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Intensity - Mr. Concept - While My Sitar Gently Beeps EP (File, MP3) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

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Download Intensity - Mr. Concept - While My Sitar Gently Beeps EP (File, MP3)
Label: Concept City - none • Format: 4x, File MP3, EP 256 kbps • Country: UK • Genre: Electronic • Style: Synth-pop, Experimental

Because the tone quality and playing technique differ significantly from that of the sitar, it is typically used in rock, jazz, and fusion styles. On his award-winning instrumental rendition of the Joe South tune Intensity - Mr. Concept - While My Sitar Gently Beeps EP (File Games People Play " saxophonist King Curtis teamed with guitarist Duane Allman on the electric sitar he also played slide guitar. This can be found on the Duane Allman album An Anthology.

The album Somethin' Else recorded by Danny Davis and the Nashville Brass prominently featured an electric sitar, a first for the country music industry. However the recording for the movie version of " Mamma Mia " featured a real bouzouki. Glass Hammer guitarist Kamran Alan Shikoh performed electric sitar in the band's song from to his departure in InMGMT released their album Congratulationswhere the electric sitar was played on many tracks by lead singer and guitarist Andrew VanWyngarden.

Blues musician Buddy Guy played, among other guitars, a Coral electric sitar in shows on his tour. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Quest International Ltd. I have been trying to explain this for a long time in my blog, and you did it so well in just one post!

I shared it on my facebook page. Like Liked by 1 person. Yeah, I get frustrated with my Fe as well. Like Like. Life experiences and various circumstances can develop some functions and mute some others. This is obviously not done in a matter of months, but in years. Nothing is constant. Just a very few preferences in dichotomies change, and this, during a very long period of time.

It is also very important to emphasize that the INTJ shadow functions are INTPs primary functions and vice versa, maybe this might give a clearer explanation. I love how you broke this down! It really is a much more complex system than most people give it credit for, and you did a great job condensing that into a single post. Weaknesses: Suspicious of new concepts and solutions Can be prideful and unbending May get stuck in a rut.

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Notify me of new posts via email. McCartney, of course, wins in the pop realm. All but his very earliest songs and his later throwaways are sophisticated, and everything reverberates with taste and perspective. In other words, the melody itself tells a story.

Lennon, McCartney, and Harrison then lock into the harmonies that helped make their name. The line about pain leading to pleasure takes this to the next level, as does his sharp intakes of breath. And who were the Beatles to point fingers at a guy sleeping with his groupies? His keyboard work here is as powerful a hard-rock piano line as I can think of.

And I know he meant the song to be sympathetic to women. Confidential to P. McC: Men have something to do with babies, too. Lennon would do it, too. Another concussive beginning, another arresting chorus; but the band to this point had never felt so unwound, so bashy.

McCartney specialized in melodic lines that reached ever upward. Here he started high and went down, the perfect melody for doing the frug. The song accompanies the famous freedom scene in A Hard Days Nightcreating one of the most enduring images of the band.

It feels like it was put on the album without much attention paid to it. The hokey hootenanny guitar line at the end of each verse, for example, was a bad idea. Two quibbles: Leaving aside the line that includes the title words, the lyrics are quite lame. And whether it belongs on Sgt. The bridge has a character, and the ending fanfare works as well. The connection to his mother is dreamy and tangential, but there is no doubt that this tribute to her is one of his best songs.

Hard to remember today that, with a concern for the consumer that has never been evinced Stateside, British record companies thought it was cheesy to put singles on albums — forcing consumers in effect to pay for the same song twice. In America, it would be no. In other words, the Beatles occupied the no.

On this one, based on sheer velocity, good humor, and talent, he gets a pass. George and Ringo sided with John, and the rift was never healed. The record shows that McCartney was almost certainly right. The debacle almost certainly cost the band hundreds of millions of dollars over the ensuing decades. Here, Lennon, playing a bit with Dylanesque vocal stylings, produces another passionate pop song about self-doubt. Lennon becomes disclosive, where McCartney is emotionally insular, and ragged, where McCartney tends to wrap everything up with a bow.

