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Download Learn Fi Dance (Version)

The notes on the staff lines indicate which notes to play on an instrument and are made up of 3 parts: the note head a black oval that is either open or closedthe stem the vertical line attached to the note headand the flag the curved stroke at the top of the stem. Note that not all notes contain all 3 parts at the same time. Different combinations of open or closed note heads, stems, Learn Fi Dance (Version), and flags tell you how long to play an individual note in terms of beats or fractions of beats.

For instance, an open note with no stem or flag is played for 4 beats, while a closed note with a stem is played for 1 beat. Learn the difference between scale and pitch. There are 7 keys of difference between 2 different pitches of the same note e. Conversely, scales are sets of notes that sound particularly good when played sequentially and are thus commonly used in songwriting.

There are major scales for each of the 7 notes. There are also minor scales, which are similar to major scales, except the 3rd note in the scale is a half step lower than it is in the major scale. Familiarize yourself with chords. Chords are formed when 3 or more notes of the same pitch are played at the same time. Rhythm, in terms of music, refers to the consecutive arrangement of notes or beats placed at equal intervals of time. This means that you have to allow for the same amount of silence in between each musical note, or else the flow of the piece can be ruined.

The top number indicates how many beats there are in a measure of music, while the bottom number represents the note value which makes 1 beat. Method 2 of Identify key signatures written on a sheet of music. The key signature indicates which pitch the notes in the song will be played in.

These are represented by sharp images or flat images on 1 of the lines of the staff, corresponding with the key that the song is. Try looking at several different written pieces of sheet music and see how many of the different key signatures you can identify. Practice identifying chords, scales, and notes that you hear.

Then, try to name the note or notes being played just by listening to them. If this is particularly difficult for you, try starting out by just identifying 1 of the 7 natural notes when an individual note is played.

Build chords and scales on a staff from scratch. Write out a series of notes on the staff to build chords and scales that sound good in your head. First write the clef, time signature, and key signature on your staff. Focus on building simple chords and scales at first. As you start to feel more Learn Fi Dance (Version) with this exercise, try writing longer and longer pieces of music. Use an instrument or sing to identify and play notes written on a staff.

This exercise trains you to readily translate written music into actual performed sound. Make sure you practice playing Learn Fi Dance (Version) notes in the rhythm that is indicated on the staff. If you have trouble with this, practice keeping the rhythm first by simply tapping out the rhythm with your finger.

Method 3 of Experiment with several different instruments to see which one you enjoy playing the most. Then, if you like 1 of the instruments in particular, consider buying it in the store! Practice playing notes, chords, and scales on your instrument. Start by practicing notes first, then move on to scales, and finally to chords.

Take lessons from someone who knows how to play your instrument. You can find lots of available music teachers online or in newspaper classifieds. For best results, try to find a music teacher with a music degree and with teaching experience. Make a daily practice schedule and stick to it.

Set aside a small amount of time each day to practice your craft and commit to sticking to this routine for the long haul.

Set concrete goals for yourself each week. Aim to learn a new chord, song, or style of playing with your instrument, depending on what you want to get out Learn Fi Dance (Version) playing a musical instrument. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Submit a Tip All tip submissions are carefully reviewed before being published.

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You can still learn a dance from a music video, it just might be a little bit harder. While watching a music video and learning the dance is fun, it can be difficult to recreate movements that are backwards. Either find a mirrored video of the dance online or use a video editor to flip the video around. Instead of jumping into learning the dance right away, take a few minutes to watch the video entirely 1 to 2 times.

Take in the overall feel, the beat of the music, and the performance of the dancers. Find a video with 1 person that you can watch the whole time. Part 2 of Slow the video down so you can watch the movements.

In some videos, the dancers do the movements super quickly and it can be tough to follow. Learn the movements in pairs so you can connect them. As you start watching the movements of the dance and practicing them yourself, try to connect 2 movements at a time. That way, it will be easier to string each movement together once you Learn Fi Dance (Version) the whole dance memorized.

Nail one move before you move onto the next. While it can be tempting to rush into trying out each movement of the dance, try to focus on them one at a time. Really work through the movements one at a time so you have them down before you move onto another one. Move right arm up, then left. Walk forward right, left, right, twirl hips to the left. Take a look at the video, pause it, then try the moves yourself. Keep an eye on your body in a large mirror to see if you look like the dancers on the screen.

Pay attention to your arms, your legs, and even your head to see if they match the movements. Part 3 of Practice stringing the segments together once you have them down. This will help you remember what comes next and can train your body into remembering the next moves. Try doing the dance without looking at the video. Either play the video and turn the screen around or just play the song off your phone or computer. See if you can do the entire dance without watching the video for help.

Do the dance a bunch of times until you have it down. Once you have the basics of the dance down, go back to the video and watch it again. Practice in a mirror, record yourself on your phone, or ask your friends to watch you and compare yourself to the video. You can never practice too much! Show off your skills to your friends. Gather a group of your friends or family and perform your dance to impress them. You can play the video in the background in case you get stuck.


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    Because when you follow non-mirrored dance practices, you're dancing the song reversed. So with a mirrored dance practice, they way you practice it is the way they're actually practicing it. Let's say one dance move they stretch out their right hand. But on a non-mirrored dance practice, you follow with your left hand because their right is.
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