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Keep It Classic - Swissprecise* - The Gooch (CDr) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Published 05.08.2019

Download Keep It Classic - Swissprecise* - The Gooch (CDr)
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You would be proud. That for the years of effort, I have seen every show. Dan and the crew are absolutely the very best and I wish them all the very best. After reading your reason for the show stopping, I totally understand why your leaving, I can only wish you and your family the best, and thank you Keep It Classic - Swissprecise* - The Gooch (CDr) 6 yrs. Your Fan Bob Griffin. No gimicks—just guys who are passionate about building great cars.

I live in Northern VA, so would love to take a tour sometime. Best wishes for your continued success and growth. Dan, I am a huge fan of your show and the products you produced. I felt your show was the best automotive show on then velocity now Motor Trend. I never missed an episode. Being an ex-business owner for years. I completely understand how difficult it is to keep the cash flow rolling. Covering payroll and having the operating cash to keep the business moving forward.

My thought was it creating operating capital, not the other way around. You mentioned that you are now a million dollars in debt from your show. Being in the limelight, it sounds like you become a target for lawsuits and attacks from what I call haters. From your comment. It sounds like that had become an major issue. Filming retakes had to be costly effecting time tables for completion of vehicles.

You also mentioned that customers did not receive reimbursement for travel. Again a guess, but were these customers the network lined up for service at your shop? Hopefully Motor Trend will handle that issue removing it from your table. Also thank you for the your military service to our country.

Your a strong business man and I know you will eliminate the debt and get back to what you intended to do when you open Fantomworks. Will really miss your show. No made up drama, nothing artificial, just honest car building and talk. Took me back to my deceased fathers salvage yard where I grew up, especially when you did a mopar, and I loved that you did all years and all sizes.

If it was special to the customer it was special to you. Rare this day and age. We will miss Fantom Works so much. You taught us so much about all of the problems we run into with the cars we love, I just wish my brain could remember a tenth of yours.

You are a gifted man with a talented crew. Which brings me to a point that more young kids need to get in this great hobby, it can be truly rewarding when the finished car or truck is completed, just to see customers reaction, sometimes with tears. Evidently your reason for leaving is the same as Chip Foses on Overhauling. Is there anyway that now Motor Trend could produce these shows where they are not as grueling on the owners and their technicians?.

Ronnie and Maureen Mullis Augusta, Ga. I see why. To Dan and crew, I love the show and will miss the episodes terribly but I understand fully why you stopped after reading your explanation. I must also give Dan Credit for finding young talented people to work in his Shop.

Thank you for a very entertaining realistic approach. The sit downs with the clients to tell them this will be expensive so they have an opportunity to rethink was a great take on the show. Most of the other shows are just wealthy people spending exorbitant amounts without blinking an eye.

Not only was I entertained but also I learned a lot. I understand your reasons of leaving and am glad you staff is happy with it. Have any of them been filming on crab boats in the Bering sea. That is tough work! Anyway, you do great work! Dear Dan, My husband and I love Fantomworks and we are sorry to see it go.

You are an inspiration to all up and coming mechanics and an awesome human being. I know nothing about cars but I enjoyed watching you and your incredible mechanics. Hope all goes well for you and your family. Thank you for your service. Our thanks also to your wife. God bless. Totally agree. Why should a guy that puts so much work into his business be treated this way. He is a credit to the motor industry.

We in the UK love the chow. I bought a mustang gt because of great shows like FantomWorks and have been working on it myself because these types of shows have given me the confidence to do the work myself thank you Dan your show will always be something I will watch even in reruns.

Dan, I want to thank you and you family, staff and friends for a excellent show. The love and passion of automobiles and trucks permeated into my living room every week. I found a connection with your show and I seldom view TV much except for the weather. Thank you for covering the prices of the parts and work hours, you were always more than reasonable. God Bless you and your team and again Thank you for the show, It was and still is 1 in my book. To Dan and his crew, Loved your show, your no nonsense way of going about doing the builds.

No running all over looking for so-called needed parts or cars making TV filler. It was about the build. Read some of the hate mail, hard for me to understand where they are coming from. There seems to be a lot of sad and miserable people in the world this day and time. Watched every show, had it set to DVR.

