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A truck heads towards Ben, but Ben crashes his hoverboard and the Omnitrix zaps the truck, which veers into the forest. Ben runs to it, but a branch falls on him and traps him. Ben then sees a To'kustar and it tries to step on him, but Tetrax stops Ben The Destroyer and frees Ben. Ben tries to transform into Way Big, but he transforms into Stinkfly instead.

Stinkfly flies to the Tokustar's head, but the Omnitrix times out early and Stinkfly reverts back into Ben and falls. Ben grabs onto the fin and the Omnitrix flashes, causing the To'kustar to then disappear. Ben falls to the ground, but Tetrax manages to catch Ben. Meanwhile, Gwen and Max are ready to leave and go fishing when Carl calls Max and says that Ben is gone. Max tells Carl that he'll find him. Back in the forest, Tetrax thinks that the To'kustar is connected to Azmuth and Ben says that they should search for Azmuth.

After they enter into Tetrax's ship, Tetrax activates a setting on the Omnitrix, but he won't tell Ben about what it is. The ship takes off and Ben is excited to be on an adventure.

The ship is shot in the atmosphere and then a hole opens and Ben is sucked out. Ben falls to Earth and transforms into Diamondhead just at the right time. After landing on the ground, Diamondhead has no idea where he is located. Meanwhile, in the Rust Bucket, Gwen tries and fails to track Ben, only getting as far as the forest. They search through the forest and perceive Tetrax's crystals and the abandoned truck. Gwen casts a spell on the truck and reveals it to be a ship.

Afterward, Tetrax's ship lands on the ground and Tetrax begins to speak to Max and Gwen. As Diamondhead is walking down the street, the Omnitrix times out and Diamondhead transforms into Four Arms instead of reverting back into Ben. Retaliator says that he is looking for an alien and Four Arms and Retaliator engage in a fight, but Retaliator can teleport. Stonehenge starts to topple, but Four Arms catches it and Retaliator says that it is a Galvan practical joke.

Retaliator grabs Four Arms, but Four Arms throws him off and Retaliator morphs into a mechanical warrior. Retaliator Ben The Destroyer demanding an alien and Four Arms knocks him away, but he teleports back and attacks Four Arms. His missiles carry Four Arms into the sky, but he figures out how to control his flight and flies back to Retaliator. Retaliator flies to meet him and shoots him, but Four Arms throws the missiles at Retaliator and they cause an explosion.

Four Arms jumps onto Retaliator and they crash into the ground. Retaliator says that he shot down Tetrax's ship and blasts Four Arms away. Four Arms mentions Azmuth hand Retaliator asks what he knows of him. Four Arms and Retaliator keep fighting as Retaliator continues to demand information. Retaliator appears and is confused to see Upgrade and he asks where Four Arms went. Upgrade pretends to not know, but Retaliator decides to interrogate him.

They teleport away and end up in Rio. Retaliator says that Upgrade caused his teleporter to malfunction and then he shocks Upgrade and interrogates him. They teleport again and land on the pyramids on Egypt. Retaliator says that they were made by Tetramands, but Upgrade transforms into Stinkfly and escapes from Retaliator's grasp.

After attaching Retaliator to the pyramid with his slime, Stinkfly explains the Omnitrix, but Retaliator doesn't believe him. Retaliator chases him and shoots Stinkfly, which knocks him out of the sky.

Retaliator and Stinkfly then teleport into Bellwood and land on a building. Meanwhile, in the forest, Tetrax explains what happened to Max and says that he altered the Omnitrix to keep Ben from reverting back into normal. Max is furious about what has happened and Gwen says that Azmuth might be able to find Ben and says that the ship is his. They enter into the ship while Retaliator chases Stinkfly around the city and shoots at him. Retaliator projects water at Stinkfly that knocks him into a building, but Heatblast emerges from the building and flies to attacks Retaliator.

Retaliator freezes Heatblast and grabs him with giant tweezers. While dangling him off of a building. Retaliator asks Heatblast where to find the To'kustar. Heatblast says that he disappeared, but Retaliator doesn't believe him. Luckily, Heatblast transforms into Grey Matter and escapes from Retaliator's grasp.

It states that Azmuth was tracking a malfunction in the Omnitrix and Gwen plays a video of Azmuth disguising the ship when a flash of light knocks it into the forest. The To'kustar from earlier appears and walks away. Tetrax recognizes the To'kustar, but Retaliator arrives into the ship and aims a gun at the three. Retaliator says that Azmuth is dead and plays the video of the To'kustar crushing the ship.

After Retaliator asks for the To' Kustar, Tetrax attacks him and pins him to the ship. Max asks where Ben is and displays an image of the Omnitrix. Retaliator asks what it is and the ship's self-destruct activates. Retaliator teleports away and the ship explodes. Fortunately for the three, Gwen shields the others with her mana and Max says that they need to find Ben.

Gwen is able to sense him and says that he's close. The series deals with the adventures of the crew members of the USS Walker, a four stacker destroyer and the Japanese battleship called the Amagi. The two battle cruisers enter the war in the Pacific during the time of the second World War and end up getting drowned in an alternate world similar to that of the Earth.

