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N Kre - Shokanti - Shokanti (CD, Album) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

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Download N Kre - Shokanti - Shokanti (CD, Album)
Label: Boutique Nena - none • Format: CD Album • Country: Cape Verde • Genre: Hip Hop • Style: Conscious

Mas ami nta fla ma nu ka ta consigui limia pa dianti sem nos gentis mas grandi ta pintxanu na costa. Un tarde cheio di nostalgia, cheio di lembransas, de um vida bem vivida apesar di el parti tao cedo, mas el staba presente na kel auditorio na corazon di ka un di se familia, di se amigos, e di cada um ki quer atraves di musica, ker di um forma pesual teve o prazer ti ten Norberto na se vida.

Last but not least a special thank you for the president, James Russell and the staff of the New Bedford Whaling museum for letting us host this event at this lovely venue. My curious mind wonders, how can it be raining for it was dry and crisp when I walked in. I follow the sound into the courtyard. I see the crystal clear water rising through the fountain. Fascinating arts that I can stare at for hours, and each minute uncover something new about it. It feels like a total mind, body and soul workout for I can stop smiling.

I think to myself, my son would love to see this, my mother will be delighted to come here, and my daughter…well, she is only two, and it would be a challenge to keep her from breaking all the art work.

Massino Risi, an Italian Lieutenant finds himself in Mozambique investigating the mysterious death of five UN soldiers in the past two months. Although Risi had a translator, he could not understand the way of life of the people of Mozambique.

A love story that unveils corruption, a must see film by Joao Ribeiro. I seek others like me, others who look like me, but they all speak the words I speak. I wonder if they like to dance, if they like food and good music like I do.

Is this just a feeling or is it an identity? Alexander Schnoor, born in Germany, son of a Cape Verdean mother and a German father, feels the need to know his roots.

Using social networking, he tries to find other Cape Verdeans in Germany. He wants to learn their ways, their costumes and to see in what ways they are alike. The immigrant life in Germany, the stress of a fast and busy life, reminds me a lot of my life here in the US. Torn between two cultures as most of sons and daughters of immigrants are, Alex feels the need to identify with one of the cultures.

That is something I see in my own child, the oldest who is eight years old. The t-shirt was giving to him by my father, and it was from a campaign to save sea turtles in CV that are in danger of extinction. I instantly burst into tears and hugged him so tight. Needless to say that I was extremely proud of his gesture. I see my son running down the field with his jersey over his head then he turned to me.

He wore a t-shirt of Cape Verde to show his pride N Kre - Shokanti - Shokanti (CD he scores as he sees the professional soccer players do. And we as parents are their looking glass. You must not only see it but you must experience it. So, Alex travels to Cape Verde to see with his own eyes the land where his mother came from. In order to quite the mind you must feed it the answer it seeks.

It seems that it is easier, and more acceptable to do that when you are a child. To me this short film rings with truth about the fact that we all have an inner child that we learn to tame as we get older. However, do we have to limit our imagination, and restrict our minds just because we are grown? Or can we still let it run free so we can write our story how we see fit in our own imagination? Growing up is a process that is impossible to prevent and the young girl is sadden to find that out.

But does she really lose her monster friends when she finally grows up? Imagination leads to creativity. In fact, creativity and originality is what Album) Shokanti is all about.

Movimentu Shokanti is all about bringing together ideas or products from not only the Cape Verdean culture, but from various other cultures. Well, here is your chance, add this to one to your calendar of events for Coming directly from Cape Verde to bring us the wonders of his art inspired by the latest Cape Verdean singer sensation, Michel Montrond.

For more information see flyer. There will be more events to come. Mas tarde El fazi parti di grupo Raiz di Violao. El como un artista defensor di nos tradison, nta atcha ma pa el significa manti nos cultura vivo. Sima n fla antis, el ta defende nos cultura e nos tradison. Banda foi composta pa grandi mestre da musica Djim Job na bass, Diki na guitarra, Ney Miranda na key board, House na bataria, Zerui na cavaquinho, Kusse na saxophone, Domingo na trompete, e linda voz di Ingrid como back vocals.

More like a breath of fresh air, a room full of laughter of unfamiliar faces. Faces that soon, would become familiar because you might see them from time to time back at the same place. As I sat there I looked around the room, not only I saw my brothers and sisters, but I to saw other faces. The one thing that brought us there in the first place—culture. Culture is a powerful human tool, and each of us brought our own.

Something we all have, something we can all share. Not the things that an archaeologists can dig up, not the written language, and ruins of buildings, not just broken pots and ancient artifacts, but the way of life.

Your culture is your identity. Now, you might not walk out of there with your belly full or a doggie bag, but your heart will be filled with emotions and mind will be filled with ideas.

Let me ask you this, if you knew about a great shoe sale would you tell your girlfriends about it? Or, if you learned of a way to get your job done faster would you tell your co-workers? Culture and tradition are powerfulbut fragile at the same time because it can easily be lost.

Si onti n tinha orgulho di ser Caboverdiana, orgulho di ser Kriola, di ser badia, hoji ntem certeza, hoji n tem mas orgulho inda di pertence a um pais undi ki se riqueza eh se povo. Ma minis, nka sabi mo kin ta fazi pan santa nha cabelo na corpo, kela nem sim lizal ka ta santa. Nka sabi modi kin ta controla kel frio na bariga ki ta subiu ate spinha, kel arepio na corpo, kel sentimento di orgulho di ser Caboverdiana, N Kre - Shokanti - Shokanti (CD, di ser Kriola, di ser badia.