I will greatly miss the show. Hope someday be able to come and tour your shop. Best for what the future holds for you. Hi Dan and the Gang. So sorry to hear that you are in the dwang money wise and sincerely hope that you survive to carry on the excellent work.

Good luck to you and the team. Looking forward to the next Newsletter. Ken Tilly in UK. Congratulations on being free from the cameras. No doubt your productivity will increase and your blood pressure decrease. The show gave great insight into the restoration business, both good and bad. If you work on one of these trucks, please contact us with your parts needs.

Take care, Gene. Dan if I can call you thatI loved the show and certainly will miss it greatly. For some strange reason, your show never lost its luster like some of the others which came before it and after it. Now you are going to force me to visit the shop to see how things are going….

Short, I join the thousands of people who will surely miss Fantom Works. Unlike a lot of car shows yours was truly about the cars. No cartoonish characters who wacky haircuts, beards, or personalities.

I do have one question; Did you ever finish the plane you showed in one of the tail end of an episode? I think it was a Stearman sp. WW2 trainer. I love the planes from that era and was just curious. Best of luck to you and your crew. Maybe I can get up there and do the tour.

A Fan Forever Jerry Yount. It is still being restored. We are trying to give updates on some of the projects on our post This week at FantomWorks. It must be mentally draining as well.

Thanks Dan and crew for years of enjoyable entertainment. Loved your show. You rebuilt some beautiful cars. You should be proud. We will miss your show. Your legacy will live on through the re-runs and memories you created. I am sure we all wish you many years of continued succcess.

I thought you had the best car restoration show on television bar none. No macho horseplay and made up personality conflicts between staff members. You kept the show on topic where auto restoration was center stage. Learned much heretofore unknown information on many different makes and models of cars. The mechanics on the show are top shelf. Cannot believe how much effort and skill Dale put into restoring the Jeep wiring system.

Sorry to see you go. Hi im in the uk and absolutely love fantom works the show has inspired me to do my own restoration but your well being is more important bless you all guys your awesome. Dan Your show was always my favorite. I had no idea it was such a hardship on you and your team. I hope the future brings many blessings and a quick wind down of the debt.

I had no idea that this show was creating such a burden on you. Trolls are scum. Glad you are moving on David Wallace. So sad to see you going. Your show was the Best!

Enjoyed so much…thank you for your splendid illustration of a real shop. I love cars, always have always will. Best of luck to you and your business. If I ever have a car or truck restored, I will bring it to you. Sorry to see you go, as a car guy the hands on approach was educational. Gonna be missed, BTW, guy with Red 66 volkswagen was a fucking b! I hope you were able to get out of debt. I have always enjoyed the show and the perfection that goes into every job.

Thank you. And good luck. God I miss you. I enjoyed both your program and Wheeler Dealer. I also like Classic Cars with Wayne and graveyard cars but the rest is garbage.

Short Thank You for your service in protecting my family in your very hazardous duty as a Green Beret and a Cobra Helicopter pilot. My cousin is a colonel in the army a commander of a Cobra unit.

If you ever do a TV program again I will be lined up to watch. God Bless you and family. Hey guys! I love your show! You do beautiful, beautiful work, with some super bitchen paint jobs.

The orange paint job was killer. Oh, the motor sound! Superb resto. I had no idea how difficult it is for shops to participate in a show. My beloved Dad, who introduced me to muscle cars, died in July My first love was his Mustang convertible in Grabber Green, black rag top, black leather interior, skinny white-wall tires. I was 6 years old. It is a soul-crushing grief to lose your father. I will certainly keep you in my prayers.

I wish you the best. I already follow you. Follow me back! Dan, I truly enjoyed the show and remain impressed with you and your crew. When I finally find a project worth doing, you are the only person I would consider. Fantomworks was a joy to watch, and I never missed an episode. While I certainly understand, through your explanation, the trials, tribulations, sacrifices, and surely stress that you have endured over these seasons, please know that you show was a highlight of television viewing.

