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Hot Line - Various - Midnight Movers (Vinyl, LP) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Published 13.10.2019

Download Hot Line - Various - Midnight Movers (Vinyl, LP)
Label: Kent Records - KENT 058 • Format: Vinyl LP, Compilation • Country: UK • Genre: Funk / Soul • Style: Soul

The interest of people in punk was growing. And FIB, as a political culture, could see the potential of this raw music. When first punk started, they hated it. They spoke about it as an imperialistic product typical fanatical bullshit.

But suddenly they realized that the punk message was in a certain way able. Both hated cops. Both used really? It could be used to gain votes, a raw idea for Reagan, what aboufSOD playing for him? It would be fun to see these assholes doing publicity for RR. And then the circus started.

This campaign was a musical one which went on for three years. Each weekend there were about 25 gigs. Almost all of them were performed by punk bands. Sometimes there were even people at 1 gig.

These huge gigs took place in open air spaces or sport installations. All around the place ypu could find Basque flags and FIB slogans. In the meantime, small places and squats were starting an alternative to this macro shit. These places are run by people in- volved in the scene in a deep manner.

The problem with these squats or gaztetxes is the lack of money and organizafion. But there are some places like Andoain or my town. Llodio where people give the best to each other in order to create cool, friendly and really alternative spaces.

We have created a collective of local hardcore bands to promote gigs and putting out some releases. On to other subjects. The all women issue was a really great idea. If there is any radical feminist reading this, please show me the truth about life, sex, love ard music. You know, thinking is such an awful sport. Being human in- volves having doubts and being cynical.

So try to escape from your little punk world and try not to be so close-minded in your bunch of rules. You will enjoy life twice as much. Yesterday I went to a record shopiust to look around. I can give you some addresses. Write me! Speaking of records. I want to expand the zine with interviews and artwork.

It would be great if you could send me stuff to print but please try to be as much original as possible. If you did, then they have garnered more money by selling your name on the mailing lists that they sell to organizations with similar targets. I started to get glossy brocures from well established, liberal-oias magazines and investment groups. Magazines and special interest groups create more income for themselves by offering incentives, like free gifts, discounts, refunds and rebates, that will add to their mailing lis.

If you learn how these insti- tutions practice business and earn financial support then you will know how to subvert their intentions and communicate yours. Go to the library and look under subjects such as. The first two have bibliographies. The last two you will probably have to get through inter-library loan. Novels that approach tnis subject are considered science fiction. People remember much better what they have learned on their own.

He was Torcecfinto a system of two-valued orien- tation good guys vs. It would be unreasonable to expect him to view the prose- cution — or anyone supporting them as any- thing other than bad.

However t I live in a geo- E raphically isolated area within the church elf of Texas. There really is no underground within this area, but there are a lot of posers. You can imagine how difficult it is to find good music here. More on that later. I am unfamiliar with the different kinds of punk music. Now the local scene report.

The major- ity of the scene is comprised of students like myself. Of the high school students in this region, only about are involved in this fascinating subculture. But only about fifty are really into the scene. The rest are just trying to piss off their parents. A brief example of what this has lead to. About two years ago, a senior at my high school was quickly suspended because she had a mowhawkil The excuse?

Hewitt, N. You can find ROIR everywhere at stores that count. No coins or personal cheques please. All send air!!!! I'm also interested to personal-1 1 1 y trade US core old as new against Uproar's own releases. Mags and t-shirts too!! Each order comes with free stickers wow?!! Or even better, some kind of record distribution. Anything to get peoples attention long enough to see what punksters really are ana the different things they stand for.

Perhaps I can change everyones opin- ion. Readers, please comment, I need the mail to keep me occupied. It gets up to 1 02 degrees here every day and I ve got nothing better to do besides sit in front of an air conditioner listening to music that friends and I manage to smuggle into the area. That reminds me, we only nave two record stores here. I, etc. Get the idea? I found MRR while visiting my father in California. I plan to visit more frequently.

Well, when that letter was written. I wrote the letter entirely on what I had been told by some locals, without bothering to get both sides of the story and the blame for fhe whole mess was wrongly placed on Warzone.

When I wrote my original letter, it was nothing but the story I had been given by a few people who didn t have their tacts straight. The first letter was written out of anger, which was directed at the wrong party. This whole mat'ter has made me fee? I have heard rumors and tempting tidbits on anarchist communities that have existed. Beyond being just interesting, the very thought sustains my nope that there is something worth doing in my life. I am willing, in fact hoping to travel anywhere for such a community.

Further, anything along the same line could be just as perfect. Perhaps someone out there has a club committed to the ideals and music of punk. If you need help, I am the person. A emotion I feel is a little too common within the punk scene. Everybody hates everybody else. Skins and punks. Straight edge and druggies.

True, the whole ideas of punk are based on hatred, but not for itself, for the world that hasfucked usover. Unity in the scene is what we need. People banding together to fight a common enemy, the system. With constant feuding amongst the little cliques that form amongst every punk crowd, nothing ever gets accom- plished.

Look howfarthey came, and look at us. If we could get even the slightest bit of organization, coherence, we could very easily become a major force. FromLawrence was better than Athens, GA. The final blow came when the University of Kansas Board of helped with or attended "Quest for Rejects. Hey, all you Rambos! I Dear Readers, Here is the standard do it yourself MRR letter kit-adjust to suit, dear readers, and have a dead cert chance of getting your name in print!

If punk really was meant to be a united force against social indoctrinatron Their listening audience was al- ready large, but the big shots knew they coula profit even more from a dull colleae- Dop station. Play something new, for once! Well, now it is time for me to speak up for myself.

First off, let me sort of explain what has happened over the past year. Then a few months later, Tom and I tried to reform the band without Eric. Eric sued us and after months of feeding our lawyers big bucks, we settled and Eric won the rights to the name. We are recording an LP for Walkthrufyre Records soon. Thanks to anyone who report. Ben Weasel is orie of and sadly there are many the biggest hypocrites in the Chicago scene. Hmmm, something is wrong here.

Where did alj the money go? Perhaps to your information. Also since you live at home with Mommy and Daddy and have no job, how do you afford to buy your hardcore records, andtake your band on tour and into the studio so much? Louis, and your show. Hey Ben, can I start putting on shows with you? It seems to be very profitable.

Maybe then I can pay off these lawyer bills. Well, ben liketheold Clash ever hear of them? Clarendon Apt. But rest assured, we will send all orders shortly. Overseas orders, please send 2 extra dollars per item for postage. Thanks for the patience and understand- ing. Instead, I want to talk about the need to increase the flow of communication be- tween college alternative music organiza- tions and to introduce the world to my organization in the middle of Iowa.

By diverse crowd, I mean more than the usual hardcore crew and artists that show upfor anything non mainstream. I think that it would be great if the more experienced groups can send in advice or any helpful our college scenes local product, radio shows, politics, etc.

Hopefully, we can even work together on some projects to mutually benefit us as well as the whole alternative scene. Please do it soon. This will make fhem more cheaply available to people in the U. English translations would be appreciated but are not necessary. I also hope to be able to sell tapes through other non-profit organizations for better distribution. Dear Friends, Howdy. This letter is to let all of you out there in Musicland know that the Under- ground Railroad and Dry House are open again and ready to rock.

The Underground Railroad has spent years building a reputation as a fun and fair place for bands to play and it really hurts to nave some dude off the street LP) a tele- hone messing with our rep. If any of you out ere have been hurt in the confusion, I sincerely apologize.

We are not now and have never been in the business of screwing bands. Thanks for your time. I became a punk when I was 1 6 and I will stay one till I am dead. I had lived in Poland for years; 1 to 1 and 1 to 1 In 1 I was playing with the band called DENAT at Jarocin festival, so I think I know something about Poland and the punk scene over there plus I still have contact with friends-who supply me with zines, tapes and fa pi- th information.

Such a lot of shit can only come from some stupid asshole who believes that piece of zine and few independent labels mean free- dom. During the Martial Law where the fuck were you when tanks rolled on the streets of Poland?

I can tell you that I was on the streets of Warsaw getting my ass and head kicked by the fucking Zomo riot police and I am proud of it. It is nothing in comparison to the western free- dom and I am not any kind of defender of the West. Capitalism sucks the same way So- cialism does! I almost forgot, maybe you are a son of some fucking party official! How do you like that? This year Jarocin was attacked by 1 3, fans of all the styles of music.

