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Published 05.11.2019

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The Sun is just below the horizon, so there is generally enough natural light to carry out most outdoor activities. Twilight is the time between day and night when the Sun is below the horizon but its rays still light up the sky. Astronomers differentiate between 3 phases:. Each twilight phase is defined by the solar elevation angle, which is the position of the Sun in relation to the horizon. During civil twilight, the geometric center of the Sun's disk is at most 6 degrees below the horizon.

In the morning, this twilight phase ends at sunrise; in the evening it begins at sunset. Sunrise and sunset are the moments when the Sun's upper edge touches the horizon. As the Earth's atmosphere scatters and reflects much of the Sun's rays, coloring the sky bright yellow and orange, artificial lighting is generally not required in clear weather conditions to carry out most outdoor Twilight Time.

Only the brightest stars and planets, like Venus and Jupiter, can be seen with the naked eye. The twilight phases in the morning are often called dawnwhile the twilight phases in the evening are referred to as dusk.

However, unlike the term twilight, which describes a time span, the terms dawn and dusk refer to moments during the transitions between day and night. Civil dawn is the moment when the geometric center of the Sun is 6 degrees below the horizon in the morning.

It is preceded by nautical twilight. Similarly, civil dusk is the instant when the geometric center of the Sun is 6 degrees below the horizon in the evening. Apple Bloom : And check this out! Foals : [awed comments] Sweetie Belle : Now check this out! Diamond Tiara : [yelping] Hey, put me down! Sweetie Belle : Huh? Diamond Twilight Time : I was asking if your sister Rarity will be taking you to Manehattan anytime soon.

Silver Spoon : Because if she is, maybe you can meet up with us while we hang out with a bunch of famous celebrities. Scootaloo : Cool! Apple Bloom : Wow, that's Sweetie Belle : Actually, my sister hasn't offered to take me to Manehattan anytime soon. Diamond Tiara : Yeah, we figured. Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon : Bump, bump, sugar lump rump!

Well, I don't have to go all the way to Manehattan to hang out with the famous and super-cool ponies! Me and my friends hang out with Princess Twilight all the time! Diamond Tiara : D-did you say Princess Twilight?! You hang out with her all the time? For real? Apple Bloom : More like just once a week.

Scootaloo : She helps us learn cool new stuff to do! That we actually do ourselves! Diamond Tiara : You must bring me along next time you go! Silver Spoon : Bring us along! Diamond Tiara : I mean, we used to see her around Twilight Time all the time, and I thought, "whatever" Silver Spoon : Me too.

I thought that. Diamond Tiara : But now she's a princesswhich makes her totally awesome! Silver Spoon : Plus, she has wings. Diamond Tiara : And she's an Alicorn. So can I— Silver Spoon : We! Diamond Tiara : —go? We should totally say yes! This is a golden opportunity! Apple Bloom : Are you kiddin'?

I don't want them laughing at us while I'm mixin' potions and accidentally sendin' plants into chokin' fits! Sweetie Belle : But don't you get it? They'll have to learn something too! Scootaloo : And they won't be able to laugh at us when they're so busy trying to learn stuff of their own. Apple Bloom : I must admit it's kinda fun to see them workin' hard to get on our good side for a change. Diamond Tiara : Oh, my gosh!

A princess lives in there! And I'm about to go inside and see her! I can't even tell you how excited I am! Silver Spoon : I can't either! Twilight Sparkle : Hey there, guys! Come on in! Diamond Tiara : Oh, it's really her! Silver Spoon : Oh, my gosh, I don't believe it!

Twilight Sparkle : Oh, and, uh, you brought guests. Diamond Tiara : Princess Twilight, it is such a thrill and honor to be here! You have no idea. Oh my gosh, who dyes your tail? Silver Spoon : I so have to get that done. Twilight Sparkle : Actually, it's not dyed. I've always— Diamond Tiara : [gasp] Are those books in there?

What a bold design choice! Silver Spoon : You should so do that, Di! Diamond Tiara : I know, right? Twilight Sparkle : Listen, I'm all for helping as many ponies as I can, but maybe we should keep these weekly visits just between us, hm? Okay, which one of you wants to practice first? Sweetie Belle : Shouldn't they go first?

Twilight Sparkle : No, silly! I set up Twilight Time especially for you. Apple Bloom, go ahead. Let's see how your plant potions are coming. Apple Bloom : I can't believe I let you talk us into bringin' guests yesterday. Scootaloo : I didn't hear them laugh at us once, Apple Bloom. Apple Bloom : 'Cause they laughed on the inside. Sweetie Belle : Don't worry.

We won't make that same mistake again. Apple Bloom : Aw, great. Look who showed up to make fun of us. Scootaloo : So much for learning skills to be big shots. Diamond Tiara : Hey, guess what! I told everyone about your special Twilight Time! Sweetie Belle : Oh, no, here it comes Diamond Tiara : And they all want in! Foals : Twilight Time! Twilight Time! You're welcome. Sweetie Belle : Uh-oh All these ponies really wanna meet Twilight that badly?

