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Elklink Rehearsal (2002) - Graham Lambkin - Draining The Vats (Cassette) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Published 20.10.2019

Download Elklink Rehearsal (2002) - Graham Lambkin - Draining The Vats (Cassette)
Label: Pineapple Tapes - 006 • Format: Cassette C90 • Country: US • Genre: Electronic, Rock • Style: Avantgarde, Experimental

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But it seems that he takes even more time to tell his story. Only six tracks are present here, mostly lasting around nine to ten minutes. Deupree wants the listener to sit back and take it all in, but in a very slow pace. Things develop, that's for sure, but everything seems to be taking it's time, gradually everything becomes bigger and bigger, with subtle sounds added, longer sustains.

It's warm music that may perhaps not fit springtime coming the cover depicts a winter worldbut it's certainly one of the best Deupree works so far. The calmest and most slow one. Now he returns with another proof of his eccentric talent.

The first of a new series to be released in the next few months. On this new CD we find two different solo-recordings by Mcdonas, not after one other, but over one other, following a very uncommon procedure with a puzzling result.

In his own words: "This album consists of live recordings of the first halves of two solo piano concerts laid side by side, woven in and out of each other. One concert from Area Sismica in Forli, Italy dec. All music is in the order it was performed.

Of course both performances stood on their own feet, and were not waiting or needing to be supplemented this way with it's so called missing part.

Also I don't know whether McDonas had in mind combining these recordings at the moment he played them. I guess he didn't. The idea occurred later I suppose. But what is the idea? Especially in the beginning of this CD I had the feeling of listening simultaneously to two different concerts, both following their own intentionality.

This experience never fades but on the other hand both recordings start to 'talk' to each other very soon and many meeting points occur. With a very limited set of manipulating techniques McDonas succeeds in superimposing an intended structure.

And the whole becomes more then the sum of its parts. It is not that McDonas is interested in reaching some effect, just for it own sake. The CD reflects some internal schizophrenic battle through which he maximizes and intensifies his own and one voice.

Elklink Rehearsal (2002) - Graham Lambkin - Draining The Vats (Cassette) dazzling experience. In listening intensively it is possible to identify both threads from which this tapestry is woven.

But the real joy is to discover the patterns, the possibilities of relating both voices. Sometimes both voices make a contrast, at other moments they come close. Great exuberant crescendos are followed by more intimate passages. Themes and other ideas we know from earlier recordings make a new appearance. At moments I,m reminded of the universe of Nancarrow. Also, like in track ten, he makes use of extended techniques. Well, I find it hard to say what border McDonas is crossing here.

But I can live without an answer. In fact, these and other Elklink Rehearsal (2002) - Graham Lambkin - Draining The Vats (Cassette) that are evoked by these recordings are part of the fun.

An astounding and intriguing - and not only - musical experience. The label describes them as an 'electro-acoustic pop outfit', but I must admit it's a term I don't understand. Electro alright, but acoustic? In what way? Balun plays twelve sweet electro popsongs, without the urgency or aggressiveness of the real electro clash thing. It can best be described by linking the sound to labels such as Highpoint Lowlife or Expanding Records, but it doesn't have similar melancholy about it.

It's rather cheerful music, with electronic bells tinkling, accordion like sounds and nicely uptempo rhythms. Quirky popmusic that unfortunately lacks vocals to make it over to the world of popmusic. But it's surely a very fine disc. Sunny music for sunny days. The software at work here by Gregory Taylor is Radial. In the liner notes Taylor admits that this work is of pure plagiarism.

The sounds there, twenty-four times fifteen one minute pieces, are the basis of 'Voiceband Jilt', which Taylor played live at Utrecht's Impakt festival in The original didn't stick right in mind after all these years not as much as it did with Taylor I guess, who compares it with Eno's 'Obscure Records' seriesso it's a bit hard for me to comment on the level of 'stealing' vs 'remixing', but the nine tracks sound like an aural: from the relatively quiet beginnings it sets out on a travel through tons and tons of sound processing's - or so it seems - all neatly fitting in the world of microsound and glitch before it lands in similar quiet, yet slightly more disturbed grounds about forty some minutes later.