Plus: Photos out the gazoo, th' dreaded reviews, G'ville stuff, rantings, comics, and a bunch of other punk muck Recorded in early '88 on 24 tracks, this 7 " E. And we won't even be able to hope that he croaks or gets impeached, be- cause the vice-president will be even worse. Yeah, I'm probably talking about Bush and Quayle, but it could just as easily be the other two, whatever their names were. Right now I'm pretty depressed about the political condition of this country, and a little scared, too.

I've been following politics since I was a kid in the s, and this is the worst I've ever seen it. Back in the early s when all us Catholic school kids were in love with John F. Kennedy and really believed him when he told us how America was going to hold up the light of liberty and justice for all the worla to follow, I couldn't have imagined that my country would sink so low so fast. The next guy, Lyndon B. Johnson, was no flaming liberal; he was the guy, after all, who sent naif a million troops to Vietnam.

But he still had some sense of decency, and he got all sorts of anti-poverty and civil rights programs going that might have had more success than they did if the war hadn't wrecked our economy that's when the national debt you hear the politi- cians yapping about first started getting out of control.

Goldwater, you see, was one of the most right wing candidates the Republicans had ever nominated. A lot of his nuking that's what they called it then was probably a communist. Goldwater himself was fond of saying things like we should saw off the whole east coast and let it float out to sea because of all the hoity-toity liberals who lived there.

Pretty soon Goldwater became a na- tional joke. Peor 1 showed glasses tions was undermining our national secu- rity. Time magazine took its readers on a tour of his desert compound where a solar- activated electric timer raised the American flag and played the national anthem every morning at aawn. The election wasn't even close; I think Goldwater carried maybe five states.

Goldwater, while he had screwy ideas, was fundamentally honest about what he be- ieved. Bush and Reagan among them, are such habitual liars that they probably wouldn't recognize the truth if they ever accidentally, of course ran into it.

And except fora handful of radicals and malcontents among whom I'm happy to number myselfnobody seems to care. You've got one of the most blatant imbeciles ever to occupy the office of president, who's spent eight years undermining and destroy- ing nearly everything that is good about this country, and who's about to oe replaced by an even more blatant imbecile.

Wnat do the media say about it? They suck it up. They treat these people as if they were deserving of respect, as if their nasty little scams were brilliant strokes of statesmanship, as if these mean spirited, double dealing, treacherous lowlife scumbags who have made a way of life out of systematically murdering and starving whole populations into submission somehow represent what the land of the free and the home of the brave is supposed to be about.

Hey, I've been living, right here in the USA all this time, even if California is a little out on the edge and I'm sure glad of that! Could the America I grew up in really have changed that much? Where aid these people who are running this country come from? Did someone pay off cill the newspaper reporters to stop asking questions and only write things that make the government look good? Did someone slip something into the water that turned Americans into zombies who only care about ting a good paycheck and what's on TV tonight?

Yeah, I suppose the answer is yes to all those questions. And someof you will proba- bly say, "Hey Lawrence, that's the way it's lways been, congratulations for finally noticing. When the American people aren't being bamboozled, bullied, manipulated, exploited and twisted into self- strangling knots by their government, their industry, and their communications media, they're capable of great things.

This country was founded on rebellion, and that spirit has stayed alive through most of our nistory. Now rebellion is being bred out of us. Now the issue is survival. Not just physical survival, although that's getting a lot tougher than it used to be. When I got out of high school inyou :ould go down to the local factory and get a ob that paid enough so you could make iown payment on anouse and a car and start supporting a family.

Try doing that on the jobs they're offering 18 year-olds today. But motionally and intellectually and person lly we're being constantly battered by force hat threaten to either turn us into cogs in the techno-industrial machine or simply squash us the way unruly or superfluous peasants have always been squashed when they got in the way or "progress.

Unfortunately, revolutions have a history of often creating bigger messes than the ones they started out with, and with all of the right wing gun nuts and left wing control freaks and street gangsters and petty criminals and barely functional idiots rattling around America, all armed to the teeth. In the s, as Hitler was solidifying his hold on Germany and beginning to ex- pand his influence into other countries, one of the first things he did was to round up the artists and intellectuals and political activ- ists.

Those remaining were faced with the question of whether to stay and fight to save their country, or to get out while the getting was good and save themselves. A lot of them bailed out and headed for the United States. Most who stayed didn't survive. It was dur- ing that time that Winston Churchill ob- served, 'The lights are going out all over Europe. Do I stay and lght? I just want to play loud music and write stories and grow vegetables.

Simple goals, but I'm wondering how much longer it will be pos- sible to pursue them in this country I always thought of as home. As long as I can see any hope. I'll keep raising a ruckus, or as B. Dylan once said, " stand on the shore until I start sinking. It was nasty. A team of tough men against a bunch of smiley tinsel towners! It's bad enough that someone named "Dallas" is going to manage the Yankees, but the Mets loosing to fat Tommy's butterball boys?

What a dis- grace! The world series will be as thrilling as St. Louis against Kansas City. I'll be sitting on the edge of my seat and nodding off for this one!! Fortunately, a bit of comedy picked up my spirits after the baseball disaster. It was inadvertent, on the part, of all things, a vege- tarian. Remember Mcnch Meier, the well meaning eco-frcak I wrote about last month? He told me the funniest thing I've heard in ages and now I offer it to you.

You know the classic veggie stumper. You ask them why it's better tokill hundreds of plants than tokill animals. It is a logical argument that usually stops them cold. Well, this veggie thought he came up with an answer. You see, if you eat a pound of meat you're eating sixteen pounds of dead vegetables, but if you eat vegetables directly, you only kill one pound of them. Then I laughed, LP). The "logic" of what he was saying was so twisted, it beat the old Abbot and Costello baseball routine.

Here's what was implied by what Mcnch ike a Gilman Street staged iver. Quail will get the blame. The Republicans of the late 80's will be like the Republicans of the late 20's. Inthe Democrats will take over. They'll get us into a nice foreign war to bring us out of the depression. Ana they'll stay in pounds of plants. If that pound of meat were still living, it would go on consuming plants at the rate of sixteen to one. By killing the animal that you eat, you are saving au the plants that the animal would eat had it lived.

So by Mench's logic, the MORE plants you eat actually, the more animals you killthe more plants you save. This was funny enough, but it got better when I pointed this out to Mr.

I could see farms littered with dead cows and chickens — all killed to save the grass and wheat. I could see a field of deaa pigs, lying with their throats slit to save helpless ears of corn. Rivers filled with dead fish, floating belly up, killed to save the world's algae and plankton.

Laughter ex- ploded out of me like a fart after beans. A laugh like that is just what I needed to save me from thinking about the horrors of an all- California World Series. I'm not sure if eat- ing vegetables makes you funny or it just makes you stupid — but I'm glad somebody does it. So, we've got the thrill of a stupid World Series and the thrill of stupid vegies.

If your collective hearts can take it, I want to write about a third thrill: the presidential election. I'm writing this on October There's about three weeks till Bush-day. I will vote either for Ron Paul, on the Libertarian ticket, or Gus Hall, the eternal commie candidate. Of course, I dislike commies as much as the next guy, but I figure every commie vote in the US. Bush's TV commercials almost make me want to vote for the Duke. Give me a soyburger if you want to make me gag.!

Still, it's not enough to lever a vote for the eye- brow man. I really don't care who wins because I figured out what's going to happen. When Nixon ran against McGovern, the press knew all about the Watergate stuff. Nobody be- lieved it, though. They assumed it was just election propaganda. Then, after the election, the Watergate shit hit the Woodward and Bernstein tan.

Nixon was impeached. Right now, with Americans so riled up about drugs, the same thing is going to happen to President Bush. After the election, alt this stuff about Bush approving the selling of drugs to fund the Contras is going to come out. Tcople will be outraged. Although all the facts are already known, no one believes them. Bush will impeached. It'll be President Quail by Because of the national debt and the ineptitude of Quail, the economy will crash "But what about the Supreme Court?

That is a problem. The only two good guys left on tne court are in their eighties. Presidents Bush and Quail will probably get to replace them.

But, in a way, a right-wing court may not be such a bad thing. At least it'll teach the feminists a lesson. All through America, local feminist groups have teamed up with theTV preacher right tp fight pornography. In Minneapolis LP) Indianapolis among other places, they won. OK girls, now it's time feel the prick of your actions. You worked with those guys, now see what it's like living under tnem. Now have a taste of them as they remove abortion clinics. You supported them as they passed tougher laws against prostitution and child sex.

