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Never Heard of Him - Jonwayne - 404 Madness (File, MP3) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Published 02.11.2019

Download Never Heard of Him - Jonwayne - 404 Madness (File, MP3)
Label: Not On Label (Jonwayne Self-released) - none • Format: 34x, File MP3, Compilation • Country: US • Genre: Hip Hop • Style: Instrumental

Its madness. The Very best. The Very best mp3. Madstock Iii - Cd1. Madstock Iii - Cd2. Madness Goes To Tipperary. Night Boat To Cairo. The Business Disc 2. The Business Disc 1. The Business Disc 3. Divine Madness. The Harder They Come. House Of Fun. The Madness. Nutty Sounds Volume 3. Bbc In Concert. Utter Madness. Live At Dublin Mad Not Mad Remaster.

Hammersmith Live In Liverpool - Cd2. Live In Liverpool - Cd1. Christmas Party For The Unemployed. Mad Not Mad Tour - Cd2. Mad Not Mad. Mad Not Mad Tour - Cd1. Keep Moving Remaster. Keep Moving Deluxe Edition Cd1. Keep Moving. Nutty Dread. The Lyceum Ballroom Show. Brockwell Park ' The Rise and Fall. Live Osaka The Rise And Fall Remaster. Seven Deluxe Edition Cd2. Seven Remaster. Seven Deluxe Edition Cd1. Live In Germany Dance Craze - Complete. Sydney ' Le Palace Pavillon Baltard Theatre De L'empire Absolutely Salvo Reissue.

Work Rest and Play. Swan Lake. Absolutely Remaster. Baggy Trousers [Vs]. Live At The Hammersmith Odeon ' One Step Beyond Remaster. Mayfair Newcastle 9. My girl [VS]. Live Tiffany's Edinburgh The Prince [Vs]. Ayr 2Tone Tour Nnight Boat To Cairo. One Step Beyond. Bbc Radio 2 In Concert. Madness Tour Recordings. Coachella Live At O2 Academy, Newcastle, Live At Sziget Festival, Palasharp, Milano Italy. Club Nokia, Los Angeles. The Lost. Heavy Heavy Monster Sound Cd2. Nutty Sounds Volume 1. They said he was doing a local gig and wanted an article.

They granted me a 1-hour interview that eventually ran into nearly 4-hours! The experiece gave me an uncanny insight into the man and who he really is.

I have about pictures of him in action which I may share on this site or elsewhere if there is interest. I have also had the opportunity to meet both his daughters. Both phenomenal persons and very protective of dad. Hi From County Kerry in Ireland. My name is Etienne et. I was surfing the web and googled 'Rodrigues Cold Fact'. Lo and behold, your site. I left south africa in and have yet to come accross anyone in Ireland who ever heard of Rodriguez. It is quite handy as I play the guitar and trot out a couple of his tunes from the album every so often.

People think I have come accross a new artist who they havn't heard of. One addition for your Myth section. When we were kids we had it on good authority that he was blind.

Probably because of the cover photo with the dark glasses. Due somewhat to the advent of the internet propably. What a great use for the web. To put great talent back on the map. Thanks Sixto Chris from Durbs. Hi everyone, This is so weird. I saw Rodriguez at a 3-day music festival in Australia in ? The festival was called Tanalorn? I was a Uni. What is weird is that I can't remember how I found this album.

It must have been big in Aust. Anyway, Sixto finished the concert on the first night. Then he vanished. Great to find a webpage to finally get some info on him. Great album man. Kinda like a latin Bob Dylan.

Hey all Rodriguez fans! If anyone knows please mail me! These songs have really been a great help and inspiration to me through very difficult times and has helped me to keep some sanity and clarity in my life!

I was browsing back through all the letters that we have received on the Rodriguez Forum over the years and I found this one from Angel in Singapore that we received back in October Among all the wonderful letters and stories that have been posted on the Forum, this one is surely one of the most amazing I have yet met anyone from my country who knows or have heard of Rodriguez.