It was obvious that s great deal more time was expended in the magnificent restoration of the vehicles featured, than a one hour program was able to adequately portray. Thank you for the seasons you endured to produce this thoroughly enjoyable show. I fully understand and appreciate your reasons for ending this fantastic program, you will be sorely missed. Fair winds and following seas. Hi Dan I am an England viewer and a mechanic by trade I have watched your series with great interest You and your team are craftsmen and I take my hat off to you all.

Perhaps one day I will come and visit you guys Best wishes Keith. I wish every shop had your passion but not many do. I was sad to read why you stopped the the show. I wish I had the means to send, and have you and you team restore my falcon.

But living on the other side of the world makes it a bit tricky. Thanks for making a great show. Learning lots, superb composure, ethics, and of course not…. Hi i have enjoyed every episode during my time off work sick your skill and patience with cars and customers has been a joy. Good luck for the future.

Dan I loved the show. Feel sorry about the debt you incurred. I have been watching Fantom Works from the UK since it was first released and have not only enjoyed it but also learned quite a bit to.

The decision to get back to doing what you obviously do well has to be the right one. Great job guys. I will sorely miss your show although I did not catch onto it until about a year ago. I found my self switching back and forth to your channel so much from all the other channels that I just settled in and watched daily.

You really put on a great show and I can understand how hard it is to mix everything together between reality and television. What you did was something that was extremely entertaining and informative. Take care Dan, we will miss you! A big thanks to you and your team at Fantom Works. Dear Dan, I love your showyou and your crew are real old school car builders, I have spent many hours seeing your show, I respect your work, cause you guys rebuild the best vehicles I have ever seen, you guys never compromise on a build, you and your crew will be greatly missed, thanks for all the time and effort you put into your series.

Dan Short was the star of Fantomworks. Every episode was a true car restoration fantastic journey. I still love watching the reruns. Thanks Fantomworks for the memories! Wow, the very best car show. Your work is not cheap but worth every penny. I am older than you but I model myself after you and your crew.

And most important to me is to thank you for your service. I have always enjoyed your show. I do not have the talent to take a broken piece of art, and make it beautiful again. Know that the trolls are few, but noisy, for they blame everyone else for their shortcomings. Your loyal fans, the silent majority, will miss the show deeply. Keep on making dreams come true! On Saturday mornings my wife and I watch the reruns of the show. My wife knows nothing about cars.

Good luck in the future. Best car restoration, repair, re-fabrication, restoration…. Best car show out there.

Luckily the reruns will last. I started watching this show by accident and currently at the end of season 2. Watching from across the pond in London. Could end up starting your own production company. Food for thought? Dear Mr. Short, I am 68 year old woman who after Barbie Dolls I wanted cars. I drive a Tahoe and I have put around 10, I fantasize about asking your shop to rebuild the transmission, suspension and other things.

It is in excellent condition with little rust. We live in the Chicago area. I learned so much from your show and what it takes and how long to rebuild a car. I have seen each show at least 3 times. After reading all the hardships you and your crew faced, I can understand why you wanted to stop. I keep telling my husband he needs to take me to Norfolk and take the tour of your shop.

Best of luck and good health to all of you at Fantom Works. Your positive attitude and leadership and your teams cooperation are great examples for all generations.

We wish you and your family continued success. Dear Staff Sergeant lieutenant Short. I want first to thank you for protecting my family and protecting our freedom. This also includes your wife because she served as well but you did something where you life was at constant danger as a Green Beret! Very few can make that cut! I also miss your show tremendously. I continue to watch your programs over and over again. You had the best program on velocity! I loved it because it was it was a no nonsense no bullshit program.

Real men! Not like many of the stupid and childish program they have now. I do not like the show boating, dancing, fooling around or some dressed like disco fools. Your program we learned so much about cars other programs they have now are foolish stuff of destroying cars instead of fixing or spending time showing how smart they are with knowing VIN s. God Bless you SIR! And your family.

Health, happiness and prosperity to all. You have a great crew and I hope all is still with you. WOW, I did not know that about Mr. Dan Short. It only affirms my respect for him, and it now affirms why he runs his shop the way he does, no Bull, and straight as they come. Thanks so much for the years of enjoyment. You guys are the best. All car nuts like my will miss the show greatly.

