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Cotonete - Colico / Kusari Gama Kill - Split (CDr) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Published 12.10.2019

Download Cotonete - Colico / Kusari Gama Kill - Split (CDr)
Label: Mierda En La Cabeza - melc:0028 • Format: CDr • Country: Ecuador • Genre: Electronic, Rock • Style: Grindcore, Noise

They're probably my favorite band from that Ecuador scene. The guitarist of Cacasonica is also in Kriminalistika, who aren't so great on this release. Drum machine grindcore with direct-sounding guitars and gore vocals. I don't remember them sounding like this on the other releases I have.

We recorded a bunch of harsh noise stuff and only ended up using about half of it, so I asked my friend Charles if he wanted to do a split with them since they wouldn't fit in with any of our other leftover songs. Some of these leftover songs aren't terrible, but a couple of them are one-dimensional and boring. Distant Trains give us two tracks. The first is sort of a digital HC song with a nice trumpet break and a droney part towards the end.

It's a forced pairing for a split, but it works okay. We made 50 copies of this thing, still a bunch left. You should buy one so Charles doesn't regret releasing it through his label. That miserable, sloppy, sad-stack style only works when it's applied to songs about desperation and drunkennessnot cover versions of punk rock songs.

I don't listen to this one very often. Normally 78 minutes would be way too long for just about anything, but this is quality entertainment from start to finish. Lovely hand stamped brown paper bag packaging adorns this thing, as minimal as the music is. I've run out of things to listen to on my iPod, so I finally listened to it today.

It's as painful as I thought it would be. Not bad, just really fucking harsh and super long. I can do about 20 minutes of harsh noise before I've had my fill, so 77 minutes was a real endurance test. There was plenty of variety throughout, but all of it was unrelenting.

This Cedric's Lettuce stuff would have fit in perfectly on the Stupidity Records catalog back in the 90s. Maybe it's because I've been talking about Billy a lot recently, but this sounds like some of the T. Not the great shit-talking stuff, but his other noisy efforts. They're not too different, actually, just with a drum machine instead of a live drummer. It's total chaos the whole time, second chunks of noisecore.

Their tracks, or course, are all super short and really stupid with crazy vocals, all around 5 seconds long. I'm really digging this because I haven't listened to them in a while. Audicion Irritable were one of the first noisecore bands I ever heard and they're legends in the South American noise scene. Their tracks on here are great. The vocals are inhuman sounding, guitar barely audible and the drums are doing snare-only blasting most of the time.

I'm not familiar enough with them to know if this is exclusive material or not, but most of their stuff would be impossible to find today anyway, so fuck it. Great split!

Colico tracks are great, like always, but the above description could be dropped in here and it would be fitting. I've said it before, but Cacasonica were one of the best bands in recent years. This stuff is great, really noisy, but with lots of great HC parts that hold everything together. I had a bunch of these for sale at one point and got a lot of feedback from people who loved it.

See above KGK, from Denmark, are great. It's nice hearing a new approach to noisecore. I assume all of this stuff is constructed on a computer and vocals are added later. There are "riffs", but no guitars.

Lots of wacky shit going on at all times and heaping amounts of noise dumped over everything. I don't own a lot of their releases, but I love everything I have. I hope to do something with them soon on Mortville. Menso Noise are also from Ecuador. I have a couple of their releases, but couldn't get into any of them. This stuff is really, really sloppy and jokey - cut up with Metallica covers? Sounds like it might be a solo project. It's not terrible, but it's also not something I'd chose to listen to willingly.

As a teenager I loved these guys. I don't like it as much now, but I still enjoy a good chunk of their music. That late 80s Berkley scene was the first real underground music I got into after thrash metal and Crimpshrine were one of the better bands in that scene.

I still have all of my old Lookout 7"s I bought as a teenager. As I got older I came to realize their lyrics were pretty stupid, but the drumming and bass playing was always really good.

Jeff's vocals are raspy and a strange pairing with this music, but it works somehow. My attention started to drift half way though this, though.

Sure, but 72 minutes is way too long. I may have listened to this 3 or 4 times after burning this CD. I doubt I'll listen to it again anytime soon. I've never watched Mr. Show because I don't pay for premium channels, I was sick of people telling me how awesome it was all the time and, frankly, I could never get past David Cross' stupid fucking face to give it a chance.

So I listened to this today with a closed mind and didn't enjoy it at all. I think I cracked a smile once or twice, but there were no laughs to be had. Accepting demos and promos is all part of running a label. Most of the time they're terrible, but I try to listen to all of them all the way through.