I first heard his song "Sugarman" 8 years ago A village girl had received an old tape recorder and a few dubbed cassettes as gifts, which one of them contained the song, and she was playing it.

I tried looking on the cassette cover for the name of the song and artist, but was not written. For 6 years, I kept humming the tune in my head, not knowing the title of the song nor who sang it. On my first day at work in OctI heard someone humming the very familiar tune! I was at last able to find out about the song! That's how this person and I got to know each other very immediately. When this person told me the title and artist, I still could not find it anywhere in Singapore.

Months later, he bought me the CD from the Internet. Cold Fact was the first album he ever owned, so it really meant something to him.

Now 2 years later, this man and I are happily married and we just had a 3-mth-old daughter. The lyrics may be painful to the heart, but your music has brought much love to mankind. Does anyone know how to get hold of Keith Carta, the guy who has the Cold Fact album cover tattooed on his arm? How pleased I am to have found this site. Ive been playing Rodriguez music since the s. I now have Rodriguez on CD's and still play his music often. I even still have my old now worn out cassetts from the s.

Its great to see im not the only one who enjoys Rodriguez Hi all. I'm putting together a whole lot of Rodriguez fan stories and so far I've come across some pretty amazing ones I thought I'd put a posting calling for more. Please e-mail me if you have an interesting Rodriguez story anything's good right now! That psycho-bitch Rodriguez knows my pain! In Harare, Zimbabwe I really thought Rodriguez was dead, have thought so for years and years.

Is this some elaborate hoax? I can hardly believe he is alive and would love to see him live. I'll play it to my daughter who'll resist at first then will surreptitiously take it and play it on her iPod! She will love it much as I did when I was her age. It's like he has come back from the dead, like the prophet still lives, this has made me feel very happy.

Is he still performing? The background music to my teenage years, must try to find it for my daughter who is 18, she deserves to hear some real lyrics for a change.

Howzat ou,s I live in UK at moment,been on holiday in Cape town last week. The 1st thing i did was to go and buy cold fact and after the fact as i could not find them in uk. Rodriguez been a part of my music since teens and the army,what a difference it makes at home now,just having cold fact playing in the back ground while we "koel af" Safe ouens cheers. Not sure what that "my space blog" thing below is about? I know you're a fan Jimmy, but I think you should at least credit the words you've taken from the review on this site!

Gonna mention it again can anyone get a copy of Dead Men Don't Tour? Any chance of getting it on the site Brian unless copyrights say No. Haven't even seen it yet :- Cheers all.

I grew up in a small town called Whyalla in australia population 24, everyone aged 13 to 35 had Cold Fact. Rodriguez was an institution a rite of passage! He let me borrow his only copy of the short film and it has gone missing. I'm desperate to get him a new copy. Man when is he coming out to Australia again I would love to see him in concert??? Hey, if we want Sixto to come here someone has to take the initiatve and make it happen.

Perhaps if a few stop wishing and act we can realise a tour??? We live in a world where some fellow inhabitants actually put tasteless adverts on this Forum, which is obviously only for letters and thoughts about Rodiguez. You should seriously be ashamed of yourselves!

Heya my mom introduced me to cold fact on a road trip for holiday and it is the coolest cd ever!!! What a small world it is. I saw the preview of the new Australian film "Candy" at my local cinema in Sydney and the background track was Sugarman, which I instantly recognised and sang.

I decided to look it up on the net because it brought back so many memories of my teenage years in Cape Town. Cold Fact was my absolute favourite album in what must have been And what should I see that the two places where he was most popular were South Africa and Australia. HA seriously you have a big following over here, and we would love for the opportunity to have you here.

Take it easy! Where in the hell can I download a version of Sugar man?! I am a graduate film student that has chosen to make a music video of the hauntingly awesome song. I have extra material shot that could go in a longer version.