I want to say thank you and God Bless you for your sacrifice and service to our country. You are a true patriot and it shows with all the time, effort and precision you put into all the projects you take on. Although I understand the financial, intellectual and emotional tolls the show takes on you, your family and your staff of amazing artisans, I will sorely miss your show watching the amazing projects come to fruition.

I wish you and your staff the best of wishes to continue the performing fantastic work you do bringing long lost dreams of your clients to life. I will miss one of the truly best car builders in the industry. I can understand how demanding it must be to work and being filmed at least 12 hours every day 6 days a week.

Good luck Dan and keep up the great work that you and your guys do. Dan and crew, You will be missed, but clearly understand the challenges that the spotlight creates.

Many of the comments are geared towards the quality snd craftsmanship of the work you do, which is second to none, but your show also makes it clear that although you care about quality, safety is the priority, and I love to watch your road test to see what surprises still lurk. One other thing your show gives us insight to, and that is the customer, where some appear to be patient and reasonable, while others prove to be quite challenging.

To top it off, you give us an opportunity to witness the dream become reality by allowing us to see the transaction as you explain what the customer is paying for before showing them the finished product.

I work everyday building engines for Ambulances here in the UK and your show is one I can watch without muttering under my breath. I have imported classics from South Africa where I lived until eleven years ago and in the time I worked on cars have learnt that there are very few actual reformers, most are bondo techs.

I love Fantom Works because it was the only genuine car restoration show on tv. That is not to deminish other shows because their work is in a genuinely different sphere, building and restoration are clearly different. It was clear throughout each episode than Dan and his team cared for their charges, always aiming to produce quality results — sometimes having to struggle with a recalcitrant customer in order to get it done. Having said that, what was crystal clear was that these same customers were absolutely delighted with the end result.

It is the easiest thing Keep It Classic - Swissprecise* - The Gooch (CDr) the world of commerce, and sometimes the most common, for moans, groans, whinges and accusations to be voiced once the job is done. Especially where the business, whatever it may be, is publicly well known through tv exposure, obviously in the hope of a private settlement.

Car restorations are always going to be uber expensive, the older and rarer the vehicle the greater the expense. Such complaints should always be dealt with a pinch of salt.

Dan the Man and his team are always honest, hardworking and focused on quality, their products reflect that. I will miss this show greatly and will have to survive on repeats. Well done Dan and I wish you the best for the future. Thanks for the years. My family enjoyed the many projects. You motivated me to restore my Jeepster Commando that I taught all three of my kids to drive.

Dan is as real as it gets. If you are a real car guy this show was as good as it gets. I miss it but know Dan made the right decision.

It is with great sadness but with full understanding that I now read you are ending the show. TV production under the best of circumstances is a much more intensive and rigorous process than most people realize.

Just wanted to share a few thoughts with you and your team about your contributions to the automotive lifestyle. I must also mention that, in my humble opinion, the work performed by your organization is among the best anywhere and certainly among the best on the small screen.

I should also share with you how much my beloved wife enjoys each broadcast we catch. Watching your show helped me gain a further understanding of the difficulties often encountered and helped me control my occasional impatience with the process. I love this show. I hope to get a tour one day. I can kick myself selling my 69 Camaro RS. Dan thank you so much for covering the labor on rich and his family renovation.

I just recently found your show. God bless and God speed to you and your family. You are a good person. Dan, you and your passion for automobiles and the correct way to maintain and restore them is amazing and inspiring. My son and i love watching reruns of your show and hope things for you and your family return to normal soon.

Bless you and your family and employees and thanks for caring so much, Sincerely, Robert Lathi. Thank G. She personified lack of respect for coworkers. Was she just an adjunct to show a female on set??? Whatever the reason, she was a lousy choice. It is very sad to know that the program is over, I am from Brazil and a big fan. May you continue to make dreams come true. I imagine how difficult these recordings are, how much they have to deal with egos. Your professionalism is unsurpassed.

I knew it was a demanding schedule. Please keep your Website up so we can follow some builds. Your integrity is what I will miss the most. Thank you and your team for a great ride. Til we meet again. By far it was my favourite car show on Discovery Velocity and you and the crew will be missed.

