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優光 - Upsets - Cruisin With (CD, Album) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Published 30.08.2019

Download 優光 - Upsets - Cruisin With (CD, Album)
Label: Upset Recordings - upsetcd002 • Format: CD Album • Country: Japan • Genre: Electronic • Style: Dub, Tribal, Ambient

Very fine lot 49 Cat. A lovfely fresh mint lot 49 Cat. Nice lot. Fresh bright colours. Black and carmine, complete right pane of sixty, unmounted mint. CO imprint. Superb c. Many inc. Otherwise very fine. Heavy cancel on 5r value 14 Cat. Mainly very fine 51 Cat. Then set with both Dies of 2a. All medium to fine c. Scarce set. Super fresh bright colour. Murray Payne Reddish-Purple shade,5R. Remainder have circular or wavy line postmarks Cat. Very fine 7 Cat. Slight stain on gum of 12a. Very fine 13 Cat.

All neat c. Mainly very fine 51 US Very scarce Cat. No duplication. Change set, Commems, etc. Few with minor faults bit generally clean lot. Starts Imperfs. Generally clean with solid ranges throughout,m. Dull gum. CA, 4d Grey. Unused-no gum.

Slight stains on back. Nice lot 9 Cat. Addressed to UK with arrival marks on reverse. CC,white paper,Jubilee set to 10d. Fine mint, heavy hinge. Super colour Cat. Very fine lot 16 Cat. Both m. MCCA 3d on thin paper. Then Victory 4d. Neat c. Small gum crease. All very fine mint 5 Cat. FDC folded at leftm. Accompanied by RPS certificate Cat. Very fine lot 50 Cat. Some minor perf issues and some average centring noted. Minimum Cat. All with circular postmarks except 8c with wavy line postmark.

SG is f. Superb very l. Most inc. Dues 1d carmine both papers, 1d scarlet trace of crayon on front at upper left2d violet 2, one with crease. US5 B Then Commems. Insignificant gum bend Cat. A difficult lot to assemble. Mainly very fine 18 Cat. Shiny patch on gum from hinge removal. SG34 - 2d - 2 tone spots and some toned perfs Album) SG37 - 1s - wo toned perfs. Due 2d violet, on ordinary paper, centred to left, fine used.

Then some pretty blocks of 4 with postmark interest. The Commems. Odd short perf. All very l. Starts with Pre-Stamp items, inc. Then 10 other Pre-Stamp items.

Then continues with over 50 later Stamped covers and cards, with a wealth of historical interest. The early items bear a bewildering variety of other transit postal strikes and cachets, and receivers. Needs a closer examination by expert. Starts Epaulette 10c, Medallons to 40c x2, Perf. Sheets, then many other Charity and other sets for the period. Then German Occupation inc. Few with few faults but generally clean. Epaulettes 10c x2, 20c, Medallions to 40c from various printings, The perf.

Then the usual later ranges well represented with some surprisingly good items inc. Few earlies with small faults, but generally very clean, and needs a closer examination. Some s. Full o. Centred to NW. Starts first set inc. The scarce 80c Orange-Yellow, all f. Poortman imperfs.

Also some later issues and few items on railway cards. Very useful lot with high cat. Contains representative examples of loose stamps, and many on pieces with official cancels illustrating the various railway routings.

Also many railway station copy photos, route-maps and other related documents. Rarely seen lot of much interest to specialist. Pierre Kaiser Cert. Michael encountering Satan, 10c Terracotta, in complete sheet of 25 5x10Fresh u.

Partially reinforced in right margin, and diagonal gum wrinkle affecting two vertican stamps at lower-left not apparrent from front. With usual printing marks in margins. Lovely fresh colours. Block x 4.

Na 1f blue, v. Stamp is u. Light hinge on selvedge. Neat Exhibition First Day cancel at upper-left of sheet. Missing some of the s period better sets, but otherwise high degree of completeness for the period. Legends c. To Excellent condition throughout and packed with better items. Fund set. The other 2 values are lightly hinged Cat. Scarce US SG - 15c has a small thin. SGa - 6f. Crown to left of CA. CA 4d Orange-Brown c. Few minor faults but generally clean. Few s US CC, Perf.

Lovely fresh bright colour. Few minor faults, but much useful noted. CC,3d Orange. Clean lot, m. Superb part c. Pretty Cat. SGa, 78a. Very fine 17 Cat. Tercentenary set. Good centring. A very fine lot 32 Cat. US2 PH Plate Centred to left Cat. Scarce US3 image available online only Ll very fine to superb used 26 Cat. Pencil signed on gum Cat.