I am of course not doing it for profit. Just adding to the existing art of the song with visual imagery. I'll use it for my reel. However, where can I download legally one of the other versions of the song? I really can't afford the twenty five bucks for the entire cd. WOW, is what comes to mind I was most upset when I found out I missed his concert here in SA. But having found this website great job BTW I can express my Love for what must be one of the greatest musical artists ever.

Awesome stuff Rodriguez. I was wondering if there are any plans on releasing any of Mr. Rodriguez's material on mp3 thru iTunes, napster or whatever If someone representing Mr. Rodriguez is interested, please contact me at the above email address for more information. Thank you Sixto, for being real in a time where anything but that was expected. Does he know people of these names? I wonder! I do know the song was named after his daughters Sandra and Eva. Also is there any chance of a tour down under, that would be great.

Rodriguez, thanks for Cold Fact, you awakened the radical side of me living in white beaugois SA in the 70's. I was just a 12 year old kid of course, but you were the catalyst mate on questioning reality! Luv to all from Donna on the Gold Coast. Can anyone tell me who the backing groups were at the concerts at the Kentish Town Forum last November?

Many thanks. I'm not sure whats more fascinating, listening to 'cold fact' or reading about the mystery or enigma that the great man seems to be.

Got the album weeks ago and cant stop playin it. And the chords are useful as well to try and play along to it. Found out about the album after hearing Bernard from Powderfinger rave about it selecting it as one of his five 'desert disks'.

Love the site!! Play on!! Yeah, I can tell your bf how that bassline goes Hi there, Got into rodriguez when I was learning to play the guitar in South Africa last couple of years and was introduced to him by my friends down there and he is awesome. I have a question for all you folks out there though, can you tell me what type of guitar he plays? The black cutaway that he is so often carrying!! I grew up in the RSA and as far back as i can remember i've loved Rodriguez.

This guy needs all the exposure he can get. Thanks for the killer website and props to all those involved in getting him on the road. I hope that this time around he gets to make a living off of his obviously brilliant lyrical talent. I grew up listening to Rodriguez in the late 70's early 80's in South Afica. Brings back memories of my final year of highschool, when I would blast Sugarman and I wonder between study sessions. I have lived permanently in the U. This past Jan I took a trip back to Cape Town to see all my family and friends.

My brother in law plays cool old vinyls on a restored turntable at his beach house there. While rummaging through what to play I rediscovered Rodriguez. I was delighted and put it on immediately. I was so amazed that my American boyfriend had not heard of it as he has a huge collection and appetite for music.

Then I realized that no one in the U. We both work at a busy hospital and plan to spread this music as far and wide as possible among our fiends and collegues. Someone who has created such wonderful music deserves the credit for and it should be out there for all to enjoy. Diane,Maryland, USA. Joseph from Germany makes a wonderful point about enjoying Rodriguez even though he has only recently discovered his music.

I don't know what that feeling must be like as I grew up listening to Rodriguez when he was new and fresh to me and everyone else Brian Currin.

I'm from Germany, and hardly anybody here has ever heard anything of and from "Sugarman" Rodriguez. About a year ago I catched a song of him occasionally — it was the "wrong" one. It was not easy to find out who this Rodriguez was and is. In the meantime I've got all his songs and have read on this sugarman-website a lot of statements of South Africans who grow up with Rodriguez' songs. People often have a sentimental relationship to the music they have heard in younger days.

It is not always good music which moves us it's the memory. What I mean is: Rodriguez is great even without any nice memories of the songs and the sound and the voice. There is not much never heard and decades old music which is able to hit your heart the first time you listen to it.

Joseph, Munich. I purchased after the fact on vinyl the other day, climb up on my music is simply awesome. Jesus if you're listening, what a blast it would be to see you live here in OZ -you could count me in! I agree with Banjo and Albert. Lets get the man Never Heard of Him - Jonwayne - 404 Madness (File to OZ. Start the petition. If I knew how I would but please would a Australian with technological know-how get the ball rolling. Sir to Rodriguez I know you've played faggot bars, hooker bars, motor cycle funerals In opera houses, concert halls, halfway houses.