The alternate world is filled with different kinds of creatures and communities, even though the geographical conditions remain same as that of the real world.

Some of the few notable creatures and communities of the new Earth are the Lemurians, Americans, Grik and the Japanese. The descriptions of these communities and races in the alternate world as given by the author are as follows:.

The origin of the Lemurians is not known to anybody because. Before the history of the Lemurians could be recorded, there was a significant time frame.

The only thing that is known about them is that they have developed on an island which is isolated from the other predators of the world. Since their origin, they have lived a peaceful and serene life in the trees on the Madagascar island. When a few members of the Lemurian race left the island and entered into the territory of the Grik, they were captured and killed. However, the Grik did not stop at that and wanted to search the rest of the Lemurians. Eventually, he sent his army in primitive ships and launched attacks on the Madagascar island in order to kill the Lemurian people.

Although, the attacks were not successful in causing any destruction of the life of the Lemurian people because of the poor execution, they were enough for the Lemurian people to get devastated.

The only mode of defense that the Lemurians had was to climb and hide behind the tree. As the time passed, the Grik kept on becoming a danger to the Lemurian race.

They had no choice but to flee away from the Madagascar island. They built Home ships and began running away from the island, desperate and homeless. Later, they found refuge in Australia and East Indies. The appearance of the Lemurians is often described as a mixture of a cat and a giant lemur.

Their height is shorter than an average human and they have a tail of around one yard. The Lemurians show emotion by blinking, changing their ear Ben The Destroyer tail positions and have a grin similar to that of the humans. GRIK: The Grik are the creatures of the alternate world similar to the lizards, who control the major parts of the world.

The Grik use primitive ships and have a distinct hierarchy. The technologies used by them are mostly outdated, their trebuchets are similar to the Greek fire hurling a flaming ball. They also used large crossbows that can be used to attack from a far distance. The warriors of the Grik mostly wear leather armor and helmets and posses wooden spear, shields and small swords.

The swords of the Grik are curved more sharply and can be distinguished easily. Franklin ' s planes which had been in the air when the carrier was hit landed aboard the other carriers in the task group, although it was necessary to push some planes overboard to make room for them.

Next she headed to Pearl HarborHawaii, for temporary repairs. As per Pearl Harbor procedures, a civilian harbor pilot came aboard to help navigate the carrier to the dock; Captain Gehres, however, refused, and said he would "take her in" himself.

He maneuvered Franklin into the dock area too fast, crashing her into the dock; embarrassed, Ben The Destroyer, Gehres blamed the mooring details for the incident.

After temporary repairs were completed, the ship continued its journey through the Panama Canal to the Brooklyn Navy YardNew York, where she arrived on 28 April She had to steam to the East Coast of the United States for repairs in New York because all of the repair shipyards on the West Coast were heavily overloaded with American warships that had been damaged by Japanese kamikazes. Upon Franklin ' s arrival in New York, a long-brewing controversy over the ship's crew's conduct during her struggles finally came to a head.

Captain Gehres had accused many of those who had left the ship on 19 March of desertiondespite the fact that those who had jumped into the water to escape had done so to prevent a likely death by fire, or had been led to believe that "abandon ship" had been ordered. The others had been brought back on board either before or during the stop at Ulithi.

All of the charges against the men of her crew were quietly dropped. Captain Gehres retired as a rear admiral, never taking an overseas assignment or command of another US Navy ship again. Despite severe damage, Franklin was eventually restored to good condition. The story of this aircraft carrier's near-destruction and salvage was chronicled in the wartime documentary, The Saga of the Franklinand the documentary, USS Franklin: Honor Restored.

Franklin received four battle stars for her World War II service. On 17 Februaryshe was decommissioned at Bayonne, New Jersey. However, she never went to sea again, and was stricken from the Naval Vessel Register on 1 October She and Bunker Hill — which also had sustained severe damage from aerial attack — were the only carriers in their class that never saw any active-duty postwar service, though their wartime damage had been successfully repaired.

In fact it was their like-new condition which kept them out of commission, as the Navy for many years envisioned an "ultimate reconfiguration" for them which never took place. The Navy initially sold Franklin to the Peck Iron and Metal Company of Portsmouth, Virginiabut reclaimed her due to an urgent Bureau of Ships requirement for her four turbo generators.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. US Navy Essex-class aircraft carrier. For other ships with the same name, see USS Franklin. This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The Franklin Comes Home. New York: Hawthorn Books. Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships. Da Capo Press. Retrieved 23 September United States Naval Institute. Supplement April : 54— I Was Chaplain on the Franklin. New York: The Macmillan Company. Bogan, U. Navy, Retired" PDF.

Naval History and Heritage Command. Retrieved 4 May Navy in World War II". Archived from Ben The Destroyer original on 4 November Zenith Press.

Navy Medicine. Retrieved 3 May All Hands. December Retrieved 26 May Joseph F.


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