Now suffer through their tougher laws against lesbianism and women's rights. You but- tered your bread. Now youMl have to sleep in it. Between the election and the Playoffs, this month could've been a total loss, but: Every once-in-awhile a Goddess comes a long. You know, a girl so overwhelmingly captivating that you'd disembowel your father, or suck off GG Allin just to talk to her? There's not a lot of these Goddesses; often they disappear or do stupid things like marry singers from Holland.

They are as rare as Dead Sea Scrolls and a hundred times as valuable. The girl who sings lead for them is such a God- dess. I tried to talk fo her after the set at CBGBs. They were all standing there. Unfortu- nately, she seemed to have less trouble taking her eyes off me. As a matter of fact, that was the last I saw of her for the rest of the ight. But I had my glimpse — the month was not to go thrill-less, If you see her, give her my regards.

Qh, guess there were a few other thrills— all music. I got to see some great has more space to add stuff. I suggest reader's poll, like Flipside's. Flipsides pc poll pac r' s poll, like Flipside's. Flip; was a bit off the waft, though. But I guess you already know that most people are wrong. Anybody have any other suggestions? I've tried, but I can t reach. A group ofpunks stood near the entrance to the Gilman it. Project, smoking cigarettes, drink- ing Jolt, and asking for spare change from other people hanging out.

It's all I got. Her friends. Did that surprise you? If not, you're lucky enough to have escaped your social training, or else you grew up in a different world. In our society, male is the norm and female is the exception. And we're so used to it we don't usually even notice, unless we get caught by surprise.

That first happened to me reading a psychology textbook. They had an example about some experiment, and they went on about "the subject did this" and "the subject did that" for a couple of para- graphs and then they threw in something about "she" — and for a second I didnT know who they were talking about — where did "she" come into this? Wasn't "the sub- ject" a guy? I had "him" visualized in my head without even realizing it. But they never said it was a guy.

Why would I visualize a guy? The fact is, most of us automatically assume everyone is male unless someone comes out and says they're female. Except for words like nurse, social worker, babysit- ter, secretary etc.

Doctor, lawyer, judge, politician, professor, boss, worker, slave, farmer, peasant, American, leader, friend, person, child, youth, adult, human being All those words, for most people, conjure up a male image. And most of the time we don't realize it.

But we're so usea to thinking of males as the norm we usually don't notice it at all. I think it's because guys aren't used to having to relate to women. It makes them uncomfortable or something.

We - women- are used to relating to men on stage, men on the screen, men in books, men every- where. But most guys aren't used to relating to women as role models. That's how it seems, anyway. Am I wrong? Think about the books you like, the bands you like, the movies you like I've found that I've become more and more tired of having to relate to male role models. I tend to like all-female bands more than all-male bands in genereal, just because I'm tired of seeing BO YS on stage all the time.

Most of my favorite books are written by women because I feel like I can relate better to the way women write. You can call it sexist if you want, but it's just a reaction. I'm glad I'm a woman.

I've never wanted to be a man. And despite the feminist cry of oppression, there's a lot of advantages to being a woman in our society. And I've discovered that I just can't take it anymore. I can't even read books that use the words "man" or "men" when they mean "person" or "people".

Even if I want to read them — tnere's a lot of books with important ideas that use sexist language — I can't do it. It makes me feel like someone's talking through me to other people — talking to men.

Then I could read them. In the meantime. I'm gonna have to miss out on what they're saying because I just can't bring myself to read more books about MEN. What was that word? There are many changes in life in which the hardcore com- munity concerns itself.

The purpose of this column is to recognize, discuss and criticize the changes in our lives and to hopefully show that we can change things in our lives and in the world. The topics of discussion will range from changes in the political arena, to changes in the hardcore scene, to perhaps the most difficult changes of all, changes in myself. I never wanted to hurt someone so much in my life.

Why was I in this posh, over- priced club in the first place, you ask? The answer to that, comrades, is the root of all evil in this world: boredom. I had nothing better to do. So here 1 was, more watching a crowd of semi-mohicaned, no doubt a hast- ily done job in the car, so mummy and dad- dums wouldn't see precious' weird hairdoskinny leather tied bozos bop around the floor like some type of instructional film for the Heimlich maneuver, and then I noticed him. There he was sporting a spiffy looking coiffure that was "you know kmda short on the sides, not too shortkinda long on the top," wearing a MacDonald's tee shirt, and a smug little pug-faced grin that made me think of my little cousin Georgie, I hate my little cousin Georgie.

But that's not at all why I wanted to hurt him. Sure I thought he looked a little silly, but so did my friend Amy when she dressed up as a pumpkin on Halloween, and I didn't want to hurt her. No, it was much more than looking smug and silly, it was when he would go into the crowd and jump on someone's unsuspecting back, try to knock them down, float arounain the "pit," it was more of a pothole, actuallyand then go back to his two giggling bopper friends with a look or his face like ne ruled the world, that got my goat.

And, oh, how they loved little Ronald MacDonald, that's what I named himso tough, so strong. I guess in retrospect it wasn't even the jumping around that both- ered me so much, maybe he was just high strung. I guess it was just that look of smug superiority on his face as he bashed into the rest of the crowd, that look that said, "I know who and what you are and I rule the world," that burned my butt.

So time after time I watched Ron leap at the writhing mass of yuppies, buppies, guppies, and whatever the nell else was in that mess, my anger growing uncontrollably and for no apparent reason, until finally I had to take action.

At the height of my hell-bent fury, I decided to say something. The next time Ronny went for the big plunge, I grabbed him and said, "Why the nell don't you grow up? Ron's reply, how- ever, did nothing but confirm my suspicions about him.

He puffed himself up as much as he could and said, "No, man why don't you grow up? Why don't you either join in or stay out?

I threw up my hands in dis- gust, sat down and tried to enjoy the show, all the while wondering what haa possessed me to get so angry at this boob. I sat by the door waiting for him to come by. After a few minutes, i saw Ron coming, and he saw me.

Just as I was about to begin my apology, that look re- turned. My stomach started churning and my face was flushed as that smug little piece of doo-doo said with such arrogance, "See you later, Joe. The future is a scary thing. More and more I see the signs of reversion to a gestalt civilizational environment i. In words of no more than two syllables: the Roaring T wenties have come back, so get ready to relive the past.

Some LP) I see a sine wave Stock Market with computerized insider trading that parallels the margin practices of an equally volatile market of sixty years ago. A populism that transcends the tradi- tional spectrum of political Left and Right is sweeping the nation.

This is partly in re- sponse to a government that is taking a de- cidedly anti-labor and anti-union stance. Social realistic pop art is making a comeback as Labor, unions, working class. Left and economic nationalism are again being ro- manticized. We work to party and our party- ing glorifies our work.

A great irony is this, for work is playing a greater part in the structures of our lives, what arc you? Not quite dust bowl, but wait'll next year.

The Fundamentalist and weird' sects of modern American Christianity are mov- ing to the forefront of recognition. In general, the 'New Age' is the 'Same Old Shit' repackaged for existing demographics, and many New Age philosophies ana ideologies are being incorporated into mainstream Christianity.

Hey, I got a book printed in that reads a lot like Shirley MacLaine. In the '20s we had the formation of the tennents found in the modern Pentacostal and Charismatic movements: close, personal contact with God Almighty, ecstatic nearly orgasmic salvation, miracles, healings, speaking in tongues and the like.

Of course, you'll find all that and more in Voudon, the fastest growing religion in New York and Los Angeles, but were not talking about pagans. Yean, and the end of the world is ancfwas just around the corner. That has been exas- perated by Homo Industrials' fascination with round numbers. Last time we had a millenium we responded with the Crusades. And now, a basic fact: The economy of the world, and all world governments, are the end-products of people's jobs.

Are you en- lightened yet? I'll pick up the Noble Prize in Economics one of these years. I think this puts the entire, incomprehensible thing into some kind of easily managable perspective.

Anyone who has been in the real world Real World n. The world of bosses, jobs, custom- ers, clients, salaries, wages. Gross National Product, taxes, product.

Eight Goddam Years! From bank teller to Manager of the Data Processing Department of some floun- dering five million dollar a year 70 year old import-export company can appreciate and understand whence I come.