Nunca ninguem aliviou alma kun simplis gesto, ou ku poucas palavras? Ku melodia di se guitara, som di se piano, enton ku se voz, um voz ki ta penetrou ti alma. Kel som ki ta pou xinti vontade de abrasa bu mae, kel voz ki ta pou ku briu di tchoma algen di kretcheu, ka so um namorado, mas um amigo, um avo, um tia, um primo, ate um fidjado.

Kel tal voz ki fazen lembra ami xintado na kintal di nha avo ta obi so grilo ta canta, ku lua la na ceu ta reflete na careca di nha vovo. Ki hora ki nha vovo abri boca pa canta morna ta fazen tchiga mas perto. Hoji foi kel noti ki dan vontade tchorra sodade di nha familia, ki dam vontade pan sakedu na kanela pan da ku mo na peto pan grita diaxi nho nhas gentis eh bonito tambe.

Hoji, na kel noti di luar n prende pamodi ki ta fladu ma Cabral ka morri. N odja ma nem Ildo Lobo, nem cesaria ka morri ki fari Pantera. Si es ka existiba onti, hoji nu ka tinha Nadia Alves, nu ka tinha Melisse Andrade.

Hoji foi prova de que nu tem riqueza dentu di nos Comunidade, ma nu tem encanto na mo di nos Kriola. Nu tem ken ki ta inpira na se kultura pa fazi um obra di parte que eh caso di Eliza Byrd. Nha genti ami n fronta ku sabi. Sima Shokanti fla ma kel termo Xintada pa nu define um encontro entre amigos, conhecidos, e mesmo stranhos pa nu kurti um kumidinha, um bebida di terra, um musikinha. Tambe eh na undi ki nu ta djunta e kria um uniao, um parceria pa manti nos kultura vivo.

Bu ta pergunta como assim, si mi nsta la xintado ta obi, ou ta odja kuze ki sta apresentado. Eh kela propi ki bu tem ki fazi, compareci, participa, da bu apoio e bu spadja mensagem, ki bu podi tem certeza ma bu ta sai di la ku otu sensason, kun sensason di misson cumprida. Ma bu presensa ke tudo. Sima nta fla sempre, bo ki tem ki ser kel diferensa ki bu kre odja na mundo. De facto, bo bo so bu ka podi muda mundo, ma djunto nu ta bira mundo…. De fundo de nha corason obrigado Shokanti pa bu trazi um pedacinho di terra ate nos.

Jun By: Baroneza Vieira pics by Movimentu Shokanti. Share this: Pinterest Twitter Facebook Email. Like this: Like Loading It was a cold Thursday afternoonbutterflies fluttered around in my stomach at the thought of sharing my words. Food, love, art, dessert, music, pottery, and poetry all fell in the right order to make a delightful buffet of aphrodisia. I just love the comfy setting of the artKitchen, it makes me feel cozy as if I was at home relaxing and having a glass of wine.

I started my evening with a glass of white wine and some tossed salad and a roll. While waiting to be served, I looked around the room and said to myself, what a relaxing way to celebrate love. I was pleased to see couples and friends enjoying a nice supper, sharing laughter while listening to soft music played by DJ Cadillac Jack. Romance definitely was in the air and so was the aroma of heart-shaped ravioli tantalizing me. A magnificent night of poetry! So tell me, how well do you know your partner?

Couples were put to Album) test to see how well they knew their partner. I applaud these couples and for being brave and sharing personal and intimate moments of their relationships with us. No, we have not gotten to the teeny-tiny Russian doll yet.

It was quite comical. I said in the beginning that I went there to just to be there as a guest but somehow I was summond to. I can still hear everyone laughing so hard watching me not being able to pop one single balloon. The game was as follows: the couple that popped all the balloons without using their hands in the least amount of time would win.

But I was a good sport and tried it anyway. Pop, pop, pop, the first couple went up and started to pop the balloons in between their body in less than 30 seconds. However, Goro was able to survive, being saved from death by Shao Kahn himself, with the promise to return the Shokans to their former glory and banish the Centaurians in exchange for his allegiance.

Agreeing to these terms, Goro placed his royal seal on a nearby fallen disfigured Shokan whom Kitana and the other Shokans found and mistook for him and resumed his place at Shao Kahn's side. In the altered timeline, despite the failures of Goro and Kintaro in Mortal Kombat, the Shokan maintained their position of favour with Shao Kahn during the Outworld Invasion of Earthrealm. After the emperor's death, the Shokan pledged their allegiance with Kahn's heir Mileena and remained loyal to her when she was ousted from the throne by Ko'atal.

Having been humiliated in the worst possible way for a Shokan noble, Goro fell before his father Gorbakbegging for death. Instead, Gorbak wept for his son and vowed retribution, launching an invasion of Z'Unkarah and challenging Kotal Kahn to battle. However, Gorbak would be slain by Kotal, leaving Kuatan leaderless.

With his injuries, Goro was disavowed from ascending to the throne and so leadership was decided with a tournament amongst the strongest Draco-Shokan warriors in the kingdom. One of these warriors was Sheeva, who won the tournament and was crowned the new Queen of Kuatan.

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    The Shokan, or sometimes referred to as the Shokans, are a mighty race of half-human, half-dragon warriors that live in the subterranean kingdom of Kuatan in Outworld. The Shokan are large creatures that dwarf Humans in size and boast incredible strength. They are distinguished by each possessing four massive arms complemented by three digits on each hand, and only two big toes on each foot.
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