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Allein - Anodes - Anodes (Cassette) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Published 22.11.2019

Download Allein - Anodes - Anodes (Cassette)
Label: Pissfork Anticulture - none • Format: Cassette EP hand numbered spring tour edition • Country: US • Genre: Rock • Style: Post-Punk, Emo

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You Allein - Anodes - Anodes (Cassette) put out a new 7", it looks gorgeous! Was the writing process for this any different from the past? It seems a bit more consistently heavy and frantic than some of your previous releases to me. Our intent was for it to be more abrasive than we have been in the past. I noticed you released this yourselves, and you all and Laika did the same with your split together. Were there any reasons you didn't work with a label?

Well we asked a couple labels if they'd be down to help and there was some interest, but they said it was going to have to wait awhile before they'd do it, and we honestly didn't wanna wait around because it already takes awhile to get records pressed.

If I remember correctly both of those releases took a year or more to come out from the first day of recording all the way up to the day the record came out. Damn, yeah I don't blame you for not wanting to wait any longer than possible. There are so many bands to get Allein - Anodes - Anodes (Cassette) into it. So many different styles. I guess I just love how so many bands involved in it stretch the box they are supposed to be fitting in.

Flexible electrical connections extend between the beams and the conductive members and the force applying means will typically comprise a clamping jack connected to a tensile member extending between the opposed conductive members to bring them into contact with the conductive Faces of the anodes. This arrangement allows the central conductive members to move relative to each other during the clamping action.

In one form, the complementary surfaces engaging the angular surfaces at the corners of the anodes associated with the adjacent sides may be wedge shaped to provide sufficient force to ensure electrical contact at the adjacent faces of the anodes. In this arrangement. Similarly, the complementary surfaces associated with the cassette at the other corners of the anodes are similarly supplied with electrical current by means of the electrical buswork.

At each end of the cassette, an end beam may be provided to support electrical contact members for engaging the contact surfaces of the end pairs of anodes. In a preferred form, the complementary surfaces at the other comers of the anodes form part of a contact structure mounted via a ball joint between the structure and the cassette.

This arrangement ensures that good face to face alignment is achieved between these complementary surfaces and the outermost chamfered corners of the anodes. In one form, the force applying means comprises a jack means which engages the complementary surfaces of the electrical contact members and operates to move them towards each other by respective operation of the jack from outside the cassette.

In each of the above arrangements the angular surfaces and the associated complementary surfaces are configured to allow the anodc s to be pushed vertically through the cassette without releasing the force applying means. I he force containment member of the cassette may include a strap-like member which surrounds the anodes to contain the forces applied to the anodes by the force Allein - Anodes - Anodes (Cassette) means associated with the cassette.

The strap-like member must be sufficiently strong to contain the forces necessary to ensure that good electrical contact is established and maintained between the anodes and the electrically conductive members associated with the cassette and withstand the harsh environment which exists within the electrolytic cell. The dimension of the strap-like member is typically x20mm. In one form, the end beams may be used directly to provide part of the Ibrce containment means with straps or rods extending between the beams and including a suitable tensioning means for pulling the beams together to contain the anodes in the cassette.

Persons skilled in the art will be in a position to design an appropriate cassette structure depending on the number and size of the anodes to be contained within the cassette.

In another aspect, the invention provides a method of changing anodes in a cassette containing an anode pack comprising a multiplicity of pairs of anodes extending across an electrolytic cell, comprising the steps of providing an alternative path for the compressive forces on anodes adjacent an anode to be changed, releasing clamping contacts engaging the anode to be changed and removing the anode from the cell, introducing a new anode to the cell, re-applying the clamping contacts and removing the alternative compressive force path from the cell.

In one form of the method defined above, a pair of anodes which share clamping contacts may be removed from the cell after providing an alternative path for the compressive forces acting on the adjacent anodes in the cassette. In order that the invention may be more readily understood, an embodiment may now be described with reference to the accompanying drawings in which: fig. Referring to Allein - Anodes - Anodes (Cassette). The anodes 2, 3 arc surrounded by a force containment member 4 comprising end beams 5.

At each end of the cell, a set of fixed contacts 9. These contacts have angular laces which engage chamfered comers of the end pairs of anodes to provide the necessary electrical contact. The cassette 1 includes two sub-assemblies of anode contacts: a fixed contacts subassembly 12 and a clamping contacts sub-assembly Theses sub-assemblies alternate down the length of the cell, as illustrated in Fig.

The outer fixed contacts The clamping contacts sub assembly 13 comprise inner and outer contact members Referring now to Fig. Since the fixed electrical contacts operate in a high temperature envi ronment, the tensile member 1 7 may be constructed from two plates to provide an internal passage for cool i ng air so that the creep and degradation rale of these members is su l ' lkienlly low.

General ly, the fixed contacts do not al low translational movement in plan so that the compression o f the anode pack is contained and the anodes are supported. The fixed contacts do require some compliance so that they align themselves with the conducting faces o f the anodes to thereby provide a good eleclrical joint with low electrical resistance.

Referri ng now lo fig. Supporting beams 40 which support the inner and outer clamping contacts 20 and 2 1 and provide electrical connections between the current distributing busbars and the clamping contacts 20 and 21 via flexible electrical connections The inner ends of the beams 40 engage vertical posts 44 by means of which the clamping contacts are prevented from moving down into the cel l when the anodes need lo be pushed down into the cel l through the conlacls by means o f a jacking frame as descri bed in the aforementioned U S provi sional applicationl i wi l l be appreciated that little direct vertical support o f the anodes 2.

When an anode fails and must be replaced there are two important objectives for doing this safeh : 1. Compressive forces must be maintained on the anode pack to support them, and.

The area of the cel l affected by the fai lure must be l imited to as few anodes as possible. The above described arrangement addresses these objectives by allowi ng the compressi ve forces to be maintained during anode changc-outs. There are two alternative approaches for replacing anodes:. To replace a single anode, temporary props would need to be introduced to chock the neighbouring anode on the other side of the clamping mechanism and provide an alternate path for the Allein - Anodes - Anodes (Cassette) forces in the anode pack.

Note that the anodes on the opposite side of the cell would generally remain in service and can support compressive forces in the anode pack. Once the temporary supports are in place, then the clamp can be released anil an overhead grab can. In some situations, it may be preferable to remove a pair of anodes and the clamping mechanism between them. Again some temporary props my need to be introduced to support the compressive forces in the remainder of the anode pack, but once they are in place, the clamp can be released and an overhead grab can remove the pair of anodes as a unit.

The view shows the vertical posts 44 extending up through top covers 52 on the reduction cells. These are gripped by the jacking frame when the anodes are advanced as mentioned above.

The covers of the cell extend across four anodes. The covers 52 seal on the top surfaces of two fixed contact subassemblies 12 and the busbars 54 that distribute electrical current down the sides of the cell. The skirts of the cassette seal against the cell ' s deck plate


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