The President is not the Government, the middle aged, over weight, polyesther clad slob behind the bul- let proof plastic at the unemployment office is the Government. And on most of their collective minds is the same thought: "Any day now. Pray, can anyone tell me of a depression that happened before the 17 th Century? I mean a real, large scale depression that happened for no apparent reason?

Before tnen we experienced plagues, famines and other natural disasters that certainly depressed a lot of people. And local regions like cities and duchies and principalities slipped from prominance due to shifts in power that lead to changes in trade routes, or new technolo- gies, or government debauchery.

They started to gain real political and real politik power amongst the waning and inbred aristocracies. And some Vemtian Bean Counter discovered currency speculation and the global fucking economy has been subject to the capricious fiat of power predators ever since. Post revolutionary America was funded on the 18 th Century equivalent of junk bond arbitragers who gambled the crumbling fortunes of what remained of the Spanish Hapsburgs' holdings in The Netherlands on American specie and won.

Yeah, people starved, but somebody profited. Why can't we stay in a linear mode, break out of a cyclical pattern of history and events? Nostalgia becomes the Future and that way we know what to expect, how to act, how to be firm and correct.

Our parents harp upon us, or their parents on them, about the tough times they survived and we, or they, have got to beat them in the sufferi ng sweepstakes. We're number one, mother fuckers! We'll have the biggest stock market crash, the most bank forclosurcs, the biggest starvation statistics that history has ever known! I guess, but I sure as hell don't know.

And, as always, there will be profit to be made for some. Starting with the publishers of "How to survive the next great depres- sion" books. We do see several at the end of each calendar decade, don't we? The only person who'll be richer than the synthesizer and marketer of adrenalin will be the per- Ison who applies Chaos Theory to Economics l and figures into the equation dissemination lof that information.

That's where Prechter remember him? Once he had his fifteen minutes, his predictions weren't worth a damn because everybody knew what he was talking about. Profits are way up this year, thanks to [The Drought. The entertainment biz and prosper. Verily, it is so easy to rant and complain about situations present and scenarios fu- ture, but can I offer a solution.

Okay, go read. Carol oore and Pierre-Joseph jProudhon can explain decentralization in 10, words or more, but what about putting it into effect? One cannot use the method s of the existing System to renovate or destroy the System without becoming either the new System or co-opted by the existing System.

Nor is there a new frontier open to the likes of you or me. You wanna live in outer space? Or Antartica? And be non-explotive, go for Cynicism aside, I think it is possible to carve out a niche in this world that allows a measure of individual freedom and comfort while more or less ignoring cyclical capital ism.

The mechanics would not simple, and they won't be presented here in any case, as they involve activities which could be con- strued as being illegal.

Besides which, I don t know exactly how to go about it either, but I'm willing to try and as soon as 1 do the Money Monkey being the hardest habit to kick. I'll let you know how I did it. But the basic idea is to exist between the strata of industrial society, with a variety of cottage or collective industries and alternative cur- rencies or systems of barter and local units of trade, and all covered by careful employ- ment of tactical disinformation.

I know this sounds like back to the earth h ippy crap, and it is, sorta. It won't be easy, but frontiers rarely are. Stars or an infinite uni- verse sparkled faintly alongside the moon. Crickets and bullfrogs were speaking in the distance inside a marshy web of murky riv- ers. A night owl hooted m the highest corned tree as several mice scuttled unde-I of a tall 1 tected at thebottom of the tree trunk. All was normal within the marshy terrain or was it? From out of nowhere the fog began to creep its way down upon the marsh, trailing across the full moon and slithering through the marsh weeds.

Out on the biggest of tne endless rivers inside the marsh, sat two old fishermen on a boat. They had fishing lines strung over the sides of the boat, deep down into tne depths of the murky water. They sat speaking in a soft tone about stories of catch- ing fish and stories of how the "big one" gotta away.

The eldest of the two fishermen, Mike Belittle, age sixty-five, was a gentle man when it came to fishing. But otherwise in his old age had a knack ofal ways being set in his ways. No one dared argue with Mike because his short temper always got the better of you. So everyone in the small town of Cape Bedford which stood four miles north From the marsh, let Mike have his way.

The other fisherman. Bob Griffin, age fifty- four, was every child's dream of a grandfa- ther. Bob was a good natured man, always going out of his way to make people happy and doing anything for the towns people of Cape Beafora. As mey sat telling their sto- ries that each has repeated to each other a thousand times, of course each time with one or two more fictious facts added, they sat oblivious to the blackened fog approacning.

Mike stopped at mid-sentence, moments later iust when he was uttering, "You won't be- lieve the size of the fish Fog like this is not to uncom- mon from time to time but never as bad as this during the summer season. For just a split second each of the men felt scared in their hearts but Mike began his story again as if he hadn't stopped telling it. Bob reached out to check his line as Mikes raspy voice ut- tered behind him.

Bob though began to get lost in his own train of thought and soon Mike was inaudible in Bob's ears. Bob cut off Mike, "Hey, remember when we were kids playing out here on the raft we both made ana we were both with those two dames we met back at the soda shop? Mike replied in hesitation, "Sure do Yeah I remember more clearly now, that one girl I fancied, what was her name?

Bob and Mike, frightened, both sat staring at the fog for quite sometime, both became silent, both a little scared, both perspiring on their brows Mike spoke in a low tone, ''We heard screams coming from inside the fog, those screams we thought were other kids on boats out on another river nearby.

Denied her man, their prison visits desecrated by the ever-listening guard. Pikes Peak 5, Colo. The cowards call us cowards, but with you we face the darkness, change its face. The criminals call us criminals, but with you we revive hope, put an end to crime, to prostitution, hunger.

And we give eyes, a voice, ears, a soul, to the heart of man. The racists call us anti-human, but with you we give hate its universal tomb in the city of embraces. They call us so many things. And those who say them forget, they are so stupid, that tomorrow their grandchildren will joyously fall in love with the star-filled letters of your name: revolution.

Gorilla Biscalts. Fraa Will, Oar Cast. Project X. Iaa4 First. Iliad Approach, aara or ideas, photos. Breaks way. Ha For Aa Aaovor. Baao 0 Caataatiao. Oar Caag. Back To lack. Baaaaa To Balisva. Active taayaasa. Trip 1. SO Cl til" T. For lafa saa4 scaapl Aap aspftriag IC pkata- grapkars plaaaa gat la taack Kaap year ayaa apaa far OTC Taya 2.

Their organs were also muti- lated. As the fishing lines began to sink below the murky water, where the hun- dreds of fishing lines had done before, they eventually got snagged on the remains of human skeletons lining the rivers floor as the hundreds of other fishing lines had done the same.

Maybe because they, tne townspeople, do not want to believe such a horrible murder could take place in their town?

Or maybe because no one wanted to believe Satanic cults are real? But Satanic cults are indeed real and murders do occur. It is amazing how man often refuses to be- lieve the impossible. He dares not question the unquestionable out of fear or simply out of his ignorance. Indeed we all must ques- tion the unquestionable to find out whether it may be true or false.

The question of Satanism is one that tends not to be asked. Rather, when the possibilities of such activ- ity arise, for instance, in Los Angeles several years ago when the case of the "night stalker" was being investigated and Satanic symbols were found beside a victim's body.

The na- tional press treated this odd aspect with sensationalism instead of seriousness. Often times, more than it should, the national press or even everyday common citizens view such activity as a ghost story or tall tale. No one actually thinks to themselves, "If indeed some of these murders are done for ritualistic purposes or carried out because of a Satanic belief?

They always find it much easier to label such an action done by a "lone nut" rather an action for a specific reason such as killing for Satanic reasons. Satanism is viewed as the excuse: A small but insignificant number of mass murderers have invoked Satanism to explain their crimes.

But the one thing you really can't figure out is to what extent it is used as an excuse Some people may actually have convinced them- selves that these executions are necessary. I don't know anybody who believes that Satan has any- thing to do with murder If a killer claims the Devil made him do it, either ne is faking or using it The matter must not be taken with a grain a salt but with seriousness to the possibility.

One of the biggest areas of abuse by the Satanic ideal is the abuse of children. This has received the most attention by all kinds f people, than any other area of Satanic nvolvement in a crime. There have been scores of cases of child abuse all over the United States being tainted with Satanism.