Usual striped brownish gum. Clean lot 15 Cat. BPA Cert. Part medium c. Slightly striped gum. Slightly striped gum as usual. The odd shorter perf. Superb complete central c. Superb complete c. Lower corner marginal pair with Plate 1 imprint. Scarce multiple Pair Cat. Lower-left corner perf. Odd shortish perf. Couple of perfs. Few perfs. Murray Payne 16a. Murray Payne 16c. Neat complete Ireland Island c. Pink marks on back. Fresh 2 Cat.

Both left marginal. Others u. Superb marginal u. US4 image available online only Nice clean lot SG 84 US7 image available online only Cover roughly opened at base. We have not seen proof material of this issue before so must be very scarce. A rare cover. Nice group. A super lot will make a nice display. Very fine hinged mint 20 Cat. All very fine mint on 3 album leaves Also Air set in ordinary blocks of 4, u. Nice group of errors for the specialist.

Also set on plain Reg. FDC to New York Later opt as SG Very scarce marking. Odd tiny fault but generally excellent condition for this issue. Odd small fault but generally very good condition for this issue. Rare multiple. Purpose is unknown but could be Revenue based. A fine block of four. Lovely item! A really clean lot without duplication Cat. Clean l. Former Presidents set in f. Starts with good ranges of early types, inc ranges of early Ship types to 24c uncheckedPostmaster signed 2c, 4cx2, Perfined 1c, to 24c, to 8c x2, Surcharges, Ships to 72c, Surcharges, KGV ranges inc.

Few faults among earlies are ignored in valuation. Others m. Useful clean lot 94 Cat. Full original gum. All fine mint 6 Cat. Clean mint. MCCA Colour change set inc. MCCA, 48c,60c,96c on lemon. Fine- mainly v. Mainly very fine Cat. All clean c. Perf 13x14 - a, b, a, a UM. Perf 14x13 b, a, a. Sideways wmk - a. Shades - a, a Cat. Very fine lot 14 Cat. SG - 48c small black spot in the middle Very fresh bright colours. Very fine lot 25 Cat. Near-complete 14 AU c. Rare Cat. Nice clean lot 33 Cat.

A 優光 - Upsets - Cruisin With (CD range of QV mint, unused, used vals incl. A nice starter collection with the pages already written up, Album). A very fine stamp Cat. Very faint initials on gum do not detract. Script, 1c,2cRose-Carmine,3c,5c Ultram. Then Commems complete exc. This ranges from SG36 to SG Superb condition.

Lightly toned gum. Strong original colour. Neat barred C pmk. Superb colour. F; 14mm ovpt. Set of Album) in unmounted mint blocks of 4, very fine 20 Cat. Unlisted variety.

Fine unmounted mint. Fine unmounted mint 32 Cat. Lovely bright fresh colours. Very fine US Very fine 36 Cat. In unmounted mint blocks of 4. Very fine 52 Cat. Due sets, a handful of low values are hinged, all others appear u. Clean lot 14 Cat. Lot No Lovley fresh bright colours. All with small h. Fine fresh appearance. MCCA vals. Silver Jubilee Album). Clean lot 35 US A really good base collection, from which to expand.

A very nice lot to develop. Some super postmarks. Due set to 1s6d, fresh, heavy m. Maney, Lieut. USN Constr. Does not include miniature sheets. Very fresh example. SG - 1s med thin. All very fine mint marginal with hinge remains. All c. Very nicely cds used, an outstanding item! All very nicely cancelled with contemporary cds cancels. Very rare lot with huge cat value 75 stamps Cat.

Sheet marginal number Cat. Some small marginal faults but a striking multiple. Some slight perf splits in margins. Lovely neat cds cancels, a scarce multiple. KGVI various issues to 5R, etc. Unchecked in detail, but clean. Amall corner thin on cheap 3p 15 Cat. Inverted l. Faint tone spots on perfs. One tone spot on back.

Overall gum toning. Neat part c. Centred to SW Cat. A really fine lot 70 Cat. Attractive and scarce lot,all fine c. Very fresh colours. Lovely bright colours. Both blocks x 4. Some light toning. Range from SG1 to SG Sheets u. Clean lot l. Top right side 2 stamps damaged not counted in cat valuegum toned but an unusual multiple.