I can't imagine anyone from the band sent me this, and I was never in contact with Unique Leader Records, so my possession of this is a mystery to me. Well, the drumming is really solid on here. It's a bit boring, but precise. The guitars aren't really doing anything interesting and I can't hear the bass guitar at all.

The vocals are okay, I guess, most of the time, but the pitch-shifted vocals on the third song are really stupid. I think I prefer E. It's the same sort of thing, but shorter and noisier. It does sort of suffer from every track sounding the same, but it's noisecore and 4 minutes long, so who gives a shit. Anal Cake fuck, what a dumb name don't sound all that different.

The drum machine is more prominent in the mix and the vocals are pitch-shifted, but it's a complete mess just like E. The first 10 minutes is a tense build-up with noisy guitar solos and a barely audible distorted voice that took me a while to figure out what it was, exactly.

It gives way to some noise and heavily treated vocals at the halfway mark that take us to the end. Essentially, Electro-Mud and Ass are the same band as they consist of the same two people. I've never understood why people need to start a different project for a genre change, but Electro-Mud are great. Their CD, split LP and this 3" have all been great. I hope Matt and Poopy record more stuff like this. It's really minimal, guitar heavy and with lots of emphasis on repetitive, pounding drums.

I've written about M. Same here. It's very 90s sounding, sometimes sort of power metal-ish, occasionally doomy. These three songs were really good, though. No clue if that's what F2RC stands for or not, but it blew my mind seeing it today. This is a short CD with no cover art, just a postage stamp-sized insert with a track listing and contact info inside of a sandwich bag.

Not quite noise, but definitely experimental music that sounds like it Cotonete - Colico / Kusari Gama Kill - Split (CDr) all recorded with a drum machine, bass and a guitar with a lot of effects. This is loose and jammy with no real structure, but it doesn't feel directionless.

It's all fairly mellow, so I enjoyed listening to it. It's hard to judge this on it's musicianship or skill because neither are showcased here.

Just noodling and tinkering around with sounds. I've listened to this 4 or 5 times since getting it and it's solid. I played it for my friend Brian on the drive back from seeing Deicide, told him who was involved with the project, and he was taken aback by how "straight" it sounded.

The guitars have a nice Swedish death metal tone on these recordings. Occasionally the riffing is a little too black metal sounding for me, but it slips right back into sludgy, chunky Autopsy-like death metal effortlessly. The drumming is tighter than on the other promo I have, too.

My only real complaint is that the vocals are a little overbearing, but I suppose that was intentional. There's almost always two vocals tracks at any given moment, sometimes three or more. This is really good other than that.

This one was recorded live, too, but sounds a little hollow compared to the Christmas album they did. The playing is all rock-solid on this.

I'd prefer that this was all instrumental, but Dan sings on a couple of songs. His voice is a full baritone and he sings well, but I'm not crazy about vocals over jazz music. I can't remember his name now, but we used to trade in the 90s and chatted a bunch on Yahoo. This is great harsh noise stuff before the "wall" was added to the genre rag and everything became boring.

Noisers used to harsh out and still add some variety to their sounds once upon a time. His tracks went by quickly and held my interest throughout. Koryphaia are more ambient sounding with lots of slow, scraping metal sounds. The second track is a long, sizzling piece of electronics. This whole this was great.

I think either Food or Poopy might be involved with this, too, but I'm not sure. Matt threw this in with the trade as it was just released. Erik's voice sounds a lot like Food's. I never noticed how close they sounded until today. This was only 30 minutes long, but it was difficult to listen to. I lost interest in it after a couple of songs. The Pink Floyd cover was a lot of fun, though.

Sorry guys Luckily, they're all entertaining. The more I hear, the more I appreciate it. These songs are well written and catchy, even if the the playing is sloppy most of the time. Food's lyrics are clever and funny and his lazy vocal delivery fits this sloppy punk perfectly, Cotonete - Colico / Kusari Gama Kill - Split (CDr). Other than that, it's consistent with the above release.

My copy says this is limited to 10 copies with a color Cotonete - Colico / Kusari Gama Kill - Split (CDr). They're just as good, in my opinion. This is mostly droney, but there's lots of texture within. A couple of the tracks have sort of a mid eastern feel, though not sure if that was intentional or not.

I'm guessing these things just sort of develop as they may depending on the day. I've been in Cotonete - Colico / Kusari Gama Kill - Split (CDr) grip since I started playing it. Nice, lush ambient drone drenched in s kraut influence. The sounds are so fucking clean on here and everything sounds perfect. Lots of buzzing, disturbing bits throughout and passages that remind me of the summer segment from Wendy Carlos' great "Sonic Seasonings" 2LP. The Cluster influence is undeniable, but this isn't a straight-up copy.