Generally when young children come for- ward with stories of drinking: blood and or urine, animal sacrifices, sexual abuse, eating human flesh and so on, they are not believed at first. But when serious investigation commences the findings are startling, for the unbelievable does exist. Well, it could have been made upr Butre- listically, where do two, three or even five l children get the idea to describe such activity? First of all, many of the aspects told such as drinking blood, animal sacri- fices, etc, are indeed common practices amongst some Satanic cults and lend more redibility to such a story, I think this is what mazes me the most when some psycholo- ists, police investigators, defense lawyers or cases that do go to court and so forth onclude that, "Oh, it's a child's imagination one wild " Even though almost every ictim's story is incredibly independently similar, some still remain set not to believe.

Logic would suggest a well organized atanic cult would be careful about leaving traces, keeping everything as secret as pos- sible: w — "AugustAntelope Valley, Califor- nia. A child abuse case turns bizarre when a foster mother reported that three children in her care onfided in her tales of Satanic rites involving murder and the eating of human flesh.

John will remain available to Huibert and the Executive ExxonMobil Catalysts and Licensing LLC and Albemarle Corporation announced today a transformative hydroprocessing suite of catalyst and service solutions for The MOU is for the feasibility The 5, square meter building comprises The 50 kta capacity The new 21,tonne per-year Launched in latethe BioButterfly project aims to produce butadiene from ethanol from biomass plants in order to produce innovative synthetic rubbers Gazprom Neft begins generating solar power at its Omsk refinery.

Ras Tanura Refinery Clean Fuels Project has placed its heaviest and largest piece of equipment — a naphtha splitter column weighing tons. It took Amiral complex mixed feed cracker contract awarded to McDermott. Total and Zhejiang Energy JV to develop the growing low sulfur marine fuel market. ClearSign Combustion receives engineering order from ExxonMobil. ClearSign Combustion Corporation, an emerging leader in industrial combustion technologies that improve energy and operational efficiency while dramatically The Company will be known as Baker Hughes, and on Oct.

The companies will explore opportunities Gazprom Neft establishes subsidiary to develop international marine lubricants business. The new business will manage Air Liquide signs another new long term contract in Kazakhstan. Understanding the financial impact of a collapsed flue gas tunnel in your SMR. The overall influence of tunnels on the flue gas flow in a steam methane reformer has been modeled and documented, and the concept that running a reformer without Yokogawa releases dynamic real time optimizer.

Honeywell announces new smart hearing solution. Honeywell today announced a new smart hearing solution that combines cloud-based software and connected, protective headsets to monitor sound in real time and Clariant Catalysts and Wuxi Xiyuan join forces. Wood grows its chemicals presence in Louisiana and Mississippi. Sunfire partners with Total on highly efficient hydrogen technology.

Sunfire, a leading global cleantech company, has signed a cooperation agreement with the French major energy company Total SA. Sunfire will provide a megawatt-scale The new state of the arttonnes unit is scheduled to be completed Diamond Green expands production capacity using Ecofining Technology from Honeywell. Husky receives approval to begin superior refinery rebuild. The Company has received the required permit approvals to begin reconstruction activities at the site and work is expected to begin immediately.

Alfa Laval wins million natural gas order. Alfa Laval — a world leader in heat transfer, centrifugal separation and fluid handling — has won an order to supply air cooler systems to a gas They decided to deploy their FSRU Michelin, IFPEN, and Axens announce on 26 September the construction of the first industrial-scale prototype of a plant producing butadiene from bioethanol Maximizing Naphtha Through Hydrocracking.

Globally the demand for petrochemicals is increasing at rates nearly 1. In regions where there is a heavy investment in large-scale para-xylene Gas oil vacuum fractionator starts up. A PCS-designed grassroots vacuum fractionation unit has started up successfully and exceeded expectations for throughput and diesel recovery.

This unit was While inaugurating one of the facilities that will increase the STAR Emerson launches most advanced industrial wireless network solution. Emerson is partnering with Cisco to introduce a next-generation industrial wireless networking solution that fundamentally transforms data management to improve Alfa Laval — a world leader in heat transfer, centrifugal separation and fluid handling — has won an order to supply compact heat exchangers to Emerson announces new organisation to focus on digital technologies and programs.

Singapore selects KBR and Argus for major hydrogen feasibility study. KBR and Argus announced today that they have been awarded a contract to conduct a feasibility study on hydrogen imports and downstream applications for Singapore. Chart wins order for marine LNG fueling tanks. McDermott to explore strategic alternatives for Lummus Technology. McDermott International Inc, today announced it recently received unsolicited approaches to acquire all or part of Lummus Technology, McDermott's industry-leading Bharat Petroleum awards multi-technology contract to Chevron Lummus Global.

Fujian Meide selects Honeywell technology to monitor on-purpose propylene production. Honeywell today announced that Fujian Meide Petrochemical Co.

ExxonMobil announces further investment at Fife ethylene plant. Selective hydrogenation is the best technology when it comes to purifying highly valuable olefinic and aromatic streams produced by steam crackers and FCC units. AVEVA, a global leader in engineering and industrial software, today announced the introduction of integrated engineering software designed to help customers PCS named Marathon innovative partner of the year.

Process Consulting Mammoet makes first moves for Saudi chemical plant. Samsung Engineering has contracted Mammoet, the global leader in engineered heavy lifting and transport, to transport and install 49 modules for the construction Watlow Electric Manufacturing Co. Preliminary EPC contract signed for a new ammonia plant in Egypt. Air Liquide to supply hydrogen to Tabangao refinery. Impressive start for Clariant's MegaMax methanol synthesis catalyst. BHGE and C3.

Baker Hughes, a GE company and C3. SUEZ wins wastewater treatment contract in Dongying chemical industry park. Axens and SP3H partnership to develop and commercialise a real-time microanalyzer for liquids. Axens and SP3H have signed a strategic partnership to develop and commercialize an industrial application of the microanalyzer developed by SP3H for the refining, Graham Corporation awarded orders for three projects. Graham Corporation, a global business that designs, manufactures and sells critical equipment for the oil refining, petrochemical and defense industries, today Methanex awards methanol plant license to Johnson Matthey.

International Rotating Equipment Conference: Opportunities outweigh risks in digitisation. On 24 and 25 September the International Rotating Equipment Conference will take place in Wiesbaden for the fourth time.

At this industry meeting, manufacturers Yokogawa acquires RAP International. RAP for Yokogawa to acquire all Nahodka Mineral Fertilizer Plant selects Topsoe as licensor for world-scale methanol plant. Clariant opens High Throughput Experimentation lab in Houston. The location is key LyondellBasell announces agreement for expansion in China. LyondellBasell, one of the largest plastics, chemicals and refining companies in the world today announced it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding MoU Saudi Aramco expands downstream investment in China Zhejiang free trade zone.

Gazprom Neft expands its range of high-tech marine lubricants. Matrix Service Company awarded Puget Sound refinery contract. KBC releases industrial energy transition manifesto. The Manifesto provides deep insight into current Honeywell helps transform Mexican petrochemical leader's operations. Honeywell today announced that Braskem Idesa has adopted a hands-free, wearable connected technology solution at its plant in Veracruz, Mexico.

Topsoe will provide license, basic engineering, catalysts and proprietary hardware for methanol production. In the first stage, Topsoe will provide basic Ammonia plant successfully started up with KBR technology. Gulf Coast. TechnipFMC intends to create two industry leading companies. TechnipFMC plc, today announced its Board of Directors has unanimously approved its plan to separate into two industry-leading, independent, publicly traded ExxonMobil and Mosaic Materials to explore new carbon capture technology.

Mosaic Materials has progressed research on a unique process that uses porous solids, known as metal-organic frameworks, to separate carbon dioxide from air Bilfinger UK has been awarded multi-million-pound contracts to deliver maintenance services for global chemical producer INEOS at two sites in Scotland that Towards Your Low-Carbon Refinery.

Are You… Honeywell Technology selected for PetroChina Guangdong integrated petrochemicals facility. Waltor Tosto send first two Reactors for Anacortes refinery. Chevron Lummus Global announces hydroprocessing award in China. Dow to retrofit Louisiana cracker with fluidized catalytic dehydrogenation technology. Mammoet design input delivers maximum efficiency. Greene Tweed, a leading global manufacturer of high-performance seals, thermoplastics, composites, and engineered components, announces the availability of Emerson expands asset management coverage.