Having run my own business for many years it is easy to understand why you have made this decision, especially in light of the fact of all of the things that you have described in your narrative of why the show needs to come to an end, is perfectly understandable. All the best. Dan, good luck to you and your crew.

I and many of my car-nut friends will miss you. Thanks for all the work that you folks did to entertain and teach so many of us. In a time when so many people are so mean and nasty watching your show was a reminder for all of us to be professional and caring. You and your crew set the bar high for the rest of us.

I will always be a supporter of your business. I have often wondered how you and your crew manage to function under the camera eye. It had to increase your cost or decrease your profit. Wednesdays will never be the same. I would like to thank you and your amazing team for creating the finest car show for the last six and a half years. While anothercar show on the network think it is funny to berate the staff and find it important to be the Star of the show yet only work on one brand of vehicle.

I hope you,family and staff have all the best in the future. Sorry for all the stuff you and your staff and family went through to put this show on the air, but as two fans of your show we are sorry to see it end. We looked forward to it and as my husband worked for a restoration garage in Long Beach,CA over 40 years ago we understood what it took to keep the work in track and still get that show made.

Thank you for all the time, lessons shared and showing that you and your staff built some of the most beautiful cars EVER. Thank you! The show will for sure be missed. It was good to find out how a reputable shop performs. As I said sorry to see you go. Dan i really enjoyed your show and i am so sorry that you have lost lots of money of your own trying to keep the show alive.

Thanks Dan. Lots of luck on what ever you do in your life before you. Dan it was a pleasure to meet you and some of your employees and not least of all your wife. I have enjoyed your show for years and it will be missed. It was always fun to discuss the builds with my car brothers. Thank you for sharing and best wishes and I will visit the shop again. Dan you are surely gonna be missed, sorry you inquired so much debt in producing this show but your craftmanship is top notch your honesty and straight forward way in dealing with your business I loved.

Dan, watching your show was always enjoyable. The passion, desire and relentless pursuit of nothing short of perfection for the cars and customers is a long lost trait in a shady business!

I hope to one day make it there to tour the shop and meet you in person! Thank you so much for sharing your world and passion with all of us! Thank you for giving us viewers the chance to be part of the Fantomworks family. Please express my admiration to everyone at Fantomworks, you and your team have shown what honesty, dedication an honor truly mean.

Best of luck to all of you. Pascal Dupont, a fan from Belgium. Dan: You and your Shop are Top Notch! Best of luck! Surprised to hear the show will not go on, but reading why does make sense.

Very sorry to hear of the professional and personal hardships that came up because of the show. Your shop and crew are the best for bringing cars back to original or better conditions. Will miss the show and hope to come out to your shop at some time if you are still doing tours.

Watch the show every chance I get, one of the few shows actually worth watching. Thanks Dan Short and the rest of Fantom works. Dan, I am a single dad I am raising 3 kids 2 boys, 1 girl, I am the only person in my house into cars and I l love what your doing best wishes in all you do I look forward to years and years of Fantom Works reruns God Bless you and yours, Sean Benware, Athens, Vermont.

Dan I just want to thank you on the many years of putting on the best car show on tv. As a businessman and a car enthusiast I certainly understand and agree with your decision. I wish you the very best for and the many years in the future. God Bless you and your family. Thank you for an enjoyable show! Watching how TV edited months of a project into an hour show was both amazing and frustrating, in that novices never understand the reality of those types of builds. We will miss you and the crew.

Best wishes for continued success! Dan: I have enjoyed every episode on your show and appreciate the high quality job you and your team put into every job. While I have no personal experience in finding a repair shop that does quality restoration work, you certainly have inherited your share of customers who have had a lot of bad luck.

As a 67 year old who grew up in Flossmoor, IL many years ago, I especially loved the great episode on repairing the historic Flossmoor Fire Department Mack fire truck and its pump a few years ago.

I still have the episode on my dvr. I will miss your show greatly but understand how economics works especially on reality shows such as yours. I mentioned your place to my son-in-law this week and perhaps we will visit your shop the next time we are in Richmond, VA visiting our new grandson. All my best to you, your family and the future of your business. A shame but understandable Dan. Pete Buggy, Brisbane, Australia. Like so many gearheads, I thoroughly enjoyed how you continually emphasized the importance of quality.