It's a lot darker, more moody than anything I've heard Cluster do. No clue what he used to create these sounds, but there's some sparse guitar here and there that brings this back down to Earth reminding us that a human is responsible for these extraterrestrial sounds.

Totally captivating stuff here, no kidding. The gaps between songs are tightened-up and the recording is more powerful sounding, too. One of the best noisecore bands going, if he's still going, that is. Chadburger is a four piece from Korea!!! The quality is low, because this song was recorded live with an mp3 player, but they seem very intense and passionate.

Their track is a linear track with a short bass drone and a little variation in the end. Not so much to talk about…. What a mistake. They play a really cool power violence induced grindcore with a very messy production.

Music-wise they are very intense and nervous, playing without guitar and letting bass gaining all the attention. One of my favorite things about this band are vocals, splitted between pissed off vocals and grunts very similar to Lack Of Interest.

Cool band! This song is just like a series of 4 short blasts played in a very cool way as you can clearly hear the talent this guy has in composing grind tunes. This song is a super fast grindcore track, with pretty canonic alternation between screaming and grunting. It reminds me a lot early Denak, with the speed factor that we learned to love, Not bad at all! Anyway, their style is as standard as it can sound, but they still manage to sound fresh and interesting!

Live recording. Anyway, they play a very harsh kind of noisecore, with what it seems some actual instruments melted with bended circuits, bleeps and vomiting vocals.

Pretty cool mix that will surely make some of your brain cells die! This song is a digital mayhem of square waves, loops and a strange loop in the end. Vocal wise it delivers an harsh and pissed off bunch of vocal lines, which remind me an effect driven version of the ones from early Total Fucking Destruction. Amazing violence and nevrotic mood inducing! This track is very short but manages to put you in a very bad mood, with a sort of paranoia and unpleasent feeling crawling on your spine.

Amazing way to go through the digital nervous breakdown of Tea Party Violence and the following noise from Kusari Gama Kill. Bleeps, bent waves, noises, distortions, digital drum patterns. Everything on this track is well balanced and co-operate to create a funny and entertaining song, topped with a metal sounding not the genre, the material! Amazing, as always! Great stop and go galore!

Can I say I really like the way the bass acts as an ending note between noise and silence? Blast Femur is a pretty obscure band? I dunno. Anyway this song is just acoustic guitar with a woman speaking on it. It gets you in something like an alert mode, with the eerie melodies flowing in your ears like melted wax. Strange, at least on this compilation, but really cool sound! They almost invented a genre we love, so I just have to bend my head and resepct.

All hail 7MON! They mix in a very cool way grindcore, goregrind and noisecore, with core structures, gore sounds especially vocals and pounding drums and noise approach. They can be compared to a more extreme and noise induced version of Super Fun Happy Slide in demo years. Papaconia is a Japanese one man project from the sick mind of Gokkun, delivering thirty seconds of eardrums-destroying noise. He managed to build up a solid concrete wall of noise with a guitar, noise effects, a constant fading fx, pissedd off vocals and, from what I can hear, a drum machine.

You can bet on the quality of this band! Shatter Dead is a new name to me, but they manage to catch my attention and my pleasure, with their awesome grindcore drenched in noise and old school galore. These three tracks display their blind fury used in composing traditional and aswesome earlys grindcore tunes. The Belgium grindcore godfathers deliver one relatively new tune, Abrir Las Puertas, recorded during their tour in South America during That means they should have featured the always missed Tony in their line up… This track is pure mincing grindcore which revels in fuzzy and noisy awesomeness.

If you like grindcore you must know what this is all about, so just enjoy this song and bang your head! Distortions are over the top, covering each note knee deep in noise. They are quite big right now, playing with bands like Naam and Sea Of Bones, so expect to heir the name Batillus quite often in the near future. This track is despising, with its haunting lullabie-like rhytmn and the dark atmospheres it can create. Nice one!

After a female voice as an intro, the noise starts to kick in, with distorted blasts, noisy frequencies, bleeps and so on. The main feature is the vocals, dominated by a super pitched speech and sampled grunts. Lyrics deal with pro-wrestling topics.

Music wise Captain Chris Andrews delivers a whirlwind of straight to the point drums coupled with AMAZING guitar riffings, full of solos and great licks which reminded me a lot the likes of Frightmare and Fondlecorpse!!!