The new unit Orbital Gas Systems wins VE technology sample system contract. CIRCOR International, a worldwide manufacturer of valves for the power generation, industrial, marine and oil and gas markets for over a century, features high-quality KTA butadiene plant built by Wison Engineering starts up successfully. Saudi Aramco invests in Reliance Industries oil to chemicals division. Chevron Lummus Global announces clean fuels award in South Korea.

KBR acquires isomerization technologies to expand octane solutions offerings. ExxonMobil increases synthetic base stock production capacity. ExxonMobil Chemical Synthetics announced today it is responding to customer needs by significantly increasing low viscosity polyalphaolefin synthetic base stocks Worlds largest crude column ships.

Koch-Glitsch acquires Julius Montz. Linde starts up new plant to supply Evonik complex in Singapore. Linde announced today it has started up a new gas production facility supplying methane, hydrogen and carbon dioxide to Evonik Industries' second world-scale Sphera launches New IRM 4. The evolution of Industry 4. AVEVA, a global leader in engineering and industrial software, today launched Unified Operations Center, its command-and-control solution for infrastructure ABB to modernize Shymkent oil refinery.

Emerson helps industry enable digital transformation with new cybersecurity lab. Emerson, a global technology and engineering company, today opened its newest cybersecurity lab to help manufacturers confidently adopt digital transformation Metso expands its valve distributor network with eight partners in Europe. The agreements cover the following companies that It reduces energy costs by providing Grassroots petrochemical complex to be built in Prince George.

Cooperation agreement on industrial scale hydrogenation plants. Frames Group B. KBR announced today that, following a Final Investment Decision from Methanex, approval has been given to begin work on the detailed Engineering, Procurement Air Products, a world-leading industrial gases company, today announced it has recently completed the buyback of two air separation units ASUs from Shanxi Air Liquide strengthens its long term relationship with Shell Chemicals in Canada.

ExxonMobil begins production on Beaumont high-performance polyethylene line. ExxonMobil said today it started production on a new high-performance polyethylene line at its Beaumont, Texas polyethylene plant. The expansion increases plant An extensive delegation of senior representatives of Kazmunaygas and its subsidiaries and refineries will participate in the Downstream Caspian and Central The Group invested 2 million euros in a new production facility Core capabilities are ExxonMobil collaborates to accelerate development of open process automation systems.

ExxonMobil said today it has signed collaboration agreements with six other companies to accelerate the development of Open Process Automation OPA systems. SUEZ E. Film non-phosphate cooling water treatment enters market. SUEZ has developed a new corrosion and scale control chemistry for cooling water.

Frames kerosene treater for Cepsa San Roque refinery. Topsoe to build demonstration plant to produce cost-competitive CO2-neutral methanol.

The demonstration plant, scheduled to be fully operational in the beginning ofis expected to demonstrate that sustainable methanol production from biogas OMV continues to expand petrochemicals business.

McDermott announces startup of worlds largest catalytic dehydrogenation plant. McDermott International, Inc today announced the recent successful startup of the world's largest catalytic dehydrogenation plant, which is located at Hengli Uniseal cryogenic stainless-steel pipe coupling from CPC-Cryolab for extreme low temperatures.

Software upgrades speed predictive maintenance response. Emerson has improved its AMS Machinery Manager predictive maintenance and analysis software with new visibility tools and mobile access to help users more quickly Yokogawa to establish open process automation test bed for ExxonMobil.

AFPM launches ad campaign urging the President to protect refinery jobs. Emerson completes purchase of Zedi's software and automation businesses. KBC to boost triple bottom line performance of Middle East oil refineries. PCS receives patent for crude stabilization process. Process Consulting Services has been granted a patent for a novel crude stabilization process. McDermott International, Inc today announced it and its joint venture member Chiyoda have reached an agreement with Cameron LNG related to the construction Emerson completes Kochi refinery upgrade.

It is the final Liquids and gases under control - this is especially true when there is a risk of explosion. Not only electrical equipment can be affected. Non-electrical equipment NEOS Oxide today confirms its new 1. MMEX Resources Corp, a development stage company focusing on the acquisition, development and financing of oil, gas, refining and infrastructure projects in Haiwan Chemical to license KBR's leading phenol and acetone technology Gazprom Neft develops capacity to increase production of high-octane fuel.

We talked about a newsletter yesterday. Is it possible to include Gazprom Neft develops its fuel-supply terminals network. Chevron Phillips Chemical and Qatar Petroleum to develop petrochemical complex. Stork consortium awarded 4-year turnaround framework agreement by Ecopetrol. Ariel upgrades its mobile training offering.

Ariel Corporation continues to set the standard for training opportunities for the natural gas industry—not only at our world headquarters but on the Weld overlay for coker drums done right. Delayed coker units DCUs operate under extremely harsh conditions, particularly during quench cycles. These can cause cracking, bulging or corrosion of coke LyondellBasell and Neste announce production of bio-based plastic from renewable materials.

LyondellBasell, one of the largest plastics, chemicals and refining companies in the world, and Neste, the world's largest producer of renewable diesel from Grace acquires the business of Rive Technology Inc.

Zachry Group and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries awarded two-train polyethylene unit contract. Metso to introduce advanced flow control practices at Valve World Americas. McDermott awarded paraxylene pX technology contract in China.

Aspen Technology and Hexagon collaborate to accelerate digital transformation. Aspen Technology and Hexagon announce collaboration. Shell agrees to sale of Martinez refinery. Honeywell unveils new approach to engineering industrial control systems. Honeywell today introduced the availability of Honeywell Forge for Industrial, an enterprise performance management software for operational technology that Martin Midstream Partners announces sale of natural gas storage assets.

Martin Midstream Partners L. Eni and Maire Tecnimont to turn waste into new energy. The two companies have signed a partnership agreement to develop and implement a conversion technology, which uses high-temperature gasification to produce Wood secures contract for greenfield petrochemicals project in Oman. Metropolis acquire Crambeth Allen Publishing. All of the Rising Stars is back and we are on the search for our finalists. This is your chance to speak in front of the biggest and most senior downstream audience in Europe where you can share your vision for the industry.

Servomex appoint Keith Warren. Servomex has added to the extensive gas analysis expertise on offer to customers with the appointment of Keith Warren as Product Manager for Process Oxygen Ariel KBK ships as the 60,th reciprocating compressor. New mobile APP for configuring radar level transmitters. Siemens enters Permian gas processing market. Siemens was recently awarded a contract to provide three residue compression trains for two, million million total standard cubic feet per day MMSCFD BASF develops process for climate-friendly methanol.

The production processes of the most important basic chemicals are responsible for around 70 percent of the greenhouse gas emissions in the chemical industry.

MOL awards McDermott petrochemicals technology contract. McDermott International Inc, today announced that it has been awarded a sizeable technology contract by MOL Petrochemicals for the basic engineering, technology ERTC agenda at a glance.

Hyundai Chemical Company, Ltd. VM-PA models Demand for industrial and specialty gases to create investment opportunities. Registering a steady CAGR of 4. C for the debottlenecking of their facility at Sur The insights are produced Emerson introduces new 2-wire coriolis flow meter. Emerson has released the Micro Motion 2-wire loop-powered Coriolis transmitter, a new design that makes it possible to replace existing 2-wire flow devices McDermott awarded polypropylene technology contract in India.

KBR, Inc. Chevron Lummus Global announces delayed coking award in India. HRRL for the license and extended The contracts, secured by Bilfinger's Zeeland refinery bridges gap in planning and scheduling with Aspen Technology. Clariant and Wuxi Xiyuan win further contracts for formaldehyde production projects. Clariant, a focused and innovative specialty chemical company, today announced that it will be collaborating with its engineering partner, Wuxi Xiyuan, in two Topsoe releases its sustainability report.

The launch of the new KBR brand includes a new ExxonMobil announces Baytown chemical expansion project. KBR awarded maintenance services contract by Sadara. Eastham Refinery selects terminal automation solution from Emerson. Sulzer acquires GTC Technology.

GTC Technology acquired by Sulzer. Chevron completes acquisition of Pasadena Refining System Inc. Chevron U. A Inc, a wholly owned subsidiary of Chevron Corporation, today announced that it has completed the acquisition from Petrobras America Inc. Mammoet opens new facility in the Port of Antwerp. New manifold valve design for pressure transmitters improves ergonomics and reliability.