But have you played the Sydney Opera House?? Peace and much Respect. Rodriguez, thanks for all the good moments. You've helped me out in bad times. I still play Cold Fact weekly. If you ever wanna play in Aruba let me know!

If you grew up as a white middle class kid in South Africa in the 70's and onwards Rodrigues and Cold Fact were a part of your life. Compulsory national service was part of growing up in SA and my memories of bungalows and tents at the end of the day after drill and PT the soundtrack of my memories is Cold Fact.

I had forgotten how good the lyrics and music were I'd love to sit down have a beer with the man and talk about how his music impacted a series of generations in SA I grew up 50 miles outside of Detroit back in the 60's and 70's, still to this day I can remember some of the best songs from Rodriguez. Wish I still had the two alblum from back then, Never realized he was still around, glad I found this site. Now I can share his songs with my own 14 year old!

I heard the cold fact tape for the first time about 7 years ago. Ive been hooked on it ever since. I finally have my cd now. And I listen to it almost daily. I see there are a lot more fans then I thought and I can only hope I will see him live at least one time! He is more then welcome to come to Aruba and have a drink or 2!

Regards from Aruban Jaap. Banjo asks below "how many fans does it take rodriguez to come play some shows in Oz? Why not start a petition on this very Forum, I'm sure Rodriguez, or someone close to him, will see the letters and do something. I'll go see him wherever he plays in Oz Kiwi Fan would be very greatful with full reimbursement. I feel a special bond with Never Heard of Him - Jonwayne - 404 Madness (File man because we share the same birthday. His music, the lyrics, make a lot of sense to me maybe because i feel we think alike.

I like many of the influenced generations also did my time national service in the early 's. Rodrigues had a real influence on my generation and his music lives on in our lives. Manie, couldn't agree more.

These sentiments were shared by thousands of young conscripted national servicemen, now older but with the same view on that war-a real parallell with other wars Americans experienced. I was conscripted '' The sad thing is his genius is not even known or appreciated in his own country. I speak regularly to Americans and have not met one who knows him. What are we going to do about this? Bring Rodrigues back to Woodstock and then we can have a true and real Woodstock! I've never before been so instantly addicted to an artist, as I was the first time I heard Rodriguez's music.

About three years ago A good friend of mine played me 'At His Best' I have been absolutely hooked ever since. Please don't keep us waiting too long Three months basic training in Potch and another 3 of specialized training at Bourke's Luck before flying out to the "border war" in South West Namibia.

We're numbers without identities carrying guns and fighting a war to support something that requires more blind faith than any thinking person can pretend to have. So when the moon is hanging in the purple sky we jump on 2nd or 3rd generation taped copies of Heikki's Bus, assuming relaxed positions while sucking on 4th grade Mary Jane and Sweet Red Wine from the "States" that makes at least some questions disappear, not caring about the things that goes bump through the night but still wondering how many times she had sex and about politicians using people and about the lack of colour in our dreams and if someone is having still serving cookies and kool-aid and if this hatred will ever end and most of all we wonder if perhaps tomorrow one of us will be next on the lonely dusty road where the picture has never been too clear to begin with.

National Service with Rodriguez, Reading the posts here, it is apparent Sixto was very big in Australia. Being an Ausssie, I assumed he was bigger in the U. Not so??? How come we had more exposure here in Oz? I've only ever met one singer who could possibly capture the Rodriguez quality. Unfortunately he does not sing those songs.