The development began to create enormous artistic tension in the band, which would lead to its greatest works. Notice how the song, innovatively, ends with a flute solo. One of the difficulties McCartney had was that, when he tried not to write straight whimsy certainly a laudable endeavor he got himself all tied up in poettification. And yet, as sung by McCartney here or with him aiming his moon-cow eyes into the camera in the Let It Be filmany cynicism you might have gets washed away with that wild and windy night.

This is everything a rock recording should be. A killer hook, memorable even by Beatles standards; an innovative unique world of sounds, set off unto itself; even nonsense lyrics that paradoxically make sense. The band squeezed in one last song, and John Lennon stepped up to scream his lungs out and lock down a whirlwind on the first take.

In fact, McCartney says he contributed a lot to it. It turned out that nothing could withstand the force of the Beatles, not even the Beatles themselves. The title came from Ringo, who delighted the band with his nonce catchphrases. The two rhythms guitars are whatever the aural equivalent of mesmerizing is.

The opening chord, incidentally, was the handiwork of George Harrison. Lennon and McCartney also manage to pull off making what could be a whiny song sound joyous and game. Upped ten notches for being written on demand, overnight, when the producers of the film decided they needed a raucous title song. It was recorded a few days later. The opening a cappella section; the new Beatles guitar riff, twisted and curled and unchanging; the bass booming like an Underground train rumbling below.

The song pauses now and again, only to rev up again, all on the same unchanging chord. As for the lyrics, McCartney was approaching his golden era. But Lennon helped him get the lyrics right. But Lennon never really had a mother or a father. He had anger issues, and was basically a full-time drunk by the time he was 20 — which was right about the time he got his girlfriend pregnant and, in accordance with the strictures of the time, married her, literally months before he became an international superstar.

To him we owe the era of the confessional pop poet, with all its discontents. The tragedy for him was that it also took him into excessive acid and, later, heroin use. Just as McCartney sometimes crafted careful lyrics about nothing, Lennon spewed clever nonsense about nothing as well. In large part, he confined the undiluted version of this manic, and again quite clever wordplay to his books In His Own Write and A Spaniard in the Works.

Here, your mileage may vary. On a good day, the stream of verbiage, coming at firehose strength, married to the ominous backing and whipped out in a lacerating vocal, becomes very convincing.

When he sat down and tried, as here, he was capable of highly observant pop songs that raised the bar — I want to say every year, but since the Beatles were moving at some celebrity warp speed, releasing two albums a year with an accompanying flurry of singles, I have to say seemingly every few weeks. Not bad for a schlockmiester. The guitars — McCartney and Harrison playing together — are a terrific example of the advanced musicality the band was turning out.

Why are they flying into the night? Seen through this lens, the song loses its stark beauty and becomes condescending, almost insufferably so. I love how the thing stops every once in a while, as if to digest the riff, or perhaps just draw breath; then the backing track slams into place, shaking its head at its own invention.

Note the doubled vocals, and the novel break out of the guitar solo. In a word: killer. Some songs meld into one another; between others there is a distinct pause or a sharp cut. As a whole, it is a lasting achievement, a pop fun house spilling out drama, melodies, and beauty. In some distant way, McCartney seems to be looking for some sort of catharsis for the frustrations of the management chaos the group had gotten itself into. Among the many, many things that allow Paul McCartney to sleep well at night is that, one way or another, he always did his job.

Performing this song live, back in the day, Starr would lean into the drums with a grinning intensity. The chorus is as powerful as those in any of its early-blockbuster-single compatriots; the difference is the laconic verses, which set listeners up for a wild ride.

This was just another single for the label, tossed off between Magical Mystery Tour and the White Album. Because of McCartney, there were fewer No. Every line is focused, half are funny, and most of these actually advance the quirky tale unfolding. The clangorous overture contains multitudes. Note also the grinding, regretful coda. Another sui generis single that outpaced the previous sui generis single and pointed the way to ever more maturity and depth.