That is the abiding memory you leave with all of us. Thanks for being you. I live in Australia and have been a fan since the show commenced here in Oz. I am sorry and sad to see the end in sight but I have many great memories of some amazing builds over the years. I will be in contact to Keep It Classic - Swissprecise* - The Gooch (CDr) about a mustang build I have in mind. However, if you are ever down under I would be honoured to have a chat and a beer with you. All the best for the future mate and keep building beautiful machines.

You, all of you as the integrity comes from the top down are to be admired, Keep It Classic - Swissprecise* - The Gooch (CDr). And to have done it all while dealing with TV cameras, cables, extra people and many no-nothings in the working shop is even more admirable. Your shop is the only one I have seen among the many car builders that has a working woodworking shop.

My wood craftsman son would salivate to visit with your wood genius. We wish you only the best ahead for you, your family, Heidi and your shop. May none of your fingers get caught between wrenches that slip and solid frame or engine parts. Dan, loved the show from the beginning.

My son lives in Williamsburg and I always wanted to visit your shop. This was my first visit to your web site. You will be sorely missed. The job you have done with your crew is totally unbelievable. I have been a fan since the beginning. I will miss it very much. Good luck to everyone in the future. You will never be forgotten. First class all the way.

All the best mate. While I watched Fantom Works, Keep It Classic - Swissprecise* - The Gooch (CDr) would wonder how anything ever got done with all the TV crew and equipment getting in the way. While I will miss the show, I feel better knowing that huge burden has been lifted from your business. Thanks for putting up with all the extra stresses all these years, we appreciate it. Just saw your announcement — sorry to see the show end, but I understand and you KNOW you will be missed. Helping Dad change the oil from age 5, rebuilding lawn mower engines with him at age 7, replacing brakes and carbs at age 10, all those things helped make me who I am today.

Thank you for your time and efforts in putting this show on. I sincerely appreciate your pursuit of excellence. I have loved watching each and every episode. Too many other shows on Velocity now MotorTrends try too hard to be entertaining. You focused on what mattered most — the builds. I will sorely miss your show and wish you continued success.

Paul,I spit all over my laptop when I read your comment about Dan. Felt the exact same way after the first show. After I saw how much Dan cares about his crew and doing the best thing possible for his customer I too was hooked. I have to admit I almost hunted down a first gen mustang fastback owner until I saw it parked out front for sale.

There was also a certain BOY pretending to be a man with a red beetle who came close to needing tnose crutches for a lot longer than planned! Dan,after seeing how you handled some,lets just say problematic car owners I gained a lot of respect for you. You will be sorely missed! James Gordon.

I live here in Norfolk and I will miss the show but I sure can understand the decision. The one time I visited the shop, my favorite memory is of Heidi bringing a stuffed animal and bumping me on the leg with it. Real life is more important than what goes on film. Life is better without stress. Best Wishes to you all. Thanks very much for the six-plus years! Like so many have expressed I also enjoyed the show and have been educated.

Loved the show Dan! I keep saying, I wonder where this guy went, and that guy went. This makes a lot of sense. We appreciate the show and enjoyed your personality in it.

Wishing you all the best from the Northwest. Everything you mentioned is so true. Your show was my favorite of all the programing on Velocity now Motor Trend. As a retired military, I really love your approach on doing things right the first time around. Your professionalism and candor will be missed.

Dear Dan and crew at fantom works, thank you for showing us the fine art of quality automotive restoration and repair. If I could ever afford my dream car 69 dodge charger I would defenitely bring it to fantom works, you guys have a awesome passion for the classics and do a awesome job, and do it the right way.

How you and your team manage to correct some of the issues presented to you is awesome. My Dad is a retired mechanic now 81yoa and we love to sit and watch you guys at work. I am sorry to see the show end but, as has been said, I get it. It reminds me of working with my Dad and Grandpa.