Topsoe scientist receives prestigious award. Wood has secured a new contract with SABIC to deliver the engineering design for a world-class petrochemical research centre in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Transforming process engineering through innovation. Zhanjiang Steela subsidiary Wood grows chemicals business with new contract in Germany.

Rompetrol accelerates digital transformation strategy with Aspen Technology Software. Mammoet keeps major Spanish refinery upgrade on track.

Emerson speeds development and tuning of plant digital twins. New modelling capabilities, Burckhardt Compression to equip mega-plants with Hyper compressors in China. Burckhardt Compression has signed in the last months contracts to equip three production lines for synthetics with Hyper Compressors. Each of these petrochemical Learning from the past, and looking to the future of downstream at Chevron.

McDermott awarded petrochemicals contract in Kuwait. The efficient prevention and minimization TOYO awarded propylene splitter project in Japan. Chevron announces agreement to acquire Anadarko. Chevron Corporation announced today that it has entered into a definitive agreement with Anadarko Petroleum Corporation to acquire all of the outstanding shares Delta Controls acquires the Mobrey range of instruments from Emerson.

Delta Controls, based in Farnham, UK, announced today it has signed an agreement to purchase the Mobrey line of measurement products manufactured in Slough, PTT Global Chemical selects hte to evaluate hydroprocessing catalysts. Interface measurements in desalters are often regarded as not being very critical, even though every drop of oil, to be refined, passes through the desalter.

Emerson acquires KNet software. Oil rigs, LNG and regasification facilities, hydrogen and supercritical CO2 stations depend on heat exchange solutions that can withstand extreme temperatures Elliott Group completes merger of Ebara International Corporation. Chevron Lummus Global announces delayed coking contract in India.

Swagelok releases low-temperature option for RHPS series regulators. Swagelok, a leading solutions provider of fluid system products, assemblies, and services, has announced the release of a new low-temperature seal option.

Port Arthur refinery selects coking technology from Wood. Wood has been awarded an engineering, procurement and construction support services contract for the installation of a 55, barrels per day, four drum delayed Web-based control system sets new standards in the process industry. Siemens sets new standards in process automation and is launching an innovative web-based process control system for all industries at the Hannover Messe.

Sinopec successfully starts up largest composite ionic liquid alkylation unit. A contract confirming the partial acquisition Wood leads first-of-a-kind project aimed at reducing CO2 emissions.

BASF opens innovative research center for catalysts and processes in Ludwigshafen. BASF today officially opened a pioneering research center at the heart of the Verbund site in Ludwigshafen, close to the famous Ammonia Lab. This new pilot Equinor's bet on digital transformation with digital center of excellence. Mammoet delivers vital components for major Trinidad plant. Following its completion, the facility is expected to produce one million tons of methanol and 20 thousand tons of dimethyl ether per year, supplying next-generation In preparation for the CIS Gas Monetisation conference, Globuc — the organizing company has put together an overview of the key upcoming projects in the Borouge is a joint venture between Abu Dhabi Chevron Phillips Chemical to study potential expansion of 1-Hexene.

The addition would expand normal alpha olefins McDermott announces ethylene award in Russia. McDermott International, today announced that it has been awarded a large technology contract for the basic engineering and licensing of Irkutsk Oil Company's Chart Industries, Inc, a leading diversified global manufacturer of highly engineered equipment for the industrial gas and energy industries, and Indian Oil Fluor JV completes construction work on Sasol project in Louisiana.

Fluor Corporation announced today that its joint venture with TechnipFMC has successfully completed its engineering, procurement and construction management Honeywell and Wood to offer solutions through the Honeywell connected plant platform. Honeywell and Wood will work together through the Honeywell Connected Plant platform to commercialize digital services that help refiners and petrochemical SABIC and hte extend partnership. On March 13,SABIC and hte extended plans for collaboration for five more years to increase efficiency through digitalization and high throughput technologies Frames to provide desalters to Duna refinery.

Frames has been awarded a contract to supply two desalters electrostatic coalescers to leading Hungarian oil and gas company MOL Group for the Duna Refinery Total selects Roll Group to transport 24 modules for its Ethane cracker project.

The transport will cover seven single voyages, Axens and ExxonMobil Catalysts and Licensing sign alliance agreement. New global heads of Systems and Service appointed. Servomex has enhanced service and support for customers around the world with two new senior appointments.

Based in Houston, Shelley Moore becomes Global Plastics manufacturer in Vietnam selects Honeywell technology to produce propylene. IndianOil selects Emerson to modernize refinery. This marks the 21st year for the conference, which has paved the way for implementing safety protocols, Today, Haldor Topsoe, a world leader in high-performance catalysts and proprietary technologies, and the connected plant leader Honeywell announced a technology Axens acquires a stake in Arol Energy.

Axens has announced that it has taken an equity interest in the French company Arol Energy, an expert in biogas purification systems. Arol Energy has many ExxonMobil to fund polypropylene unit to expand Baton Rouge operations. ExxonMobil said today that it will fund the construction of a new polypropylene production unit in Baton Rouge that will expand production capacity along the Praxair to build new world scale hydrogen plant in Louisiana.

Praxair, Inc. Elliott opens new manufacturing facility in India. Elliott Group is pleased to announce the grand opening of its new manufacturing facility in Bengaluru, India.

The new factory shares the same campus as the Preem award carbon capture project to Aker Solutions. Aker Solutions will conduct a feasibility study of the technological and economic impact of implementing carbon capture of major emission source at Preemraff Petro-SIM 7 is also being released today Borouge awards contracts for fourth phase of Ruwais petrochemicals complex.

Borouge, a leading petrochemicals company that provides innovative, value creating plastics solutions, has awarded TechnipFMC, Maire Tecnimont and WorleyParsons Fully renewable plastic bottle significantly closer to reality. Ltd GSEM today announced a multi-year agreement to recover metals from spent KBR, Inc announced today it has been awarded a reimbursable contract by ExxonMobil to provide detailed engineering, procurement, and construction services for BASF and Linde announce natural gas processing technology collaboration.

DuoSeries LB is the radiometric level measurement from Berthold in true 2-wire technology, which is now also available with radiation interference detection Wood awarded contract to design largest single site refinery.

Ammonia can become the CO2-free fuel of the future. Today, ammonia is mostly known as an indispensable fertilizer ingredient. Rockwell Automation and Schlumberger enter JV agreement. Mammoet completes milestone lift at Shell petrochemical plant. The facility is the first major U. The opening ceremony Gazprom Neft introduces digital energy standards in its refining operations. Fluor to design and build new Valvoline lubricants facility in China.

Velocys ammends agreement with Red Rock Biofuels. Clariant, a world leader in specialty chemicals, today announced the successful performance of its StyroMax UL3 ethylbenzene dehydrogenation catalyst at the Servomex has strengthened its global sales support for customers with the appointments of three new Regional Sales Managers RSMs.

Jesse Underwood and Rodney Meridian establishes site control for Permian Basin refinery. Meridian Energy Group, Inc. The aftermath of the IIoT and Digital Solutions for Oil and Gas conference has revealed several key takeaways regarding digitalization in oil and gas.

Eni and SABIC today signed a Joint Development Agreement to further develop an innovative technology for natural gas conversion into synthesis gas that can Alfa Laval, a world leader in heat transfer, centrifugal separation and fluid handling — has won an order to supply compact heat exchangers to a refinery Malaysian refinery selects Rotork Client Support Programme. ClearSign Combustion Corporation, an emerging leader in industrial combustion technologies that improve energy and operational efficiencies while dramatically Servomex appoints new Business Transformation and Planning Director.

He will take on responsibility FLIR launches its first uncooled methane gas detection camera. This handheld camera offers inspection KBC launches new release of high-fidelity analytics technology. It will allow KBR awarded contract refinery debottlenecking project. Axens continues its development and takes on a new identity.

Following the acquisition of Heurtey Petrochem and Prosernat, Axens expands its portfolio of solutions and introduces its new brand architecture, identity and The award was TechnipFMC has been awarded a large reimbursable contract by ExxonMobil for detailed engineering, procurement, and construction for the recently announced crude Toyo Engineering Korea awarded petrochemical project in Thailand.

TOYO awarded petrochemical project in Russia. Irving Oil announces successful acquisition of Top Oil. Canadian-owned Irving Oil announced today its acquisition of the Tedcastle group of companies, an Irish-based energy marketing and distribution organization, The conference will focus on the syngas and nitrogen Chevron agrees with Petrobras to buy Pasadena Refinery System.

