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Peyo - The Smurf-Eating Bird (Vinyl) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

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Download Peyo - The Smurf-Eating Bird (Vinyl)

The collecting of Smurfs seems to be an infinite pursuit. There are thousands of different figures, variations, promotional figures, etc. In Peyo - The Smurf-Eating Bird (Vinyl) section we'll try and provide you with some interesting information regarding the more interesting figures. This will include such items as promotional smurfs, rare smurfs, rare variations, unusual smurfs and even items that aren't even smurfs, but are collectors items, regardless. Keep checking back as we expand our information base.

History Smurfs History Smurfs are a set of six smurfs representing famous characters from American history. History smurfs were first produced in and continued in production till They were made in limited quantities in two locations: Macau and Hong Kong. History Smurfs are extremely rare and very collectable. Some information about the historical figures: Paul Revere - was a Patriot in the American Revolution. He was a messenger during the battles of Lexington and Conchord and was made the famous for his "Midnight Ride" prior to the battle of Lexington.

Franklin was a leading author, Peyo - The Smurf-Eating Bird (Vinyl), politician, scientist and inventor. Amongst his inventions were bifocals and the lightning rod. Christopher Columbus - - was an Italian explorer and one of the first Europeans to explore the Americas after the Vikings.

Thomas Edison - - was an American inventor responsible for some of the most influential inventions in history. Amongst his inventions were the phonograph, the motion picture camera and the incandescent light bulb. He was an outspoken opponent of slavery and led the North to victory over the South in the American Civil War. Abraham Lincoln was assasinated in Fafnir Fafnir is the name given to the dragon that is depicted in the Johan and Pewit comics, specifically "Johan and Pfiffikus - Im verwuenschten land".

These comics also feature the smurfs. Schleich produced a fafnir in as part of it's "Crazy Friends" series. This series consists of 4 PVC characters with wire inserts to make them bendable. A monkey, bird and cow complete the set. This fafnir, though not part of the smurf PVC series made by Schleich, is a favourite amongst smurf collectors. Red Variation The original fafnir made by Schleich is the red variation. This dragon is a dark green colour with a red nose, antennae and spikes.

This variation appears less frequently than the green versions. Green variations The green variation of this dragon pictured left was produced in the 80s as a promotional item for Hoechst AG - a German life-sciences company. This dragon is a dark green colour with a light green antennae and spikes. The Smurfs speak 'smurf', their very own language.

It's not that difficult to learn. You simply replace some words and verbs by 'smurf'. Just smurf it! Brainy Smurf takes everything very seriously. He annoys everyone by constantly nagging about everything. Farmer Smurf grows all the vegetables for the Smurfs.

He wears dark green overalls, wooden clogs, and a straw hat. Grouchy Smurf never agrees with anyone or anything. He starts almost all his sentences with 'I hate Originally he was as happy as any other Smurf. He only smurfed into a grumbler when he was stung by the Bzzz fly. Handy Smurf fixes everything that's broken in the village. He smurfs amazing things with his 8 fingers yep, Smurfs only have 8 fingers!

Harmony is such a terrible musician that the Smurfs run away every time Harmony picks up an instrument. The turlusiphon is a magical instrument. When Harmony plays it, all the Smurfs fall into a deep sleep. Hefty by name and hefty by nature! No matter how big or heavy the problem is, he solves it with his muscles. Jokey enjoys playing tricks on the other Smurfs. He always has a big smile on his face and gives everyone gifts.

The pillow goes where he goes! He refuses to put it down and is constantly sewing it back together. The first thing Lazy Smurf thinks about when he wakes up in the morning is when to take his first nap of the day. Papa Smurf might be slightly older than you are… This year he celebrates his th smurfday.

All the Smurfs are madly in love with Smurfette. They're constantly surpassing each other in pleasing her. Smurfette was originally created by Gargamel to cause trouble amongst the Smurfs. But luckily Papa Smurf transformed her into the charming Smurfette she is today. Before Papa Smurf turned her into a classic beauty, Smurfette had messy black hair and scruffy clothes. Wild Smurf got lost in the forest when he was a baby.

He's barefoot and he wears clothes made of leaves. You want to congratulate your Grandsmurf on her 60th Smurfday? You'd like to wish your brother luck for his big smurfgame this weekend? Or you finally dare to tell the prettiest girl in your class that you smurf her? Smurf an e-card and send it to all the people you smurf! The history of Peyo Peyo, the very first smurf A distant descendant of the pirate Robert Culliford, Peyo whose real name was Pierre Culliford was born in the Brussels commune of Schaerbeek, on June 25th Peyo's passport His real first name : Pierre Last name : Culliford Spoke : French and a bit of Smurf Lived in : Brussels Belgium — the capital of waffles and Manneken Pis Worked as : a comic artist Biggest invention : The Smurfs Is also the father of : Johan and Peewit, Poussy, a clumsy and mischievous cat; Steve Strong, a young boy with an incredible strength who loses this powers when he catches a cold.

The history of Peyo Peyo's first job The year is The history of Peyo. Pre-Smurfs For his next job he almost became a dentist's assistant Peyo - The Smurf-Eating Bird (Vinyl) goodness he didn't.

Smurfly named Peyo When he decided to become a full-time comic artist, Peyo, who was still signing his work with his full name, decided he needed a pen name. Captain Coky After several unsuccessful attempts with pirate comics Captain CokyPeyo decided to draw what he really loved, stories based in the Middle Ages. The history of Peyo A Smurf is born! The history of Peyo We want Smurf! We want Smurf! The history of Peyo Click on the image above to see the video.