Your show was one of the few I would stop to watch. It was fun to watch as each vehicle took shape knowing what actually goes into making each one a work of art! The show was fun to watch, and I learned something in the process. Good luck! Hi Dan, good luck to you and your team. These shows can bring a lot of visibility to a business, and a lot of the time we viewers forget what it takes to do a production from this.

Thanks for giving us a glimpse into your world and I only wish you, your family and employees only the best and hope you and yours can take a vacation sometime in the future to relax at least for a few days before the next project comes rolling thru the doors….

You are a Class Act and of course, my favorite car show. You provide years of TV enjoyment but I know there had to be a toll. Thank you for sharing the amazing restorations, your teams talents, skills, creativity and passions.

Dan, from one old Army test pilot to another, my wife and I have enjoyed your show. BUT, your decision was yours. Dan, you and your team are positive workers. In good working order body wise, electric and mechanical. I will miss you and your crew. If I need work done I would look you up! My father who is 87 and I especially will miss your wonderful show.

To me,your show was different from all the others because of your professionalism and the complete absence of these stupid childish pranks that ruin the others. I know you lost money on many of those builds but because of your huge heart and that wonderful crew the cars got done to the same high standard and usually under budget.

Always felt proud that the best vehicle restoration show on TV is located just a few miles from my home in Yorktown! Dan,you set a remarkably high standard for your show that I feel will never be duplicated by anyone else.

You and your crew will be deeply missed! Dan, While I will miss the show, I appreciate the amount of skill and craftsmanship you and the team at DRS have shown the audience. I hope to visit the shop on a Friday tour in the near future!! This is a model for other car restoration, modification shows in that you presented your crew as professionals, without the need for excessive drama or conflict.

It was a fun shop to hang around. Wow very unusual to hear a honest man speak. You are truly a great person. Thank you for your time out of your life. I am a corvette owner. New day new light. Aim high! Go navy. First and foremost, thanks for allowing us into your shop and into your lives for the time that you have. I enjoyed your candid, no-BS style of managing your builds, customers and employees.

I also appreciate your past military service, as my son, niece and nephew all currently serve our country. All the best as you continue to move forward and create rolling works of art. I visited your shop because of the tv program and I talk about a lot. We will miss your program and the Keep It Classic - Swissprecise* - The Gooch (CDr) cars your shop rebuilded. The best of the best for all of you. We will look forward to the reruns if you have any. I would imagine that dealing with so many people that there were a few troublesome people who showed up from time to time.

Dan- Your show was top notch from start to finish -every show a keeper. You and your crew will certainly be missed. Best wishes as your organization moves forward in the coming years.

From a viewers point of view I enjoyed the show, however, had no idea regarding the stress levels involved and the issues surrounding the complexity of filming the shows. I certainly understand your position but know that experiencing your car builds will be greatly missed. Dan: i have just realized you will quit the tv show. I am very upset with the show ending. We love your work, your principles and respect you a lot in my home.

I am writing from Brazil and you have no idea how many fans you have here. We will. Regards from Brazil. Watching your show has given me great joy over the time the show has been going. My first car was a Pontiac Laurentian, 4 door, I bought the car in Arizona and shipped it back to Australia in and I did a total nut and bolt restoration that took me 5 years to do on my own, I was so proud of my car that it was ready in time for me when I got my license, but unfortunately my father took my car and sold it from under me, I was shattered, but I will be coming back this year to buy a car that has already completely restored, but I want you and only you to go over the car before I ship it back to Australia with me.

Take care and I look forward to your further posts online and videos. Dan and crew sad to see you guys hang it up as far as the tv show always enjoyed watching the cars come apart then be reassembled.

I have enjoyed your show ever since it started and I whish you well. See you later. It has been very enjoyable watching all the projects you at FantomWorks showed us on TV.

Your guys talents are great…. I have worked on cars as a pass time for 50 years and know its not always easy but always satisfying.

My wife and I really enjoyed watching your show and visiting your showroom. Meeting everyone was a real treat. Thanks for much for doing this all these years and we will certainly stop by again to check on you and the gang. Your show was one of the best things about owning a classic car. My wife and I loved it and always talk it up with friends and family. We will surely miss it. New Kids on the Block is my favourite band of 90s. They had so many hits!