The song also sports some of the last bits of sophisticated Beatles ornamentation: a dramatic synthesizer part, sure, but also a wheezing pipe organ and a Leslie speaker for the guitar. As I mentioned, McCartney lost his mother in his teens.

That to me makes the unexpected appearance of Mother Mary quite moving. You can quibble with her advice; it is conveniently McCartneyesque.

An insane recording, Intensity - Mr. Concept - While My Sitar Gently Beeps EP (File. And this weak singer delivers his strongest vocal performance to match. The MP3) is a blockbuster, MP3) so is the guitar solo, deeply felt and a yearning journey in its own right.

Then came a steadily deflating solo career and a famous embarrassment of a solo tour. He died at the end ofof cancer. The sounds here — the screeching birds, the thunderous drum — were all created organically, and put down on loops until the tape was saturated.

They were all manipulated in one way or Intensity - Mr. Concept - While My Sitar Gently Beeps EP (File, but uniformly used as rhythmic or melodic elements. Here, they are musical parts of the song. A minute in, the birds take a fucking solo.

The suitably cosmic Lennon vocals tie it all together. The result is mind-blowing, but tasteful; extravagant, but economical; hypnotic, but still rock. And all done in Upped five notches for the great title. Other electronic foofaraw was added, too, as you can hear. At this point, every song the Beatles released was a new chapter in an ongoing textbook on how to record rock and roll. Historians say the last seconds sport the first prominent use of a backward track in pop recording.

The strings are ferocious. The abstract, allusive, possibly symbolist story here — apparently about an unobtainable woman who eludes his advances, in response to which he burns down her house — rivals Dylan, particularly in the way that it is unquestionably a personal tale with an ambiguous ending.

He was just trying to rub her soul. Once the four Beatles set foot on American soil, the madness began, and suddenly the drum temblor that heralds this epochal recording made sense. There are hints of a Rosencrantz-and-Guildenstern-style mystery here, or maybe just a species of transference.

And when, in Aprilthe Beatles achieved the unthinkable — holding down the top five spots on the U. S pop charts — no fewer than four different labels had a piece of the pie. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Upped three notches for the repressed homoerotic undertones. Lennon went into his subconscious; McCartney stayed out, and looked around him, attentively, focusing his whimsy for once and capturing moment after moment of surreal small-town life.

McCartney had a lot of nice melodies, of course. He even releases the occasional record, which no one ever listens to. Strawberry Fields was an orphanage in Liverpool; the reference is not so much to the motherless children — though that certainly reverberates through the song — as to its garden, which Lennon frequented.

This was a lulling acoustic number Lennon worked on for weeks while filming a movie called How I Won the War. Back home, he and producer George Martin worked for days on the song, with Lennon focused on finding a grandeur, and otherworldliness, hidden in his original presentation.

His voice was slowed down, horns were added, backward bits of sound marked the track. Finally, liking the beginning of one take and the end of a second, he had the engineer tie the two together — which sounds easy, but variations in the speed and pitch of the two takes made it anything but. The result stands assuredly apart from humanity, but somehow of it as well, and remains a thunderclap of rock creativity.

Lennon and Ono reemerged at the end of with a new album, Double Fantasywith a surprisingly melodic suite of new songs by Lennon. A week later he was shot by a deranged fan. While this is another one of the songs for which Lennon took inspiration from the public press, here he projects meaning onto it, rather than just receiving banality. But this is, in the end, a John Lennon song. There is probably no vocal track more feeling in all of rock, which it needed to be to make his poetry in this song plain: Holes are souls, which often have their own holes, and what are we all but holes in the universe, each with our own holes that allow us to live and eventually kill us?

Intensity - Mr. Concept - While My Sitar Gently Beeps EP (File the end, some 40 orchestra members ran up their scales for 24 bars, and did it five times. Those five tracks were combined, making for a momentous sound. There is time for a breath, and then a final chord on an army of pianos. That sound goes on for a minute.

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