It's a fine journey throughout, but perhaps it's also the road taken by others too, traveling similar fields. As such it's not the surprise journey, but rather a trip one has taken before and one that one liked before. This new release falls in between a CD and EP; the latter because it has only three new pieces by My Education and the former because there are also four remixes included of songs appearing on the previous CD 'Italian' see Vital Weeklymaking this a full length release.

Their instruments include drums, percussion, guitar, glockenspiel, lapsteel, viola, keyboards, bass and some vocals. In their three new tracks, My Education remains faithful to their original sound, the guitar big band with elements from post rock and krautrock. Orchestral big, with changing moods and also much attention to the 'extra' instruments, such as violin, vibraphone and slide guitar. Of this lot the 'Spirit Of Peace' piece is the best one of the lot. Moody and atmospheric, it captures the spirit of Popol Vuh quite nicely.

I am not sure what the purpose of these remixes is, as they all sound like My Education orchestral, powerful, influences of Mogwai and Godspeedand don't seem to take matters in a new territory. Perhaps the label tries to convince fans of the remixers' other works what great band My Education is?

On the Kinski remix of 'Puppy Love' comes close to bringing the sound in another territory, with it's minimalist classical opening and chaotic drumming, but is in the end too much Godspeed alike itself. I was already convinced that My Education were a great band, and the remixes didn't need to tell me that. Sadly we missed out on his release for Trente Oiseaux but then we miss out on all of the releases on that label, for reasons unknown. I am not sure what that first line means.

Now they use their real names and come up with this new CD, with one track spanning almost thirty eight minutes. Computer processings still play a big role in this music, which apparently also makes use of acoustic instrumentation and field recordings.

The two do a fine job, strongly rooted in the tradition of microsound and not, au contraire with the press text, slowly evolving tradition. As such this work is greatly produced, contains some dam fine microsound, but also is still very much known in what we already know of that particular area of music. In fact: three renowned players. What is important for acoustic players, is the room they play, as that can make a distinct difference.

These trio were recorded in the large hall of L'Athanor cultural centre and in a studio. Especially in the big hall various microphones were used to capture the sound of the environment and the way the instrument travels. Elklink Rehearsal (2002) - Graham Lambkin - Draining The Vats (Cassette) resultant recordings were later on mixed by editing them down to this full hour, 'The Contest Of Pleasure'.

As you can imagine from these big shots from the world of improvised music, this is a true pleasure to hear. Sometimes the playing is regular, with the large reverberations adding lots of space, but most of the time the playing is less conventional and the three use the instruments more to generate whatever sound, as long as it's not anything close to normal playing.

Some of the pieces, or rather passages, are quite intense such as the sustaining sounds in 'Les Oignons'. The full hour is perhaps quite a sit through, but I found the music less demanding than some other works in the world of improvisation, and found this much easier to digest. It's not a solo project as now up to nine people are active in Sancho, including a visual team. Here however just the music the advance CDR doesn't have the music video that is on the real pressing. Sancho works with old analogue equipment, outmoded hardware and acoustics.

You could easily think that it's bunch of different music that doesn't work very well together, but oddly enough it does rather well. Most of the pieces are instrumental, but the presence of vocal pieces, such as 'I'm On Your Elklink Rehearsal (2002) - Graham Lambkin - Draining The Vats (Cassette) works pretty well.

Some of the pieces are quite sketchy, lasting less than a minute, but it keeps the album pretty much up to speed. The thirteen tracks guarantee never a dull moment in sight. Uplifiting music from a highly diverse supermarket of music. Very pleasant! Their small catalogue focusses on music that can be best described as a cross over between musique concrete, drones and field recordings. These two new releases are no different, but both have a strong conceptual edge.

Not just a Elklink Rehearsal (2002) - Graham Lambkin - Draining The Vats (Cassette) RPM, but the first record that had the Breton language carved into it. Much of the original information is erased through time, but it provides some excellent source material for Cordier. But the Kinetic Water Ram stays clean and neat — really showcasing our professional image.

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