Greats tuff indeed. Everything is created upon a super funny Spanish voice who introduces sexual topics with some cheesy porn music, interrupted by the band which delivers their usual amount of noise, created by guitar shredding, weird drumming and wacky vocals, switching among grunts, shrieks, clean screams and well, you name it… Colico rules and can always bring a smile to my face!

Good band! My girlfriend collects stuff from Hello Kitty. My girlfriend works in the Hello Kitty Store. This two pieces from Baltimore delivers a cool grinding noisecore, built apon some simple drums blasts, with linear riffing, fuzzy vocals and some noise programming. The final result is a quite regular but enjoyable noisecore, in the vein of early Cripple Bastards. Give em a try! These Aussie fuckers can destroy everything with their amazing blend of old school grindcore full throttle mayhem and gore-tasting guitar work.

Great band, just reformed! Ataque Cardiaco is a Brazilian two pieces which delivers a tremendous grindcore track, with great riffing and top notch drumming, while vocals are splitted in classic grunts and pissed off shrieks.

This band is really good and I really look forward some of their releases! The final result is a little bit disappointing at first but the annoying feeling that they create grows on you and after some listenings you will end up liking this shit. Weird but cool! They use an acoustic guitar and a weird trumpet to play booze induced melodies topped with drunk vocals. This stuff is addicting. Hailing from Ohio, this four-piece delivers an incredible amount of sheer brutality with their trademark guitar work oriented full speed grindcore.

The drummer is really good, with a lot of tempo changes between slow patterns and fast blastbeats. Guitars are quite in the background but the wall noise they manage to create is amazing.

Vocal wise they usually stick to an acid screaming, but sometimes a low grunt kicks in adding variety value. Good tune! Despite the project being more about deep space and chemistry, when the melody kicks in the first thought that came to my mind is : western movie. Cool project indeed. I really wanna talk about music but this track is just someone pretending to be a goat and screaming here and there.

This live recording show a band in perfect shape, with the usual amount of good riffs and over the top drumming. Even if these songs are quite simple and surely not the best of their career they display how great bands work : even a perfectly regular song can be played in an amazing way and be a blast for everyone. All hail Mesrine! This Belgian sicko uses a drum machine to create a solid base on which build a guitar and growling wall of noise.

Vocal wise he uses pitchshifted grunts to enhanche the sick factor. Anyway, this project is very harsh, using drums, guitars, maybe bass, electronics and weird vocals to create an unclimbable wall of noise nd brutality. The vocals reminded me a lot those of Melt Banana and this idea adds a weird atmosphere to the song, creating a strange cross-genre feeling. Cool song!

I really love how drums sound on this song, so pounding and ready to strike you between the eyes. Another band to look after!

This song is really intense and sounds just like the efforts from Agoraphobic Nosebleed before the crapsterpiece Agorapocalypse, just with a very weird and cool sounding robot-like voice. Rectal Twat is an amazing band with an incredible amount of releases under its belt. On this song they try to sound more constructed, with 23 seconds of very cool grinding noisecore, with super fuzzy guitars and almost punkish drums. Vocal wise Rectal Twat sticks to a pissed off acid screaming, couple sometimes with a deep barking.

Rectal Twat rules! I have to admit but probably you made up the same idea that I really love this way Cotonete - Colico / Kusari Gama Kill - Split (CDr) play grind, ehehhe. Deranged Insane managed to sound fresh and somewhat NEW in a strict environment like old school grindcore.

Really reccomended. This song is fast, pissed off, groovy and yet full of nervous spasms, Cotonete - Colico / Kusari Gama Kill - Split (CDr).

Not much my genre, but this track is very enjoyable. They try to hide themselves into an huge amount of distortions and effects, but to me they sound like a noise drenched pitcshifted version of a early days grindcore band made up by HUGE fans of Rupture.

Nice song, nice groove and capable to bring a smile to your face! Vomir is a legend of hars noise wall scene. He hails from France and delivers a concrete wall of almost 30 seconds of unrelenting, hopeless and ear destroying HNW. High distortion level, pure noise attitude and a no-light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel approach. Wadge is a great band, with an unique approach to their music and a strong personality.

Being this compilation something like a fare thee well to Mortville records, I think Last Train To Mortville is an amazing way to salute an amazing label that was never stuck to one genre and always chose the way of experimentalism and passion-driven releases.

Wadge track is very, very good and super funny, but probably you already know that by now! Posted in Reviews Tags: Various Artists. Check out a review of the comp here and visit Mortville for more information and to order a […]. Thanks again man! Andres Wade said this on January 7, at am Reply. Sid said this on February 20, at pm Reply. Great review! This is your GPS in smashed notes.

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