Despite my encouragement. Rodriquez by rights should be as 'big' as Dylan. I remember the first time I heard his music in a Never Heard of Him - Jonwayne - 404 Madness (File in the middle of a rainforest in Kuranda Queensland, Australia from the opening chords of Sugarman the hairs stood up on the back on my neck and immediately you realise that this is something which can only described as a 'feeling' Dylan never had that effect on me for me, the only other music closely resembling that kind of 'feeling' would be 'The Beatles' and certain types of Hardcore anti-establishment Punk Rock.

Anyone in Brisbane Australia who has Rodriquez in their CD collection and there are many you know straight away they are hip. It's a shame that his record company couldn't distribute his music properly because he'd be a household name in the U.

As for Australia It's amazing Rodriquez is a word of mouth cult but you can go down to Kmart and buy his music. Music and poetry of this calibre like the man doesn't age. It's time for another tour of OZ please Mr Rodriguez! You know And if I were to describe his music with only one word I colud say I am hoping some day he travels to Canada When in Vancouver call me He would be perfect for Vancouver Folk Music Festival Keep up the good work. Heard his song Sugarman on a short film done to promote a fashion book.

Good Stuff. I've just been listening to Mr Rodriguez and have found it just brilliant. He sets the tone not just at the start of his recording life but for todays people trying to make sense of it all. If Australia could get a date I would definately be there. What are the chances of Sixto touring Australia again. I am absolutley positive he would do very well out of it and we would LOVE to see him.

I am too young to have seen him play live and had pretty much given up hope until I saw he has played some gigs recently in London. Who do I have to bribe to get himn out here? Cold Fact is the only album I can listen to continuously on repeat and never tire of. I still remember the very unique effect of Sugar Man, now almost thirty years later.

You don't hear a lot of this bare-bones production quality and almost Shakespearean poetry from contemporary artists. For those who enjoy Rodriguez, they might also find some common sensibilities in JJ Cale's early works.

Sixto, write more music; it seems the world is in need of a sobering voice once again. Is there any way of arranging an interview with Sixto? Our next issue is on the theme of Heroes and one of our writers is working on a piece about Monsieur Rodriguez. She would like to have a chat with him about his heroes if possible? Is there anyway we could set this up, by phone or email?

Thanks for your help. This looks interesting too. Kogi, from South America too. If it's a coincidence it's still interesting reading? Happy New Year to everyone!

While you're all looking for charactors from his songs, I've just typed in "Mr Flood" and come up with this little gem! A poem about Mr Flood's Party!! In the song 'Jane S Piddy' it definitely sounds like Rodriguez is singing the word "gesture" not "jester".

The next line of the song; "Go back to your chamber, your eyes upon the wall" could also be a reference to a courthouse, rather than a medieval court, so maybe the whole first verse refers to some sort of court appearance.

Now who are "Dancing Rosemary" and "Disappearing sister Ruth"? I know its listed as "The mocking court jester claims there is no proven cure" but I always thought mocking court "gesture" made more sense as a "court jester" seems out of place. I heard the music of mr Rodriguez when in Australia on Xmas day when really drunk. Up off my chair, this music has influenced my songwriting massively. Come to Ireland and play your music man.

New material please sir. Hey Rodriguez, Finally, MP3), I have spent six years trying to track down any info on your legacy, I wanna know why no-one in the UK knows of u, I run a pirate radio station, and record my own tracks how or where can I get your music, I am twenty four years old and I am telling u there is definately a gap in the market in my generation that will be addicted to your music the same way I am to good hydro skunk, yes ofcourse, I am from South Africa now living in the UK Peace Risky.

Hi I'm from England. Does anyone know how I can get to ask Sixto some questions? Does he have an email fanmail address? Thanks Tim. Thanks for all your work in pulling the Rodriguez fans together. I hope you step back once in a while and think about what an effect you've had on so many peoples lives by doing what you've done. Amazing that Rodriguez could have been lost forever. Big cheer for you and Sugar! Looking For Jesus is awesome just weird to think I was really into him in thanks to Wendy Murray, who grew up in SAotherwise I'd be like most of the other sad ignorant Brits.