The history of Peyo Planetary success The success of the Smurfs became planetary in the Peyo - The Smurf-Eating Bird (Vinyl) because of the cartoons. The history of Peyo Peyo left us on December 24, but the Smurfs have continued their many adventures and are today looking forward to a bright and even more exciting future, always ready to take on new challenges.

The village Each Smurf has his own mushroom shaped house. Johan and Peewit Johan is a pageboy who defends widows and orphans. Homnibus Homnibus is a great magician and a very good friend of Papa Smurf. Mother Nature Mother Nature makes the different seasons come and go in Smurfland. The animals The Smurfs are friends with all the animals except for Peyo - The Smurf-Eating Bird (Vinyl) and the Howlibird of course.

Gargamel's hut Gargamel's hut is dangerous for the Smurfs. Gargamel Gargamel is a wicked sorcerer who wants to capture the Smurfs to extract their essence. Azrael Azrael is Gargamel's cat. The Howlibird The Howlibird is a monstrous bird who wants to destroy the Smurf village by bombarding it with stones.

Bigmouth Bigmouth is an ogre who is constantly hungry. A view of the dam The dam that the Smurfs built is really impressive. The Great Bridge The Great Bridge is one of the Smurfs' greatest accomplishments, it stretches over the river Smurf and allows them to travel safely to the opposite bank. The Lake The lake is where the Smurfs like to come and rest or to have fun.

A basket full of berries The Smurfs eat all sorts of fruits and berries that they pick in the forest. A Smurf eating salsaparilla The salsaparilla plant is an absolutely delicious treat for the Smurfs.

Cakes The Smurfs just love cakes… who doesn't? Two smurfs talking The Smurfs speak 'smurf', their very own language. Astro Smurf wants to discover new worlds. He spends all his time looking at the stars. Astro Smurf wants to travel in a rocket with pedals. His Smurf friends once dressed up as alien smurfs to make him believe he was on another planet. Baby Smurf is a real cutie pie. All you want to do is hug him. One night when the moon was blue, a stork brought Baby Smurf to the village.

He loves his teddy bear more than anything in the whole world. Baby Smurf's blocks inspired Handy to invent a printing press for Reporter Smurf.

A black or purple Smurf is a Peyo - The Smurf-Eating Bird (Vinyl) who's caught a strange illness that makes him violent. The Smurfs catch this illness when stung by the Bzzz Fly. A normal Smurf catches the illness when he gets bitten on the tail by a black or purple Smurf. His habit of bothering everyone all the time often gets him a smurf on the head with a mallet. He loves talking Papa Smurf to the mouth and repeats things he's learnt over and over again.

Cook Smurf is the cook of the village. He always wears his white toque and apron. He knows dozens of recipes by heart. He bakes delicious cakes and biscuits. His house always smells like a birthday party! Greedy is never far away and it only takes him a second to smurf a cake away. His biggest enemies are the many moles who chomp through his salads. Farmer Smurf often complains about the weather.

It's always too sunny or too rainy. He doesn't bother much with village life. He prefers the company of his lettuces and vegetables. Greedy's favorite hobby is eating. Every day he eats enough for four Smurfs. Greedy constantly smurfs away the cakes that Cook Smurf bakes. Cakes and other pastry are his favorite foods. Doctor Smurf has already told him a hundred times that cakes are no good for him. He only likes flowers and Baby Smurf, but he doesn't like people knowing this. Handy Smurf is also a brilliant inventor, constantly looking for new ideas.

He invented Clockwork Smurf and a machine that smurfs the weather. Harmony just loves to play any instrument he can find, even when broken notes come out of it.

All he can get out of the instruments are deafening 'squeeeeks' and ear-wrenching 'hooonks'. He lives to lift weights. He is the strongest and fittest Smurf in the village. He keeps fit by practicing just about every sport. His yellow- and red-wrapped presents explode when someone opens them. Jokey can turn any situation into a joke. King Smurf replaces Papa Smurf when he's on a trip. He made the Smurfs build him a palace.

He locked Jokey up in prison. Guards make sure that no Smurf enters the castle. Lazy Smurf is always tired.


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    These authentic licensed Peyo The Smurfs Grouchy Smurf Adult's costume accessory 3/4 Vinyl Mask from Rubies are the perfect finishing touch for a quick and easy Grouchy Smurf costume, and a great gift for fans of the franchise! Great on their own, even better with .
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    The Smurf-Eating Bird. The Smurfs have an adventure with a nasty bird! Look at the pictures. Listen to the music. Learn from the book. Starland Music presents The Smurf Eating Bird. Look Listen Learn. PTV S Released Record Format: 7" Vinyl, 33 1/3 RPM. Smurf Book & Record Set.
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    Golden Team From Peyo - Enjoy all the music albums and top video tracks of Peyo here on Frogtoon Music. Video Tracks include: Old Times, One For Me, u can make it, Motoremoto, Do U Remember, Magnitudo, All i Need, The Cleaner, Feet Response, All I Need .
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    The Smurf-Eating Bird (Book and Record) (Starland Presents, PTV S) by Peyo | Jan 1, Unknown Binding $ $ $ shipping. Only 2 left in stock - order soon. More Buying Choices $ (5 used & new offers) McDonalds Smurfs Movie Clumsy Smurf #5. out of 5.
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    The Smurf-Eating Bird (Book and Record) (Starland Presents, PTV S) Unknown Binding – January 1, by Peyo (Author) See all formats and editions Hide other formats and editions. The Amazon Book Review Book recommendations, author interviews, editors' picks, and more. Author: Peyo.
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