Very fine unmounted mint Cat. Centred S but design clear of margin. Superb U. Coil pair, centred S, lightly folded along centre perfs. Couple of filing folds. Rare so fine Cat. Starts Imperf. Few with minor faults but useful for study. KGVI 5Mainly very fine Touching frame at at lower-left corner. Hamilton part c.

StartsAlbert 10c SG Few minor faults, but full of useful items and generally clean. Duplicated in large stockbook from beginning of Dominion. Coil stamps. Commems inc.

Them similar though to All used-good to fine. No postal markings - carried via official channels. Medium to stout wove paper,vals. Montreal 5c, 15c x3, ranges of shades inc. Later8c x14 inc. Then many others f. Serious faults excluded, and generally clean with some interesting postmarks. A very useful little group. Mint or never-hinged ranges for the period, starts Small heads to 5c, 10c, 20c, Jubilee vals.

Sparse later ranges for these pages to Few faults among earlies, but many useful items noted. Then Special Delivery and other back-of-book issues, 優光 - Upsets - Cruisin With (CD. Mint or unused, or later ranges u.

Stated to Cat. Poor to fine. Airs x Clean lot m. Fresh unused-no gum. Centred to NE Cat. Part heavyish c. Fair centring Cat. Centred slightly high Cat. A few with faults but a useful group 17 Cat. A really exciting lot for the specialist. Centred towards SW Cat. Small grease stin on one perf. Very fine 4 Cat. Centred low but scarce in block Cat. Centred slighly to right Cat.

Slight vertical gum bend. Nice centring. Centred into perfs. Centred slightly low Cat. One uncut perf. Centred high Cat. Good centring Cat. Yellowish gum. Fresh on face.

Tiny gum inclusion at lower-left. Centred to SE Cat. Centred high. Slightly yellowish gum as usual. Centred to NW Cat. Couple of shrotish perfs. Centred slightly low, but pretty example. Centred slightly left. Short perf. Nicely centred Cat. Both centred to base 2 Cat. Silver SurferFeb 6, Location: NS, Canada. I bought one cd of a few months ago.

It has the same DJ patter the album had. I used to have vinyl with those cartoon jackets way back when. The cd was disappointing. But my listening habits-tastes have changed a lot. John B GoodFeb 6, Location: South Western Canada. I just started picking these up.

I have ordered them all except for Rick H. Location: The OC. I believe my audio partner was involved wit the mastering of these. He was also involved with the Homeground albums, and I went to Kendun for some of those mastering sessions.

Doug SclarMay 23, Location: Boston MA. The shortened reissue versions are actually missing some of the DJ patter because some of it pertains to songs that were cut. For this series the originals are the ONLY way to go. The Cruisin' Story and Cruisin' are 2 different sets. Location: Amarillo,Texas. And then there was John Records Landecker. He would have listeners call in, and chat with them.

Before he would start talking to anyone on the air, he would ask, "Are you talking to Remember that, Chicagoans? When I found the Cruisin' album on vinyl, I noticed that there was an entire series of other radio DJs from other popular cities. Quite naturally, I was interested in getting these albums. The Cruisin' vinyl version had the exact songs and DJ chatter as the 8-track.

But the disappointment I encountered was when I bought the CD version. But the rest of the album is from the original "masters. This series demonstrates how rock radio was back then, which doesn't compare to what we hear on rock radio today. Back then, the DJs really got into the program, where most music DJs of today, just tell the names and artists of each songs.

Sometimes they don't even do that; they play like five songs in a row, and they don't even announce all of the songs that were played, maybe one or two. Now there is a new format in radio: Talk Radio, and there are some stations that deal with this format, as they play very little of music, or none at all.

When WLS changed their format from being a music radio station to talk, that ended the kind of radio broadcasting that the Cruisin' series provided. I don't think I can relate to another radio station today that is closely similar to the Cruisin' series and the old WLS when they were a rock and roll music station.

The Cruisin' series and the old WLS had one thing in common: They blended rock and talk with the current music and current events of the day.

One highlight from Cruisin' is when he told the short story of collecting leaves from Elvis Presley's lawn. His commercial for Gillete Razor Blades is energizing. Most DJs of today don't recite live commercials by themselves, they are mostly pre-recorded. And the pre-recorded commercial jingles on this album are also exciting. Also, Biondi was telling a group of people to be careful in the cold and snow weather, because they were scheduled to appear together at one of the rock and roll dance hops, another event that today's DJs don't do today.

Another highlight is when Biondi was announcing the weather, where he banged his hand on the table, and saying that he was getting carried away. I also enjoyed the radio station jingles.


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