Thanks to YOU we saw him live this in ! I was thinking earlier tonight, since this is THE proper site, and read by the Sixth Prince himself, it would be really nice to get some thoughts from the man himself on how strange this all is for him, what he thought while he was "away" and what his plans are??? Happy New Year to everyone, and lets hope it's a peaceful one much love Glenn in Engand, since you South African fans think it's so weird the he's got English fans!

I just think it's weird he hasnn't got more! There is a rumour going around here in Melbourne that I have heard from a few people that Rodriguez will be coming to Australia in to play some concerts in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and maybe Canberra. I heard he was in London a few months ago with a South African band and will be touring here soon. Can anybody confirm that for us please???

Anybody got any more info? Howzit Garyplease send your mom Babs my regards,I worked with her at Williams pharmacy, Jenny Mc Carthy then, now Page, married to Richard Page,we live in Wormley in Hertfordshire,whereabouts are you,and where are your mom and dad,cheers Bluff stukkie Jenny. Hi Peter You don't need to ask permission to be a Rodriguez fan!! And there is definitely no age restriction at either end! And if you want to know the South African connection, browse around www.

I am fairly new to the net, and have only just thought to look up Mr Sixto Rodrigues. I saw him in Sydney, Australia between and took a classical music loving girl-friend, who was appropriately impressed. I can't believe the Man is not rich, he deserves to be. What the hell is the S. African connection?

To the Rhodesian guy-I was there in 'loved it. Hate to do this to you good folks, but I am 65; my 55 y. Is that O. We're ruff and we're tuff and MP3) come from The Bluff. Merry xmas to everyone out there. You make i'll break it. Hey anonymous, my dads name is Pete not piet, forgiven though, yes I am Pete and Bab's son, just spent xmas day with them, they're cool.

Happy happy to one and all Wishing all a very happy xmas and a prosperous New Year. I was inducted into the army in Being a white Rhodesian aged 19 and indoctrinated to think of myself as superior to other classes or breeds of human being,I was a very willing inductee and,was looking forward to the fight. The lyrics bit into my mindset and changed everything. Whithin a couple of weeks,I realised the futility and stupidity of the war.

And adopted a very uncooperative attitude. Consequently I, was saved from both myself and the machinations of the regime. Taking the lyrics as a personal message of warning and inspiration helped me.

Thank You Sixto rodriguez. Hi Anon email me at brian at sugarman. Brian, help how do I get it up on the screen, what do i punch in, i am a beginner don't understand much about computers, please help. Happy Christmas to Brian, Sugar, Eva, everyone I met at the gig in London,and have spoken to throughout the year due to this fantastic site and to Rodriguez, thanks for a great year and I hope you and your family have a lovely holiday and an awesome ! Love and peace to all xx. Wishing you all a joyous holiday season and great blessings in the new year!

Love Eva. He sure did play in London and I was gutted to miss it, went to Edinburgh that weekend. I grew up on The Bluff in Durban, South Africa listening to The Man and getting stoned, well not much has changed except the price of the herb.

The tunes just get better the more you listen to them. I sure hope he tours again soon. Keep it cool guys and girls. Bless you anonymous I grew up In Jamaica and that is where I first bought his record, he was very popular there I live in Canada now and I know that there are a whole lot of people in North America who would love to see him tour on this continent.

My favorite album of all time I am so happy. Can this man ever be persuaded to tour again I would do anything to see him perform. My son shares my love of this music and we would travel to wherever to see Rodriguez I'm in Australia and I'm My mum listens to Him all the time and she showed me and I love his music.

I had never heard of him prior to this time and I wondered why not. It sucks that I wasn't even born when he last toured in Australia, Rodriguez have your people get in contact with some other important people and organise a rad tour for us! That's pretty much all I've got to say. Jake my drinking glass is better than yours. I first heard sugarman on the radio, is was released as the last song on a dance compilation about 5 years ago and loved the song.

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