Pipsqueak : We love you, Cutie Mark Crusaders! Foals : [cheering] Diamond Tiara : Now, now, everypony! Demanding time with the princess as an unruly mob simply won't do. Might I suggest you get organized through usthe Cutie Mark Crusaders' nearest and dearest friends? Silver Spoon : Everypony get in line! No pushing, no pushing! Foals : [cheering, under] Apple Bloom : What a mess. Sweetie Belle : Of awesome!

Don't you see? We're really and truly and certifiably the biggest of the big shots in school right now! Scootaloo : Huh? Sweetie Belle : They all think we're the greatest, because we're their ticket to get time with Ponyville's newest and biggest celebrity, Princess Twilight! Apple Bloom : We just said like two seconds ago that invitin' two ponies to Twilight Time was a big mistake! And now we're supposed to bring the whole class? Sweetie Belle : Relax.

I got this. Apple Bloom : I don't like this, Sweetie Belle So what's the problem? Scootaloo : This feels like a trick.

Sweetie Belle : What's tricky about inviting Twilight out for a meal thanking her for all the nice things she's done for us? Seems like the least we can do for the princess! Pipsqueak : Did someone say "princess"? Sweetie Belle : When I told you when you could come eyeball the princess at one of her favorite hangouts, I said only two or three of you, tops! Foals : Oops Scootaloo : She's coming!

Sweetie Belle : Okay! But stay out of sight! Diamond Tiara : As you wish, Twilight Time, Sweetie Belle. Sweetie Belle : Yes, as I wish. Twilight Sparkle : [messy eating noises] Mmm! Mmmm, mm! I'm so glad you asked me to join you here today Sweetie Belle : You are?

Twilight Sparkle : When you first asked me to help you develop new skills, I thought, 'Working with young students so devoted to the joy of learning purely for its own sake? What could be better? Sweetie Belle : Yes, well Apple Bloom : That's why we invited you here. Scootaloo : All because of our love of learning! Twilight Sparkle : [sipping drink] Pinkie Pie : Twilight!

Haven't seen you Twilight Time in, like, forever and a half! Twilight Sparkle : I know. I've been so busy I forgot how delicious everything is here! Pinkie Pie : Totally! Hey, what's going on out there? Oh, never mind, they're gone. They're back! Never mind, they're gone. La la-la la-la And this? Scootaloo : I couldn't help it! When I don't smile in a picture, I look sad. Sweetie Belle : Oh, we're gonna look sad all right Foals : [excited screaming] Diamond Tiara : Get my picture with her!

Pipsqueak : Me first! Silver Spoon : Hey! Get out of the shot! Sweetie Belle : This is bad. Scootaloo : Twilight's gonna be so ticked at us. Apple Bloom : I told ya this was a terrible idea. Twilight Sparkle : You seriously all want my autograph? Okay, I'll sign just a couple more for you, but then I really must get back to my little friends.

Oh, there you are! Pipsqueak : Wow, to think I've been to the Hay Burger so many times, never knowing it's a regular hangout for a princess! Twilight Sparkle : This isn't my regular hangout. I'm only here to be with them. Pipsqueak : You mean, Princess Twilight decides where it's cool to go based on where they go?

Cutie Mark Crusaders : Huh? Twilight Sparkle : Thanks, guys, this was fun! See ya around! Foals : [excited Twilight Time Pipsqueak : I'm opening a new lemonade stand! Won't you come to the grand opening? I'll give you free lemonade for a week! I know exactly how to handle this. Sweetie Belle : Don't mind if I do!


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    Heavenly shades of night are falling, it's twilight time Out of the mist your voice is calling, 'tis twilight time When purple-colored curtains mark the end of day I'll hear you, my dear, at twilight time Deepening shadows gather splendor as day is done Fingers of night will soon surrender the setting sun.
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    Twilight Time is the fifteenth episode of the fourth season of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic and the eightieth episode overall. In this episode, the Cutie Mark Crusaders begin taking advantage of Twilight Sparkle's fame as a Princess to become popular at school. In the Golden Oak Library, the Cutie Mark Crusaders are learning new skills with Twilight Sparkle's help. Sweetie Belle tries Featured characters: Cutie Mark Crusaders.
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    All times are local times (LT), note time difference in countries with summer time. For example, for Germany in the summer months: Add +1 hour to the local time. Times for twilight: Civil twilight, center of the sun disc is -6° below the true horizon. Times for sunrise and sunset: Top edge of the sun disc reaches or is below of the true horizon.
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    Main category: Twilight Time images another few times. "Ready to give it a shot!" "Okay then!" Looks like Sweetie Belle's finally about to do magic. Up. Oh! She's doing it! It's working! Sweetie struggling with magic. Ouch!*Plop* "I think I threw my neck out." "You're okay." "Liftin' brooms'll be a cinch!" "I doubt it. That thing weighs a ton." Spike at the door. The following gag was ruined.
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    Sweetie Belle: They all think we're the greatest, because we're their ticket to get time with Ponyville's newest and biggest celebrity, Princess Twilight! Apple Bloom: We just said like two seconds ago that invitin' two ponies to Twilight Time was a big mistake!
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    max et les ferrailleurs / vincent, francois, paul et les autres ( edition) (pre-order).
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