These are real masterpieces, not fake ones like today! And I'm going to attend New Kids on the Block concert this year. Check it out and maybe we can even visit one of the concerts together! The bank has identified this as fraud. Any help you can provide to help catch the person who was using her card would be greatly apprectiated. My transaction turned out to be legit GOSQ. It was from a Beauty Polar I visited. However, when it comes to trying to identify valid transactions on a bank statement, this type of transaction can be very misleading legit or non-legit.

As for me, I have decided to only swipe my card at major department stores, grocery stores, major restaurants and gas stations. As much as possible, all other face to face transactions will be handled with cash. At first I was shocked and stunned, but then I gave it some thought I got my hair done yesterday and that is this charge.

I believe the device is a service small business can purchase. Accessory Overstock is one of those scammer's online store. According to their website their store is based in Bronx, New York and there business telephone number is a non working number. My bankcard advised me to destroyed my credit card and they will escalate refunds.

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The card number was stolen and a charge for It was keyed in at a barber shop in Albany Ga, where the thief lives which means the merchant should have known something fishy was going on. I'm requesting a refund. People should get their hands cut off for stealing.

I work too hard for my money. Right now. Mine was legit. I called the cab driver and he hung up on me when I asked him a few Q's. Can you help me find out who this charged my Debit Card and report him? I called Wells Fargo immediately this morning and reported this to hem too. Thank you, SP. It is a charge on a hand held machine that must go through their cell phone. It was the right date and the right amount. Carrie Underwood is my favourite US contry singer.

She is young, beautiful and charming female in her 30s. Her voice takes me away from all issues of this world and I can enjoy my life and listen songs created by her. Now the singer is on a Cry Pretty Tour started in May of The concerts scheduled for this year, up to the 31st of October.

Ticket prices are moderate and available for all men and women with different income. If you love contry music, then you must visit at least one Carrie's concert. Visit the website and make yourself familiar with all powerful Carrie Underwood concerts in ! We loaned our credit card to someone we were trying to help "get on their feet. She had told us that would be fully refunded and all they needed was a charge card to get the tool.

Yesterday, November 14, we finally set up this NEW card we were trying to use to make more percentage on the paid totals. Never go to use it. She denies doing this and keeps saying "I would never steal from you. We have been buying her children coats, allowing her to camp on our property until today - as the Sheriff came by and said that was against a county ordinance. We are just so frustrated about this. We never used that card. She was the ONLY one who took it out of the house at all.

It was activated but we were waiting awhile to make the switch. Can you help us investigate what in the world she did to get these charges on here? It is close to Christmas and I am just in shock. Each was posted 2 days later. I am charged Who made this charge? I made no other charges. Can you give me info as to who did this? Clark County officials destroyed all of Mr. Blunk's credit cards. However, someone evidently had access to some of Mr. I called both of these companies to stop further use of these cards.

How do I stop further use of cards that are not known to exist but be in the hands of the perpetrator. This was a legitimate charge for a cab - had surgery that day but took a cab because of how early I had to be there! We have not received the product or a confirmation on the product but they charged my credit card. I will go to my bank and tell them the problem I think you and the bank can fix this problem. I have no idea how this happened. Please help me find out what goes on.

Identify those mysterious charges on your credit card statement. What is it? Wright Helpful 21 Email me back for some explainer video samples, pricing, or just to say hi! Mine was a cab ride.


Back On Funk - Various - DAHLIA 997 (Vinyl), X M - Paul Kantner / Jefferson Starship - Blows Against The Empire (Vinyl, LP, Album), Get Me Out, Since I Met You - Freddie McKay - Since I Met You (Vinyl), Off The Ground - Paul McCartney - Off The Ground (CD, Album), Death To Rights - Wovenwar - Wovenwar (CD, Album), Still Listening, De La Casa Al Trabajo - Sandy Reyes - Pegao De Que (Vinyl, LP, Album), Oh ! Gentleman - J.C. James - Sweet And Magic Piano (Non Stop) (Vinyl, LP, Album), Nuestra Felicidad - Gloria Estefan - Alma Caribeña / Caribbean Soul (Cassette, Album)

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