Kelvion launches two new products Hot Line - Various - Midnight Movers (Vinyl transforming waste heat into energy. Industrial facilities and power plants generate waste heat that is usually released into the air. Kelvion has the solutions for how 2 Recover Waste Heat with UCC Shchekinoazot has approved the results of a recent guarantee test run which confirmed that the plant delivered the guaranteed production volumes with the PRC Europe introducing additional sessions.

Being focused on middle- and senior-level directors, Wabag to design and build a desalination plant at Mangalore refinery. Cyndie M. Fredrick, Sr. Merichem Company announced today the appointment of Cyndie Fredrick to the position of Sr. Independent research firm recognises Petrotechnics. Sphera, the largest global provider of Integrated Risk Management software today announces that Petrotechnics, a Sphera company, has been named a leader in Tracerco has added to its award-winning range of advanced nucleonic instrumentation by announcing the launch of HyperionTM.

Designed using innovative scintillator Bilfinger awarded prestigious contract for gas treatment facility. KG has awarded a major contract to Bilfinger for the engineering, assembly, and commissioning of a complete deodorization Honeywell technology and controls selected for largest petrochemicals project in China. Honeywell announced today that Zhejiang Petrochemical Co. Siemens to supply industrial gas turbines for gas processing facility in Alberta.

Siemens was recently selected to supply two SGT industrial gas turbines for an established Montney producer in Alberta, Canada. The equipment order, placed Emerson's automation training solutions aims to close skill gap for digital industrial workers. Scalable Performance Learning Platform provides training to current and future workers on advanced instrumentation and control technologies using real plant-like This agreement The investment is a game changer Today, PJSC Nizhnekamskneftekhim and Haldor Topsoe signed contracts for license and engineering services for a new methanol unit with a capacity ofPetrofac secures engineering design services contract in Brunei.

Petrofac, as technical service provider, and its partner Serikandi Oilfield and Services Sdn Bhd, have secured a multi-annual Engineering Design Services contract The tests confirm that the Emerson releases Severe Service app for optimised control valve maintenance.

Emerson has released its Severe Service app developed for process control engineers in need of quick and easy control valve diagnosis and maintenance for the Practical pathway for digital transformation. How to unlock the full potential of Big Data and Analytics?

Is Digital Twin technology ready for What will be discussed at the petrochemical forum in Moscow. The organizer of the largest petrochemical business forum in Russia, Globuc, has announced the dates for the 7th annual conference.

The event will be held in BP to expand its petrochemical presence in Korea. DuPont Clean Technologies is pleased to announce the successful performance test of a 3. Metso celebrates groundbreaking ceremony for new valve technology center in China. Metso announced on October 26, its decision to invest in a new greenfield valve technology center in Jiaxing, China. The groundbreaking ceremony for the Meridian hold engineering summit for Davis refinery with Axens and McDermott.

Emerson releases AMS inspection rounds. Shell starts production at new petrochemicals unit in US Gulf Coast. Alfa Laval wins natural gas order. Alfa Laval, a world leader in heat transfer, centrifugal separation and fluid handling — has won an order to supply air cooler systems to a gas processing JGC awarded high-performance synthetic resin production plant project.

JGC Corporation announces that it has been awarded the contract for the construction of chemical plants that will be the foundation of a high-performance synthetic Neste award renewable products facility expansion contract to TechnipFMC. TechnipFMC has been awarded a significant Engineering, Procurement support and Construction management services contract by Neste for the expansion of their First phase of Heydar Aliyev Refinery modernization completed.

BASF invests in new mobile emissions catalysts production facility in Shanghai. The new 30,square-meter facility will The proposed facility, in Aliaga in western Turkey, would produce 1. TOYO awarded petrochemical project in Indonesia. McDermott awarded two polypropylene technology contracts in India. IOCL for the license Alfa Laval acquires technology to further drive sustainable energy solutions. Alfa Laval — a world leader in heat transfer, centrifugal separation and fluid handling — today announces that it has signed an agreement to acquire KBR announces a new propane dehydrogenation technology.

Emerson acquires Advanced Engineering Valves. Emerson today announced it has acquired Advanced Engineering Valves A. Valvesa leading manufacturer of innovative valve technology that helps LNG customers Honeywell to provide modular gas treating plant to Cogent Midstream.

When completed Emerson completes acquisition of iSolutions Inc. Emerson has acquired iSolutions Inc. Alfa Laval wins energy-efficiency order. Matrix Service to construct ionic alkylation unit at Salt Lake City refinery. Sulzer Chemtech, specialists in solutions and services for separation and mixing technologies, has completed in record time a range of column revamp projects The hydrogen plant is slated to begin operation in the second quarter ofand basic engineering has already begun.

Topsoe delivers all equipment, including Blasch Precision Ceramics, Inc. Burckhardt Compression strengthens service activities in Central Europe. Burckhardt Compression is pleased to announce the opening of a new Service Center for the area of Central Europe, as per December 1, The Service Center This modern version Woodside selects Jacobs to deliver brownfields engineering and procurement services. Jacobs Engineering Group Inc. Rotterdam refinery expansion enters final stage.

KBR awarded ammonia plant revamp contract in India. Haldor Topsoe opens office in Indonesia. Today, Topsoe cemented its presence in Indonesia by officially opening an office in Jakarta. While customers in the petrochemical industry have known and benefited Air Liquide to build first world scale liquid hydrogen production plant.

Saudi Aramco downstream strategy to combine organic growth with strategic acquisitions. Level measurement in refineries from Berthold. Is your refinery operating at max capacity? For safe and efficient control of your refining process, you need to be able to reliably measure various parameters Emerson releases severe service app for optimized control valve maintenance.

Linde awarded contract for largest LNG plant in China. ExxonMobil awards design contract of petrochemical complex to Maire Tecnimont. The new equipment Elevate Midstream acquires gas gathering, treating and processing assets. Tidewater awards a fabrication and construction contract to WorleyParsons. ProSep, an industry-leading, technology and service provider for integrated process solutions to the global energy industry, has announced the first refinery Linde receives major order from Praxair to supply a hydrogen plant in the U.

The technology company The Linde Group has signed a contract with U. TechnipFMC technology is heart of new mega cracker on U.

Praxair signs hydrogen supply agreement for Phillips 66 Sweeny refinery. Honeywell today announced that Wanhua Chemical Group Co. Emerson to modernise Sonatrach gas processing plant in Algeria. Duqm refinery receives multi-source project financing.

Johnson Matthey win top oil and gas award at IChemE awards Sonatrach selects technologies from Honeywell UOP. Honeywell announced today that Sonatrach S. Ltd RunyinMetso to increase its valve production capacity in China.

To respond to the growing global demand in the valve market, Metso has decided to invest in a new green-field valve technology center in Jiaxing, China. Intelligently predict and prevent corrosion across your operations. Petrofac, Saipem and Samsung consortium awarded refinery project in Thailand. Petrofac, the international oil and gas services provider, leading a consortium with Saipem S.

EPA awards grants to reduce harmful diesel emissions in California. The U. Honeywell launches Honeywell BW Solo. Emerson helps refiner safely and successfully deliver megaproject. KBC establishes energy and sustainability co-pilot hub in Singapore. Dangote refinery project to boost activities in downstream.

Babatunde Paul Ruwase has described as magnificent and spectacular the impact the Dangote Servomex appoints new Vice President of Sales. Durasorb provides gas XOS launches Petra series autosampler. XOS has announced the worldwide release of Petra Series Autosampler, an automatic sampler with sample tracking and continuous sample loading. The autosampler New technology advances lead Anellotech to announce commercial plant engineering plans.

EuroChem opens new fertilizer plant in Lithuania. EuroChem Group AG, a leading global fertilizer producer, announces the formal opening of a new production plant for highly efficient, water-soluble fertilizers Petrotechnics launches operational excellence survey.

Reactor Resources Europe, B. RxR has finalized the acquisition of Actisulf SAS, a leading provider of catalyst sulfiding and activation services to E. Axens NA selected as tecgnology provider for final process designs at Davis refinery. Meridian Energy Group has selected Axens as the technology provider for the final stages of basic engineering design for its 49, BPD Davis refining complex Saudi Aramco and Total launch engineering studies fot giant petrochemical complex.


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