original vision was simply to make people think and to interest them in topics we are interested in. I love music and I think that this simple fact has been the only real inspiration. Music is the best media to transport feelings and moods, it wakes memories and keeps them alive. With sound only without a constructed picture as in movies you are able to get deep into the thoughts of a person. You could imagine the atmosphere of a situation and share the same feelings.

Music could help to solve problems and you are able to find yourself in songs. Parts of our music are really rough and natural, including being a little bit out of tune sometimes. HF: I like neofolk music very much and listen to it a lot.

Our music has been categorized as neofolk very often, too. We were not specifically meaning to go in any special direction with our music. We try to create songs that we ourselves would like to hear. They have been, and are the godfathers and creators of that genre. What first inspired Suzanne and you to become involved in heathen spirituality?

HF: I think it was the emptiness of catholic education. If you want to reach the source you will finally end up in heathendom, which is the most natural and original spirituality.

For myself, heathenism means the whole variety of life and the existence of a lot of gods next to each other, Album).

For me, heathenism is a feeling that even dominates your way of life. To be aware of connections and energies has a great impact on my actions and reactions, even in busy, superficial and commercial daily life.

HF: Spirituality should be one of the most important things in life. When you feel that you want to create music or art you have to make the decision what your work should be about. What should it all be about? HH: Was Belborn created as a means to give your spiritual beliefs expression? This will depend on our life, upcoming influences and developments. Can you discuss your interest in drawing and other arts that are not music related?

During the process, a lot of things appear in my mind and keep on circling. I like to hide symbols and meanings inside of the drawings — sometimes the way of producing is very close to sigill-magic. Which kind of art you want to create always depends on your mood. Unfortunately I do not have enough time at the moment to loose myself in drawing again.

I hope that will change in the near future! How important is it to Belborn that your music releases including artwork that is fully created by the band? I will change them slightly and put them in a different context. Together with the music and the lyrics they will reach another level of meaning then.

In a way, the artwork should support and represent the mood and the atmosphere of an album. Can you discuss what the raven symbol represents and what its runic meaning is? I dreamt the symbol one night and tried to redraw it. HH: Belborn spells the bands name with runes on every album. Can you discuss the relevance of the runes are for Belborn in general? HF: We have a big personal interest in runes and we have already made our own personal experiences with their forces of power. But we are still interested beginners who want to explore that field more and more, but no experts.

The spelling of our name in runes happens in a very bold, defiant, and superficial way. We do this, because we want to make runes more public again. Do you think that the wide spread commercial use of these sacred symbols is detrimental or do you believe that a true spirit is being awakened in artists throughout the neofolk music scene?

Real rune magic will always be an appeal for an elite of only a few people. They could help to bring back the right relationship to Mother Nature. If you ask them, they are able to answer and to show you your own way. Even your thoughts count while you are working with runes or while you use them. If you want to harm someone, beware of the echo. The same could happen when using them in a funny or not-sincere way.

Is Belborn expanding the influence in the music of Belborn beyond Northern European Heathen traditions? HF: I have a personal interest in Indian tradition and Hindu Aryan myths for example or even in the original roots of voodoo. Album) As mentioned above, my interests are wide-spread and so are the books that I read.

The Bhagavad-Gita Text is a very interesting book and one of the oldest texts of mankind — much older than the bible!

On the other side, the Bhagavad-Gita is a very brutal text, about war and warriors. Anyway, I like heroic writings in general, like the Hagakure for example. Also, the impression arises that many older texts have the same fount, the same origin - and to say for sure, only a small part of our northern heritage has come down this far, to our generation. HF: Yes, I definitely feel that there is an universality of archetypes out there. If you start to compare different mythologies you will recognize their similarity, for example the characters of the gods and goddesses and the creation of our world.

Gods have a lot of different names and personalities there, which differ from one urban region to the other. HH: Belborn just released your third full length album. How receptive has the neofolk community been towards the music of Belborn? The reactions of those who wrote us their thoughts about the last CD have been brilliant. Every month so many new releases flood the market even in the small field of neofolk-music.

A lot of people still go after names or buy only their most favorite bands. On the other hand they will find their way to us sooner or later. HF: Meanwhile, we have worldwide contacts and connections. Especially people from China are very interested in our music. HH: Are you and your family able to financially sustain yourselves through selling the music of Belborn? Do you aspire to Various - 永恒的和平 (Peace Forever) (CD time in your music career when your music will be able to sustain your lifestyle and family?

Never mind - dear labels and companies - distribute us and make us rich! Can you discuss the theme of rebirth or renewal and what it means to you? HF: Rebirth and renewal are one of the most important and always returning topics in my life. The eternal circle of reincarnation is a fact for me! I really hated it, because it depressed me a lot. No one likes the thought of living thousands of lives and to start as a baby over and over again.

Nowadays, I have to say, that reincarnation is the only thing that makes sense in our existence. You will get what you give — so, each to his own! What aspects of humanity and civilization do you desire to be renewed?

HF: Oh, nearly every aspect! To be honest, I doubt that there is the possibility to develop slowly backwards and to return to a more balanced and healthy way of life. A huge step in evolution and revolution is absolutely necessary to avoid a big bang end of this world. Mankind has only one earth, and it is home to all countries. Common development, which is the very foundation of sustainable development, serves the long-term and fundamental interests of all the people in the world.

As members of the same global village, we should foster a sense of community of common destiny, follow the trend of the times, keep to the right direction, stick together in time of difficulty and ensure that development in Asia and the rest of the world reaches new highs. First, we should boldly break new ground so as to create an inexhaustible source of power for boosting common development. Over the years, many countries and regions have developed a lot of good practices in maintaining stability and promoting growth.

We should continue such practices. However, nothing in the world remains constant, and as a Chinese saying goes, a wise man changes as time and event change. We should abandon the outdated mindset, break away from the old confines that fetter development and unleash all the potential for development.

We should redouble efforts to shift the growth model and adjust the economic structure, raise the quality of development and make life better for the people. We should steadily advance the reform of the international economic and financial systems, improve global governance mechanisms and provide support to sound and stable global economic growth. Asia, with its long-standing capacity for adjusting to change, should ride on the waves of the times and make changes in Asia and global development reinforce and benefit each other.

Second, we should work together to uphold peace so as to provide security safeguard for boosting common development. Peace is the ever-lasting wish of our people. Peace, like air and sunshine, is hardly noticed when people are benefiting from it. But none of us can live without it. Without peace, development is out of the question. Countries, whether big or small, strong or weak, rich or poor, should all contribute their share to maintaining and enhancing peace. Rather than undercutting each other's efforts, countries should complement each other and work for joint progress.

The international community should advocate the vision of comprehensive security, common security and cooperative security so as to turn our global village into a big stage for common development, rather than an arena where gladiators fight each other.

And no one should be allowed to throw a region and even the whole world into chaos for selfish gains. With growing interaction among countries, it is inevitable that they encounter frictions here and there. What is important is that they should resolve differences through dialogue, consultation and peaceful negotiations in the larger interest of the sound growth of their relations.

Third, we should boost cooperation as an effective vehicle for enhancing common development. As we often say in China, a single flower does not make spring, while one hundred flowers in full blossom bring spring to the garden. All countries in the world are closely linked and share converging interests. They should both pool and share their strengths. While pursuing its own interests, a country should accommodate the legitimate concerns of others.

In pursuing their own development, countries should promote the common development of all and expand common interests among them. We should enhance South-South cooperation and North-South dialogue, promote balanced development of the developing and developed countries and consolidate the foundation for sustaining stable growth of the global economy.

We need to work vigorously to create more cooperation opportunities, upgrade cooperation, and deliver more development dividends to our people and contribute more to global growth. Fourth, we should remain open and inclusive so as to create broad space for enhancing common development. The ocean is vast because it admits hundreds of rivers. We should respect the right of a country to independently choose its social system and development path, remove distrust and misgivings and turn the diversity of our world and difference among countries into dynamism and driving force for development.

We should keep an open mind, draw upon development practices of other continents, share development resources and promote regional cooperation. This shows that cooperation in Asia is open and it goes hand in hand with Asia's cooperation with other regions, and everyone has benefited from such cooperation.

Asia should welcome non-Asian countries to play a constructive role in ensuring stability and development of the region. Likewise, the non-Asian countries should respect Asia's diversity and its long-standing tradition of cooperation. This will create a dynamic environment in which Asia and other regions enjoy mutually reinforcing progress.

China is an important member of the Asian family and the global family. China cannot develop itself in isolation from the rest of Asia and the world. On their part, the rest of Asia and the world cannot enjoy prosperity and stability without China. In November last year, the Communist Party of China held its 18th National Congress, which drew the blueprint for China's development in the years to come.

The main goals we set for China are as follows: ByChina's GDP and per capita incomes for urban and rural residents will double the figures, and the building of a Album) prosperous society in all respects will be completed. By the midst century, China will be turned into a modern socialist country that is prosperous, strong, democratic, culturally advanced and harmonious; and the Chinese dream, namely, the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, will be realized.

Looking ahead, we are full of confidence in China's future. On the other hand, we are aware that China remains the world's largest developing country, and it faces many difficulties and challenges on its road to progress. We need to make relentless efforts in the years ahead to deliver a better life to all our people. We are unwaveringly committed Album) reform and opening up, and we will concentrate on the major task of shifting the growth model, focus on running our own affairs well and make continued efforts to boost the socialist modernization drive.

As a Chinese saying goes, neighbors wish each other well, just as loved ones do to each other. China will continue to promote friendship and partnership with its neighbors, consolidate friendly ties and deepen mutually beneficial cooperation with them and ensure that its development will bring even greater benefits to its neighbors.

China will vigorously promote development and prosperity in both Asia and the world. China has become the largest trading partner, the biggest export market and a major source of investment of many of these countries. China's interests have never been so closely connected with those of the rest of Asia and the world in both scope and depth. Going forward, China will maintain robust growth momentum.


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